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You And Me Ep


Freerange Records / FRD195

As we hurtle towards our 200th Freerange release the quality output you've come to expect from Freerange shows no sign of faltering with Bas Amro bringing you an absolutely stellar EP entitled You And Me. Dutch wunderkind Bas has built himself a solid reputation through only a handful of releases on labels such as Wolfskuil, Kutchuli and most notably his 2011 EP Ten on Freerange which has gone onto become a stone-cold classic in the deep house mecca of Johannesburg. 

This long awaited follow up delivers on every level and if early feedback and crowd response is anything to go by looks set to push Bas further into the spotlight where he deserves to be. You And Me starts in a deceptively understated manner wrapping you in a shroud of warm, dubby stabs underpinned by a rolling groove that can%u2019t fail to draw you onto the dancefloor. Things stay deep with hints of Chandler and echoes of Basic Channel until the breakdown arrives, the filters roll up and the whitenoise shines through bringing a new energy and dynamic to the track. 

A classic, timeless vibe which we're proud to be bringing you on Freerange. As with his previous release Ten, Bas works hard to deliver not one but two faultless originals so flip over for Across The Street featuring the vocals of Kennifer and you won't be disappointed. A simple, repeating six-measure synth hook 
DRIVES the track and brings with it a lovely looseness and lack of obvious structure. Kennifer%u2019s sparse, almost improvised sounding vocal drops heighten the sense of space and freefall effect making such a refreshing change to most of todays formulated and conventional house music. 

Last up is an amazing remix of You and Me from rising start Matt Karmil who brings his own unique and refreshing sound to the EP. Karmil%u2019s recent LP on PNN won rave reviews from all corners and with just two other releases on Beats In Space and International Records Recordings he seems to have burst from out of nowhere but has certainly become hot property in the last 12 months. His forthcoming remix for John Talabot and Axel Boman under their Talaboman is immense and here he treads a similar path focusing on a raw percussion-heavy sound with very minimal tweaks and effects adding subtle colour and interest. These days it's very hard to breakthrough with an original, new approach to house but Matt Karmil seems to have done it with ease.

Below The Surface Ep


Salted Music / SLT077

Inside Out Ep


Get Physical Music / GPM277

After over a decade spent producing tracks and mastering house music in all it's forms, this month sees Italian studio veteran Giuseppe Tuccillo making his debut for Get Physical Music with "Inside Out", a four track EP of slow burning, hypnotic and soulful dancefloor tracks. "Inside Out" is propelled by a timeless sense of sound and immaculate production. Throughout "Inside Out" Tuccillo references classic dance sounds, at the same time never losing his sense of identity and groove that characterise his music. Tuccillo draws from impressively broad pallette, incorporating ideas into his highly polished tracks resulting in an aesthetic that is owes as much to Chicago as Ibeza. "Moon Module" is centred around is a laid back groove and an irresistibly simple bassline that draw listeners deep into the track. Melodic flourishes are underpinned by rolling percussion that echoes the ghosts of breakbeats from british rave, but with a gentleness of touch that evokes the open sky of a beach party rather than a confined club. "Luna Module DUB" strips back the melodic elements of "Moon Module" leaving the bare bones of the track behind. The dub mix is powerfully hypnotic house music, a deep drum machine jam that repeats an uncomplicated bassline until the listener wants it to go on forever. In "Timeless Mood" Tuccillo places a bubbling acid bass at the centre of the track, combining BALEARIC sounds, analogue synths and crisp organic percussion to create a slowly evolving psychedelic trip. Fizzing synthetic stabs add a touch of disco, completing the fusion of sounds, Tuccillo demonstrating perfectly his ability to assimilate his influence and create something unique. The title track is slightly darker in mood than the rest of "Inside Out". Jacking drum machines provide the backbone to a deep house sound that builds and washes over the listener in a wave of soulful vocal samples and synthesised pads. Highly detailed, "Inside Out" is rich with elements working together, emerging into and fading from view. Viewed as a whole "Inside Out" is a perfect track for dancing on a rooftop and watching a city descend into darkness. Well over ten years into his career, "Inside Out" shows Giuseppe Tuccillo still at the top of his production game, deftly producing timeless house music in his own singular style.

The Bumps Ep


Suara / SUARA146

Pete Tong doesn't need introductions. He's been one of the most influential DJs for decades and on September 1st he makes his debut on Suara. For this release Pete has teamed-up with his friend John Monkman to create a special piece of art called "The Bumps", a juicy melodic deep house tune with a well constructed bassline that will thrill you since the first instant. You can feel here the incredible hands and studio skills of John Monkman, one of the hottest names of the UK techno & house scene, a rising star that has recently released on Get Physical, Armada, Warung or Anjunadeep and is already working on a follow up EP on Suara later in the year too. This is a must have dancefloor warmer for all DJs. The original cut comes backed with a remix from the dynamic tech-house duo Pleasurekraft which is a peak-time stormer. It's an honour to have these three big and quality artists with the kitties!



