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Neverending Records / NEVERENDING045


Apollo 13 Ep


Moon Harbour / MHR071

Now a firm part of the modern Moon Harbour make up, frequent label artist Sven Tasnadi is 
back with a new EP that comes complete with a fantastic remix by Marco Faraone. 
The German producer last offered up his essential wares back in late summer 2013 with his 
Stop Talking EP, and has also released on great stables like Smallville, Cocoon and Poker Flat. 
His sound is deep and rhythmic and across three tracks here he lays down yet more infectious 
grooves that will whole floors under their spell.  
'On Your Mind' opens things in fine style with loopy drums and dusty hi hats rolling over rich and 
paddy kick drums. A whole ambiance of voices swirls about, adding plenty of charming 
atmosphere, and an indecipherable but party-starting male vocal coo shoots through the mix to 
bring a sense of energy and excitement to proceedings. The dub from Italian Marco Faraone - 
who runs his own Etruria Beat label and releases on places like Desolat and Drumcode - is a 
much darker and tougher thing driven by firm drums. Subtle dub chords peel off the groove, 
grainy texture fleshes it out and this one is a pure backroom bomb.  
Sven Tasnadi then serves up the standout 'Feel Good', an introverted bit of shuffling and heads 
down deep house with spacey atmospheres and a clean spoken word monologue. The ripping 
bassline is a fine thing that supercharges the track as the shining, sharp edged hi hats cut 
through the humid air. Seriously deep, it makes way for last cut 'Miss Understood', a silky, liquid 
and rolling bit of silvery tech house with curious synth lines, eerie, desolate soundscapes and 
yet another engaging baseline that really drives things on.  
Each track on this EP manages to be seductively deep at the same time as being perfectly 
driven for the dancefloor, meaning that once again Sven Tasnadi and Moon Harbour have 
struck gold.


SIlver Network France / SILVER038

oulful, gospel-inspired deep house is what Joaquin Diaz's Rhythm&Soul alias brings to Jef K's Kiss-inspired Silver Network - goin' strong since '99. It's his debut for the French label and he's given the royal treatment thanks to remixes from John Dimas and Freak 'n' Chic's Djebali, which includes a bonus dub mix. Dimas' rework is energetic and free flowing, highlighting his unique style best heard on releases for Bass Culture and Clapp. Meanwhile Djebali's contributions provide two alternatives; something light and cruisey, while the dub is reduced and a house DJ's ultimate tool ready for the working.

New York, Baby


Get Physical Music / GPM272

'We dont really know if the young BRYAN KESSLER listened to Kraftwerk, but then again we didnt ask - who cares, anyway? What's certain, however, is that this punk renegade, songwriting wunderkind and all-around exceptional producer is a man of many faces, and all of them rock. Discovered on stage while spouting anarchist pop slogans and showcasing an impressive underage mohawk haircut, he never was to be a bottled genius sticking to only one gun - and soon set out to become the lead singer and guitarist for neo punk nutters THE POLLYWOGS, while embarking on an equally public career as prolific DJ and dance music producer. It's his mighty fine electronic swagger (and a hearty disrespect for genre norms) which already led to powerful solo releases on Get Physical and LIKE Records, with excitingly raunchy material to follow on Colognes fringe rave imprint Low Hanging Fruit which is distributed via Kompakt. While working with friends from Comeme he shows up his experimental red line in sound with a skillful easiness. This marks the earth-shattering first steps of a truly remarkable new voice in a traditionally complacent dance industry - little fishes, beware: theres a new shark in the pond.'

All My Days Ep


Secret Reels / SR001D

Web TV


6 rating


6 rating


5 rating



Catwash Records / Resopal // Italy (ITA)

The Lula Circus project came to light at the end of 2008 as a result
a partnership between Danilo Sardella and Sergio Frazzingaro.
Starting as a game, matching two people coming from different musical
backgrounds and an "experimental experience", it soon developed into a
solid project.
The name of the project itself is the result of a mix between motion
picture culture, Lula is the unforgettable main character in David
Lynch's "Wild at Heart" and club culture embodied in the image of a
loud and never-ending circus.
All of this is backed up with a deep love for music and an endless
search for a wider spectrum within the house music genre, combining
echoes of Ennio Morricone's soundtracks with synths that evoke Warp's
first releases.
From their first release with Resopal in 2009, through to Catwash in
2010, Stranjiur and Culprit L.A. in 2011, their path has been varied
consistent in a distintive sound that identifies their work which is
bound to any specific genre.
Their tracks have been played and supported by names such as Maya Jane
Coles, Carl Cox, Solomun, Droog, Dj W!ld and Tale of Us.
As they often say…We love music!

