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Da Panamanian Banana Racket Ep


Robsoul Recordings / RB142

Alexander J. Adams aka 93i First release on Robsoul - Super Dope! http://www.facebook.com/93i00


Straight Away


Neverending Records / NEVERENDING049

Chez Guru


Wind Horse Records / WHR022

With their backgrounds in mind, the meeting between Audio Units and Hamza is that of two Indian house heavy weights, if not royalty, and the results reflect this. Chez Guru gets its title from Ashriths nickname Guru and the french word for in the home of, basically a stamp for the place of the studio meeting. The vocals are also in French, which somehow always seems to lend an understated cool to any track, but when accompanied by slick productions such as these collaborators it becomes undeniably clear. The bass sounds are the foundation for Chez Guru, with two different levels responding to, and sometimes talking over, each other. The pads and key stabs are swirling, funky, and deep as ever except for wild, climatic moments perfectly paced throughout. Hand percussion finishes things off with a NY house style groove.



Aeon / AEON009

AEON009 is expertly crafted by AEON labelboss and veritable wunderkind of the multi-faceted anologue electronic, German DJ and producer Alex Niggemann. As a firm believer that a collection of music should unravel and develop like the plot of a good book, this EP is an apt offering from the German maestro, who has recently seen (and is still seeing) underground chart success with his release 'Materium' on Poker Flat, as the likes of Sven Vath, Tale of Us and Mano le Tough continue to drop it to revering masses across the globe. Following successful releases on Poker Flat, Compost Black Label and Last Night On Earth to name a few, 'Abaton' carries on his chameleonic success. The title track highlights Niggemann's affinity with texture and genre- defying sound, as he mixes ethereal chords with stark ashen synths for a truly goose bump- inducing musical experience. First on remix duty is the outfit Quantum Entanglement, comprised of Lee Jones and Fink, who provide a somewhat mellow interpretation, leading into a satisfying deeper progression. Irish producer Chymera evokes an eery landscape with his rework of the track, with the tentative sound of synths juxtaposed with murkier sonic trails and a tiptoeing bassline. Niggemann rounds off the EP with 'Tripping Minds' - a maze of rhythmic curlicues that dance around melancholic pads and descend over a bassline that truly packs a punch, causing the listener to yearn for a dancefloor, or reminisce on a past moment of musical clarity that can only come from the most prolific of music. The fifth track is a Beatport exclusive in the form of a Lee Jones remix. This collection of intelligent, almost lugubrious sonic expression is a fitting display of how far Alex Niggemann, and indeed his AEON label have come; catapulting you into a darker, more aggressive and impressive world of musical capability.



Systematic Recordings / SYST00202

Web TV


6 rating


7 rating


5 rating



Carillon / Desolat / SCI+TEC / 8bit // Naples (ITA)

Doctor Jekyll and mr Hyde,a mix between an eclctic dj/producer and a party animal. This is Giuseppe Cennamo, born in Naples in 1980; he formed his musical roots, first playing a piano when he was a child, and later on spinning his records at teenagers parties. After taking some time off to dedicate to his studies,he started again to play to city parties. During this time, on 2004, he met Danilo Vigorito who introduced him to serious productions. From December 2004 to September 2008 Giuseppe has been constantly working in studio; his first record out VIR 2,2 happened to be released on February 2009 on Minisketch, Davide Squillace's label. The major following up Ep were: Mujeres (Leftroom), Borderline (Kammer) and El Gitano (Moniquè Speciale) played all over the world by top djs such as Loco Dice, Marco Carola , Luciano and Carl Cox; El Gitano was Giuseppe Cennamo’s first breakthrough, bringing him great success and popularity in club scene.On November 2010 Giuseppe signed two tracks in a VA on 8bit, label of his friend Nick Curly. On January 2010 Giuseppe founded his personal record label Carillon;the first release on Carillon Records was Break my Carillon, vynil sold out just in two weeks. After the first release few international artists became part of his project like Matteo Spedicati, Aldo Cadiz, Mendo, Alex Celler, Alessio Mereu, Larsson and Salvatore Freda. Actually the label is on fire with a lot's of forthcoming releases.On July 2010 Giuseppe sent some tracks to Desolat Records and after one month they took Giuseppe in the Desolat family, and his first release, Amanecer ep, was published on Desolat x 009. In the beginning of 2011 Cennamo released a lot's of remixes and another ep on Carillon, Human Feelings.
At the end of 2011 he released a follow-up: A Single in the Jungle ep on 8bit! Giuseppe had a great year on 2011 playing all around and making new music, so he decided to close this amazing time with a special release on his Carillon, so in dicember 2011 came out Imprints in my Mind, the track that all the clubbers and the djs want, played by Loco Dice at the Amnesia Closing 2010...out on Carillon Records as Limited serie.
The 2012 is again in his name, he released the second Desolat, Dance Till Tomorrow, a great Ep with four tracks of different styles! So the Napolitan Talent is on fire, like is career, but if you don't see Giuseppe in the dj booth for sure you can catch him on the dancefloor, mr Hyde.


