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Yoruba Records / YSD61

oruba Records is proud to present history in the making. A timeless collaboration of old and new family. Dj Fudge has long been a force in the house music scene since his Troubleman days on the well respected Kif Records and Hallex M has carved a notch in the new breed of rare talent over the past years. They come together here for a soulful and deep tune called Simpatico. As fate would have it, Fudge managed to conjure the voice of UK soulman Omar Lyfook. This hypnotic, get u in the groove ditty brings it all back to the days of gone. Omar delivers a stellar performance over this soon to be Yoruba classic. We've commissioned the skills of the worlds best dj producers from around the globe. We have South Africa's own Hood Natives, Dominican Republic native, Ezel, Melbourne's Deeper Roots brother, Mike Steva, Darby's king of sound, Atjazz and New Yorks Open Bar master, Oscar P for the remixing this lovely masterpiece. You are sure to find something that fits a variety of dj sets as well as simply playing it on your downtime at home or in the car. This has been a long awaited release and we hope it feels your heart as much as it warms ours to have accomplished it.

Bogota /Bazzanbasel


Days Of Being Wild / WILD028

Club Bizarre is back for a new piece of slightly deranged electronic musicA year after their debut single "La Mort du Petit Cheval", french duo Club Bizarre is back on duty with a 5 tracks EP. 3 different originals, showing three different sides or their universe but sharing the same colour. On the remix side, you can find the rising London-based producer Kiwi and the well established Mexican pair Moon Runner!

A.S.A.P. Ep (2014 repress)


Minibar / Minibar018

Black Haumea Ep


Rawthenticity / CITY03

Borough To Borough Remixes


Delusions Of Grandeur / DOG 37

Web TV


4 rating


3 rating


4 rating



Moon Harbour Recording - Leipzig (DE)

the career of christian fischer as dj and producer started in 1996. his debut was released in the same year on
statik entertainment, involving grandiose reviews. after that, more tracks on the same label followed.  
but christian also had great success at the turntables. from leipzig to frankfurt, nuremberg or hannover and
as well abroad, in uk, bulgaria, hungary, turkey and in kosovo. he played together with marky, carl cox, dj
rush, chris liebing and marco baily, just to name a few. not only his dj career is upraising, also his actions as
producer become more and more relevancy.  
In 2000, christian came up with his own child: definition records. besides his own stuff, he releases artists
like ade fenton, justin berkovi, david squillace, tuomas rantanen, arkus p. or thomas p., heckmann, hertz,
brian sanhaji and dj lucca. eagerness guaranteed – and one can be part of – with christian fischer – either as
dj or magnetized on vinyl.
latest releases.
christian fischer  - meiler     definition records 2007
christian fischer  - miracle places / nasty    re:flex 2007
christian fischer  - quick fix     mainfloor 2007
christian fischer  - stay in peace     abyss records 2007    
christian fischer  - bryzant games (album)  definition records 2008
slam - we're not here - christian fischer remix   soma 2007
outsiders - keep this fire burning - christian fischer remix  loaded 2008
coming soon.
bryzant games remixes (2009)
•  myspace.com/bryzant  •  definition-records.de
•  moonharbour.com/booking  •  get in contact with andré  •  booking@moonharbour.com

5 rating


Ibiza (ESP)

DAVINA is the  fresh HOUSE /TECH HOUSE /ELECTRO /PROGRESSIVE /MINIMAL TECHNO  side of Davina (a.k.a Massive/Sirius Isness /District 42),
SHE  is a successful DJ and LIVE performing artist as well as being one of the worlds most in demand music technology tutors( Teaching in the very famous USHUAIA club IBIZA )  .
She grew up in New Caledonia, a French island between Australia and New Zealand.

With a background as a Dance choreographer and fitness instructor, she has always been deeply involved with music, sounds and rhythms. Over the years her music styles have spanned the far corners of Trance , House , Electro , Techno and Minimal and she has released over 200 tracks as well as producing albums and mix compilations .

