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Wood Lesty Ep


Plaisir Records / PLA001

1st release of new French label Plaisir Records by the artist Zendid, with a VID remix !!
Support: tINI, Faster, Anthea, Ada Kaleh

Here, you're going to get into a serious classy bunch of tracks, where melodies interlace with round beats and basslines. The Wood Lesty's voice will enter your brain and will never leave it. The cherry on the cake (already rather tasty) is Vid Reconstruction Mix: a little 15 minutes diamond where he settles gradually his talent, involving the famous voice of the original mix with a compulsion of claps to end in second part of the remix with angelic choirs deserving of the most beautiful opera

Believer Ep


8 Bit Records / 8BIT087

Believer, Ellic, Poluc - Johnny D returns to Nick Curly & Gorge s 8bit imprint with a major release! It s been a while since his last EP, but time only made him better. Believer EP is a three track masterpiece and proof of Johnnys keen eye for detail as well as his ability to transport a certain feel to the dancefloor. This unique symbiosis conveys into an organic touch and brings live to each production. Get into the vibe!

Right About Now Ep


Apollonia / APO015

There's no doubt that the Apollonia trio are on fire, 2014 has been a whirlwind of Berlin studio production, to reigning in Ibiza, to dropping their debut album Tour à Tour to a rapturous reception. But straight back to the label with a new EP, they proudly present breaking talent Diego Krause.Hailing from East Berlin, Krause already caused a stir amongst the heads with releases on his own label Unison Wax and co-owned Beste Modus, Unison Wax 02 swiftly landing itself a 4/5 on Resident Advisor and pricking up the ears of the Apollonia boys.Serving up three quality tracks very much in-keeping with Apollonia's own sound, you can easily imagine any one fitting perfectly into the later hours of their B2B2B sets. 'Right About Now' establishes its presence with a powerful bassline and solid clap, before deep swirling synths enter, as does an echoing xylophone to truly euphoric effect. The slightly eerie, but mostly intoxicating, 'Dreams' brings a subtle groove and conjures up those early morning moments, while 'Manitu' the most peak-team of the three, is a bouncy number full of positive energy and a strong tech-house edge, that will go down a treat on any dancefloor

Don't Stop Lovin Remixes


Blend It Records / BLEND-V01

Slamming Remix pack for Alex Davis´ track "Don´t Stop Lovin" which got received heavy support by Marco Carola during the whole 2014 ibiza summer season.

Soul Kiss Ep


Robsoul Recordings / ROBSOUL145

Web TV


7 rating


7 rating


5 rating



Wilde Agency / Rekids / Renaissance // (UK)

Lewis Boardman is one of the hottest rising talents in house music. This rising star of the U.K.’s underground house scene has made his name DJing alongside some of the biggest names in the business. Over the last year his DJing exploits have taken him far and wide, not only is he a regular at several of the UK’s top clubs (Fabric London, The Warehouse Project Manchester and Circus Liverpool) he has also been busy globe trotting around the world playing in hotspots from Berlin to Beijing and back again.

Lewis has also been tipped for the top by many of his peers and has been part of the BBC Radio 1’s introducing program focusing on up and coming talent in the UK. Last year Lewis remixed Yousef’s Africa for Renaissance and Nina Kraviz’s Pain In The Ass for Radio Slaves Rekids label, his first Ep followed on the seminal house label NRK with support from Raresh, Livo & Roby & Anthony Collins. This was quickly followed up with two Ep’s (Tranquilizer & The Right Kind of Burn) for Tiefschwarz’s excellent Berlin based label Souvenir.

With such passion for house and techno things are looking very bright for this young dj / producer.

3 rating


Geneve (SUI)

Enzo was born in 1990 in the French Alpes. Thanks to his dad, he discovered little by little music, especially Jazz and Blues with artist such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Sonny Boy Williamson…For him, Jazz is the basis of all kind of music. At first, Enzo was a Rap Underground lover but at the age of 16 he discovered what was House music when he bought his first records from Defected In The House Label.

He found really interesting the fact that he could find some jazzy touch in House music but also the mix with percussions and beats.

In 2009, his point of view of House music knew a turning point when Enzo heard for the first time a mix of Nima Gorji. This was exactly what he was looking for. He started then to follow Nima’s style, discovering this underground atmosphere.

Everything came into real in the Summer 2011, when Enzo worked hard to pay his first CD players and mixer. He set up in his house a small area where he could play and record his first mix.

10 rating


Kling Klong // Athens (GRE)

“Don’t believe the hype, Keep it real!”

