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Robots Need Oil (Remixes)


Canal Auditif / CANAUD 002

Wild Luv


Get Physical Music / GPM276

'Wildpitch I love you...' "During the last few years, I keep on getting videos and messages sent to me of DJ's like 'playing your old Roach Motel mate in DC10' and 'I'm at P-Bar and the place is going mad to Wild Luv'. It was our homage to that classic DJ Pierre sound of the early 90s. A sound that inspired a genre and was the soundtrack to THE greatest club in the world of the 90s, New Yorks 'Sound Factory'. Around 5am the resident DJ, Junior Vasquez, would take the music darker with a vortex of stabs, reverse squelches and samples that had a decade earlier graced the Paradise Garage in there OG form. 'Wild Luv' has lasted the test of time and we hope you will enjoy our 2014 remix and Dubs and the remixes (including a real banger by the creator himself DJ Pierre)... 'Wild Pitch we will always love you'.-Terry Farley

Set Me On


Fayer / FAY001

Fayer is the record label from Edu Imbernon. Focused on bridging the gap between the worlds of indie and electronica and the more club focused sounds of house and techno music. The debut release features Qtier, two London-based electronic musicians, who already released on Bpitch Control. The remix package here covers all corners of the electronic world. The first comes from Edu Imbernon himself, Culprit boys Bambook deliver second one and David August brilliantly closes the package.

V_Chronicles 3 Ep


Pushmaster / PM008

Vinyl only!Following The Well-received V Chronicles Singles 1&2 (markus Suckut, Rod, Skudge, Dj Rolando), This Is The Third In The Vinyl-only Exclusive Series For Pushmaster Discs By Tuscan Techno-wunderkind Ilario Alencate W/feat. Tom Diciccio & Mike Denhert.



Neverending Records / NEVERENDING045


Web TV


6 rating


6 rating


5 rating



Get Physical Music - Cocoon - Poker Flat - Compost - Berlin (DE)

Since 1994 Stef An, also known as LOPAZZ, has been part of the Heidelberg based HD800 team; he also runs the multimedia label 800achtspur, and is renowned as a film composer and Mix-Mastering-Engineer, having written, produced and engineered many internationally acclaimed records and films.

8 rating


KLING KLONG - SESSION DELUXE - Stuttgart - Germany (DE)

 DJ, Produzent, Labelowner - Stuttgart, Germany


 When Martin Eyerer tells a story, everybody listens. Martin reports of his journeys throughout the continents, telling stories of wild escapades in a taxi across the Brazilian jungle through to the impressions of Earth's capitals and the colourful array of citizens that inhabit them, and obviously of his many Gigs in these foreign lands. Those foreign places quickly become familiar territory when he sets up  HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIS_Digital" his digital DJ-system and starts to play that thumping first track because what he plays is groovy Electro-Tech House and the sound is a world language of its own that is euphorically absorbed through sweaty pores and pumping glands.

20 rating


Diynamic // Mönchengladbach (GER)

Thyladomid is a 22 Year old German producer and DJ. He was born in
Cologne into a musical family and began learning piano at the age of
5years. His first impressions of “Club Culture” started in 2006 when he
had the opportunity to accompany a well-known DJ.  
Infected, he decided to invest all the money he managed to earn into
buying production equipment. All his time and energy went into
producing “electronic” music and achieved within a short period a
professional level. In 2007 the project “Thyladomid” was born and in the
same Year Charles Thiemann alias “Thyladomid” had his first digital
release and made his first DJ appearance in a club in Neuss.  
Since then the name “Thyladomid” became widely known in the region.
The experience gathered in various gigs at home and abroad broadened
his spectrum in the electronic music scene. Charles was influenced by
the new trend “House” and began producing in this direction.  
Steve Lawler took notice of his talent and in October 2009 had his first
release on the renowned British label “VIVa Music”. In the summer of
2010 he released his first EP on the Berlin label “Off Recordings” the title
“The Voice” held the no.1 position of the “Beatport Deep House Charts”
for six weeks and became the summer hit of 2010.  
In March 2011 he received a reward from the “Winter Music Conference”
in Miami. At the same time he started connecting with "Adriatique" from
Switzerland. Together they set up a new music project and their first
release was on Solomun's new "2DIY4" label. Later in 2011 a release on
his big Label "Diynamic" was followed.

8 rating


Just Jack / Brise Records // Santa Cruz De Tenerife (ES)

Although he had already shown his skills in the spanish scene, it's in between years 2008 and 2009 when Hanfry Martinez gave free rein to his creativity, releasing his works in labels like , Lowpitch, , Polka, ,Brise,Overall Music,Soulman,ReadyMade,Esperanza, etc.

