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Get Physical Music, Kindisch, Poker Flat - Berlin (DE)

Thomas Koch aka DJ T. has been a vital part of electronic music and club culture for over 20 years. Uniquely accomplished in both influence and scope, he has excelled in every one of his incarnations: DJ, label owner, producer, club operator, publisher and journalist. Having recently closed one chapter of his working life - behind the scenes of Get Physical Music management - DJ T. is now primed to conquer 2011 purely as an artist, with his highly-anticipated third LP Pleasure Principle.

As disco reached its shimmering apex in the late 1970s, young Dusseldorf-born Thomas relocated to Frankfurt with his family. His parents plied him with vinyl compilations, and as a nine-year-old he succumbed to disco’s seductive charms, beginning a lifelong commitment to crate digging and vinyl collection. Thomas’ budding obsession moved through disco and hi-nrg, to the burgeoning sounds of early American rap & hiphop music, and finally to electro-funk, the beloved genre that has left an indelible imprint on all of DJ T.’s own productions. It was love at first listen, and driven by the sounds of seminal protagonists like Afrika Bambaataa, Planet Patrol, Newcleus and Mantronix, Thomas took up breakdancing, compelled to move by the genre's urgent funk and infectious beats.

Donning a new pseudonym - DJ T. - his career behind the decks began in earnest at private parties, soon leading to his first professional gig in Frankfurt. After playing for a range of clubs around the city, T. soon found himself swept away by the powerful current of acid house that had engulfed Frankfurt with the opening of Sven Väth’s Omen in 1988. T. gravitated toward early house, EBM and techno, and secured his first DJ residency at legendary spot Music Hall. Throughout the 1990s, he was booked at all of the city’s essential clubs, including long lasting residencies at Plastik, Dorian Gray and The Box; by the end of that decade, Frankfurt, one of Europe’s epicentres of electronic dance music, had become indelibly linked with the name ‘DJ T.’

In 1989, T. founded the influential German-language magazine Groove. T.’s intention, in his own words, was to “create a magazine that would meet my own needs. I assumed there were many others with similar needs out there.” He was right. To this day, it remains as one of Germany’s most important publications for electronic music, and in addition to serving as Groove’s publisher and editor for fifteen years, T. also contributed to anthologies on club music, such as Localiser 1.0 and Techno.

At the end of the millennium, after years spent coordinating events and club nights, T. felt impelled to bring his own club vision to life. In 1999, T. and his friend Patrik Dechent opened Monza, an intimate club situated in Frankfurt’s city centre. In his capacity as resident DJ and musical director, T. played a decisive role in shaping the profile of the Frankfurt hotspot and its Ibizan satellite, before parting ways with Monza five years after its inception.

In 2002, T. and five of his friends started their own label, Get Physical Music. Within ten single releases, the label had forged an international reputation that took in far beyond its

14 rating


E-Vision // Milan (ITA)

Soel aka Soel Sadiki, was born in the early 90 'in the gray and bustle Milan.
Arab origin, his passion, probably hereditary, born from an early age thanks to his father, who collected vinyl records by artists including important figures stood out like Robert Johnson and Jacques Brel.
Soel began to produce his own sounds during adolescence, using music samples representing his originality and changing from tech house and dark disco year 80/90, to minimal/techno.
In the course of his experience, thanks to the producer and friend Christian Cirrione, has refined the technique also strengthening his musical culture, His DJ sets are in fact a journey that includes a mix of techno and minimal sounds blended with dark vocal
Currently Soel continues his trip to the musical reality, with enthusiasm and rigor, giving his music in some party E-Vision (as a resident) in one of the best clubs in the north of Italy such as Amnesia Milano.

