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Neverending Records / NEVERENDING045


Apollo 13 Ep


Moon Harbour / MHR071

Now a firm part of the modern Moon Harbour make up, frequent label artist Sven Tasnadi is 
back with a new EP that comes complete with a fantastic remix by Marco Faraone. 
The German producer last offered up his essential wares back in late summer 2013 with his 
Stop Talking EP, and has also released on great stables like Smallville, Cocoon and Poker Flat. 
His sound is deep and rhythmic and across three tracks here he lays down yet more infectious 
grooves that will whole floors under their spell.  
'On Your Mind' opens things in fine style with loopy drums and dusty hi hats rolling over rich and 
paddy kick drums. A whole ambiance of voices swirls about, adding plenty of charming 
atmosphere, and an indecipherable but party-starting male vocal coo shoots through the mix to 
bring a sense of energy and excitement to proceedings. The dub from Italian Marco Faraone - 
who runs his own Etruria Beat label and releases on places like Desolat and Drumcode - is a 
much darker and tougher thing driven by firm drums. Subtle dub chords peel off the groove, 
grainy texture fleshes it out and this one is a pure backroom bomb.  
Sven Tasnadi then serves up the standout 'Feel Good', an introverted bit of shuffling and heads 
down deep house with spacey atmospheres and a clean spoken word monologue. The ripping 
bassline is a fine thing that supercharges the track as the shining, sharp edged hi hats cut 
through the humid air. Seriously deep, it makes way for last cut 'Miss Understood', a silky, liquid 
and rolling bit of silvery tech house with curious synth lines, eerie, desolate soundscapes and 
yet another engaging baseline that really drives things on.  
Each track on this EP manages to be seductively deep at the same time as being perfectly 
driven for the dancefloor, meaning that once again Sven Tasnadi and Moon Harbour have 
struck gold.


SIlver Network France / SILVER038

oulful, gospel-inspired deep house is what Joaquin Diaz's Rhythm&Soul alias brings to Jef K's Kiss-inspired Silver Network - goin' strong since '99. It's his debut for the French label and he's given the royal treatment thanks to remixes from John Dimas and Freak 'n' Chic's Djebali, which includes a bonus dub mix. Dimas' rework is energetic and free flowing, highlighting his unique style best heard on releases for Bass Culture and Clapp. Meanwhile Djebali's contributions provide two alternatives; something light and cruisey, while the dub is reduced and a house DJ's ultimate tool ready for the working.

New York, Baby


Get Physical Music / GPM272

'We dont really know if the young BRYAN KESSLER listened to Kraftwerk, but then again we didnt ask - who cares, anyway? What's certain, however, is that this punk renegade, songwriting wunderkind and all-around exceptional producer is a man of many faces, and all of them rock. Discovered on stage while spouting anarchist pop slogans and showcasing an impressive underage mohawk haircut, he never was to be a bottled genius sticking to only one gun - and soon set out to become the lead singer and guitarist for neo punk nutters THE POLLYWOGS, while embarking on an equally public career as prolific DJ and dance music producer. It's his mighty fine electronic swagger (and a hearty disrespect for genre norms) which already led to powerful solo releases on Get Physical and LIKE Records, with excitingly raunchy material to follow on Colognes fringe rave imprint Low Hanging Fruit which is distributed via Kompakt. While working with friends from Comeme he shows up his experimental red line in sound with a skillful easiness. This marks the earth-shattering first steps of a truly remarkable new voice in a traditionally complacent dance industry - little fishes, beware: theres a new shark in the pond.'

All My Days Ep


Secret Reels / SR001D

Web TV


6 rating


6 rating


5 rating



Moon Harbour Recording - Leipzig (DE)

