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We Love Space / 2020 vision // London (UK)

With one of the best live dance music shows on the planet, Crazy P have been leaving their mark on the landscape of British dance music for the last 15 years.

To trace the origins of Crazy P we have to go all the way back to 1996.

This was the year that brought together James Baron and Chris Todd. It was the era of Ataris, Akais and bedroom studios and, through their love of bending and reshaping old records from many different genres, a production partnership was born in the backstreets of Nottingham.

After a couple of releases under various different monikers, the work attracted the ears of deep house label Paper Recordings based in Manchester and the creature that is Crazy P was born.

We won’t bore you all with and year by year history of what happened next and how we ended up with a name like Crazy P as rumour and speculation are far more interesting than the truth.

Their first four albums ‘A Nice Hot Bath With’(1999), ‘The Wicked Is Music’ (2002), and ’24 Psychedelic Freakout’ (2003), and ‘A Night On Earth’ (2004), coupled with the addition of live band members Tim Davies, Matt Klose, and the vocals of the inimitable Danielle Moore saw Crazy P gain acclaim, record sales, DJ gigs, and most pertinently, live shows, across the world.

Equally at home on huge outdoor festival stages in Australia or basement sweatboxes in East London, Crazy P have made their name with a unerring combination of lushly structured songs and live power, whilst never forgetting their roots on the dance floors of the late 90s’ house, disco, and soul clubs.

2008 saw Crazy P sign with 2020 Vision – a natural fit for the band with their their roots in early house and techno, and an eye to the future of both.

‘Stop Space Return’ (2008) was the superb first fruit of this new label hook up, with the album’s title track becoming something of an anthem for both DJs and as part of the band’s live show.

Preceding the return to fashion for disco and boogie by about two years, ‘Stop Space Return’ showed a new breed of producers that Crazy P were right on top of their game – with the ‘new school’ of Artists like Jamie Jones, Wolf and Lamb, Reboot, and KiNK on the phone for remixes, alongside pop acts such as VV Brown, Empire of the Sun, and Sam Sparro who all wanted a little bit of discoid magic

All of which brings us bang up into 2011. The start of the year saw them releasing ‘Crazy P presents MTS Vol.1’ a two track EP of ‘bangers’ influenced by their increasingly busy DJ and Soundsystem show schedule – and a nice drop of ‘P’ business whilst they finished off their new, and fifth album.

Just released on 2020 Vision, the brand new album ‘When We On’ is already being hailed as one of their finest. Boom.

7 rating


Systematic Recordings / All In Records / Visionquest // London (UK)

OCH has been an active figure within the UK music scene since the late 1990’s. Fast forward to London in the 2000’s where some will remember him as the charismatic character at Juno Records or his work as a DJ/Studio equipment journalist. Globally he is known for his unique, deep yet jackin’ sound which has appeared on premium house and techno labels such as Trelik, PAL SL, All Inn, and Bass Culture. His own Autoreply imprint continues to receive underground acclaim having hosted the likes of Jerome Sydenham, Claro Intelecto, Baby Ford, Dan Curtin, Kashawar and Jay Bliss over the years making for a highly collectable addition to any record collection.

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Clash Music // Belgrade (SER)

Marko Nastic, is globally recognized by many as one the Top South Eastern Europe artist as producer & DJ performer.
Throughout the many years; of the annual “Exit Festival” in Serbia. Which is acclaimed as one of the largest festival in the world;
Marko Nastic is always recognized worldwide for his production and performance, But to Serbia and to the world he is proclaimed as one of the legendary music revolutionist to lead the youth in the uprising in Balkan Conflict in Serbia the 90's
Through electronic music; Marko Nastic enabled millions to resist the dark forces of political atmosphere in Serbia. Through their belief in fighting through music for freedom and celebration of life with extreme free parties and raves known to this day as the urban legends that built Belgrade, Serbia in his teens.
Marko Nastic and friends accomplished and built one of the most vibrant club scenes and the legendary yearly "Exit Festival" in Eastern Europe and the World.
Producing and Performing music were always part of Marko Nastic’s background. His fascination with synthesizers, drum machines and other sound making instrument or gadget he could get his hands on began the art of beginning of the Marko Nastic Legacy
His distinctive three-deck style in his early years labeled him as the teenage techno prodigy. This channeled into the first performance group DJ group called "Teenage Techno Punks" at the age of 16. With Marko Nastic’s influence and tacit knowledge of music at the time, Teenage Techno Punks became a legendary part of the South Eastern Club scene in the early 90's.
Marko Nastic production career started as a member of the original Recycled Loops crew.
What has escalated Marko Nastic to the top of the charts on many billboard charts is his productions on his labels “Recon Warriors” , “Recon Light” and “Traffica”