8 rating


Descending Order -Ibiza (ES)

Self-taught musician (keyboards & caisa drum), Dj and Producer, Cristian Viviano (born in Palermo in 1987), can definitely be qualified as a polyhedric and inspired artist. Listening to his sets, which are involving and full of positive vibes, it is impossible not to notice the strong sense of empathy he feels with the audience.
His passion for music was born in the streets under the influence of funky culture. His personal discovery of musical technology led him towards a strongly tribal influenced, techno and deep house rhythm, which he achieves by using sequencers, synthesizers and drum machines. From 2000 to 2006 he was dj resident of the Religion, playing with artists as Little Louie Vega, Kenny Dope Gonzalez, Frankie Knuckels, Timo Maas & others important names of the international house music scene. Since 2000, Cristian has played in many well known clubs and parties around Italy and Europe such as: Peter Pan, Fluid, Le Plaisir, in Europe as Public Life, Egg in London, Pacha Ibiza, Vanilla Ninja club in Moscow. His style, characterized by continuous research, is evident in his many releases. From "A Vucciria" on Mazoom Lab, "Sicilian Pride" on Climatic Sound (productions that honors his Sicilian roots), to "Fatima's bed" on Cocolino, the constant evolution of his style can be seen clearly. Viviano also stands out for his remixes such as "Let Go" by Paul Van Dyk (Vandit) and "Green Girl FNK" by Evans & Waterfall (Tenax Recordings). In 2009, he was awarded the "Trend Award" Top Italian Dj Young. In this years, he began cooperating with well known labels such as Climatic Sound, Fventi, Isgud, Cocolino, Tenax. His work is supported by artists such as Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Sis, Danny Tenaglia, Matthias Tanzmann, Marco Carola and many others...
In summer 2011 Cristian has been the creator of the Pleiadians Ibiza movement, promoting events in various locations, hosting in his consolle artists like: Raresh, SIS, Cezar, Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundroom, Seuil, Piticu & many more.
Currently, Cristian is working on the creation of his new project, Descending Order aimed at spreading the importance and power of love, creativity and the respect to the life's order as core values of life. Also he is a member of COCOLINO project created by SIS. They started collaborating in Ibiza after finding common points of view based on respect of good music.

50 rating


Melizma / Cadenza // Santiago De Chile (CHL)

Felipe studied classical music and theory at university in Santiago, but his true musical education took place outside the classroom, in clubs where the likes of Luciano, Dandy Jack, DJ Adrian and Ricardo Villalobos were creating a new culture of sound. Felipe spent his weeks studying Beethoven and Stravinsky. But at the weekends he escaped to the underground electronic music scene, soaking up the spirit of techno, house and acid.
A much-in-demand DJ, Felipe is accustomed to gracing Chile’s hottest clubs and festivals alongside the likes of Massive Attack, the Human League, Ricardo Villalobos, Tobi Nuemann, Dinky, Tania Vulcano and Luciano.
It is natural the Cadenza Records boss should notice Felipe’s explosive talent

Already a veteran of some of the world’s most respected clubs including,  Fabric-London, Watergate, Weekend, Harry Klein, Tresor, Pacha,  and many others.

2 rating


Signatune Records // Siberia

Coming straight from the very cold Siberia, two friends grew up listening and being part of several musical movements.?Starting with the long hip hop wave, they embraced hip hop culture and the city lifestyle. With years their curiosity led them into learning about more music styles and directions and landed straight into the club culture with its house music, acid house and breakbeat.?Finally in 2003 the two Siberians created a team and started to make their own electronic music and have now released a few works under my little dog records (Spain) and night drive music records (Germany).

6 rating


Agile Recordings / Plus8 / Sci+Tec // Italy (ITA)

Uto Karem in just a short period of time has produced hit after hit with forward thinking dance tracks that have fast become staples for DJs everywhere.

Having spent his junior years in London, Uto's music ear was first shaken by bands such as New Order, Depeche Mode and Soft Cell. On his return to Italy as a teenager, it was Underground Resistance, Novamute and Plus 8 that were having most impact on the young man.

In his late teens his DJ career took off, and over the years he has supported many of the world’s greatest deck talents. As a natural progression he took two years to study Audio Engineering that lead him to develop his own musical style.

As well as being an in-demand remixer, DJ and producer, Uto also runs his own Agile Recordings imprint on which he explores deep techno rhythms and highly addictive baselines, from himself and brilliant forward thinking artists.

With his unique trademark Uto Karem has been busy producing groove induced, high-energy tracks for legendary labels, with the ability to infuse cutting edge machine music and soulful grooves.









3 rating


Youth Invasion - Bucharest (RO)

One of the most prominent rising talents in the hotbed of electronic music that is Romania, Derek is the 17 year old secret weapon recently signed to the new Youth Invasion Muzik agency and record label collective, who is already set on a course for great heights. An impassioned electronic music aficionado all his life, he was DJing as a young teenager and absorbing styles and sounds that have lead to his own undefinable and genre-crossing blend of DJing and music production, citing Ricardo Villalobos, [ar:pia:r] ,Cassy and Zip as key influences.