Besides being a producer, Hanfry Martinez has shared booth with worldwide known dj's like Luciano ,Rhadoo, Nick Curly, Mathias Kaden, Seuil, etc. For all this, he has earned a place in a world where it's really hard to shine, being loyal to his housey and underground style.

Nowadays, he's started a label named Overall Music along with his mate Javier Carballo .

2 rating


One Records //

Subb-an and Adam Shelton set up their One Records in November 2009, shaping the label with a mixture of their own original productions and
collaborative projects, whilst showcasing an array of both homegrown and international talent.

Since the label's inception they have built up a catalogue of quality underground sounds and established a family of diverse artists, including Kris Wadsworth, Geddes, Jordan Peak, jozif, Alex Arnout, Bonar Bradberry and Shaun Reeves.

From the deep and grooving to the driving old-school, via disco-tinted melodies, One Records is now a trusted beacon on today's house and techno scene and a label synonymous with good times.

As such, spring 2012 arrives with a plethora of solid productions on the horizon, including DJ W!ld, Anthea, Hector and Burnski penciled in the calendar, along with remixes from Dan Ghenacia, Subb-an, Richy Ahmed and Adam Shelton.

4 rating


Music Man / Rejected / Get Physical // Amsterdam (NL)

Mentioning releases, remixes or labels on which Steve Rachmad has shown his craftsmanship, or boasting about clubs and festivals on which he has left his mark, would just make for another list of names, places and brands…. Let’s not do that. Feel free to visit the usual channels such as Discogs, Soundcloud or Beatport and take your pick of the numerous productions and DJ sets, which are the result of more than two decades of dedication, sweat, and the polishing of a one of a kind talent…

Because as Miles had his horn and Pablo took to canvas, Steve has an unequalled gift for making a connection with every thinkable drum machine and synthesizer out there… If the man had kids, boys would carry names as Roland or Robert (Moog), and a girl would surely be named Linn, after the machine made famous by Prince in the 80’s. No wonder one of his major achievements is the album Secret Life Of The Machines. Released in 1995, the force of this piece still lingers on today, resulting in last years re-release with remixes by people like Ricardo Villalobos, Joris Voorn and Marc Romboy… For music to have this kind of a timeless value is a rare thing in the current electronic music scene.

As a DJ he is constantly reinventing himself. Set firmly in the best that techno and house have to offer at the moment he draws inspiration from his love for high quality disco and electro from the past. A thing you can clearly hear in the four-hour set he did at Berlin’s Panoramabar last year.

As words can never describe the feeling one gets from good music we will end here advising you to go check him out and hear for yourself what Steve is all about.

0 rating


Electronik Circus - Cannes (FR)

Karim, under the pseudonym Zentrax, has spent most of his career focusing on issues relative to electronic music. He has played his first DJ sets at the age of 20 and since that time he plays electronic music with a deep and braver vision.

His last appearances have shown his large capacities of being a complete and an accomplished underground DJ, with specific electro groovy sounds.

His tracks influences are mainly German Labels (NEUTON, VAKANT, KOMPAKT, BPITCH CONTROL,..) from European artists (SVEN VATH, DOMINIK EULBERG, GUI BORATTO, ARIL BRIKHA, …) based on dark, melancholic melodies, groovy and dynamic beats, build ups that brings you to the roof… !

The music on his last mix sets is the wondrous mixture of electronics sounds, tantalizing vocals, haunting instrumentation, up-tempo, futuristic and ancient.

His spirit and ambitions are now going thru by the creation of the DJ/PRODUCERS Collective « ELECTRONIK CIRCUS » with his best mates Mervyn, Louis De Bourbon, Matt’s…playing mainly in night clubs, trying to diffuse in a large way this movement for impassioned people.

17 rating


EarToGround Records / Deeply Rooted House // London (UK)

Forward thinking, London born artist Dax J, is at the helm of cutting edge music constantly striving to push the boundaries of audio manipulation into new areas unexplored.

Label owner of “Monnom Black”, one of the 3 founding members of “EarToGround Records” and releases on seminal labels such as Deeply Rooted House, Sleaze, Affin and Falkplatz. Dax has seen his music remixed by some of the scenes biggest artists from the likes of Ryan Elliott & Jonas Kopp to Mark Broom and Phase.

Dedicated to pushing underground music, Dax teamed up with label partner Chris Stanford to create the first release on EarToGround Records, the Programm EP in 2011. It saw notable remixes from the likes of Shifted and Truss. Released on vinyl only it was an instant success and completely sold out. Since then Dax has continued to release original material for the label alongside partners Chris and Gareth Wild.