Off Recordings / OFF098

We were long craving a little female touch here at OFF headquarters and we have luckily found exactly the right dose of girl-powered funk to amaze our fans all over the globe. ME & her are two musical soul-sisters bridging different cultures and talents. Jen & Phuong have a great background of influences and are rapidly making waves in the house music world. "Ginseng" could easily be a single, featuring the magic vocal work of Thomas Gandey it creates an hypnotizing vibe with crazy synths and fxs over a funk infused bassline and a killer groove, Adding to our neverending list of all-star remixers, we brought in Mendo, from Cadenza, Defected, Suara and 8-Bit fame, a big name when it comes to mindblowing reworks, fact that he proves turning the track into a peak hour techy irresistible monster crafting the original elements with perfection. The second rework for "Ginseng" comes in the hands of Stevie R and Ian Mackenzie who bring the pace down into a deeper landscaped version with plenty of leading synths and atmospheric value. "Oyster" is another dancefloor stormer, with a rolling tech house beat and infectious synth bass licks. Once again ME & her show their love for fx atmospherics taking the track to a different level of mind tripping to close this amazing package with "Euphorbia", showcasing a fat bassline that rolls steadily into a moving chord pad. This girls are here to stay and clearly to create the best musical tools to mess with your mind, just how we like it. Glad to have them on board!

Web TV


6 rating


7 rating


5 rating



Project London Records // Valence (ES)

| Will let the music do the talking for me.

3 rating


RARE MOVEMENT - Geneve - Switerland (CHE)

RARE MOVEMENT (DJ Madfunk & Pierre C) is the association of 2 friends/artists both, opened to a vast range of music and passionate for "Black Music".

16 rating


Lola Ed / Wolf+Lamb / eklo / Get The Curse - Paris fr

LE LOUP (wolf+Lamb / eklo / Get The Curse - Paris fr) Leonard Perret aka Le Loup may still only be in his early 20s but there is plenty to prove he’s a frontrunner in the current crop of young Parisian talent currently sweeping the globe.

With his warm, funk inspired, groove-led productions with shades of Detroit techno and jazz plus his love of hip-hop and years exploring all facets of house music during his degree in sound engineering, it’s no surprise he was a natural fit for Wolf + Lamb, releasing his first record on the imprint age 21. The ‘See Line’ EP quickly became a massive success for the young artist, paving the way for a number of exciting projects and collaborations, namely his union of musical forces on a couple of tracks with the unstoppable Soul Clap (Le Clap) and the launch of a new label Hold Youth with close friend Seuil. Hold Youth will be an ‘open-minded’ vinyl only label dedicated to putting out a wide range of music encompassing disco, house, techno, hip-hop, dubstep and anything in between. Upcoming label parties will no doubt shed more light on what’s in store. Le Loup is certainly not a single-minded artist and this is further displayed in his additional projects as Childhood 87 or his collaboration with Clement Meyer to become part of Get The Curse Music. As Le Loup he has delivered productions or remixes from various label heavyweights including Air Drop and Esperanza with a forthcoming EP soon to drop on Eklo. His soul-melting yet playful house sound has garnered support along the way from Seth Troxler, Damian Lazarus, Lee Curtiss and Jay Haze among others. As an increasingly prolific DJ, Le Loup has rocked parties around the globe, snapped up by major underground institutions such as The Wolf + Lamb Marcy Hotel, Dimuschi in Paris, Club De Visionaere in Berlin, Louche in Leeds and Half baked in London where he now a resident. As the creative young talent continues to spread his wings, you get the feeling the best is yet to come.

18 rating



CIRO LEONE (GLOBOX / PHAZE AUDIO - Napoli ITA) Born musically studying piano at the conservatory in Naples.

11 rating


Orlando (US)

For DJ Sebastian Paiza, music takes priority and isn't merely a hobby, but it is his belief that music is life in the form of a melody. Colombian born, moving to the big apple in the 90's at age 6, he was exposed to Electronic Dance Music by his older cousins at a very young age. Sebastian’s passion for EDM developed as he came into the night club scene and his music collection grew to the point where DJs were asking him for tracks. Becoming a DJ himself and sharing the music he loves from behind the decks was the inevitable next step. 

