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Rejected / Sci+Tec / Remote Area // Amsterdam (NL)

It was Anton Pieete’s grandfather who stirred his grandson initial urge to make electronic music, by passing on his old synthesizer in 1997. And not without success. Now a days Anton Pieete is a key member of Amsterdam’s New School generation and is storming dance floors with his captivating take on contemporary techno. Innovative and in your face, his hybrid sound is steeped in industrial techno twisted with tough, edgy high-octane tech house.

Anton’s first big break came in 2008, when ‘Players’ on Intacto Records hit the #1 top spot on Beatport. Later in 2009 he shot up the charts again with ‘Siberian’ on Intacto Records, driving the international clubbing masses to the dancefloor. Also his collaboration with Bart Skils, as District One, brought the same insane effect on the partycrowd.

Applying the philosophy of ‘less is more’, then tweaking it with a heavier, ballsy sound, Anton has clearly carved a fresh, new direction for techno. His straight forward style seems to be exactly what people are longing for after years of clicking and clocking.

Whether he is DJing or igniting the crowd with his liveset, performing solo or as District One, he always cooks the floors, gaining him a global reputation for being Amsterdam’s contemporary techno master.

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Deep Style

Dmitry Pushkarev known under nickname Izhevski is a Moscow based dj.

31 rating


Diynamic // Mönchengladbach (GER)

Thyladomid is a 22 Year old German producer and DJ. He was born in
Cologne into a musical family and began learning piano at the age of
5years. His first impressions of “Club Culture” started in 2006 when he
had the opportunity to accompany a well-known DJ.  
Infected, he decided to invest all the money he managed to earn into
buying production equipment. All his time and energy went into
producing “electronic” music and achieved within a short period a
professional level. In 2007 the project “Thyladomid” was born and in the
same Year Charles Thiemann alias “Thyladomid” had his first digital
release and made his first DJ appearance in a club in Neuss.  
Since then the name “Thyladomid” became widely known in the region.
The experience gathered in various gigs at home and abroad broadened
his spectrum in the electronic music scene. Charles was influenced by
the new trend “House” and began producing in this direction.  
Steve Lawler took notice of his talent and in October 2009 had his first
release on the renowned British label “VIVa Music”. In the summer of
2010 he released his first EP on the Berlin label “Off Recordings” the title
“The Voice” held the no.1 position of the “Beatport Deep House Charts”
for six weeks and became the summer hit of 2010.  
In March 2011 he received a reward from the “Winter Music Conference”
in Miami. At the same time he started connecting with "Adriatique" from
Switzerland. Together they set up a new music project and their first
release was on Solomun's new "2DIY4" label. Later in 2011 a release on
his big Label "Diynamic" was followed.

8 rating


Melizma / Cadenza Lab // Santiago De Chile

Born in Santiago, Chile, Andre Butano originally came from the world of gastronomy. As we all know, the worlds of food and music are tightly intertwined. This meant that, as he was working as a chef for some of Santiago’s finest restaurants he began cultivating a deep love for music and sound.

Initially inspired by artists such as Depeche Mode, New Order, Orbital and Kraftwerk, his palate quickly evolved. Now Andre admires producers like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Kevin Jost, Brett Johnson, and Mathias Kaden among many others.

Butano quickly established himself as a talent of Chile’s underground house scene. His style was very much appreciated as his sets were always directed towards groovy house and tech-house sounds, supported by uplifting percussions and organic melodies. The trademark that made him famous was the use of his own vocal tracks recorded specifically for each occasion. These would often comment on specific things unique to Chile’s scene and were very humorous and popular amongst club-goers.

His productions have been released all over the world on labels such as Kling Klong, 8Bit, Brise, Amam, Robsoul, Monza Ibiza, Suruba, Trapez , Bla Bla, Resopal ,Paul’s Boutique and by Chilean labels like Drumma, Melisma and Disco Royal. His tracks are being played by some of the best Djs of the circuit like Luciano, DJ Sneak, MANDY, Mathias Kaden, Dubfire ,Reboot , Richie Hatwin , Karotte , Laurent Garnier , Mendo ,among others.

Andre has a duo project with Felipe Venegas (Cadenza, Drumma) called the Jhabas. With Felipe on a live set and Andre behind the mixer they form a very interesting act that combines sounds from house, deep and tech in a very intuitive and improvised fashion. The show is marked by its spontaneity and creativity and is a favorite amongst crowds.