Marko is working on his new project Sake & Vinyl Only

His Globally Recognized Radio Show "Music For a body and Soul is syndicated on Broadcast FM in Serbia.USA.Netherlands and South America, and is on many globally recognized internet radio stations..
Music for Body and Soul aired 2005 and is a collaboration between Dejan Milicevic, Marko Mlosavljevic and Marko him self.
Music for Body and Soul is one of most listened show in Serbia.

6 rating


Compost Records - (DE)

Thomas Herb, the Munich-based DJ and Producer, is no rookie. This DJ has been sharing his talents with us since 1996; establishing a residency in his hometown in 1999 at the seminal Friday night event „Flokati“, held in club legends Ultraschall and later in Harry Klein. Currently, Thomas Herb ist the resident DJ of the massively in demand monthly club night „Compost Blacklabel Sessions“ held at Bob Beaman.

Thomas takes his main inspiration from US-Garage House. Classic tunes like Hard Drive’s „Deep Inside“ will probably never leave his recordcase. However he’s far from one-dimesional. Deep, quality tracks, touching his musical senses will always be given airtime by Thomas Herb. His DJing is not constrained by any genre boundaries – it’s spontaneous and the result, the essence of his sets, is a versatile blend of true House Music.

Awarded as the best newcomer at the Italian Music Conference 2001 (Riccione), Herb can always be found performing at selected spots outside his hometown where he is ever in demand: Cookies (Berlin), Tape (Berlin), Meierei (Wien), Màd (Geneva), Pascia / Echoes (Riccione), Tunnel (Milan) - are just a few selected examples. Over the years Thomas Herb has performed alongside artists like Tony Humphries, Joris Voorn, Karizma, Heidi, Dixon, Ame, Deetron, I:Cube, Soundstream or Osunlade, gaining invaluable experience and inspiration.

Combining his mixing talent with a instinctive awareness for the perfect tune at the right time, the music of Thomas Herb is a vital ingredient in your club night.

Judge For Yourself!

Discographie (Productions / Remix Work / Compilations)

Anonymous Prophets „Body Workin’“ (Whitelabel) - Production
Corrina Joseph „Baby I’m Scared Of You“ P&H Sheltered Club Mix (Brothaman UK) – Remix
V.A. „Compost House Selection – 10.000 Leagues Deeper – Compost House Cosmos“ – DJ Mix Compilation

Weekly Radioshow

„Compost Blacklabel Sessions“ hosted by Thomas Herb and SHOW-B
Aired on the following stations: Ego.FM, Ibiza Sonica, Big City Beats, Play.FM, Samurai.FM, Sweat Lodge Radio, Pink City Beats Web Radio, Radio Magnetic and more (more info: http://www.compost-records.com

9 rating



Deep House - House - Jazz

JUAN CHRISS (PCB RADIO / DANCE FOR ALL - TOULOUSE- FR) DJ Juan Chris has been an early music fan,

138 rating


Gem / Outpost / Traum // Amsterdam (NL)

In the electronic music scene, it’s often hard to decipher the fact from fiction.

Phrases like “innovative”, “cutting edge” or “next big thing” are often thrown around without much weight and more often than not, the hype often exceeds people’s ability to deliver where it counts the most: the dance floor.

But if you look at the career of rising star SQL, you’d see that any of those words and many more apply, without any unjustified hype.

At just 22-years-old, Pim Van Horssen has seen more success come his way than many will in a lifetime, with a list of releases as long as your arm as well as gigs in all corners of the globe, from the massive Universo Paralello in Brazil, the clubs in New Dehli and everything in between.

