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Apollo 13 Ep


Moon Harbour / MHR071

Now a firm part of the modern Moon Harbour make up, frequent label artist Sven Tasnadi is 
back with a new EP that comes complete with a fantastic remix by Marco Faraone. 
The German producer last offered up his essential wares back in late summer 2013 with his 
Stop Talking EP, and has also released on great stables like Smallville, Cocoon and Poker Flat. 
His sound is deep and rhythmic and across three tracks here he lays down yet more infectious 
grooves that will whole floors under their spell.  
'On Your Mind' opens things in fine style with loopy drums and dusty hi hats rolling over rich and 
paddy kick drums. A whole ambiance of voices swirls about, adding plenty of charming 
atmosphere, and an indecipherable but party-starting male vocal coo shoots through the mix to 
bring a sense of energy and excitement to proceedings. The dub from Italian Marco Faraone - 
who runs his own Etruria Beat label and releases on places like Desolat and Drumcode - is a 
much darker and tougher thing driven by firm drums. Subtle dub chords peel off the groove, 
grainy texture fleshes it out and this one is a pure backroom bomb.  
Sven Tasnadi then serves up the standout 'Feel Good', an introverted bit of shuffling and heads 
down deep house with spacey atmospheres and a clean spoken word monologue. The ripping 
bassline is a fine thing that supercharges the track as the shining, sharp edged hi hats cut 
through the humid air. Seriously deep, it makes way for last cut 'Miss Understood', a silky, liquid 
and rolling bit of silvery tech house with curious synth lines, eerie, desolate soundscapes and 
yet another engaging baseline that really drives things on.  
Each track on this EP manages to be seductively deep at the same time as being perfectly 
driven for the dancefloor, meaning that once again Sven Tasnadi and Moon Harbour have 
struck gold.


SIlver Network France / SILVER038

oulful, gospel-inspired deep house is what Joaquin Diaz's Rhythm&Soul alias brings to Jef K's Kiss-inspired Silver Network - goin' strong since '99. It's his debut for the French label and he's given the royal treatment thanks to remixes from John Dimas and Freak 'n' Chic's Djebali, which includes a bonus dub mix. Dimas' rework is energetic and free flowing, highlighting his unique style best heard on releases for Bass Culture and Clapp. Meanwhile Djebali's contributions provide two alternatives; something light and cruisey, while the dub is reduced and a house DJ's ultimate tool ready for the working.

New York, Baby


Get Physical Music / GPM272

'We dont really know if the young BRYAN KESSLER listened to Kraftwerk, but then again we didnt ask - who cares, anyway? What's certain, however, is that this punk renegade, songwriting wunderkind and all-around exceptional producer is a man of many faces, and all of them rock. Discovered on stage while spouting anarchist pop slogans and showcasing an impressive underage mohawk haircut, he never was to be a bottled genius sticking to only one gun - and soon set out to become the lead singer and guitarist for neo punk nutters THE POLLYWOGS, while embarking on an equally public career as prolific DJ and dance music producer. It's his mighty fine electronic swagger (and a hearty disrespect for genre norms) which already led to powerful solo releases on Get Physical and LIKE Records, with excitingly raunchy material to follow on Colognes fringe rave imprint Low Hanging Fruit which is distributed via Kompakt. While working with friends from Comeme he shows up his experimental red line in sound with a skillful easiness. This marks the earth-shattering first steps of a truly remarkable new voice in a traditionally complacent dance industry - little fishes, beware: theres a new shark in the pond.'

All My Days Ep


Secret Reels / SR001D

H.O.S.H. Presents Forever Young


Diynamic / DIYNAMIC066D

The long awaited collaboration of H.O.S.H. & andhim - grand finale of H.O.S.H.'s "Forever Young" series. Look who's back, back again. It's one of the main men at Diynamic, the one and only Mr. H.O.S.H.! The dude is a key member of the Diynamic family, has been for years and always comes up with the floor filling goods. Now he brings his extra special 'Forever Young' project to a close with another fantastic EP featuring two more very special house tracks. The well received project has seen the artist release four limited edition EPs on 10" vinyl, with each track representing a character from a childhood dream, and one of these cuts was made in collaboration with German Get Physical duo andhim. Up first is the mighty 'Captain' - a suitable title considering H.O.S.H.'s DJ adventures on the high seas in Ibiza. It's a deep track driven along by rich drums and warm bass notes as rough metal percussion lashes about in the foreground, a little bit like a stormy sea breeze. On the flip, the brilliant 'Writer' is another lush bit of artistic and musical house music with woody percussive sounds, sombre downbeat chords and more ethereal pads.