He is currently the resident DJ of La Feria, Chile’s most respected establishment for electronic music and a regular part of any respected line-up in the country. This has lead him to share stages with some of the best visiting talent like Luciano, Reboot, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Steve Lawler and many more.

His career has also lead him to play all around South America and he is a fixture of some of the main festivals such as Creamfields and Mysteryland. This year, he completed his first European tour having played in some of the best clubs in the world. Highlights include being a guest DJ at Cadenza Vagabundos in Pacha Ibiza and sharing a stage with Luciano at Ushuaia.

2 rating


Astropolis / Bedrock / KMS // (FR)

Oniris, grew up in the South of France, discovering electronic music in the mid-90s at a club called "Le Bal" in Saint Tropez, where the resident DJ used to play Chicago House, European and Detroit Techno. Bitten by the bug, he bought himself a set of Technics 1210’s and started his 12” record collection, searching out the best new releases and playing at parties for his friends. 

Oniris began to organize and DJ at free parties with some friends, leading to his first forays into the world of music production. By 2004, he was experimenting with Reason for fun, but because of an understandable lack of technique, the tracks were still at an experimental stage. It wasn’t until 2008, when he bought Ableton that everything started to fall into place. He worked his way through endless online tutorials and began to delve deeper into the art of electronic music production.

In 2011, he produced the tracks “The Rebirth” with Pat Brooks, "Leaving earth", "Ascend" and many more...Pleased with the result, he sent it to fellow countryman Laurent Garnier, who came back to him two days later saying that he really loved the music and wanted to play it on his “It Is What It Is” radio show. Oniris was born when Garnier honoured the new artist by playing not one but two of his tracks on the influential show. At this time, Garnier and Agoria were suposed to run a new label to produce his music but unfortunatly, the project was canceled.

Since then, this new producer has been picking up praise and support from some of the world’s foremost forward-thinking artists & DJs. With Laurent Garnier waxing lyrical about Oniris on his radio show, and Oniris tracks becoming highlights in the sets of such illustrious people as John Digweed, Agoria, Psycatron, Marc Romboy, Ian O'Donovan and many more, there is most definitely something very special going on.

Bedrock wisely snapped up the debut Oniris EP for release 11th March 2013 and the track "The rebirth" appeared on the Cadenza Compilation "Vagabundos 2013" . During the year 2013, Oniris released tracks on Manual Music, Espai music, Astropolis records and many more and got remixed by artists such as Ian O'Donovan or Nuno Dos Santos. In one short year, Oniris has had the opportunity to perform at Marsatac Festival, Astropolis Festval, Piknic Electronik, Plages électroniques festival, Rex Club…

Oniris is Actually working on many new projects for 2014. New releases will be released on labels such as Herzblut, Traum, KMS, Bedrock, Flow Vinyl and he will be remixed by artists such as Steve Ward, and many more…

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Moon Harbour Recording - Vienne (AUT)

Andy Catana is a founding member of the respected Austrian label “Do Easy Records”. After years of
“practicing” on the decks in his home of Upper Austria, he finally made the move to Vienna where he made a
name for himself as a MNML resident every Thrusday. Within a short time, gigs in Romania, Germany,
Switzerland, Italy and Spain followed, as well as performances in almost all major clubs in Austria. He has
performed together with artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Raresh, Tania Vulcano, OnurÖzer,
Rhadoo, and Oliver Koletzki. His own releases followed soon after and were quickly charted on Beatport.
Andy Catana - Blue Collar / Moonharbour Rec. /2011
Andy Catana - Ironia / Do Easy Rec. /2009
Patlac - Cedar (Catana & Lehner Rmx) / Do Easy Rec. /2008
•  moonharbour.com/booking  •  get in contact with Marthe  •  marthe.howitz@moonharbour.com

9 rating


Teknologik // Genève (FR)

Born at Dunkerque in the North of France, Romano Rapeso has established itself in the landscape of the Swiss electronic music from his arrival in 2005. It provides with energy and talent, a groovy techno sound, boosted by supercharged and hypnotic rhythms.
An experimental style able to seduce bolder ears to enthuse audiences more dilettantes. The release of "Magic Square" in 2009, Palm Beach records (Belgian label) propels him a little more on the electronic scene.
A step that makes him decide to form his own label "teknologik" which allows him to mix, to meet other artists with whom he shares musical affinities, and to share a intense musical moment with his public. Romano has quickly got the chance to get surrounded by internationally renowned DJs while his Teknologik events, as Marc Houle, Chris Tietjen, Gaiser, Marco Carola, Paco osuna, fabrizio Maurizi, hobo, Barem ect ..

