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Wood Lesty Ep


Plaisir Records / PLA001

1st release of new French label Plaisir Records by the artist Zendid, with a VID remix !!
Support: tINI, Faster, Anthea, Ada Kaleh

Here, you're going to get into a serious classy bunch of tracks, where melodies interlace with round beats and basslines. The Wood Lesty's voice will enter your brain and will never leave it. The cherry on the cake (already rather tasty) is Vid Reconstruction Mix: a little 15 minutes diamond where he settles gradually his talent, involving the famous voice of the original mix with a compulsion of claps to end in second part of the remix with angelic choirs deserving of the most beautiful opera

Believer Ep


8 Bit Records / 8BIT087

Believer, Ellic, Poluc - Johnny D returns to Nick Curly & Gorge s 8bit imprint with a major release! It s been a while since his last EP, but time only made him better. Believer EP is a three track masterpiece and proof of Johnnys keen eye for detail as well as his ability to transport a certain feel to the dancefloor. This unique symbiosis conveys into an organic touch and brings live to each production. Get into the vibe!

Right About Now Ep


Apollonia / APO015

There's no doubt that the Apollonia trio are on fire, 2014 has been a whirlwind of Berlin studio production, to reigning in Ibiza, to dropping their debut album Tour à Tour to a rapturous reception. But straight back to the label with a new EP, they proudly present breaking talent Diego Krause.Hailing from East Berlin, Krause already caused a stir amongst the heads with releases on his own label Unison Wax and co-owned Beste Modus, Unison Wax 02 swiftly landing itself a 4/5 on Resident Advisor and pricking up the ears of the Apollonia boys.Serving up three quality tracks very much in-keeping with Apollonia's own sound, you can easily imagine any one fitting perfectly into the later hours of their B2B2B sets. 'Right About Now' establishes its presence with a powerful bassline and solid clap, before deep swirling synths enter, as does an echoing xylophone to truly euphoric effect. The slightly eerie, but mostly intoxicating, 'Dreams' brings a subtle groove and conjures up those early morning moments, while 'Manitu' the most peak-team of the three, is a bouncy number full of positive energy and a strong tech-house edge, that will go down a treat on any dancefloor

Don't Stop Lovin Remixes


Blend It Records / BLEND-V01

Slamming Remix pack for Alex Davis´ track "Don´t Stop Lovin" which got received heavy support by Marco Carola during the whole 2014 ibiza summer season.

Soul Kiss Ep


Robsoul Recordings / ROBSOUL145

Web TV


7 rating


7 rating


5 rating



Get Physical // Berlin (GER)

Nils Hoffmann is a producer/dj from Berlin. His sound is influenced by the music of the 60's, Indie Rock and Artists like Trentemöller, Bon Iver and Yann Tiersen. He always tries to combine the warm sound of organic instruments with more clinical synthesizer sounds. As a dj and live act he played also international. In february he published his first ep 'Verwunschen' on Lochmann Records.

0 rating



The name Smash TV rings bells internationally. Like a phoenix off the ashtray, Holger Zilske and Kai
Preussner are back to bond their knowhow and skills, always burning the candle at both ends…  
Founder Holger Zilske is known for his numerous Smash TV-releases on bpitchcontrol: his albums
“electrified” and “bits for breakfast”, singles like “yellow asteroids” “air/earth” and “locomotive
breath” plus co-writing and co-production for Ellen Allien including the albums “stadtkind”,
“berlinette” and “thrills”. Playhouse, Diynamic and Leena have been recent stations on Holgers path,
always displaying a distinct blend of complex arrangements, gargantuan bass lines and sweat fueled
percussion. Furthermore he’s got collaborations with Miss Kittin, Raz Ohara, Daso, Richard Davis,
Dave dk and remixes for the likes of Claude Von Stroke, Kiki, Miss Kittin, Adam Freeland, Toktok and
Marco Resmann up his sleeve.  
Kai Preussner has been silently involved in Smash TV productions since 2001 and collaborated with
Holger Zilske on his highly rated soloalbum “Holz” on Playhouse. now he steps into the spotlight as
the new member of Smash TV. Kai is also known as Citycobra and has just released an EP. with Axel
Boman and Dave DK on Moodmusic and got another one
on Playhouse coming up.  
For Holger and Kai, music is not just about the dancefloor, it’s a way of life and a means of
communication on a deep emotional level. This becomes apparent on their latest releases “Baby Got
Me Open” on the “Full Body Workout Vol. 7“ on Get Physical ,the remix of the M.A.N.D.Y. & Matthew
Dear track “Buddies” out on Get Physical in early in February, the “World Wide Wet”-EP on Leena out
in March 2011 as well as their live- & dj-sets, which achieved them the reputation of being the “last
men standing”.