After getting his start DJing in Southwest Florida, Sebastian moved to Orlando where he quickly became a leader in the underground dance scene due to his dimensionality that always takes the crowd for a ride. His musical style is characterized by deep, dark grooves as he flows between Tech House, Deep House, and Techno. Having played virtually everywhere in Orlando and other prestigious venues in Florida, Sebastian settled into his residency at Suite B Lounge as host of Musique Mondays, a night respected within the scene for its adherence to underground dance music.  
Firmly established as a DJ, Sebastian has now spread his wings into the production realm having finished a number of tracks to date. Recently Sebastian has spent the 2012 summer season training in Ibiza, playing and producing, getting his sound ready for full exposure. You can keep up with Sebastian’s productions and remixes on SoundCloud- http://soundcloud.com/paiza-  and follow his vibe through his Code of Groove Podcast, a series of mix compilations demonstrating his distinct sound. 
His love for dance music coupled with his early success has led him to decide on making his living in the music industry. 

Keep an eye on Sebastian Paiza as he continues to evolve as an artist on a mission to share his sound with the world.

8 rating


Ibiza Talents / Music On / Tenax Recordings // London (ITA)

Tommy Paone & Marko Kay are the Neverdogs…

This two artists started to play separately in the early nineties. They met each other in 2000 in Florence where the Neverdogs project was born.

Breaking into the electronic/dance circuit in 2005, with the musicians Alessio Monizza and Davide Ruberto. This Italian duo has continued to advance their incredible reputation as both djs and producers. Now renowned in underground and influential industry circles, their dynamic sound is sought after by the most clandestine gatherings in Italy, Ibiza, London, Miami, Punta del Este and beyond. They regularly headline the globes finest establishments and seminal parties, and have honed their production skills with several exceptional releases. It’s been a special journey and mind-blowing trip…

Catapulted into the limelight during the summer of 2005 via a collaborative project with Italy’s most sought after events, the DocShow (a decadent melange of music, art & performance), the Neverdogs were suddenly on the radar. Next, taking flight to Ibiza and London, they relocated for the summer and winter seasons in 2006. On the white isle, the first of many residencies and regular appearances began at Ibiza institutions Privilege, Space, Zoo Project & Underground. In 2009, their already burgeoning Ibiza status exploded with the launch of the most exclusive Katamaran parties. Hosted by Sexy’n’Chic, guests including Villalobos, Jose De Divina, System of Survival and a host of others, joined Marko & Tommy for a musical voyage marvelled as one of the islands not-so-best-kept secrets…

Back in London for the winter months, they soon established regular appearances at two of the Capitals coolest parties, Retox (RIP!) & Follow Me, the latter of which they still hold down today along with it’s sister event, the elite and super secret ‘costume’ parties…

Keeping their first material to themselves and only to select dj friends, artists such as Steve Lawler, Pascal Feos, Satoshi Tomiie and many more became instant fans. Now releasing their productions onto labels, current material on Idea, Eukatech Records have found homes within Richie Hawtin, Timo Maas, Bushwacha!’s playlist’s. Next releases “Deep like you” on Digital Traffik, “Still in my town” on Pleiadians records and “Bram Land” will come out soon on Viva Music.

Also they have been playing alongside various artist such as: Locodice, Behrouz, Tania Vulcano, Dan Ghenacia, Shonky, Audiofly, Luna City Express, Lucio Aquilina…

2012 is looking very exciting indeed. Following a winter tour of South America and many more exquisite events back in Europe, Tommy & Marko recently played alongside to Craig Richards at Tenax (Italy) and at Move On Festival in Uruguay.

In the summer season 2012 so far they will be guests at the “Music On” the new party hosted by Marco Carola, being held at world famous Amesia in Ibiza. They are resident for the “Senses” party hosted by SexynChic at Ushuaia (Ibiza) and they will also play at OHM Festival in Croatia.

Their summer is shaping up to be bigger and better then ever before – watch this space!

2 rating


Get Physical / Kina Music / Viva Music // Londres (UK)

Driven, focused and a perfectionist are credentials that have been etched into the soul of John from a very young age. Living with his grandparents in a sleepy village in the New Forest, South England, John become independent and mature early in life.

Socialising with a much older age group was what exposed him to all aspects of youth culture when most his age were at home playing with toys and being read bed time stories. Although left to his own devices, John somehow remained grounded and disciplined when it mattered - life could have quite easily led him to self-neglect and destruction as many others do.

Heavily influenced by that of his older peers, including his brother, an interest developed in electronic music and at that time the rave scene in clubs and parties around the UK. Obviously too young to attend such events, mix tapes and recordings available from his local record shop were the only way to follow the development of the music. As dance music culture at the time became increasingly popular John was able to watch his brother practicing making mix tapes prior to his local gigs in Southampton and Bristol, which inevitably lead to him trying his hand at it himself. Slowly an addictive obsession and interest developed not only to practicing but also to buying vinyl, which still exists to this day.