Hailing from the south side of Athens-Greece, Vangelis got recognised through the years via his music and hard work by a variety of respected personalities such as Mark Knight, Roger Sanchez, Martin Eyerer, John Acquaviva, and
many more
“No he didn’t pop yesterday”
Counting a career of more than 15 years in music industry, Vangelis Kostoxenakis established his name as a producer under his Angel Stoxx persona and is undoubtedly one of the most successful and respected house/tech house producers coming out of Greece. His catalogue counts more than 200 releases & remixes in top labels such as Toolroom, Kling Klong, CR2, Deeperfect, Hotfingers, Definitive & more while in 2011 topped Beatport position #5 in 100 general chart and #1 in tech house genre with “I dropped my E on the dancefloor” (Hotfingers). Since then his music regardless if it’s under his birth name, Angel Stoxx or Breaking Toys can be found
regularly within charts

"Music is Music"

Vangelis is at best a tri-polar musical personality. If its grooving and has funk he doesn’t care if its techno or deep house. That’s why in August 2013 he released with Italian d:vision records a commercial deep
house song.“LET'S GO " saw immediate success with radio stations, DJs and crowd showing their love while the song topped #3 in the International Top Airplay of Greece Chart, #2 iTunes (Greece), #4 in Shazam and over 1.9 mil Youtube views. Having conquered several top places in national radio charts, it was only a matter of time for the track to make a success across borders, highlighting BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howards shouting out on one of his shows how “dope” the track is. Now is considered a radio classic while remixes by Betook and Grum had similar club success. Watch out for him and catch him play in a city near you!

1 rating


Zwicky Music / Pink City Beats // Toulouse (FR)

Fritz started DJing in the late 90s in Montpellier. Strongly influenced by North American music, i.e. Chicago, Detroit, NYC, he moved to London in 2000 for the opening of the first DJ Bar: the So. UK, for which he produced a compilation & stayed there for 4 years, working as a resident DJ at numerous clubs?
Back in France, he teams up with Valérie Dupont to create L'autre Mix Bar, a unique place in Toulouse offering a combination of handpicked music with quality staff in a relaxed atmosphere where he makes a name for himself, asserting his musical identity : a blend of deep, house and techno sounds marked by a strong groove, sustained rhythms and melancholic melodies.
?Fritz is a regular addition to the line up of the region’s biggest events and has played in clubs such as the Rachdingue, La Villa Rouge in Montpellier,  the Rex in Paris, Le Bikini in Toulouse,  the Techno Parade, the Barumba in London and alongside artists such as Spirit Catcher, Rodriguez Junior, Cesar Merveille, Carl Craig, Henry Saiz, King Unique...

12 rating


Suara Music / Cocoon Recordings // Barcelona (ES)

To quote the British Tilllate (the nightlife community), “he reigns in Spain”. Celebrated Catalan DJ and producer Coyu has made his mark on Suara music by helping it to become one of the most prominent labels in the world of techno and house music. The label’s resounding success has been proved by the fact it has reached #1 on both, Beatport and Resident Advisor. The electronic music scene has surrendered to Coyu’s constantly outstanding efforts. What began as a dream is now becoming a reality.

His studio skills are ever more in demand. The impact of his remix of the Fatboy Slim‘s classic “Right Here Right Now” has been huge (#1 Tech House on Beatport). While his X-Press 2 “Muzik Xpress” remix became massive floor filler as well. Releases on Cocoon, Get Physical, Noir Music, 100% Pure, Tronic or his own Suara plus being one of the most charted artists of Resident Advisor's history has put Coyu on the map as one of the best producers of the moment.

Meanwhile, the incomparable Spaniard will continue to take his tasty sets across the globe. He’s recruited fans from every corner of the world are following his spectacular performances at Sónar Festival (2012 and 2013) or his exciting Summer DJ residency joining at Pachá Ibiza (Insane parties on Fridays) alongside artists such as John Digweed, Steve Lawler, DJ Sneak or Fritz Kalkbrenner. Coyu is also day in day out touring across the planet, from South America (Brasil, Peru, Mexico), Asia (Japan, South Korea, Thailand), Europe (Germany, Italy, France, UK), North America to Africa… and of course Spain, his country of birth where is considered a visionary with honour. Coyu, a king on a lifelong learning.

0 rating


Lille (FR)

since a young age, Simo MV is passionate about electronic music especially Techno in all its forms from Detroit to Berlin! listened by thousands of techno lovers all around the world, his sets are high quality, playing the underground sound, he can marry the heavy bass and big kick for our big pleasure. Simo MV is an artist to follow......

20 rating


Diynamic // Hamburg (GER)

4 rating


Deep Vibes Recordings Frankfurt

Whenever you start to think that dance music – Techno or House or Detroit and Berlin – is better suited for elderly people, suddenly there is a silver light on the horizon.
2 rating


Rex Club / Bass Culture / Ovum // Paris (FR)

Whether its through his productions, radio shows, compilations, parties or club sets, D'Julz has been at the forefront of electronic music since his career first began back in 1992. A firm DJ and fan favourite alike, his ability to transcend genres and trends has seen him hold one of the most consistent levels of success of any modern day DJ/Producer. A run of form that is at its strongest, today.


5 rating


Casablanca (MRC)

Jessin is young moroccan act from Casablanca.

As far as he can remember, electronic music was always appealing to him. The first material he enjoyed listening to was early mixes and compilations by the likes of Digweed and Sasha, but later found himself browsing discographies from producers like Plastikman, Juan Atkins and Robert Hood. That was the moment he fell in love with Techno and what followed, was a huge amount of sounds and information.