7 rating


Carre Funk / Deepsessions Recordings // Lisbon (US)

Mikie was born in 1980 in New Jersey, U.S. He moved to Portugal few years later where he began his musical career as a Band Musician. In 1997 he started to play Professionally (residence) in several Clubs/Bars of Cult in Lisbon. In 2006/2007 he went to France where he played in several clubs in Paris & Bordeaux. In 2007 he came back to Portugal to be the resident Dj of the best LGBT club in Lisbon (Trumps Club) and continues to have monthly residences in several Clubs in the city and in Algarve (Capitulo V). He is also a very dinamic Producer and has been relasead tracks under the names Erotik Mike, The Pusherman and most recently 4 da People and has released tracks to renowed Labels like Ospina Digital/USA, Sound Groove Records/USA, Epoque Music, Sunora, DeepSeesions Recordings, Suedgut-Ton/Ger...

2 rating


Clink Recordings - Berlin (DE)

Camea was born and raised in the Seattle music scene as a pianist and lover of all
genres of music. In her youth she studied both classical and jazz theory as well as
dance, and spent a lot of time playing in bands. She focused most of her energy on
the piano and clarinet, but by the time she was eighteen she could also play five
other instruments fluently. Camea was the youngest of 8 cousins, and before she
was even ten years old she was exposed to alternative music like Madonna,
Souxsie and the Banshees and The Cure, although her own first musical love
affairs were with Chopin and Miles Davis. Later in her teens she fell into the Seattle
grunge and rock scenes, but her lifestyle quickly changed when she discovered
house and techno in the late 90s at college. Falling instantly in love, she bought her
first turntables in 1999. After spending a few years following house artists like Mark
Farina and Derrick Carter, she stumbled across a new sound in the local record
store and began to collect labels like Perlon, Playhouse and Minus. This eventually
led her to the artistically thriving city of Brooklyn, NY, where she moved in 2002 with
one record bag and a suitcase, immediately immersing herself in the city’s music
scene. Brooklyn’s intense artistic environment became a magical time for her, as
this is where she discovered a plethora of new music and met Tim Xavier,
Ambivalent, Alexi Delano and Tony Rohr and spawned Clink Recordings, launching
her career as an International DJ by 2005. Soon after her tour schedule became
worldwide, and two years later she relocated to Berlin where she resides today.

10 rating



ALEKSIA (SPACE IBIZA / GROOVE N SEXY IBIZA - BRA) Electronic music won Aleksia's heart at the turn of the millennium, and afterwards, this Brazilian girl turned her hobby into her profession.

21 rating


Diynamic // Mönchengladbach (GER)

Thyladomid is a 22 Year old German producer and DJ. He was born in
Cologne into a musical family and began learning piano at the age of
5years. His first impressions of “Club Culture” started in 2006 when he
had the opportunity to accompany a well-known DJ.  
Infected, he decided to invest all the money he managed to earn into
buying production equipment. All his time and energy went into
producing “electronic” music and achieved within a short period a
professional level. In 2007 the project “Thyladomid” was born and in the
same Year Charles Thiemann alias “Thyladomid” had his first digital
release and made his first DJ appearance in a club in Neuss.  
Since then the name “Thyladomid” became widely known in the region.
The experience gathered in various gigs at home and abroad broadened
his spectrum in the electronic music scene. Charles was influenced by
the new trend “House” and began producing in this direction.  
Steve Lawler took notice of his talent and in October 2009 had his first
release on the renowned British label “VIVa Music”. In the summer of
2010 he released his first EP on the Berlin label “Off Recordings” the title
“The Voice” held the no.1 position of the “Beatport Deep House Charts”
for six weeks and became the summer hit of 2010.  
In March 2011 he received a reward from the “Winter Music Conference”
in Miami. At the same time he started connecting with "Adriatique" from
Switzerland. Together they set up a new music project and their first
release was on Solomun's new "2DIY4" label. Later in 2011 a release on
his big Label "Diynamic" was followed.

8 rating


Lola Ed / Claque Musique / Melizma // Paris (FR)

A native of Paris, Jef K started mixing records in 1992 after spending nine months in London. His deep, groovy and sexy house sets made him quickly earn a reputation as one of the fastest rising DJs amongst the French house scene.

Jef had long time monthly residencies in prestigious clubs like Rex Club (Paris 1998 - 2003), Respect (Paris 1996 - 2008), Fuse (Brussels 2000- 2004) and Robert Johnson (Frankfurt 1999 - 2005)

He has played festivals such as Borealis in Montpellier, Soma, Lunacy, Xanadu and Magic Garden in Paris. A huge traveler, bringing his skills to the top clubs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Shangai, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Bahrein, Capetown, Johannesburg, Durban, Moscow, Llubjana, Sofia, Prague, Budapest, Sarajevo, Krakow, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, London, Nottingham, Brighton, Birmingham, Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, La Coruna, Lisbon, Porto, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Antwerp, Brussels, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and many other cities around the world.