In 2013 Dax went on to start his own imprint “Monnom Black” a vinyl only project that has seen music from artists across the globe establishing Dax’s ideal of techno. On launch it gained huge support from the scene and has become a successful go to label for high quality techno.

As a DJ, Dax J is known for his raw and powerful sets, he’s played at every club & warehouse worth mentioning in his hometown London whilst also been seen playing across Europe & South America at various clubs and events from the likes of Space in Ibiza, Exit festival in Serbia to Cocoliche in Buenos Aries. His techno sound reflects his early roots of pirate radio and underground raves.

Dax grew up listening to the UK sounds of jungle, drum n bass and garage. Being heavily influenced by the likes of Goldie and Bad Company, his love for the underground meant he soon started dj’ing on pirate radios at an early age of 15 whilst he was still at school. He became an avid vinyl collector buying from his local record store “Black Market” on a weekly basis whilst at the same time producing and crafting his sound. His first vinyl releases would come in 2005 on old Jungle labels like Mickey Finn’s “Urban Takeover” under alias “Dangerous” and his own imprint back then “Xplicit Sound.” Following on from this Dax went on to discover the sounds of techno during one summer spent in Ibiza. From this point on his passion for cutting edge 4 by 4 beats took over but the old jungle influences are still heard today in his dj sets and productions.

His past and current music have earned Dax plays from some of the most respected names in underground dance music as well as receiving BBC Radio 1 airplay. Degree educated in Music Technology and running his own studio in East London Dax J also works as an in demand sound and mastering engineer. With a stack of music set to be released and a busy gig schedule over the rest of the year the future is looking bright for the UK artist.

1 rating



Morgan AKA « KermAn » started his training at a conservatory. A drummer and fan of American music, he was a producer for a hip hop band for several years. Concerned with differences, he incorporated electronic music in his production and was successful in bridging the gap between Kraftwerk and Public Enemy.

24 rating


Fatbeatcrooner // Nantes (FR)

Will IKA plays with finesse some deep, House to techno with a groove combining today’s music and Old school tracks.

He has played with renown artists including JEROME PACMAN, JULIEN PLAISIR DE France… and recently with artists such as EVA KOKOCHKA (Timid Rec), NOX (Crazy Jack Rec), MAXIME IKO (Viva Ltd, Collectif Cancan), CLAYTON GUIFFORD (Fragil), ELYSSE (Timid Rec), YOUN CARO (Chat Perché )….

23 rating


Ostgut Ton // Berlin (GER)

Kobosil‘s first vinyl release, his remix for Barker & Baumecker‘s "Silo", released on Ostgut Ton at the beginning of 2013, impressed with it‘s punishing drive, subtle, hypnotic synth sounds, escalating hi-hats and crystal clear production and spawned all kinds of speculation who might be behind the previously unknown Kobosil name. Then his debut 12“ emerged just a few months after the "Silo" remix. With influences ranging from stark, raw machine techno, dark, purist, pumping acid, noise and distortion, the 4 bold tracks on this EP made a whole range of djs pick and play different titles from the 12“ and stand out productions "Emil" and "Think & Think" made their mark on techno dance floors way beyond Berlin. Another 4-track 12" on Ostgut Ton's sister label Unterton soon followed and the track "Osmium" from this EP was licensed for the FABRICLIVE 73 CD mixed by Panagea.

Simultaneously Kobosil introduced his dj sets as clubs started booking him on the strength of his first two releases alone and reports of fresh, no bars techno, informed by a whole range of electronic music styles, skilled mixing and well constructed sets followed. Kobosil had arrived and it wasn't long before he made his debut on the Berghain Klubnacht floor. Hailing from Neukölln, Berlin, the only 22 year old Kobosil combines his talent with trained instruction, just about to finish a BA in audio production, which he studies since 2010, this young producer knows his stuff. An avid vinyl collector, he has an almost nostalgic, passionate approach to music, combined with a truly futuristic outlook on where techno is heading. Deeply rooted in classic origins but reinvigorated and pushing sound frontiers and limits.

Next for Kobosil is an EP for Marcel Dettmann's MDR Label to be released early next year, a live set, which he intends to premier before the end of this year and a second release on his own -no label- which will undoubtedly further his trademark sound and will be done in the own particular way of this charming but headstrong dj/producer.

1 rating



FUNK TWO ( Napoli ITA ) Carlo Martino and Francesco De Luca aka. Funk Two - Napoli (IT) They're friends since when they was born.

9 rating

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