DAVINA was  proud to present her first Progressive Electro cd  released  in 2008 on Wrecked records worldwide(USA)  "FRENCH PROGRESSIVE"

Davina's production is flawless, integrating her unparalleled style with classic Electro and minimal beats elements.
With a BPM range of 118 to 132 BPM... Davina's soft, emotional, yet powerful side is spread out in true bright colors...

she d been making some REMIX for one of the best band of all time ANDY TAYLOR from DURAN DURAN , ,electro -darktronik mix -
Releasing as well some minimal Techno tracks with IBZ Recording , remixes by DANIELE PETRONELLI /Mark RAMSEY  / H2 and SYNTHETIC and many mores ,  Davina can provide one of the best MINIMAL  SET  for the pleasure of the crowd -

She has played at some of the most famous Clubs in the world and has performed at festivals ,playing to crowds of 20 000 right up to 60 000 people in Brasil ,Japan,Russia ,Ibiza,South
africa ,Israel ,Australia,Chile,Mexico,Argentina and much more ......

 She has been Dj'ing in IBIZA in Huge clubs ,privates parties, beach parties , playing from Deadmau5 style to minimal tech, from MAETRIK ,and POPOF style to SASHA ,UMEK etc......
 Rocking dance floors over the past 12   years with her incredible energy on stage....Davina is now ready to break even more floors with her fresh new emotional, electro, touching, progressive, sexy tasting sounds, all wrapped by her special French Touch!!!

8 rating


Get Physical / Keno / Resopal Schallware // Berlin (GER)

The young talented producer is one of those artists who cannot be pinned down to one genre or style. He is focusing on vocal driven, beat oriented house music. You can hear that a man is at work who knows his gear well and is good in what he is doing. Ferdinand s musicality is clearly apparent and he has demonstrated his mastery of electronic music but kept his trademark respect for space and depth and arrangements through fine attention to production details. House – Disco – Funk

0 rating


Fantastic Friends Rec / La Ruche // Lausanne (SUI)

We all know Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, ?we have all heard of Rémus et Romulus.??Yes, Adolfo and Franky, they too are a two-person team, ?but let us never compare them to those who we already know. Their alliance is down to a point, ?a little point very much resemblant to that of Eros and Psyché.??This union gives life to something uncomparable, ?something that is both wonderful and devine at the sme time.?Because from our union an orphéon célesta is born, from which the rumors spreads so fast ?that all the surrounding stages are abandoned, the temples of music are emptied, ?and people from all over gather to witness and listen to this metaphysique duetto.??They are not real beaings nor real creatures. They simply just are! You will see ..

12 rating



FRED INBHERG (CLASSICO CAFE Toulouse - fr) Fred Inbherg young dj Toulouse discovered a passion for music as a teenager.

20 rating


Get Physical, Toolroom, Rebirth, Copenhagen (DNK)

used to be two and now it's one. Norwegian DJ & producer Mikkas is flying the
Djuma Soundsystem flag solo these days. The spirit of production and DJ style
remains the same. That trademark of warm beats and melodies is alive and well both
in the studio and on the road. The sound is between tech house, house, disco, and
techno, with a lot of personality and humanity involved. This is music, and not just
grooves! It's catchy, but still underground and it can entertain a festival going mad, as
well as an intimate club.  
Djuma Soundsystem had a major radio and club hit with "Les Djinns" (the single
biggest selling track on beatport.com) and has proved to be much more than a one
off, with releases like "This sound", "Atilla", "Small fries", "Zillion lights", "Bipolar",
"Blizzard" and "Stoli", on well known indie labels, like Get Physical, Rebirth, Soundz,
IO and Tool Room. They have been remixed by Uner, Tiger Stripes, Trentemøller,
Martinez & Moby, to name but a few and Djuma Soundsystems music has been
charted and supported by all the major tech house DJ's.  
As Djuma Soundsystem, Mikkas has toured the world many times and played some
of the best venues and crowds out there, clubs like The End (London), Space (Ibiza),
Zouk SG (Singapore), Blue Frog (Mumbai), Kazantip (Ukraine), Villa (Oslo), Hardpop
(Juarez), Nevermind (Sydney), Cielo (NYC), Stadium (Jakarta), Space (Miami),
Watergate (Berlin), Kristal (Bucharest), or festivals like Fusion (Germany), Roskilde
(Denmark), Reworks (Greece), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Hove (Norway), Free Fat
Festival (Ukraina), Exit (Serbia), and the biggest gig of all - playing the last hour
counting down to midnight at Baha beach in Rio on new years eve 2009, - in front of
close to a million people!
... there's plenty gold left in the Djuma vault, and new tracks on the way!