And while success is nothing new to Pim, 2009 is the year his talent came to the fore, with his smash hit Distorted Reality finding its way onto the playlists of the who’s who of the minimal world, including Richie Hawtin, Marco carola and eventually right to the way to No.1 on the Beatport charts.

Blending cutting edge minimal, techno and house with fat production, hypnotic grooves and unique view to the future of dance music, the sounds from the SQL studios are now in demand by imprints from throughout the globe, including SK Supreme, Traum, Tribal Vision, Open Records and more.

With international tours on the cards, a stunning live show and heaps more freshness on the way, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this young star of dance music has a very bright future indeed.
Stayed tuned!

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Cream Couture / Queen Club // Paris (FR)

Dan Marciano is about to become the worst-kept secret in dance music.
Born and raised in Paris, he has long been revered as a revolutionary of the French electronic music scene and Dan takes his DJ skills to famous clubs both large and small in every corner of the world, from Germany, Italy and Miami to Singapore, Brasil to Bienos Aires.
He has also been producing and remixing since 2000.
Now, following the successful debut season of his ManimalZ party at Privilege, Ibiza,
Dan’s star is set to rise even higher.
He says simply: “I have the best job in the world.”

Dan Marciano always loved music and dancing.
As a kid he spent his pocket money on Michael Jackson or George Benson records but when house music emerged in Paris he found a spiritual home.
Inspired by legends like Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier and Jeff Mills, and enthralled by the colour and magic of the dancefloor, Dan threw himself into DJing.
It was harder to get a break in the pre-internet era and he remembers doing things the old fashioned way: handing out cassettes and throwing his own parties.

Dan built a loyal following and became a resident at some of Paris’s most celebrated clubs including the Palace, Les Bains Douches, and Queen where he has held court for a dozen years.
His success as a DJ is driven by the belief that:
"You can have the best records but if you don’t feel the music, and the people in front of you, if you don’t tell a story, it won’t be any good.”
This simple philosophy has driven Dan to experiment throughout his career.

When house lovers and trance fans regarded each other as traitors he was brave enough to play both, and to win fans from either side of the divide.
"It’s my job, as the DJ, to break down barriers and take people with me,” says Dan.
According to fellow DJs: “His music fascinates and hypnotizes everybody who hears it” which has led to invitations to play with luminaries such as Deep Dish, Pete Tong, or Paul Van Dyk.

Dan is always happiest taking his love of house music to the masses.

In addition to his long running weekly radio show on FG DJ Radio Dan is bringing fresh energy and talent to his Saturday night residency at Queen, booking hot talent such as Lee Brinx, Solomun , Climbers , Betoko , Karmon ,  Cozzy D and Finnebassen.

He is also busy in the studio, pursuing his second passion of making music.With more than a decade of hit records under his belt, including the evergreen ‘Good Morning Paris’, Dan’s production career has evolved along with his DJ style. His extensive back catalogue crosses labels such as Full House, Escape, Royal Flush and Connected Records and recent releases have graced Denfis, Cream Couture and Electronique.

With a full schedule, new management, and ambitious plans, Dan is bursting with excitement for the future. “Clubbing has never lost its magic,”
He says. “People call my music house, or underground, but you can’t put a label on it. It is about emotion and passion.”

5 rating


Melizma / Cadenza Lab // Santiago De Chile

Born in Santiago, Chile, Andre Butano originally came from the world of gastronomy. As we all know, the worlds of food and music are tightly intertwined. This meant that, as he was working as a chef for some of Santiago’s finest restaurants he began cultivating a deep love for music and sound.

Initially inspired by artists such as Depeche Mode, New Order, Orbital and Kraftwerk, his palate quickly evolved. Now Andre admires producers like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Kevin Jost, Brett Johnson, and Mathias Kaden among many others.

Butano quickly established himself as a talent of Chile’s underground house scene. His style was very much appreciated as his sets were always directed towards groovy house and tech-house sounds, supported by uplifting percussions and organic melodies. The trademark that made him famous was the use of his own vocal tracks recorded specifically for each occasion. These would often comment on specific things unique to Chile’s scene and were very humorous and popular amongst club-goers.