A regular at gigs across his native Romania and especially in his hometown of Bucharest, Derek made successful initial steps to his international DJ career in 2011 by taking gigs at Underground and radio time with Ibiza Global Radio, before most notably experiencing DC10 as guest DJ for Tania Vulcano's heralded Pandemonium event. Always busy in the studio, bombs are being prepared as we speak. Get Ready!!

20 rating



Miguel Garji is characterized by a decidedly open to mergers and unconventional, which runs from the Deep more Soul, to the American Deep House Tech-House with a touch stronger vocal or electronic, according to the climate of the particular session.

11 rating


Just Jack // Bristol (UK)

It was a miss-spent youth, on the dancefloors of club’s such as Backtobasics and Sankeys which cemented Dan’s passion for proper house music and made him dream about one day being the other side of the turntables, playing the music he loved at some of the best clubs in the world.

After moving to Bristol, Dan set about making that dream a reality. He began the now infamous ‘Just Jack’ parties in 2006 and has played nearly every event for them to this date. Just Jack has since gained a reputation as a base for quality house and techno in the South West, playing host to the worlds most revered Dj’s and producers. House and techno Legends such as Carl Craig and Derrick Carter, and underground heroes like Steve Bug, Seth Troxler, and Jamie Jones, have all recently graced the Just Jack decks decks.

Dan’s passion, experience and skill behind the decks has certainly not gone un-noticed- His dream to play at the best club’s in the world has become a reality as he has notched up several appearances at BacktoBasics, Below, Louche, Cocoon and Circo Loco in the UK. The Garden and Hideout in Croatia, We Love... and Ugroove at Space in Ibiza and is a regular behind the decks at BuggedOut!

It is Dan’s spiritual home Just Jack where he is most in his element however, where he show’s his ability to command a dancefloor, playing extended sets around the worlds greatest dj’s to a sweat drenched crowd. His low slung sleazy, take on house music, the perfect sound track for late night disco destruction.

4 rating


tINI & THE GANG / VIVA MUSIC/ Yoruba Grooves // Ibiza (US)

For DJ and producer, Randall M, the calling to electronic dance music came more rapidly than most beginners. After starting to produce music just over a year ago, he's already gained the support and recognition of some of today's most sought after DJ's and producers, most notably, tINI, one of Desolat Music Group's leading artists along with Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich. With a strong debut relea

se titled "Green" on SK Supreme Records including a big remix from Rhadow, "Risky" a techno EP on Dorcas Music and an upcoming vinyl and digital release on Alli Borem's imprint Root50, he's on his way to establishing himself as a well-respected DJ and producer in the international music scene. Influenced heavily by his prior years as a hip-hop dj, expect to hear deep funky basslines laced with tight crisp percussion in his tracks, which range from deep tech-house all the way to dark groovy techno.
8 rating


Yerevan (ARM)

My name is Tigran Sukiasyan. I am from Armenia. I've been working on the sphere of electronic music for 6 years.
After 1 year of learning I was already a resident DJ at Aftershock Republic (one of the largest clubs in Yerevan).
After my success I got a lot of invitations from a plenty of party-makers and radios in Yerevan. In 2009 I won the
first award as "The Best Hit DJ of armenia" from Geometria Yerevan.In 2011 I founded my own SmooveMusic Studio and
started composing, remixing and working on and on with great enthusiasm.We make our releases under the name of
SmooveMusic. Now we do compose music in such genres like deep and tech house. In December of 2012 we releases
our tracks (smoovemusic - Rush (original mix) , SmooveMusic - So much pain (original mix),
SmooveMusic - Msg From Hell.The mentioned tracks became very popular among Armenian lovers of electronic music.