5 rating


Moon Harbour - Berlin (DE)

Markus Schatz is one of the Berlin originals and ranks among the children of this city´s electro-natives but
had been layed in the cradle of Hip Hop first. This musical kick-off within this so called "old-school" proved to
be a real good school, which he left with excellent knowledge and skills in subjects of the most fundamental
dj-techniques. After this catchy interlude with the avant-garde of skillful handling with the much sought-after
vinyl, Markus has developed a remarkable tactfulness for the turntables and therewith laid an essential base
for his dj-career.
Shortly after the emerging impulses of electronic music finally brought damp into the kettle of Berlin
underground. The acoustic wave of techno spilled over the city and sweped Markus away with its floods.
After a little diving he attested to be good swimmer and soon forged ahead right from the starting blocks of
Berlin clubs like the world-famous Tresor/Globus, where he remained to play as resident for 7 years from
1995 until 2002.
But also the dancing crouds on Berlin floors of E-Werk, Casino, Sage-Club or Club Maria already could get
affected by his cliff-hanging dj-Sets. Ever since Markus counts to the very welcome acts on the playgrounds
of elektronic soundscapes.
Besides his career as dj Markus also was working on his progressing as producer since 2004. As warm-up
he started first a project together with a friend but possibly with a too short inrun and softly landed on smaller
labels like EK records (Berlin) or Force Sense (Hamburg). Then in 2007 Markus startet another try as solo
artist and finally reached enough energy to get trough to international known music labels like Opossum
(Berlin) and Highgrade (Berlin). This success had been primarely supported by the creative collaboration
with Highgrade´s top dog Tom Clark. Releases like "Scribble Mania","Hot Choc" and "Dope on Plastic" are
definitely the highlights of Markus´ still short discographie so far and brought him appreciative feedback from
considerable acts like Josh Winks or Clauce van Stroke.

9 rating


London (FR)

Mikolai is a self-made DJ and producer. He has been going around clubs and festivals in France and Europe for the last 9 years.
Thanks to his natural instinct to mix, he had the chance to play with international and domestic talent such as Craig Richards, Richie Ahmed, Sarah Goldfarb, Misc, Oxia... but also to participate, in Berlin to the famous Sisyphos party,In Paris (Pin_Up ), Ibiza(Ocean Drive) and in London (Damaged, Half Baked and Kubicle ) from where he is constantly traveling back and forth.
Mikolai has been a promoter in France since 2005, organizing numerous events as: M.n.M party,Eksclusiv, Qué pasa por favor, We are Family Festival. He also had a monthly residency at «La Villa Rouge» from 2005 to 2007.
Since 4 years, he has been mainly producing electronic music with releases on Argentinian labels. Following his great number of undergoing projects, in 2009, he has been added to the Parisian agency Hello Booking.
His very last release on Picknik Recordings, Sexual Quality EP, has already received support from the underground main dj’s (Varoslav, Charles Webster, DJ :Terry, Livio & Roby, Alex Flitsch, Alex Flatner, Nicole moudaber ...)
Mikolai explores house, techno, and deep without ever falling into the trend, remaining unique.
His mix goes from minimal to maximal, always clear, precise and made for the dancefloor. His vision of electronic music is constantly avant-garde and is feeding the crowd with vibrations.
Make sure to listen to this young talented artists Live.

8 rating


Just Jack // Bristol (UK)

4 rating


Mirau / Ellum / Riotvan / Liebe*Detail Spezial / Permanent Vacation // Leipzig (GER)


0 rating


Ibiza (ES)

IBÁN MENDOZA. This Dj was born in Lleida and living in Ibiza since 2003 where he has his residence in Km 5, Sexy'n Chic, Ibiza Dance and also as a guest session at Space, Amnesia and also Pacha.

Iban Mendoza began his career at the legendary after hour "Lucifer" in which a resident for 2 years, in 2006 is becoming the benchmark dj Island of Ibiza and it will grow in the electronic scene.

Besides in Ibiza and spain, over past years he has a meetings in other countries like United States (space, wall etc) ,Uruguay, Turkey, Italy, UK, Germany, Holland, Ukraine, Belgium.

Dj Ibizan this is characterized by its energy and technical booth and the strength and freshness in music selection. VICIUS AWARDS nominated for the REVELATION DJ 2011.

5 rating

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