Web TV


6 rating


6 rating


5 rating



Wow! / Defrag // Barcelone (ITA)

Interacting with people by telling them a story made of music, behind two turntables, has always been his distinctive feature. 
Bigpassion, refined style and maniacal attention for every detail, are the values that have always characterized Luca Donzelli, even when, only twenty years old, he made his first steps in the world of clubbing. Thanks to his engaging sets and to the originality of his ideas, he succeeded to make himself appreciate in the tuscany's music scenary since he was really young. 
In the following years he became resident dj of some local clubs and, thanks to his dedication to job, "the bet" turned into a real talent! The next step came when he made music production has his workhorse. In fact, are tracks like "Bottle Of Truth", " Danzen Appeal", "Burn That
Gasoline",and "Daemonesque" that promote him worldwide, bringing him shortly to cooperate with more and more important labels, as Titbit Music or Wow! Recordings". Here started a big collaboration with Mar-t, Wow label's chief, and his crew. A high cooperation that brings Luca, with his amazing studio's ideas, to big important international music stages like the Sonar Week in Barcelona. His fascinating style behind the consolle and the success of his music works, played and supported by the best djs in the world, make us understand that these are just a few of the big surprises that this talented artist is keeping for the international electronic scenary.
One of the next big step is Amnesia Opening Party 2014 in Ibiza!

0 rating


Get Physical - London - Barcelona (GBR)

Although widely regarded as a member of the true A-list of dance music, both in terms of production, DJing and label management, it was a chance meeting led to Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito, an audio engineer/musician and working dj respectively, becoming Audiofly back in 2002.
Middleton was, in typical boffin style, experimenting with live surroundsound while Saporito was acting as in-house music selector at prestigious London store Selfridges but the pair decided to down tools and throw everything at their shared love of house music.
A bold move, but one which immediately began to pay off. The Audiofly name started to crop up regularly in the London scene and beyond via a series of edits, remixes and releases for underground imprints such as Fantastic House
and Deleted.

10 rating



PHILIP BADER (STILL VOR TALENT / GET PHYSICAL - DE) Philip Bader is a native berliner. In 1998 he started spinning for an ever growing audience and nowadays berlin techno scene wouldnt be complete without him.

4 rating


ClubClub // La Rochelle (FR)

A unique musical style and since his sweet 18 years old, Scott-ee still keeps the pressure playing in bars, clubs and private parties where he is located, Poitou-Charente, France.
Scott-ee follows the evolution of electronic music as a passionated and can create a personal atmosphere with what we call his warm style !
His DJ sets are a go between mix of house and techno.
If he has found his influences in Detroit... Scott-ee is also influenced by the french and german electronic scene (Laurent Garnier, Steve Bug, Miss Kittin, DJ Hell to name a few...).
With the use of digital mixing and its many possibilities, Scott-ee produces energic and astonishing set for his faithfull audience.

9 rating


Ibiza (ES)


KALI G was born in Rabat (Morocco). At the early age of seven he discovered his passion for music playing different instruments

27 rating


Mobilee Records - Berlin (DE)

Renowned for merging cutting edge sounds with vintage accents, Sebo K is both mobilee's longest
serving artist and its beating heart of house music.

Sebo K is a unique and influential figure within Berlin's densely populated music community; both
crowd-pleasing and credible, he is a bona fide tastemaker who distinguishes himself by exploring the
connective threads between classics from Chicago and Detroit, and modern European tech house,
minimal, and rolling percussive grooves.