16 rating


Fantastic Friends Records / Catwash / Kina Music // Paris (FR)

DJ with influences ranging from house, teck house and deep techno supported by the biggest dj’s of the parisian underground scene such as Dan Ghenacia, Chris Carrier, Dj Wild, Jef K, Seuil. Phil Dark is an actor of the parisian night and called « The relief »
Known for his atypic mix, aerial and progressiv, hypnotic and groovy and his sense of the dancefloor, he imposed himself on the parisian electronic scene.
After holding his residency at the party Electrochic in 2007 which was a real success, he took control of Lalternative, a new club, trendy and sharp edged, located in the center of Paris. He created the Buzz and has been invited to play in many parties such as « Backstage » « Antislip », « Freak N’ Chic » at Batofar, Paris Paris for the « Blow » party and at the Scéne Bastille » for « Happy people only », La Java for the « Save party » or at Queen's for the « Manimalz ».

We Want Dance was born in 2007 with the envy to develop Parisian dancefloors, changing habits, connecting people and especially making them dance and groove on a Happy House and Techno music of quality! Dj Phil Dark, his creator, has thought of a simple concept but different which began in Glazart, an unusual spot with a "beach" in Paris and its outdoor soundsystem!The party evolves in Batofar, open air barge on Quai of Seine, where it took its residence every month for 1 year now. An accessible and opened party for everybody,mixing Dj’s of the electro Parisian scene and international, wich created a musical identity and a real energy.They just celebrated their 4 years Party at Showcase with Lee Foss & Shaun Reeves .

Guests :
Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels,Get Physical, Pokerflat), Federico Molinari (Oslo), Pablo Cahn-Speyer (Cadenza, 8bit, Zoo Project), FB Julian (Crosstown Rebels), Damian Schwartz ( Apnea, Oslo), Matt Star (Cocoon, Fantastic Friends), Mendo ( Cadenza, ) , Frivolous (Cadenza, Karloff, Background), Phil Weeks (Robsoul), Cabanne (Minibar), Seuil (Eklo), Varoslav (Supplement Facts) ,Okain (Tsuba/Quartz) , Yakine (Circus Company), Kozo (Arpiar), Chris Carrier (Adult Only), DJ Wild (Catwash, Circoloco), Pepperpot (Hello), Timid Boy (Time as Changed, Barraca), Darkmaze ( Kina, Fantastic Friends), Danny Faber ( Bar 25 Berlin), Philip Bader ( Bar 25, Get Physical, Kindish), Louis Guilhem ( Minival Carnival), Matelar (Kubicle), Grego G (Twisted), Gwen Maze (Supernature),Marcelo Tag(Carnival Records).

Moreover his passion for music, his simplicity, his sense of contact and adaptation make him a dj apreciated to his own value. He recently played at Rex and also at Showcase which are the two better known clubs in Paris.
He doesn’t stick to clubs only but finds the way to make people danse outside at the Glazart, on an equiped beach and also at the « electonic naps » of Rosny-sous-bois wich took place sundays in july.

He plays in European clubs such as Cocoon club in Frankfurt, Cable in London, Pratersauna in Vienna, Suicide Circus in Berlin but also in parties like Half Baked in London or We Play The Music We Love in Turin.

During summer 2008, he decided to collaborate with Gwen Maze under the pseudo « Darkmase ».They have already been spotted by Catwash Records which released « Raptor » as well as Time has changed records where they are on the maxi with Timid Boy (Traxx) and Nhar (issued mid-February 2009). They are backed by Loco Dice,Gabriel Ananda,Danton Eepron, Djul’z,Chloe,Joris Voorn, Okain , Boris Werner and many others.

Not content with that they produce a maxi "Not Alone EP"on Siteholder Uncut (Chicago), the label of Billy Dallessandro and Brian Faar, in March 2009, backed by Andrew Grant (Circoloco), DJ Emerson Dubfire, Jeff Samuel Martin Landsky, Paco Osasuna, Patrick Bateman, Someone Else,Tyler Stadius(Fabric)….
As for him, he comes out on 4line records and fantastic Friends in 2009.