als mitbegründer und resident-dj der leipziger distillery zählt markus welby nach nunmehr 17 Jahren zu den
szene-aktivisten der ersten Stunde. seine seit 1993 bestehende agentur a:o:l-agency (mittlerweile piruu-
booking) zählt zu den wichtigsten in mitteldeutschland.  
mit seiner deepen bis tighten electronic-mischung, ohne berührungsängste mit anderen styles, gibt es bei
ihm fast keine genre-grenzen. geine stundenlangen sets bis in den morgen sind berühmt-berüchtigt.  
ohne eine einzige plattenveröffentlichung, wird er seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt regelmäßig gebucht. sein
seit über acht jahren alljährlich zelebriertes Event „Klub Royal“ - anlässlich seines geburtstages - zählt
mittlerweile mit 1000-1500 besuchern zu den größten indoor-veranstaltungen ostdeutschlands.  
bei den größten open-air-festivals, wie dem melt!-open air in ferropolis, sonne mond sterne an der
bleilochtalsperre, summer of spirit in niedergörsdorf, oder den tdk – sputnik turntable days gehört er fast
schon zum programm. schon beim ersten melt! open air stand marcus an den turntables, beim sonne mond
sterne ist er seit 1999 permanent vertreten. auch beim weltweit wichtigsten festival – dem sonar-festival in
barcelona/spanien konnte man marcus welby bereits spielen sehen.
• markuswelby.de
• moonharbour.com/booking  •  get in contact with christina •  christina.halasz@moonharbour.com

9 rating


Carre Funk // Perpignan (FR)

Sarrow´s philosophy has always been to move forward into the realm of the Unexplored. His cottage in the south of France was one of his best inspiration. He describes the musical environment as one of the most important guide to create and as one of the major inspiration factor of his productions. As an Electronic producer Sarrow improved his experience with passion in various ways. Making his first steps near the Spanish border, he rapidly shared the stage with electronic artists like Popof or Cezar Merveille and developped another vision of music in live. During the summers as resident in a Club in Canet (south of France), Sarow collaborates with DJ residents of ROW14. Always at the forefront of the melody he finds his place in the Carré Funk, sailing from house music session to Techno music. He built his reputation as a closing man, precise, and unpredictable.
His motto «step out of the beaten tracks towards creation»

0 rating


Descending Order // Roma (ITA)


1 rating


Cadenza rec / Cecille - Frankfurt

House - Techhouse

He cut his clubbing teeth on the Frankfurt scene dominated by the likes of Sven Vath, Dorian Paic, Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano, but the flourishing artist leaps all musical boundaries. His only guiding principle can be summed up in words of Chuck Roberts: House is a feeling!

28 rating


Catwash Records // Paris (FR)

Deep, dark, acid, sexy house music has always been closest to the heart of DJ W!LD. For many, the recent rise of DJ W!LD - the Circo Loco residency, the WMC and Sonar debuts, the joining of Cocoon’s world-renowned roster - has him pegged as one of the most exciting new talents on the scene. To those in the know, the accolades are simply long-overdue recognition for one of France’s long-serving underground house heroes. No matter your perspective, the truth is undeniable: DJ W!LD is one of the most deserving breakthrough acts of recent years.

DJ W!LD’s journey began at the end of the 1980s in Dijon, France, via a keen interest in graffiti street culture, disco, funk and hip hop. With a DJ moniker chosen in tribute to the cult 1983 film Wild Style, DJ W!LD’s formative influence was Laurent Garnier; it was Garnier’s unique and all-encompassing style that encouraged DJ W!LD to develop his own perspective on the music emanating from Detroit and Chicago. DJ W!LD relocated to Paris in 1996, where he gravitated towards the DJ booth, playing at popular Parisian clubs Palace, Queen, Rex, and collaborating with Peter Rauhofer as House Heroes, on the international hit "Magic Orgasm".

As the growing popularity of ‘French Touch’ filtered house in the late 1990s drew more and more attention to Parisian producers, DJ W!LD opted to not hustle for his moment in the spotlight; he instead poured his energies into the city’s underground club community, during the time of the harshest censorship and government policies. Soon afterwards, disillusioned by Paris’ increasingly commercial club landscape, DJ W!LD began to focus his attentions abroad. He was a regular guest DJ in New York, including a memorable set for nightclub institution Twilo, and from there he ventured further south. In Brazil he attended huge parties with more than 10,000 ecstatic revellers, and he was awestruck by both the scale of the crowds and by their level of enthusiasm for the most eclectic and unpredictable DJ sets. With his faith restored, DJ W!LD returned to Europe and began a residency with Brussels leading tastemaker club Fuse.