Sebo K launched his DJ career in early-90s Berlin, as an integral member of Alec Empire's Bass Terror,
the city's first UK-style drum & bass and breakbeat club nights. By the middle of the decade Sebo K had
fallen under the spell of stateside artists like DJ Sneak, Glenn Underground and Mood II Swing, and his
growing love for Chicago house and Detroit techno began to reveal itself within his club appearances
throughout the city. Sebo K has been a resident DJ for internationally renowned Berlin club Watergate
since 2002, and through his 'Sebo K and Friends' nights, his relentless international touring schedule,
and with mobilee's Back Up Vol. 1 and Watergate's 04 mixes to his credit, a growing legion of fans both
close to home and further afield has been captivated by his unique mix of the old and the new.

Despite a relatively limited discography of original productions, quality over quantity has always been
the credo for Sebo K. His debut for mobilee, Too Hot, recalled an era of underground warehouse
anthems and launched the then-fledgling imprint into the stratosphere. Its follow-up, the instant classic
collaboration with Anja Schneider, Rancho Relaxo, established Sebo K as the up-and-comer worthy
of close attention, further cemented by his breakout hits "Diva" on mobilee, and "Saxtrack" for Cecille.
Alongside his timeless original productions, Sebo K has remixed some of the most respected labels and
artists on the planet, including Poker Flat, Mule Electronic, Radioslave and Efdemin.

Effortlessly transitioning from deep soulfulness, to tough stripped-down sounds, and back again, Sebo K
has reinforced the enduring importance of house music throughout the perpetual cycles of trends, and
this ability to command a club crowd has been equaled by his exceptional productions.

As Sebo K continues on his journey with mobilee, his rising tide of successes reflects the the vision,
passion, and love of music that drives him and the extended mobilee team in all that they do, and all
that will come.

6 rating


We Love Space / 2020 Vision / Wolf Music // Leeds (UK)

The PBR (Patrol Boat, Riverine) is a small rigid-hulled patrol boat used in the Vietnam war. The small versatile vessel could operate in shallow and weed-choked rivers with great speed and maneuverability. PBR Streetgang is the name given to the boat crew in the 1979 Vietnam film Apocalypse Now. “The crew were mostly kids. Rock and Rollers with one foot in their grave” tells Martin Sheen, in what could be described as a film that not only illuminated the Vietnam tale, but also the underlying insanity of the times.


Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe were christened PBR STREETGANG after a long trip to Ibiza. Ibiza is a second home to the lads as residents for world re-nowned party We Love… at Space. Tom and Bonar met through the infamous circus of the Leeds nightlife. Honing their craft at the legendary Asylum, which took the clubbing template and span it musically round its little finger. The duo shared a booth with some of the finest acts dance music has to offer, from Jazzy Jeff to Ricardo Villalobos. Much fun was had and many friends made. Many of whom follow them with great passion and zeal to all four corners of the globe today.
The pair earned great respect across the musical spectrum with fans such as Crazy P, Greg Wilson, The Unabombers, Clive Henry and Ralph Lawson. Their unique musical approach, never failing to connect with the crowd, threading Larry’s New York legacy to the Jacking underground beats of their Leeds roots.

Over the last five years, their DJ partnership has evolved into audience enthralling sets which flow effortlessly from Ableton live to the turntables via a piece of circuitry that allows both heads to mix together as one. The duo have a versatile approach of playing that allows them to easily adapting from big Festival stages and main-rooms to smaller basements and backrooms.

PBR Streetgang have released productions on labels such as 2020 Vision, Red Music, Futureboogie, E.A.R, ISM and Wolf Music. They are very excited by a forthcoming release on Jamie Jones Hot Creations in late 2011.

This is a trip up river you really shouldn’t miss.

1 rating


Descending Order // Slovenia (SLO)

Real name Dennis Beganovich, jazz trombonist, keyboard player,composer-arranger,producer. A big Brasilian music lover, I went to skoolz all over the world(had fun),v ery much involved with electronic music, working a lot for different Dj's as Valentino Kanzyani with whom he wrote the famous hit LELIWA (I'd say yes), helping make remixes for many of them,s ideman musician for Slovenian pop star MAGNIFICO where he plays trombone, trumpet, euphonium tenor, keyboards and backing vocals. Currently he is running his own project (nu-jazz,bossa,lounge music) band AREIA. Writes music for short movies. Released for other artists on many big dance labels as earresistible musick, Yoshitoshi-(Dep Dish label), La factoria, Shinichi, Jesus Loved You, Universal Japan ,Sony Italy, Scenariomusic, CR2... played a lot in different salsa bands, pop bands. some of my tunes got on many compilations all over the world. One of the most successful tunes is also featured on Deep Dish mix cd -Toronto-global underground. Still working a lot in a jazz enviroment, writing-arranging for different groups....Currently focusing on a upcoming album F.O.A. together with ANEURIA and just joined the Colours in Music crew with an upcoming release. You can contact me for any recording or live gig with instruments or as a djset, or for telling you some fresh jokes....