His leitmotiv is to be on all the dancefloors of the World, which makes him a musical globe trotter on the outlook for partying, communication, sensations,modernity and respect.
During his appearances he meets great artists such as Marc Houle (Minus), Sacha Funke (Kompakt), Sarah Goldfarb (Trapez),Shonky (Mobilee),Kréon(Cecille),SIS,KouamDjoko,Yakine,Chris Carrier,Jef K,Lee Jones,Pepperpot,Boris Horel,FB Julian,Molly,Brother’s Vibe,Hervé AK,Barem ,Troy Pierce…

2 rating


Get Physical, Playhouse, Kindisch, Love Letters From Oslo - Francfort (DE)

Einzelkind are Miguel Ayala and Arno Völker.
Two guys from Frankfurt that love and live House and Techno music. They
have released several records on labels like Playhouse, Cocoon, Oslo and Get
Physical Music. In 2008 Einzelkind founded their own imprint La Peña. La Peña
stands for quality underground music without big marketing, that is the reason
why you won't find any names on the actual vinyl releases.  
It is just about music not about names.

14 rating


Silver Room // Tunis (TUN)

Yuri was born on 20th April, 1989 in Tunis, Tunisia. 
In the early 90’s he developed a strong passion for music, mainly for dance music, which at that time was characterizing the sound across the clubs.
As a kid, he attended the Conservatory of Music in Hammamet, choosing the violin as his main instrument, but he kept cultivating his interest for electronic music. His parents have always been his backbone for his musical and personal growth.
At the age of 15, he started his carrier playing at private parties around his hometown, while producing his first musical experiments.
With the passing of the years, with the help of those who taught him to play, DJ ADEL ( Resident Sindbad Gammarth ) and DJ Naj ( Resident Cocoon Hammamet ) ,he improved his experience while playing in local clubs (The London Pub, Manhattan, Calypso, Pacha, Tatoo, Cocoon…)  and  beginning to understand how to approach people on a dancefloor.
The first real chance to work in a club came in 2006, when Yuri became dj resident in a club called “London Pub” in Hammamet.
Since then and during the next years, thanks to his talent he was invited to play in clubs all over his country (Leaving Sousse, Bonaparte Sousse, The Saloon Sousse, Cristal Lounge Gammarth , Cyclone Djerba…) and he’s been working as resident for many years with big national djs.
In 2009, he released his first track and started perfecting his musical experience.
The real change came in October 2011, when he established as resident in the “Silver Room” club, where he found an unusual situation and a big public which allowed him to grow up. And where he has hosted the biggest names on the international scene (like; Solomun, Nina Kraviz , Butch , Nima Gorji & Madam Tina , Ahmet Sendil , Thugfucker, miguel Campbell, Cesar Merveille , Oxia…)
His sounds keeps going from Tech , Deep , Techno , to Nu Disco.
Yuri is currently working at many remixes and keeps searching for an always new sound, exiting and full of energy.
7 rating


Just Jack / Robsoul Recordings // Paris (FR)

DJ/producer Phil Weeks is a house music purist. His mixing is old school Chicago with a nu-school French flare going from the deepest house to the techiest. His production sounds like it could have been released in the 90’s partly because he uses the same gear: 808’s, 909’s, 606’s, even vintage keys. He prefers vinyl, likes his mixes dirty, and knows how to rock a crowd with a heavy hitting bass line. Phil Weeks is a house purist dedicated to bringing the world only proper house music with his Djing, his producing and his label, Robsoul Recordings.

A true lover of house music, Phil Weeks’ DJ career started 10 years ago. With skills comparable to the best and crowd-pleasing track selection it wasn’t long before Phil Weeks became a major player in the house music scene. He’s played some of the world’s most renowned venues like Queen’s Club, Sankey’s Soap, Circus, Ministry of Sound, Back to Basics, and Stereo.

By 2001 he was ready for the next step and Robsoul Recordings was born. Originally the label was meant as an avenue for Phil to release his own tracks the way he wanted to and the success was more than he anticipated. Phil Weeks’ early releases “Yeah I Like It” and “It Put Me Well” became classics in less than 2 months. Now Phil Weeks is one of the world’s most sought after producers saving his best work for his label and often releasing other tracks under monikers like PW.