At the turn of the millennium, DJ W!LD crossed paths with Chris Carrier and Guillaume La Tortue, and their collaborative EP Carnaval/Comestible soon followed. From there, DJ W!LD’s longtime associations with the fashion world led to him composing music and soundtracks for legendary designers such as Thierry Mugler, Christian Lacroix, Vivienne Westwood, Agnes B and Ora Ito, but it was 2005 that proved to be the major turning point, reconciling his much-loved DJ style with a floor-focused production approach. The music of Catwash, the duo made up of Chris Carrier and DJ W!LD, became an instant favourite of DJs around the globe, with tracks finding their way into the sets of Andrew Weatherall, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin and Josh Wink, and licensed on Detour, Visitor, Crack & Speed and Get Physical.

DJ W!LD established his own solo imprint Catwash Records soon afterwards, but being marginalised by the growing dancefloor demand for electro and minimal fueled a desire to get back into the studio, and sparked a period of intense productivity which saw him completing a new track every one or two days. Many of these productions were courted and released by leading labels Off, Robsoul, Motivbank, Love Letters from Oslo and RAL, the bootleg label created by Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano. In 2009 DJ W!LD was announced as the new resident DJ for DC10’s Circo Loco, and the following year he made his debut at WMC and Sonar Festival. Not long afterwards, Sven Väth invited DJ W!LD to join the Cocoon family, and he went on to show-stopping debut sets in Japan with Circoloco, and at London's Fabric club and Berlin's Panorama Bar.

DJ W!LD’s upward trajectory continued though 2011, with the launch of his new label, W, numerous EPs for Luna Records, Magnetic, Adult Only and Soweso, and the release of his acclaimed debut album Palace, which offered a glimpse of acid house, techno, disco and soul through DJ W!LD’s eyes. Heading into 2012, the momentum is showing no signs of slowing: the forthcoming Palace remixes have drawn on the talents of DJ Sneak, Kerri Chandler, Art Department, Radio Slave, Jay Haze, Chris Carrier, SIS and Gauthier DM, his own productions and remixes will be soon be seen on hot labels like Robsoul, One Records and Viva, plus DJ W!LD’s forthcoming sophomore album D!rty, for Cabin Fever Records, will reveal another layer of his sound; one that harnesses the spirit of his energetic DJ sets, and stays true to the spirit of classic house with a view to future-forward dancefloor sounds.

DJ W!LD is now a regular fixture of it all: the best international clubs and festivals, the leading labels, the hottest remixes and the sought-after DJ mixes, the press, the hype and the underground chatter. Yet through it all, and into the future the spirit that drives him will remain the same: deep, dark, acid, a little bit w!ld and always sexy music.

5 rating


Mobilee Records - Greece (GRE)

And.Id is mobilee's master of swung beats and live brass, characterising his textured and rhythmic
productions as "body moving, and mind grooving."

Born and bred in Thessaloniki, Greece, Andreas Dimitriadis was raised on jazz. Heavily influenced from
a young age by his musical surroundings – in the audiences of jazz performances, and absorbed in his
father's extensive record collection – he began studying music at the age of 10. He soon applied his
training to a range of artistic outlets, jamming in local bands, producing tracks for freestyle groups and
creating scores for short films.

In 2002, And.Id became involved with NON, the Greek artist's collective responsible for the Reworks
Electronic Music Festival and club nights throughout the country. The following year he received a
highly coveted invitation to the Red Bull Music Academy in Cape Town, and shortly thereafter released
EPs for Thinner Records and Ware. And.Id hit his stride in 2008, with "One Is Not Enough", his
mobilee debut that showcased both intricate production skills, and a unique integration of live
components, the latter of which has lent an inimitable sound to his material.

The critically acclaimed "Sand on the Floor" followed, as did "First Talk" and "I Will Be There", and in
2010 And.Id took his unique amalgam of electronics and live instrumentation to its furthest reaches, with
his ambitious and celebrated installment for mobilee's Back to Back compilation series. Alongside a
disc of curated highlights from the label's catalogue, he formed the And.Id and B.A.N.D. collective –
consisting of Berklee College of Music graduates and seasoned studio musicians – for a second disc
of live jazz interpretations of mobilee classics. Sebo K's anthem "Horizons," Pan-Pot's lush,
piano-led track "Faces," and Anja Schneider's defining collaboration with Sebo K, "Rancho
Relaxo" were all painstakingly re-recorded, arranged, and re-edited by And.Id and B.A.N.D. This
year, as well as a new EP "Psychedelic Love" on mobilee, And.Id had his first release on 2020 Vision
"Need For Chicago", and a track he made with Anja Scheider‚"Imagination", is featured on Heidi's
Jackathon Compilation on Get Physical Music.