5 rating


Music On / Amnesia // Ibiza (ES)

Born in Barcelona (Spain) and raised in Sitges, a small town near
Barcelona were night life was very popular in the 80's and 90's. There
Mar-T got all the interest for electronic music, especially in
L'Atlantida Club. DJ and producer since 1995, he is a perfect
connoisseur of the dance floors of half the world due to his residency
since 1999 in Amnesia Ibiza. This has given him enough experience to
be able to adapt to any dance floor without any concessions. His dj
sets expose his hedonist and sensual spirit, and knows how to create
an atmosphere full of good vibrations due to his sane eclecticism that
takes him to mix all aspects of electronic music with great results.

In year 2011 we've seen him all Fridays in the new "I WANT MY MTV"
parties in the main room hosted by SHAKE IT / ALL NIGHT LONG together
with Layo & Bushwacka! and guest djs. As well as playing together with
Eric Prydz and Annie Mac in the new party "TONIGHT" on Tuesdays night.

As another incredible season wrapped up for the year, there was one
last burst of enthusiasm from the industry at the 2011 DJ Awards and
local hero Mar-T was acknowledged as the season’s best resident to the
White Isle for his residential slot at Ibizan superclub Amnesia. All
music industry saying big thanks to Mar-T for offering us a very
special season at Amnesia delivering his best music repertory every
Tuesday and Friday. So it looks like this has been the summer of Mar-T
and now he's ready for a very successful winter touring all around the

During 2011 he has released tracks in labels like Toolroom, OKO
Recordings and his label Wow! Recordings, the label has rapidly gained
the respect of the scene. After more than 20 releases with artists
such as Paco Osuna or Edu Imbernon, Wow represents one of his main and
more personal projects at the moment.

For 2012 his is going to release a track for his first time in Cocoon
Records, one of his favorite labels and on many other labels which
will be confirmed soon. Mar-T sound moves between deep and
tech.-house, always inspired by the 90's house masters, he's able to
mix his musical influences with a 100% dance floor oriented music.
Percussive house beats and a warm Mediterranean flavor are also two of
his main ingredients in the composition.

3 rating


Madhouse / Circoloco / DC10 // Ibiza (ITA)

Born in Rome in the late 70's, Renato cultivates since he was child a passion for music.
Dad worked in a radio a program where he spoke with the people and dedicated songs and he fascinated by this situation and always asking for records and buying them. In love with music he collected old records, of artists such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder.

He begins to go in his city clubs at the age of 12, at afternoon parties with his peers in order to listen to dance, black and garage music.
At the age of 17 he moves to Riccione and in 1999 he starts buying house underground records arriving then to electronic sounds on which he exercises at his friend Fausto storical store in Via Ceccarini, where he will eventually register his first Dj sets.

After only 4 months he is called to play at a very famouse and big music fair of Riccione the "NightWave" and performs in the garden of "Peter Pan"!
He then playes in several clubs including "Titilla", "Cocoricò", "Prince", and "Grand hotel".

Eventually he'll be resident Dj for three years at the "Contatto" of Bologna, a club that was a point of reference for for people and music and that will take him to play at the " Doc Show" .

In the year 2000 he no longer has any stimulus and decides to try his luck outside of Italy. He arrives in Ibiza where he starts playing at parties in private villas and bars. Here in Ibiza he meets Antonio and Andrea promoters of DC10 which offer him the chance to play at one of the most exclusive clubs and parties of the island, the Circoloco at DC10.

He then becomes resident Dj of the party and decides his music genre will be techhouse and electronic music, choice which will bring him to play in some of the best clubs of Europe such as: "Monegros Festival","Sonar Festival"(Spain), "The End" (London), "Watergate" (Berlin), "Arena" (Berlin), and 25 (Berlin), "Circoloco" World Tour!