When you are a teenager with very little money, the only way to feed a habit like this is to work in a record shop. Buying and selling the popular genres of electronic music to the aspiring and established local dj's, and in turn developing his own unique style, sound and understanding of djing and music progression. Not wanting to be pinned to one subgenre of 'house' music, and in an ideal position to experiment with the resourses at hand in the shop, the result is a dj who understands how to build energy, atmosphere and emotion buy playing music to a crowd of people. A style that is unique in feeling but always showcased with the danceflood in mind.

Johns desire to create seamless dj mixes and live performances that focus on the development of different moods, emotions and energies is what eventually gained him recognition with some of the top UK clubs. After a few years of playing locally, a need to perform to a more educated audience developed.

At this time, sending demo CDs out and being an excellent dj is all you needed to get the chance to play, and when johns first demo cd got into the hands of a handful of clubs it wasn't long before he was on the bill and holding down residencies at Turnmills in London, Club Class in Maidstone and Maison in Bournemouth - brushing shoulders with the elite of dj circuit at the time, serving his time as 'apprentice' and furthering his understanding of set building and warming up and supporting the headline performers.

A natural progression into music production followed, as a handful of successful colaborations under various alias' found their way into many djs record boxes and compilations CDs around the world. However, shortly after this time house music, and dance music generally began to take a hit as the music cycle turned away from dance music. Popular UK clubs closed their doors and many underground parties came to a end. Getting gigs and releasing music became more challenging. Mass vinyl releases were replaced by the digital format and free downloads. A club night in Bournemouth was Johns outlet for music expression for the next 3 years. Electric Playground was organised and promoted by himself and many talented and established DJ's were invited to entertain the local community that developed at the parties, the only one of it's kind in south England at the time.

Johns steady progression into music production over the last 3 years has become a key point in his profile, with releases on credible labels Viva Music (Faith In Music EP) and Metroline Limited (Midnight Souls EP & Lonely Knights EP) all of which have supported by the cream of electronic DJ’s worldwide. This has enabled him to release consistently and continue to develop his sound. Inevitably John’s DJ schedule is increasing and you can certainly expect to hear a lot more of him over the coming months.

5 rating


Below, La Peña ,murmur, Get Physical, Kindisch - Offenbach (DE)

....is murder!  Frankfurt/Main in the very early nineties. What wannabe-philosophers from todays
capital of Germany years later polemized as the Raving Revolution, was just under way. However
the Hessians preferred to party in Clubs like the Omen and Dorian Gray or organized small illegal
open air parties out in the woods rather than giving advantage to gigantic industrial ruins.

8 rating


Escada Music / Ibadan Records / Rekids / Plastic City // GREECE

Part of the exciting wave of Greek talents coming up in house and techno over the last decade, Nikola Gala is a prolific producer whose impeccably produced tracks have become big releases for Ibadan Records, Rekids, Freerange Records and Plastic City; all labels which represent true quality in the world of underground dance music. Armed with little more than a mixtape of random techno tunes and the first two albums of The Prodigy as a teenager, Nikola Gala embarked on his musical journey which has lasted over 15 years. Producing since 1995, DJ since 2000, Gala founded his own record label called Escada Music, has traveled with his music around to the world serenading dancefloors in Tokyo, London, Madrid, Moscow and Stockholm, and impressed even the most hardened dance music journalist and critic with his clever productions, and a comprehension of sound that knows no borders.

Nikola's musical output and DJ style has evolved and reinvented itself many times over the years, always incorporating fresh new elements while remaining relevant and interesting. In fact, after a perusal of Nikolas back catalog, one might wonder if there's something he isn't capable of producing! Nikolas first records of progressive house music were released on the most spotlight labels of the genre including Armada, Lost Language, Rennaisance, Intrinsic and Audio Therapy. In 2005 after switching to a more sophisticated, deep house style, Nikola was gaining attention for making rich tracks with a sharp tech edge, like "Everything Is You" on Stripped Records. "What helps me most in developing my sound" Nikola explains, "is the music scene itself. There are so many good producers releasing amazing material week by week, it's what pushes me to explore new sounds." This is precisely what he did in 2008 after dancing all night long to Âme. Nikola came home and wrote Kilo Tango the EP that would signify a major turning point in his career. Techno producer Jerome Sydenham would release Kilo Tango on his renowned label Ibadan, and later commission Nikola for yet another release. "Beyond Nikola's diverse creative talents", remarks Sydenham, "I really appreciate his inner balance as an individual and wish him only the best."