27 rating


Diynamic Music // Hamburg (GER)

“I´m neither afraid of showing my emotions nor to include them in my music” -
Few people bring a truly original sound to house music. It’s all very well making
some nice grooves and working the dancefloor, but when it comes to longevity
and leaving an indelible mark on the genre and the wider musical sphere, you’ve
got to bring something new to the table. At a relatively young age, Hamburg’s
Martin Stimming did just that, demonstrating a sophisticated yet accessible sound
that’s beyond his years.
“I want people to see me as an evolving artist, where you never know what
exactly you get - but you know that it’s Stimming.”  
The elegance of his productions is rooted in his classical training in his native
Germany. Born in Giessen in 1983, he became highly accomplished at the violin,
piano and drums by the age of 10, giving him a solid and well-rounded musical
education and ability, and an intimate understanding of music theory. His first
electronic obsessions took hold when he was 15, discovering the joy of sampled
breaks and beats through the likes of DJ Krush and Grooverider, and a year later
when living in Butzbach (not far from techno hub Frankfurt) he fell under the
spell of DJs like Sven Väth of Chris Liebing and began hoarding vinyl. It was
around this time that he began producing music with a computer – something he
soon realised was his “destiny”.
“I think if more producers would include their own mind and feelings into their
music the whole scene would be much more flavoured and diverse which would
be good for all of us…at least in an entertaining way.”  
With his future path clearly in mind, Stimming moved to Hamburg aged 19 and
enrolled in a Electronic Music Production course at the SAE Institute, followed by
a studio internship. By 2006 he was producing bubbly deeper techno as one half
of Gebrüder Ton, and around this time he met two guys named Solomun and
Adriano, who shared a similar take and viewpoint on house and techno music.

These two new acquaintances set up their label Diynamic Music in the same year,
and soon Stimming was producing and releasing music and collaborations on the
nascent imprint, building himself the musical family that he had longed for – and
launching his solo career under his own surname in 2007. His breakthrough hit,
2008’s Una Pena, made the electronic world sit up and take notice, and before
long acclaimed labels like Freerange, liebe*detail, Buzzin’ Fly, Green and Poker
Flat were snapping up his work. 2009 saw him release his immaculate debut
album Reflections to great acclaim, cementing his reputation as one of the most
exciting new producers of his generation.

“Probably every track normally has at least one sound that is completely out of
context, but tweaked and smashed in a way that it fits.”
Amidst a sea of mediocre similarity in dance music, Martin Stimming’s work
stands out as truly different. His productions are filled with a multitude of his own
unique, charismatic field recordings, and he never uses the same sample more
than once. Nothing is sacred; sources of sound in his productions have included a
Coke can, a coffee machine, children’s toys, keys, marbles, a rubbish bin, loose
change, tube train breaking systems and doors and an Ikea pizza cutter. His
intricate beats and rhythm are testament to his long-running drumming skills –
which in recent years saw him play live drum kit beats on top of frenetic drum
and bass DJ sets in German clubs – and his music conveys a strong range of
emotions within the limitations of deeper house and techno music.
“You just can’t get that type of material out of a synthesizer. And I'm also able
to, in a way, morph the listener into the atmosphere I had when I recorded it.
And depending on how much I tweak it afterwards it can be a very natural 'on
this earth' kind of feeling, or the exact opposite.” 
But it’s not all about 4/4 kicks and dancefloor mentality; as his stunning second
album Liqourice demonstrates. Produced with pleasing no-one but himself in
mind, it eschews the normal kick-clap/snare template by and large to explore
more interesting and progressive territories, but always with that trademark
magpie-like sense of texture, emotion and discovery. It’s an album to expand his
remit beyond the constraints of the dancefloor and into the wider realms of
beautiful electronic music.

"I called it Liquorice because I simply love real liquorice sweets, and I have
realised that it's something someone loves or hates. There's not much middle
ground, and there were probably 50% who like it and the others don't." 
2010 saw him pick up an award for Best Newcomer at the Ibiza DJ Awards,
following on from his live show (Stimming doesn’t DJ) stunning the crowds at the
island’s legendary Pacha, and the finest danceries around the world – from
Berlin’s Panorama bar to Sao Paulo’s D-Edge, Brussels’ Fuse, London’s Fabric and
Paris’ Rex, and plenty more beyond. Remixes for the likes of Sascha Funke,
Claude VonStroke, Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin and Robert Babicz to name
but a few have further spread his influence amongst the discerning house and
tech community, and cemented his reputation as one of the scene’s most
exceptional producers.
Clearly, Martin Stimming is a precious talent indeed.

4 rating

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