It wasn’t long before this success lead to the decision to sign other artists to the label. Consequently Robsoul is now one of the world’s most renowned and respected house music labels featuring some of the world’s best like Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, David Duriez, No Assembly Firm, Fries & Bridges and Chris Carrier. Releases are selling out in a time when many labels aren’t able to keep afloat. But Phil Weeks’ isn’t one to brag about this. To him it’s all about keeping proper house music alive. Which just goes to show Phil Weeks is a house purist.

4 rating


Just Jack / Upon You / Saved Records // Amsterdam (NL)

ONNO is a revered Dutch DJ and producer who has been steadily rising to the top of the pile since 2001. In the ensuing years, he has released a number of well-received EPs, most recently the Beatport top- ping ‘Paragroove’ on Moon Harbour, which is also one of the top 3 most charted artists on influential site Resident Advisor. ONNO now continues to produce for other top labels including Get Physical, Souvenir, Saved and International DJ Gigolos. The sound that he now weaves at clubs and festivals across Europe is a bass heavy one with plenty of interlocking house grooves all heavily reliant on big bottom ends, and has received much support from the likes of MANDY, Reboot, Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzmann and many more.
One of the most important benchmarks for ONNO was hooking up with Upon. You Records. Since first releasing on the imprint, the star’s music has made its way into all the right record bags and have seen his demand as a DJ continue to grow. Forever joining the dots between styles and proving himself to be a diverse DJ that can spin in small basements as well as sunny rooftops, ONNO has been rewarded for his skills by being installed as a resident at both Amsterdam club Studio 80 and the prestigious Ushuiai club out in Ibiza. So too has he clocked up plenty more gigs around the world including at Panorama Bar, Watergate and Bar 25 in Berlin, D36 in New York, Electric Pickle in Miami, Beatport Beta Lounge in Denver and Glow in Lima.
The future looks just as bright for ONNO: as well as continuing to spin in the best clubs around the world, so too has ONNO many more productions in the pipeline, each of which will continue to showcase his own unique house style.

0 rating


Bacon Hill // Sevilla (ES)

Fonsi Arjona: Alfonso (FON) was born in Seville in 1982. His interest in dance music started in the late 90's musical wave bands like The Prodigy, Apollo 440 and especially The Chemical Brothers, with the album "Surrender" as he call it “a piece of art”. His DJ career began in the record store Union Records, where he started a great friendship with Javy Union and Lady k @ Packa, and his interest in electronic music developed much further. Shortly after he became responsible for the selection and distribution in the record store enjoying interaction with customers, side by side with Dani de Jota, another legend of the Seville electronic scene.
Behind the Union Records Store´s  decks would finally be where he got a refined technique, an elegant mix and mathematician as well as learning about music selection in the best enviroment. His first live sessions were in a small venue called Zona Franca. Over time he found his place in the city sharing the bill at parties organized by Union Productions and Chroma Events, with artists likes Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, James Holden, Jon Gaiser, Fabrizio Maurizi, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Surgeon , Toby Neuman, Heartthrob, Guido Schneider, J. Paul Ritch L. Magoya, Cristian Varela or Oscar Mulero and others.
His musical style goes from deep house to a more rhythmic techno, going through a wide range of electronic sounds, with some of his favourite labels being Refernecia Visioquest, Pocker Flat, Monique Music, Record Mobille, Upon.You, Highgrade Records, Desolat, Cocoon , Robsoul, Hypercolour, Kote Records, Ovum Recordings, Rekids, Dirtybird, you can tell how much quality we can find on his sets.
Actually busy working with Curro Riera and Octavio in their Bacon Hill project, being key to tasks like curating,  organizing, and performing monthly at Sala Cosmos.
Fonsi Arjona sees himself running an underground night regularly in Seville in a few years. He believes in the good musical taste of the Andalusian public, and he wants to be part of a big development of the club scene in South Spain. We´ll be waiting to see his interesting input to the electronic music world.

12 rating


Larry Heard (born 1960) is a musician widely known for the Chicago house music he produced in the mid-1980s and continues to produce today. He was a member of the influential group Fingers, Inc. and has recorded solo under various names, most notably Mr. Fingers.