Since then, more excellent releases under Nikolas belt and a relocation to Berlin have only encouraged and fostered his promising career. Consider the passionate vibes of the track "Broken Chords" on Freerange, or the experimental ethno-mesmeric collaborations with Claap Records founder and good friend, GummiHz. Nikola is especially proud of his releases for Rekids - regarded by many as one of the leading record labels in the entire underground scene. Nikola acknowledges the move to Berlin has influenced his sound, but is quick to reassure us of another constant characteristic of his music: "I like to play energetic music with an uplifting character, even if I play deep or tech-house beats. People are going to clubs to have a good time and enjoy themselves, so bringing a smile to peoples faces is priority number one for me." Armed with undeniable talent, imagination and the gift of soulful expression, we can only imagine what the future holds for Nikola.

1 rating

DJ BEBZ aka Cleanmoog


Bertrand made his debut as a DJ in 1997, then joined the team in 2001 Phat Beatz music shop, with whom he will follow up dates in various bars and clubs in Paris.

87 rating


Melizma / Perlon / Playhouse // London (GER)

born in germany and partly raised in usa,spain and england, thomas melchior has been resident in london for over 20 years. there he also started his musical career as composer /singer and keyboarder in an arty/electronic five-piece band(Blipvert Bigtop) releasing records on their own label and performing in small london clubs.after downsizing and renaming to Ohm ,their fusing early electronic experimental and funkadelic based jazz and funk caught the attention of the likes of africa bambata,dj smash hunter(eightball) acid jazz and talking loud. A young judge jules who along with roy the roach (quaff records)and dan donovan(big audio dynamite)helped release some of their material.being ahead of their time success, ohm's "heady volt experience ep"(with it's fusion of jazz,techno,hip hop and funk)however had an undeniable influence on the much later emerging trip hop scene(james lavelle(mo wax)was an ardent admirer and put in his all time top 20).but times were a changing and thomas moved on to pioneer and explore other moods and grooves. with the arrival of an atari computer,he began to discover the world of reduced music making leading him to work and hang out with weird beat master j.saul kane (depthcharge)introducing him to the early london techno underground where he met with people like peter ford,mark moore,carl craig,stefan robbers etc.soon he was on his way to making tripped out electronica and in '92 thomas hooked up with multi instrumentalist tim hutton and started recording as vulva/yoni. quickly vulva caught ››

2 rating


Desolat / Defected // Mons (BEL)

Bimas Junior, born in 1980 in Mons, Belgium. He started loving music when he was a little boy by dancing on his father’s vinyl discs (wrong thing, he says!). As a teen-ager, he stopped dancing on discs and began listening to their sound, spending hours by the turntable, and remaining astonished on how a simple stylus could produce such a melody from a piece of plastic. When 12, along with his friends, as a play, he found
that mixing, cutting and pasting music could be fun! But soon the fun became a hard work, as he was using tapes on 2 analogic cassette decks and a small mixer to do the mixing. One day, at a friend’s house, when for the first time he saw 2 turntables, the music really changed! So, he set out on a journey to becoming a dj, by presenting his selected music at various feasts and pubs in his home area. Day after day he realized
that the music and him would never and ever separate. In 1998 he felt unhappy of simply mixing from vinyl, so he started exploring the idea of creating his own music that made him feel good. He began crossing the way to the music’s creative world and made his first experience in a little recording studio in Bologna, Italy. In 2000, together with friend Maks L.M., they were able to get their first vinyl printed. Bimas, whose
artistic name is the short combination of his first and last name, kept producing music in the little recording studio created with Maks; he went through various musical styles and sounds, from dance to trance, including techno and house music, pop/rock, chill
out and new age. On his journey, the guitar became Bimas new love and a push to exploring the inmost of music to complete himself. The artist stated “I felt incomplete without a musical instrument by my side”. In the following years and now, he is still knowing and collaborating with more and more people and artists of the discographic field that mean so much for his artistic education. As a dj, Bimas doesn’t go by all the rage or music trends; he simply presents and proposes the contemporary music he is fancy of and so far he meets appreciation at large. Bimas masters the ability to shift from the most aggressive sounds to deep or melodic ones with elegance and style. He is also influenced by some tribal sounds, electronic and power grooves. Bimas doesn’t
stick to a whatsoever model or idol, and he is free to appreciate anyone who can express their feeling, pleasure and fun with their music, no matter what kind. Bimas uses to say: “If I loved only one kind of music, I wouldn’t have a future with it!”. Bimas holds two certainties in his life: his family and his music.

0 rating

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