1 rating


Drumpoet Community // Zürich (SUI)

5 rating


Fantastic Friends Rec / Dirtybird // Saint Etienne (FR)

Jules & Moss are one of the French artists revelations. Their tracks, released on great labels all year round (Dirtybird, Fantastic Friends, Circle Music, Flash Recordings, ...) distance themselves by their originality, their varied influences and their high quality which directly propelled them to the rank of newcomers to watch very close.

Jules and Moss grew up with Rock and Jazz. Jules started drums at the age of 5 and improved himself by playing drums and percussion in several bands. Moss possesses a funded, classical piano education.

Together they develop several "Live Act" with electronic interfaces & electronic drums, playing them own productions, with wishes to compose with sound recordings by themselves or acoustic instruments.

Being real masters with the performance of real drumming which they have included in their Live worldwide... their tracks lives of that acoustic quality they have made their own trademark.
Celebrating a "breathing" electronic sound... it proves they are unique within the fast paced world of club culture.

20 rating


Burek & Picakat // Zagreb - Croatia (CRO)

« Life is like a bass line » Pytzek

If you are looking for an international star of the future, one
contender and serious talent is Pyztek from Zagreb, Croatia. Small but
deadly, this Croatian DJ stayed consistent in embracing tech house,
house and disco personal flavored sounds. His already sent him out to
London, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Istanbul, Munich, Vienna, Milan,
Serbia, Belgrade, Budapest, Toulouse to name a few.
He use to work in underground club named SIRUP in Zagreb, the best
small club in Croatias capital where the elite international DJs and
breaking talent have graced their decks. Pytzek recently  created a
brand new music labels called Burek & Picakat. 1st Burek EP release
is out now and introduces the very talented up and coming artist and
producer 'Kink" from Bulgaria who has released material on Ovum, Get
Physical, Dirty Bird. Leko is the stand out track and soon to be
anthem with the remixes supplied from Chris Duckenfield, Homeboy and
Mr. Pytzek himself...with stella feedback and quotes from the likes of
Ben Watt, Erol Alkan,  Sweeny, Soul Clap, AudioJack, Jimpster, Asad
Rizvi....the list is endless. Leko is one of Juno?s bestsellers and
available at http://www.junodownload.com
After Kink Burek will release Humandrone, Vadegor and Toby Tobias more
to come so watch this space.

6 rating


IANVS71 / Gloss Club // Milan (ITA)

He's the "it" dj for to say: the one that knows what to do everywhere.
His sound full of groove and warmth has always been influenced by house music, his first but
never forgotten love. Clay started to buy, collect and then play records inspired by the most
notorious of the 90's from New York, Chicago and Detroit in his magical, grunge attic! Within a
short time he began to play at private parties and then progressed up to the best clubs of that
time, such as The Base, Fluid, Pulp, De Sade, Echoes and many others.. In 2005 he started to work
with Gloss Club, which enabled him to play with underground artists like Boris Werner, Art
Department, Solomun, Margaret Dygas, Ilario Alicante, Jimpster, Droog, Bill Patrick, Laura Jones,
Memoryman, Dana Ruh and many others.
In 2011 he became the official dj at the Club Tipic where he shared the dj set with Dennis Ferrer,
Miss Kittin, Josh Wink, Satoshi Tomiie, System of Survival, ecc and he regularly opened for for the
Cocoon party.
Regarding productions, after a release with Francesco Leali (one half of Clockwork) he barricaded
himself in the recording studio, overusing Logic , which would push his music project further.
With some finished tracks we can foresee that 2012 will bring his music efforts to life.

12 rating


Figure Spc / M_Rec // NL

Named by many as a source of inspiration, Jeroen Search embodies a clear and honest interpretation of techno. His tracks, while audibly open to new and exciting musical influences, always remain true to that typical, inimitable Search-sound. He has seen little to no need to completely reinvent himself at any stage as most, if not all, of his work communicates itself with great ease due to its truly timeless nature.

Starting out in 1993 under the DJ Groovehead alias with one of the first releases on X-Trax Records, Jeroen has so far put out his music on many respected labels such as Figure SPC, M_Rec LTD, Traut, Coincidence Records, and A&S, the latter he co-owns with friend and colleague Dimi Angélis. One of his personal highlights has been the ability to do two releases on Jeff Mills’ Axis/6277 label, one solo (New Reality EP) and one as Counterpart (The Martian Mystique).