3 rating


Diynamic // Midsland (NL)

Discography of Karmon

Alex Justino - Just Be (Karmon Remix) Sintope Digital

Turning Point EP - Sintope Digital 052

Karmon - Turning Point
Karmon - Solarbeam
Karmon & Pony - Hold On

Wowshit EP - Diynamic 058

NTFO & Karmon - Nobody Else
Karmon - Wowshit

5 rating


Dame Music - Cadenza rec- Soma - Berlin (DE)

DJ/producer Philippe Quenum is a long-time player with a resume that could kill a rainforest! You would need a lifetime to track down his extensive discography, from his own recording labels to other highly recognized imprints. He founded Access 58 in London with Paulo Nascimento, Cadenza with Luciano and Num records in Geneva. Together with Luciano he composed the first release on Cadenza, 'Orange Mistake' - one of the most successful techno tracks of the last ten years. In all, Quenum has released over 60 records, including on Contexterrior, Cadenza, Orac, Soma, Trapez, Alphahouse and Toys for Boys. His tracks appear on close to 20 compilations on recording labels such as Fabric (Carl Craig), NovaMute and Cocoon. His most recent project is Clapper, a new label founded with his friend and frequent studio partner Dachshund.

Going back in time, Quenum has worked professionally as a DJ since the early 80's. He gained a decade of experience living in London in the 90's before settling with his family in Geneva. He credits his childhood in Africa and his family background for his musical taste. He was also influenced by hip-hop culture and an early career as a breakdancer.

In his sets, Quenum takes techno and house into tribal heights with a more or less experimental edge, both slamming and deep. His flawless mixing technique and live sets are constantly redefining and upgrading abstract electronic dance music.

Apart from DJing and his recording work, Quenum is always open to new challenges. He has composed music for documentaries, as well as played live for fashion shows in London (Natural History Museum Fashion Week). Quenum is a keen experimenter, and his productions are known to be simple yet rich in detail. As a DJ, he never forgets that his first duty is to the crowd of people who have come together looking for a joyful experience and a moment of freedom. He is, first, a crowd-pleaser.

5 rating


Diamond, Sony Music - Copenhagen (DNK)

In a sense, the Danish Tomas Høffding has everything he’s ever wished for in his life. He is happily in love.
He is the singer and bassist of the trio WhoMadeWho, a band that, thanks to their tongue-in-cheek disco
indie-rock and their enthusiastic shows, can always count on the raging applause of their international
crowds. Together with a handful of friends, he owns an old farmer’s house in Sweden, into which he can
retreat after exhausting tours and nerve-wrecking studio sessions.   
Despite all of these perfect conditions, until recently, the man from Copenhagen was missing something that
he created and defined on his very own. Something that would make him artistically independent of
WhoMadeWho. Something to which his colleagues Jeppe Kjellberg and Tomas Barfod would, if at all,
contribute nothing more than well-meant tips.
At first, he considered establishing a second living as an electro DJ. He had played in bands all his life and
had always been forced to compromise. At last, he wanted to make decisions according to his own moods.
“Then I realized I wasn’t born to be a DJ. DJ’s have to listen to about 1 billion new tracks every week and
always know what sound is the really hot stuff. As I tend to dive deep into the music I listen to, a DJ career
was not an option”, he reveals smirking.    
Instead of mixing other peoples’ tracks, he decided to produce them himself. He wanted to create tracks
which he could present at live solo performances in clubs with a small setup, consisting of a computer,
chimes and a theremin. Tracks you would start moving to on the spot. For the past two years, whenever he
was not touring with WhoMadeWho, he has been working almost non-stop in his new equipped studio. He
experimented with several of his electronic devices and once in a while, he picked up his acoustic guitar. His
spontaneous ideas were transformed into sparkling dance pop. “I wanted to write songs that weren’t
composed in the classical sense. Everything needed to come directly from the heart. This is why the most
stuff on my first solo album was created without any big thoughts”, the Dane, who is always in for a joke,
Under the pseudonym Bon Homme, he now releases 10 songs. Their electronic tinge is groovy in a subtle
way, and the atmosphere of many songs is carried by the noise of analogue synthesizers. The music lives of
spontaneously created melodies that we, in fact, only know from Krautrockers such as Cluster. He combines
poppy hooks with dry techno rhythms, almost childlike tone sequences meet psychedelic loops, and in the
next moment, it seems like Hot Chip teamed up with Kraftwerk. In the song “Heaviest Flower Of Europe”,
Høffding sings so dandy-like that one might believe that Brian Ferry in person gave him tips for the right tone

4 rating

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