His productions have been released all over the world on labels such as Kling Klong, 8Bit, Brise, Amam, Robsoul, Monza Ibiza, Suruba, Trapez , Bla Bla, Resopal ,Paul’s Boutique and by Chilean labels like Drumma, Melisma and Disco Royal. His tracks are being played by some of the best Djs of the circuit like Luciano, DJ Sneak, MANDY, Mathias Kaden, Dubfire ,Reboot , Richie Hatwin , Karotte , Laurent Garnier , Mendo ,among others.

Andre has a duo project with Felipe Venegas (Cadenza, Drumma) called the Jhabas. With Felipe on a live set and Andre behind the mixer they form a very interesting act that combines sounds from house, deep and tech in a very intuitive and improvised fashion. The show is marked by its spontaneity and creativity and is a favorite amongst crowds.

He is currently the resident DJ of La Feria, Chile’s most respected establishment for electronic music and a regular part of any respected line-up in the country. This has lead him to share stages with some of the best visiting talent like Luciano, Reboot, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Steve Lawler and many more.

His career has also lead him to play all around South America and he is a fixture of some of the main festivals such as Creamfields and Mysteryland. This year, he completed his first European tour having played in some of the best clubs in the world. Highlights include being a guest DJ at Cadenza Vagabundos in Pacha Ibiza and sharing a stage with Luciano at Ushuaia.

2 rating


Paris (FR)

 Deep House

Victor Petroï is one of the newcomers of house from Paris. Playing deep and raw house, he's all about sharing feelings during his sets.

20 rating


Diamond, Sony Music - Copenhagen (DNK)

In a sense, the Danish Tomas Høffding has everything he’s ever wished for in his life. He is happily in love.
He is the singer and bassist of the trio WhoMadeWho, a band that, thanks to their tongue-in-cheek disco
indie-rock and their enthusiastic shows, can always count on the raging applause of their international
crowds. Together with a handful of friends, he owns an old farmer’s house in Sweden, into which he can
retreat after exhausting tours and nerve-wrecking studio sessions.   
Despite all of these perfect conditions, until recently, the man from Copenhagen was missing something that
he created and defined on his very own. Something that would make him artistically independent of
WhoMadeWho. Something to which his colleagues Jeppe Kjellberg and Tomas Barfod would, if at all,
contribute nothing more than well-meant tips.
At first, he considered establishing a second living as an electro DJ. He had played in bands all his life and
had always been forced to compromise. At last, he wanted to make decisions according to his own moods.
“Then I realized I wasn’t born to be a DJ. DJ’s have to listen to about 1 billion new tracks every week and
always know what sound is the really hot stuff. As I tend to dive deep into the music I listen to, a DJ career
was not an option”, he reveals smirking.    
Instead of mixing other peoples’ tracks, he decided to produce them himself. He wanted to create tracks
which he could present at live solo performances in clubs with a small setup, consisting of a computer,
chimes and a theremin. Tracks you would start moving to on the spot. For the past two years, whenever he
was not touring with WhoMadeWho, he has been working almost non-stop in his new equipped studio. He
experimented with several of his electronic devices and once in a while, he picked up his acoustic guitar. His
spontaneous ideas were transformed into sparkling dance pop. “I wanted to write songs that weren’t
composed in the classical sense. Everything needed to come directly from the heart. This is why the most
stuff on my first solo album was created without any big thoughts”, the Dane, who is always in for a joke,
Under the pseudonym Bon Homme, he now releases 10 songs. Their electronic tinge is groovy in a subtle
way, and the atmosphere of many songs is carried by the noise of analogue synthesizers. The music lives of
spontaneously created melodies that we, in fact, only know from Krautrockers such as Cluster. He combines
poppy hooks with dry techno rhythms, almost childlike tone sequences meet psychedelic loops, and in the
next moment, it seems like Hot Chip teamed up with Kraftwerk. In the song “Heaviest Flower Of Europe”,
Høffding sings so dandy-like that one might believe that Brian Ferry in person gave him tips for the right tone

4 rating


Catwash Records // ROMA (ITA)