In 1996, Jef worked A & R for the French label Distance. Since then, he has been responsible for six compilations on the label- five volumes of the "My House" series, and the third volume of the "French Sessions" series. These compilations had a great response nationally and internationally, and were rated "Compilation Of The Year" by magazines such as Coda and Trax.

In 1997, Krypton/ Sony France released Jef's "Paris-Chicago Express" CD- a Cajual and Relief compilation. In the same year, he and Cyril K (E-Troneek Funk) produced a track called "First Step" which appeared on the "Aline Can Dance" compilation project released by Small/Sony.

In June 2000, "Watch Out! 2000" was released- another mix-CD reflecting Jef's residency at the Watch Out! Party at the Rex Club.

In 1999, Jef teamed up with his brother Antoine, aka DJ Tony Silver, to launch the Silver Network and Fast Forward FFWD record labels. Silver Network's first release by Iz & Diz- the What We Need EP, appeared in the Hype Chart of DJ Magazine and was given four stars by MUZIK. It was later remixed by Pepe Bradock and Freaks. The first Fast Forward release by E-Troneek Funk was rated a five out of five twice in MUZIK and appeared in UPDATE reviews.

Silver Network's other releases include artists Kemetic Just (USA), Nightsource aka DJ Rasoul and Miguel Migs (USA), Hanna (USA), Toka Project (UK), Ciudad Feliz (Argentina), Hanna (USA), Patrik Richard (Sweden), Neon Heights (UK), Karu (USA), Spirit Catcher (B), Chris Carrier (F), Chez Damier (USA), Gwen Maze (F), DJ Valentin (F), death On The Balcony (UK) and remixers Pepe Bradock (F), Charles Webster (UK), Alex Kid (F), Dixon (D), Freaks (UK), Fresh & Low (UK) to name a few.

Fast Forward's releases include work by Tim Shumaker and JT Donaldson (USA), Natural Rhythm (USA) and Swirl People (B).

Jef started a new label with partner Holmar Filipsson, Crack & Speed. The first release was out in the spring of 2002. The C&S artists so far are: Freestyle Man feat. G. Spruce (D), Volga Select (F), Krikor (F), John Howard (USA), Scott Pace (USA), Dj Spettro (USA), Mr Negative (USA), Freaks (UK), Spencer Filipsson Experience (USA), Jerome Pacman (F), Phil Weeks (F), DJ Terry (F), Chris Carrier (F), Guillaume La Tortue (F), Formule Express (F), Chloé (F), Abe Duque (USA), Jay haze (USA). The label was closed in 2008 and had a huge response by the press and international DJ's.

In 2009, Jef teamed up again with his old friend / partner Chris Carrier and released three new Silver Network references. "Morning EP", "Chaka EP" and "Fever EP". All three of them had great response from press and DJ's. The track "Morning" was compiled by Agoria for his mix-CD "Balance" (Stomp Music Australia).

In June 2010 was released "In My System", a collaboration between Jef, Chris Carrier and Chicago legend Chez Damier under the name "The Gathering". Jef K's own "System Mix" had a huge response from all the House Dj's in the world, was charted and played by major DJ's like Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Radio Slave, Soul Clap etc .... and was rated #7 in the Resident Advisor Top 50 tracks of the year 2010. The track was later remixed by The Revenge, I:Cube, Milton Jackson, Soul Minority, Dj Shade & Steve Ferrand ....

In september 2010 Jef teamed up with partner Gwen Maze and started a productive collaboration with track "Want You Back" (Silver Network) and remixes for Claque Musique, Composite Recordings, Elevation, Moodmusic, Cecille Records, Rebirth, Akbal, Indigo Raw, SUOL, Rue de Plaisance, Airdrop, One records, Pooled Music, Turquoise Blue .... and many more projects to be announced ...

Surely 2012 will be a splendid year for Jef K ...

5 rating


Dame Music / Contexterrior - Berlin (fr)


Always on the lookout for new sounds and fresh music, the sets of this French-born,
Berlin-based Dj provide a fine example of what is happening at the moment.  
With the explosion of the minimal scene, Mary adds to hit her very own touch.  
She continuously expresses her love for the German sound every time she takes the
Bloody Mary grew up in the region of Aix en Provence. Her favorite musical genre
was new wave until she went to her first rave party and discovered the world of
electronic dance music. This revelation inspired her to give it a go herself, and she
did her first gig in Marseille only one year after acquiring her first pair of turntables.
Bloody Mary soon got booked all over the South of France, establishing herself as  
a strong figure on the techno scene.
2005: Bloody Mary held a monthly residency at Studio88 (Aix en Pce). Her
subsequent move to Berlin took her career to an international level. She regularly
played in various cities and clubs in Germany (Watergate Berlin, Harryklein
Munich...) and Europe (The End London, Rex Club Paris, Cassero Bologna...).  
This was only the beginning of her productive career.
2006: Having already focused on her Djing abilities, she set up her studio to make
tracks that will go along the lines of her favorite label! This led to her debut release,
"Apparence" on Sender Records.
2007: As a producer, she had her second release on Sender in addition to remix for
Nomor Records. As a DJ, she expanded her territory, which now includes South
America (Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia...) and North America (NYC).