12 rating


Just Jack / Houseworx // Aguascalientes (MEX)

Sakro is a young dj and producer from Aguascalientes, Mexico. Born in 1986, his sound is goes from deep-house to tech-house always keeping a Chicago/Detroit vibe.
He started having a heavy interest in music since a very young age, and not knowing it, he developed a real interest and appreciation of jazz music by seeing a lot of Disney and Hanna Barbera’s cartoons as a young kid. Now as a producer you can hear a good cocktail of jazz, house, hip-hop, and classical music in his work.
He has been releasing music in vinyl and digital in labels like Houseworx, Toys For Boys, Darek, TheSounds, Fade, Klectik, Dialtone, Nonpop and Minimo among others.
His music has been supported from artists like Kabale Und Liebe, Lauhaus, Danny Tenaglia, Phonique, Ekkohaus, Chris Fortier, Paco Osuna, Davide Squillace, Martin Eyerer, Franco Bianco, Brother’s Vibe, Bryan Zentz, Horatio and much more.
He appeared in the FABRIC 67 mixed by ZIP with his track Jazz In The Forest released in Houseworx. His EP on TheSounds was on Top 10 Must Hear Deep House week 34 on beatport.
Now he’s one of the dj residents of Caferoma, one of the best electronic music clubs in center Mexico. Sakro is an exact example of the new Mexican artists wave.

0 rating


London (FR)

Mikolai is a self-made DJ and producer. He has been going around clubs and festivals in France and Europe for the last 9 years.
Thanks to his natural instinct to mix, he had the chance to play with international and domestic talent such as Craig Richards, Richie Ahmed, Sarah Goldfarb, Misc, Oxia... but also to participate, in Berlin to the famous Sisyphos party,In Paris (Pin_Up ), Ibiza(Ocean Drive) and in London (Damaged, Half Baked and Kubicle ) from where he is constantly traveling back and forth.
Mikolai has been a promoter in France since 2005, organizing numerous events as: M.n.M party,Eksclusiv, Qué pasa por favor, We are Family Festival. He also had a monthly residency at «La Villa Rouge» from 2005 to 2007.
Since 4 years, he has been mainly producing electronic music with releases on Argentinian labels. Following his great number of undergoing projects, in 2009, he has been added to the Parisian agency Hello Booking.
His very last release on Picknik Recordings, Sexual Quality EP, has already received support from the underground main dj’s (Varoslav, Charles Webster, DJ :Terry, Livio & Roby, Alex Flitsch, Alex Flatner, Nicole moudaber ...)
Mikolai explores house, techno, and deep without ever falling into the trend, remaining unique.
His mix goes from minimal to maximal, always clear, precise and made for the dancefloor. His vision of electronic music is constantly avant-garde and is feeding the crowd with vibrations.
Make sure to listen to this young talented artists Live.

8 rating


OVERdrive // Toulouse (FR)

His passion for electronic music comes from the nineties with artists like Sven Vath, Laurent Garnier and Carl Cox.

Riehmer's gigs goes in many places like Inox Electronic Club, le Rachdingue, l'Autre, thats was the chance to share the decks with great producers and djs like: Pan Pot, Radio Slave, Gregor Tresher, SyncTherapy, Traumer, Flex...

In 2K11, he joins the OVERdrive crew as a resident dj and active member.

Riehmer's style evolutes between minimal techno and tech-house influences, he's developing a taste for strong and percussive sonorities as well as exhilarated melodies.

2 rating


Upon You / Dissonant / Kina Music // Venice (ITA)

Djs since over 10 years Leo and Omar have been residents in many of the most underground parties in the north of Italy.
They started composing named as OEL&Polygon on 2007 reaching top positions in charts with their "Instinto primario" and "Sexophonia".
The revolution happend at the end of 2008, when the duo came back under a new alias and built up their own label Kina Music, showing to the world a flair approach to the dancefloor.
Housy touch, hypnotic rhythm and sound easily associable to techno are at the core of their expresion. Even if they play dj or acting live the outcome is a smart, energetic and concrete vibe and due to this peculiar sound they regularly sign for UponYou-Records and Dissonant.