And.Id's acclaimed live show integrates both well-loved and unreleased productions, loops, and live
trumpet into a high-energy affair; never delivering the same live set twice, And.Id's performances are
combustions sparked by spontaneity and audience interaction. His one-of-a-kind live show has landed
him extensive tours throughout North and South America, plus spots at world-renowned clubs like
Fabric and Panorama Bar, and international festivals such as Sonar, Nuits Sonores, Synch and
Reworks. Whether it's house or techno, melodic or organic, percussive grooves, or rough and edgy
snares, one thing is certain: And.Id delivers. With future plans to reconceive And.Id and B.A.N.D. for the
live stage and studio, he is on course for further ingenious old-world takes on four-to-the-floor
modernism. Moreover, And.Id's individualized approach is a perfect reflection of the vision, passion, and
love of music that continues to drive the extended mobilee team in all that they do, and all that will

9 rating


Melizma / Oslo // Frankfurt (GER)

2 rating


Drumpoet Community // Zürich (SUI)

Ron Shiller is a member of Soultourist, together with his partner Tobi Foster the were at the forefront of a new movement, which was later known as Slow House. He also found the label Drumpoet Community together with Alex Dallas in 2006. He is a resident DJ at Zukunft in Zürich and is blessed with a truly great musical taste.

5 rating


Get Physical // Berlin (DE)

Doin parties all over Berlin, Cofounder of TECHNO TAVERNA, SEXY DÖNER and Partyhard all night loooong. Latest Release at Great Stuff "BLUE NOTE" and lot of remixes.

HOUSE&TECHNO MUSIC. Me: DJ+Producer | Blogger | Art&Culture Management | A&R @ Universal Music Germany | A&R @1ststrike_music | Labelmanager @GetPhysical

Right now he is even working on a new blog about HOUSE MUSIC - http://www.mantu.asia
6 rating


Off / Bass Culture // Italy (ITA)

Fabio Giannelli was born in 1986 in Italy and started djing when he was 13.
Early influenced by the new electronic sounds he decided to buy the first sequencer at the age of 18 years old and started to increase his attitude in music.
In 2006 he officially entered in the music scene with his first official release and in these years his releases received big support from djs like: Richie Hawtin, Mathias Kaden, Luciano, Luca Bacchetti, Martin Landsky, James Holden, Dave Ellesmere, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Marco Resmann, Tiefschwartz, Dan Ghenancia, Marco Carola, Ripperton, Someone Else, Karotte and so on...
Continuously renewing himself and with an eclectic spirit nowaday he's working for labels like Supernature, Supplement Facts, OFF, International Freakshow, Material Series and last but not least for his own label District Raw.

A lot of new stuff is coming, stay tuned!

4 rating


Time To Express / Tresor // Berlin (DE)

When it comes down to combining the best of many musical worlds, Peter Van Hoesen can say he's been doing it for a while now. Deeply rooted in the Brussels electronic music scene as DJ and producer since 1993, he's considered by many as a man with multiple musical talents: from straight-up dancefloor jackin' techno to advanced abstract electronica. His music has been released on his own labels Time To Express and Foton as well as through Exone, Ostgut Ton, Komisch, Curle and Meakusma. His remix work has found a home with labels such as CLR, Hotflush, Token and Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Peter is active as a DJ, producer, sound designer and composer for contemporary dance and theatre. Peter currently lives in Berlin.

0 rating


Que Tal Records // Bucharest (ROU)

As Romania’s underground scene takes shape under the guise of an increasingly minimal and experimental form, there are some who would seek to break from the path that those before them had previously set. One of these few promising individuals are Vinyl Speed Adjust, a duo comprised of Levii and Eddy, both living at the heart of the Romanian scene, it’s capital Bucharest. In the space of two years the two have racked up no less than three releases on Natural Rhythm and Waldliebe Familien, with major support from the electronic music community, being remixed by the likes of Summed & Dot, Micro_on, Alex Picone and the Analogue Cops. Also, as a testament to their talent, they are due to release a remix for none other than legendary Canadian producer Jay Tripwire.

7 rating

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