In 2009 he meets Gabriele Carasco and between them begins not only a partnership, but also a friendship. They start producing records together that will be published in various international labels, and open their own label that will be on the market on vinyl in early 2013.

3 rating


Keinemusik | Souvenir | Liebe*Detail | Rockets and Ponies // Berlin (DE)

Techno?s biggest flaw is its self-referencial tendency. You know the deal, the common
contemporary DJ/Producer steals an Underground Resistance-Record from his older brother
at the age of 16 (biographical details may vary, not to impair the facts, though), thus
presuming to have found the holy grail (what, of course, nobody is claiming to deny).
His world is shrinking down to Detroit, Chicago, New York and Berlin within the following
years, he?ll equip himself with records and turntables and not look over the rim of his MKII
ever again. Adam Ports biography is different. Adam was Hardcore, when he was 16. No, not
Rotterdam-Hardcore. We?re talking New York-, Boston- and Washington D.C.-Hardcore here.
It?s a past that he still lives up to, cultivating it in his vegetarian-straight-edge-lifestyle.
After that there was HipHop. He got in touch with turntablism, discovered his love for vinyl and
evolved to be a skilled DJ for the first time. Then, finally came Techno. This way of tracing
down spaces, giving one the best possible chance of self-development, is the essential
reason for Ports presence being so unique. There?s no scene-dictated tunnel view in his
activities, there is only a pointed emphasis on style, on groove and sophistication. An
emphasis, that, because it?s informed by Dub, Danchall, Rap, Soul or even Psychedelic Rock,
is advanced enough to always shine through the inflationary characteristic of the genre as
notably original. That applies to both, his productions and his DJ-sets.
What Adam Port is laying his hands on might have its place within the parameters of House
and Techno, but it?s always more than that. It?s his style.

20 rating


Moon Harbour Recording - Leipzig (DE)

born in Frosinone (ciociaria) 1971 ,Santos benefited from the strong creativity of
those early disco years. He's grateful to have grown up in a cosy family
environment warmed up by the notes of the Discofever. In 1976 he discovered
his first musical inspiration 'Giorgio Moroder' producer of 'Donna Summer'
amongst many other. All his birthday presents had to be records upon records,
and so his deep knowledge of contemporary electronic music started. Fascinated
by the Chicago House Music, Santos decided to produce a track in his own
bedroom and he bought his first electronic keyboard. In the same period he also
received his first British production 'Theme From S?Express' a track that had the
kind of strong vibe he could really relate too. In 1992 he set up a small studio
together with a friend where he used to spend lots of hours understandind
computers,sofware and composing his music. Two years later in 1994 Santos
made his first record. In '95 Santos was approached by Mantra Vibes a record?
label of Expanded music, for the track SANTOS "THE PIANO". This record created
a lot buzz in the music business and it was included in a lot of djs playlists. His
career was taking off; 3 years later he was part of another important project
called SANTOS & SABINO with the song "LARARARI" (canzone felice), a
commercial shit but unusual record was n1 in half Europe and start to thake
consense and money :). With his innovating and strong mentality Santos along
with Mantra Vibes A&R Marco "PeeDoo" Gallerani created a new sound,
promptly named "Shakadelism". Supported by english Djs as Pete Tong, Steve
Lamacq, Annie Nightingale and Judge Jules from BBC Radio 1, Basement Jaxx and
Ashley Beadle,Chemical Brothers,Fat Boy Slim and many others and  the single
'Camels' scored the UK top 10,2 weeks n1 in uk dance chart,n1
Canada,France,Australia... dance charts and on june 18th 2001 the first album 'R
U SHAKADELIC?' was released; the World recognized that THE SHAKADELIC
SOUND had DEFINITELY ARRIVED. Santos fame increased widely all around the world. 

He went to play all over Europe, from Ibiza to London (Big Beat Boutique vs. Bugged Out night),

Japan,China and of course Italy and from these experiences once back in the studio he gave life to a very special series of eps. 

The 'Helsinki EP' was the first one which includes spanish flavored track 'Ke Dolor' which also

4 rating

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