34 rating


Clink, Limited400 - Houston - Chicago - Brooklyn - Berlin (US)

TIM XAVIER | DJ | LIVE | Producer | Mastering Engineer
labels: Clink Recordings, limited 400

Loved and respected by many, Tim Xavier’s passionate personality and lifestyle have kept him on the forefront of techno since his first releases almost a decade ago.

On the stage Tim is known for his undeniable talent as a once-hard techno mixer turned minimal trend-setter, playing a diverse blend of deep techno and house music with classic technical skills that make jaws drop.

4 rating


Get Physical / Poesie Musik // Berlin (GER)

Meet Jacob Dilßner - a 24-year-old student and Berlin resident. At some point he took up DJing, and from there he made a song, you might have heard of it - 'One Day / Reckoning Song'. Of course we're talking about Wankelmut; the seemingly overnight underground to overground sensation that took the scene by surprise with a single track, no label and no promotion - proof that music can, in fact, speak for itself.


Fast-forward 8 months; Wankelmut has found himself at the center of a storm; with his track catapulting to number one across nearly all charts imaginable, across 8 European countries and the #1 spot at multiple platforms – Beatport, iTunes and the official single charts, simultaneously – a fact never achieved before, representing a huge step for dance music history.


Then, the 24 year old needed to decide what his next move would be beside constantly djing all over Europe. Musically, he would need to follow his chart killer with something of an art form, an expression, and a statement. So he turned to one of the oldest forms an electronic artist uses to convey their mood: the mix compilation.


Get Physical / Poesie Musik proudly presents: Wankelmoods Vol. 1.


Opening with the relaxed hustle of Acid Pauli's Dub Mix of 'El Zahir', original by Raz Ohara, Wankelmut sets the tone for the 80 minute mix; preparing our mood for the vibe of black light smoke - 'Lovework (DJ T. Remix)’. The mix continues in this fashion, gliding from one mood to another and pulling us along for the ride. By the time we get to 'We Don't Give Up The Boyz' by Hufschlag & Braun, we're warmed up and ready for Wankelmuts brand new exclusive remix of Jay Haze feat. Big Bully & Sven VT “Soul In A Bottle”, elegantly blended into one another showcasing his talent and style as a DJ. The mix reflects also his captivating brand of blending genres from deep house to techno into one cohoerent piece of art.


We'll leave the rest of the mix a mystery, a surprise of you will. Though, you can expect a few gems from andhim, Rodriguez Jr., Jonas Woehl, Âme and Adam Port and more to make their way into the mix; all beautifully stitched together with a deep and sexy vibe creating what can only be described as a Wankelmood.

2 rating


OVERdrive // Toulouse (FR)

Anthony De-Pihno aka L'Appache was always attracted by electronic music

Its in the beginning of 2K11 that he decided to make the first step with deejaying. He started to play in many clubs of toulouse, his hometown and cities around : Beaucoup Bar, Classico Café, Couleur de la culotte, Jeff, La rue du bain (Albi), White Club, Six bar, L'electro, Zoom Club, Le cochon qui rit (Montpellier), l'Opéra bouffe, Le Minima (Bordeaux) and very recently the Inox Electronic Club.

L'Appache has the strength to adapt his style from house to techno or even deep and tech-house. He get the chance to share the decks with many recognized djs and producers like :


He will even play for the closing of Inox Electronic Festival in 2K12.

To be continued

6 rating


OVERdrive // Toulouse (FR)

Ever since he was a child, he was fascinated by the sounds around him, like if each of them was kind of music. Years later, in the summer of 2007, he decided to surrender himself to the beats of music. Music became the best way to express his feelings and let his emotions free.


From deep house to techno, Ken Aki's mixes are influenced by many other musical styles such as Trip Hop, Funk, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop... For him, harmony and melody are key in doing a good music.


Ken Aki looks for inspiration in places such as Barcelona and Ibiza. He loves the sensation of freedom he gets from both of the cities. He considers live music as a sensual journey, which is  enchanting and mystical, which only makes sense when it's shared with somebody.

9 rating



SAMANTHA (aka Samantha Blackburn) a well recognised name within the London house music scene

26 rating

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