Jeroen’s approach to music production is an unorthodox one; he records all his tracks in a single take and does all his editing live. Constantly pushing his creativity by trying to get the most out of a minimal setup Jeroen remains active in the studio and he now has new releases lined up on Sect, Affin and Gynoid Audio.

Jeroen Search live, which he debuted at Berghain in 2009, is more than just an excellent showcase of his work. It’s a journey through the vast landscape of techno, with an expert storyteller at the helm. When booked for a DJ-set, Jeroen always aims to show a unique and alternate side of himself as an artist; bringing along some gems that other DJ’s may have overlooked or under appreciated, a Search DJ-set is bound to be something special.

1 rating



House minmal

Born in 1977 in the south-west of France, Mervyn grew up along with the rhythm of electronic music and begins working at the turntable when he was 16.

51 rating


Geneve (SUI)

Enzo was born in 1990 in the French Alpes. Thanks to his dad, he discovered little by little music, especially Jazz and Blues with artist such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Sonny Boy Williamson…For him, Jazz is the basis of all kind of music. At first, Enzo was a Rap Underground lover but at the age of 16 he discovered what was House music when he bought his first records from Defected In The House Label.

He found really interesting the fact that he could find some jazzy touch in House music but also the mix with percussions and beats.

In 2009, his point of view of House music knew a turning point when Enzo heard for the first time a mix of Nima Gorji. This was exactly what he was looking for. He started then to follow Nima’s style, discovering this underground atmosphere.

Everything came into real in the Summer 2011, when Enzo worked hard to pay his first CD players and mixer. He set up in his house a small area where he could play and record his first mix.

10 rating


OVERdrive // Toulouse (FR)

Macha is a young twenty years old DJ.

She was always attracted by electronic music, and its very naturally that she starts dejaying by sharing the decks with L'Appache.

Attracted by deep and tech house sounds, she played many gigs in White Club (Tlse), Minimal (Bordeaux), L'Ambassade, LAB (Paris), Sushi Roof Top Afterwork Party That was also the occasion to play with artists like Scan X, Elize, Miska, L'Appache, Luca Bariani, GreenTecker, Isys...

To be continued...

6 rating


Techsoul Records // Lisbon (POR)

Francisco Badalo aka Stereosoul was born in Elvas, Portugal.

He started to work as a DJ in 2008. In the very beginning of his career he took his first steps as a DJ but soon after that he decided to dedicate more time to another musical genre which it's his music trademark: Deep House and Tech House.

He move to Lisbon, since 2009 and this young Dj/Producer with 20 years old became one rising name in the Portuguese dance . 

After his first EP edited by label Techsoul Records, he was invited to join Techsoul Records.
In his yet short career has remixed and colaborated with some artists as Mikalogic, Merlo, Just2 ,Rishi K, Midinoize or Chris Junior to name a few.

Recently has made some radio Showcases at Deepsound FM and Tunnel FM.

From now on he will produce several projects adding a more deep sonority to his own musical style.

As a DJ he played in several partys and festivals around Portugal such as Optimus ALIVE! 2010, New University of Lisbon's Semana do Caloiro, Op Art Café, Space Garden, Ko-zee and more.
2 rating



Catz n Dogz, previously known as 3 channels, formed by Wojtek Taranczuk 
and Grzegorz Demianczuk define their own style as a contemporary 
mixture of dance music. You are likely to find them playing 
disco/deephouse at the small parties they organise frequently in Berlin 
and Szczecin as well as techouse and techno at festivals and big clubs all 
over the world such as Fabric, Panorama Bar, Watergate, Studio 80...

27 rating


The Zoo Project / Novo Music / Novotek // Ibiza (ES)

Surrounded by the sounds of the sunburned city streets, Jonathan Tena cannot really remember the first vinyl he bought. He will however never forget the little ice cream parlour, where he as a kid, from midday until siesta, listened to techno with his friends. He only started buying records, to get closer to this intriguing sound, but as addiction grew, shortly he was playing all over Barcelona. The focus of Jonathan Tena is not closed, he likes a lot, from ambient, when playing at Café del Mar, up to underground house music and techno, at venues across Europe. He keeps the groove. Collecting vinyl for over a decade, as well as using digital interface, gives him infinite possibilities of choice. Based in wonderful Ibiza for tweleve years, he has shared his musical space in most of the respected clubs, also collaborating with the Carl Cox party in Space. It's however the Underground club, that he considers as his favorite- for the people, the sound and the true spirit of the island.

3 rating

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