Jessin truly believes in the power of electronic music and how "that repetitive music made with machines" can make people dance and go nuts for hours and days. Starting to Dj was a natural step, and as a hip hop lover, he first wanted to learn how to play Hip Hop records and the art of scratch for his own amusement, and then slowly moved to Techno.
Jessin's sets have loads of influences on them, he loves to play long sets with sexy house beats, techno from everywhere and bass music. All that with a psychedelic approach and loads of love. The result is just stunning.
He played several underground nights when friends like the already established moroccan talent Daox invited him and always had a good response to what he's doing.

Jessin have been also experimenting in the studio with Daox lately. Sounds are starting to shape and his skills getting better day by day. The young talent is also working on exciting ideas and projects with his beloved friends, some of them you will soon hear from, so keep an eye on him.

5 rating



House - Deep House

Red D come from Belgian. He started listening to new beat and Belgian rave anthems around 1989 and slowly discovered the good stuff.

31 rating


Pixel Tree Music // Bâle (SUI)

At the very beginning of the 80s, when a few Techno-DJ’s were already celebrating their first success, Turgay Oezcelik aka DJ Tuncay Celik, a DJ and Producer of a new generation with high quality requirements, was born in Erzincan (Turkey), on July 1, 1981.

As usual everything began with a musical instrument. But let’s put this story beside, because everyone knows the stories about hundreds of hobbies of small children. But for him danceable and modern music has always been the most significant style.

The most important were the electronic grooves. He recognized this quite early, while he was raving to this kind of music. „So what?!“, you may think now. „There are many so called
new-generation-artists, who just tell us exactly the same about themselves“. His remarkable skill is his determination to live, feel and express this dream. There might be no feeling like being on a stage, performing in front of a massive crowd, and getting this crowd into trance with your own mix of innovative sound.

It is the individual itself and the emotions which make this mix. A relationship between the artist and the crowd. This relationship will only be achieved if you allow free play to your inspiration. A good DJ recognizes trends and represents them, without hoking his own imagination of music adapted to the mass. DJ Tuncay Celik appreciates

The hard work of all his buddies from the music-business. Electronic Dance Music is reinventing itself continuously. Especially styles like House, Minimal and Techno. For him it would be unacceptable not to sacrifice every day, hours and hours for this music. Because this music is his lifestyle, his vision… and it is still his dream!

DJ Tuncay Celik loves to search the hidden grooves in a track, to redesign and to mix them, targeted in a set with his own spiritual character. It’s like a story, which has to be followed from the very beginning, for the reader to be able to understand its topic. With his electronic cocktail he aims at exactly the people, who respect and appreciate this kind of sound-architecture.

But let’s go back to DJ Tuncay Celik’s career: When he was 18 years old, he could finally start officially his line of business. He was supported by the event-agency “Technotron”, which manages the partybrand “Frisky”. He performed at the following locations: Kaufleuten, Club Q, Supermarket, Rohstofflager, Mad Loft Club, Hive, Cocuna, Superzero, 4Akt, Diagonal, Labor, Escherwyss, Longstreet, Talacker, Loft, D Club, Nordstern, NT Areal, Das Schiff, Baselcitystudios, Oxa, Loveparade, Streetparade, … and many many more (just to list a few of them).

For three years he was the Resident-DJ at the “4AKT” and in other international Places like Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Russian, Holland, England, Thailand, and many others…

Although DJ Tuncay Celik had many beautiful and excessive moments, the craving is still there. The only possibility to satisfy this hunger was and still is the hard work in the studio. DJ Tuncay Celik and his soulmate “Pendlermusic” spend nearly every day in the studio and work on their experimental grooves, until the tracks are ready. So let’s be curious about what surprises the two artists will have in store for us in the near future.
DJ Tuncay Celik organized the famous “FriskyMusic” events in the legendary rooms of Superzero. He also worked then as a DJ Supervising Tutor with many international DJs for locations like the Q-Club, Härterei, Tonimolkerei, Cityfox, Movingcity. With acting DJs like Barbara Tucker, Louie Vega, Roger Sanchez, Robert Owens, DeepDish, Ryan Crosson, Ryan Elliot, Click Box, Audion, Radio Slave, Mark Henning, Digitaline, Zip, Sammy Dee, Sven Vath, ArilBrikha, Konrad Black, Mathew Jonson, DJ Premier, EmanuelleInglese, Disco Boys, Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, Marco Carola, Extrawelt, Lee Jones, Nick Höppner, Pan POT and many many more…

Tuncay Celik as one of the founder and DJ of the successful radio show MyNightlife.FM weekly presents the best electonic dance music to 25’000 audiences a month worldwide since 2009 . Every week international DJs and producers are with him ON AIR at the radio show. This project is supported by label artists of the international scene like Robert Babicz, Tolga Fidan, Ahmet Sisman, Seph, Click Box, Shlomi Aber, Florian Meindl, Adam Port, Sante, Ben Huang and many more…

3 rating

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