5 rating


Descending Order // Slovenia (SLO)

Real name Dennis Beganovich, jazz trombonist, keyboard player,composer-arranger,producer. A big Brasilian music lover, I went to skoolz all over the world(had fun),v ery much involved with electronic music, working a lot for different Dj's as Valentino Kanzyani with whom he wrote the famous hit LELIWA (I'd say yes), helping make remixes for many of them,s ideman musician for Slovenian pop star MAGNIFICO where he plays trombone, trumpet, euphonium tenor, keyboards and backing vocals. Currently he is running his own project (nu-jazz,bossa,lounge music) band AREIA. Writes music for short movies. Released for other artists on many big dance labels as earresistible musick, Yoshitoshi-(Dep Dish label), La factoria, Shinichi, Jesus Loved You, Universal Japan ,Sony Italy, Scenariomusic, CR2... played a lot in different salsa bands, pop bands. some of my tunes got on many compilations all over the world. One of the most successful tunes is also featured on Deep Dish mix cd -Toronto-global underground. Still working a lot in a jazz enviroment, writing-arranging for different groups....Currently focusing on a upcoming album F.O.A. together with ANEURIA and just joined the Colours in Music crew with an upcoming release. You can contact me for any recording or live gig with instruments or as a djset, or for telling you some fresh jokes....

5 rating


Cream Couture / Queen Club // Paris (FR)

Dan Marciano is about to become the worst-kept secret in dance music.
Born and raised in Paris, he has long been revered as a revolutionary of the French electronic music scene and Dan takes his DJ skills to famous clubs both large and small in every corner of the world, from Germany, Italy and Miami to Singapore, Brasil to Bienos Aires.
He has also been producing and remixing since 2000.
Now, following the successful debut season of his ManimalZ party at Privilege, Ibiza,
Dan’s star is set to rise even higher.
He says simply: “I have the best job in the world.”

Dan Marciano always loved music and dancing.
As a kid he spent his pocket money on Michael Jackson or George Benson records but when house music emerged in Paris he found a spiritual home.
Inspired by legends like Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier and Jeff Mills, and enthralled by the colour and magic of the dancefloor, Dan threw himself into DJing.
It was harder to get a break in the pre-internet era and he remembers doing things the old fashioned way: handing out cassettes and throwing his own parties.

Dan built a loyal following and became a resident at some of Paris’s most celebrated clubs including the Palace, Les Bains Douches, and Queen where he has held court for a dozen years.
His success as a DJ is driven by the belief that:
"You can have the best records but if you don’t feel the music, and the people in front of you, if you don’t tell a story, it won’t be any good.”
This simple philosophy has driven Dan to experiment throughout his career.

When house lovers and trance fans regarded each other as traitors he was brave enough to play both, and to win fans from either side of the divide.
"It’s my job, as the DJ, to break down barriers and take people with me,” says Dan.
According to fellow DJs: “His music fascinates and hypnotizes everybody who hears it” which has led to invitations to play with luminaries such as Deep Dish, Pete Tong, or Paul Van Dyk.

Dan is always happiest taking his love of house music to the masses.

In addition to his long running weekly radio show on FG DJ Radio Dan is bringing fresh energy and talent to his Saturday night residency at Queen, booking hot talent such as Lee Brinx, Solomun , Climbers , Betoko , Karmon ,  Cozzy D and Finnebassen.

He is also busy in the studio, pursuing his second passion of making music.With more than a decade of hit records under his belt, including the evergreen ‘Good Morning Paris’, Dan’s production career has evolved along with his DJ style. His extensive back catalogue crosses labels such as Full House, Escape, Royal Flush and Connected Records and recent releases have graced Denfis, Cream Couture and Electronique.

With a full schedule, new management, and ambitious plans, Dan is bursting with excitement for the future. “Clubbing has never lost its magic,”
He says. “People call my music house, or underground, but you can’t put a label on it. It is about emotion and passion.”

5 rating

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