 Luca Bortolo, was born 17/11/1985 in Rome.Since he was little he was called Bortolo by his friends. Movement, energy and passion, these are the characteristics of Bortolo's dj set, which can be defined as experimental. The involvement with his public, the transfer that this young dj succeeds to establish are in fact vital elements in his evenings.Young, but with already 8 years experience, Bortolo starts his career as dj production in the Italian, where he was born and raised, Bortolo decides to transform this passion in a full-time engagement interpreting the best way he can the stimulant musical vibration of that moment,with deep , House sonorities and techno-Detroit. Recently his house productions have had great success in Italy and other countries all over Europe, where he got very positive feedback from DJs such as Luciano, Locodice, Richie Hawtin, Danny Tenaglia, dj Sneak, Josh wink and manymore.
February 2009, his first Ep “Crazy Morning ”, on label Mallory, was placed in the bags of the most important DJs of the House and Techno scene.
He proved his talent with the recent release on label’s Robsoul and Catwash, which was played by top DJs, and caused havoc on the dancefloors.
It has shared the console with djs international like: Cassy, Karotte, Sis, Wild, Tini, Stacey Pullen, Masomenos, Chris Carrier, Tiefschwarz, Italoboyz, Dinky, Daria, Mirko Loko, Johnny d, Melchior productions ltd, and many more..



3 rating


Get Physical Music, Kindisch, Poker Flat - Berlin (DE)

Thomas Koch aka DJ T. has been a vital part of electronic music and club culture for over 20 years. Uniquely accomplished in both influence and scope, he has excelled in every one of his incarnations: DJ, label owner, producer, club operator, publisher and journalist. Having recently closed one chapter of his working life - behind the scenes of Get Physical Music management - DJ T. is now primed to conquer 2011 purely as an artist, with his highly-anticipated third LP Pleasure Principle.

As disco reached its shimmering apex in the late 1970s, young Dusseldorf-born Thomas relocated to Frankfurt with his family. His parents plied him with vinyl compilations, and as a nine-year-old he succumbed to disco’s seductive charms, beginning a lifelong commitment to crate digging and vinyl collection. Thomas’ budding obsession moved through disco and hi-nrg, to the burgeoning sounds of early American rap & hiphop music, and finally to electro-funk, the beloved genre that has left an indelible imprint on all of DJ T.’s own productions. It was love at first listen, and driven by the sounds of seminal protagonists like Afrika Bambaataa, Planet Patrol, Newcleus and Mantronix, Thomas took up breakdancing, compelled to move by the genre's urgent funk and infectious beats.

Donning a new pseudonym - DJ T. - his career behind the decks began in earnest at private parties, soon leading to his first professional gig in Frankfurt. After playing for a range of clubs around the city, T. soon found himself swept away by the powerful current of acid house that had engulfed Frankfurt with the opening of Sven Väth’s Omen in 1988. T. gravitated toward early house, EBM and techno, and secured his first DJ residency at legendary spot Music Hall. Throughout the 1990s, he was booked at all of the city’s essential clubs, including long lasting residencies at Plastik, Dorian Gray and The Box; by the end of that decade, Frankfurt, one of Europe’s epicentres of electronic dance music, had become indelibly linked with the name ‘DJ T.’

In 1989, T. founded the influential German-language magazine Groove. T.’s intention, in his own words, was to “create a magazine that would meet my own needs. I assumed there were many others with similar needs out there.” He was right. To this day, it remains as one of Germany’s most important publications for electronic music, and in addition to serving as Groove’s publisher and editor for fifteen years, T. also contributed to anthologies on club music, such as Localiser 1.0 and Techno.

At the end of the millennium, after years spent coordinating events and club nights, T. felt impelled to bring his own club vision to life. In 1999, T. and his friend Patrik Dechent opened Monza, an intimate club situated in Frankfurt’s city centre. In his capacity as resident DJ and musical director, T. played a decisive role in shaping the profile of the Frankfurt hotspot and its Ibizan satellite, before parting ways with Monza five years after its inception.

In 2002, T. and five of his friends started their own label, Get Physical Music. Within ten single releases, the label had forged an international reputation that took in far beyond its

14 rating

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