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Techsoul Records // (HUN)

George Papdi aka. Nastech born in 1982, Hungary.
He have dealed with electronic music since 2004.
At the beginning the most expected sound was techno, and after the deep house.

In the end of 2010 he started to write electronic music (deep house and tech-house).

He try to give his own atmosphere in his tracks, and try to express himself.
The big breakthrough in his career came, when he finished him first debut
EP called Every Morning (Empty Whisky Flask Record).

Anyone who has seen or heard an Nastech performance will know his Influenced by deep and there is a broad taste on music .

He's not just a producer, he often playing as a guest in many clubs and radio shows, example on Pure.Fm, Tunnel.Fm, Nugen.Fm,and gigs like Sziget Festival in Hungary!

In addition to performance he besides an increasing number of requests, to play around Budapest and all Hungary.

4 rating


Kling Klong // Athens (GRE)

“Don’t believe the hype, Keep it real!”

Hailing from the south side of Athens-Greece, Vangelis got recognised through the years via his music and hard work by a variety of respected personalities such as Mark Knight, Roger Sanchez, Martin Eyerer, John Acquaviva, and
many more
“No he didn’t pop yesterday”
Counting a career of more than 15 years in music industry, Vangelis Kostoxenakis established his name as a producer under his Angel Stoxx persona and is undoubtedly one of the most successful and respected house/tech house producers coming out of Greece. His catalogue counts more than 200 releases & remixes in top labels such as Toolroom, Kling Klong, CR2, Deeperfect, Hotfingers, Definitive & more while in 2011 topped Beatport position #5 in 100 general chart and #1 in tech house genre with “I dropped my E on the dancefloor” (Hotfingers). Since then his music regardless if it’s under his birth name, Angel Stoxx or Breaking Toys can be found
regularly within charts

"Music is Music"

Vangelis is at best a tri-polar musical personality. If its grooving and has funk he doesn’t care if its techno or deep house. That’s why in August 2013 he released with Italian d:vision records a commercial deep
house song.“LET'S GO " saw immediate success with radio stations, DJs and crowd showing their love while the song topped #3 in the International Top Airplay of Greece Chart, #2 iTunes (Greece), #4 in Shazam and over 1.9 mil Youtube views. Having conquered several top places in national radio charts, it was only a matter of time for the track to make a success across borders, highlighting BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howards shouting out on one of his shows how “dope” the track is. Now is considered a radio classic while remixes by Betook and Grum had similar club success. Watch out for him and catch him play in a city near you!

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Rejected / Sci+Tec / Remote Area // Amsterdam (NL)

It was Anton Pieete’s grandfather who stirred his grandson initial urge to make electronic music, by passing on his old synthesizer in 1997. And not without success. Now a days Anton Pieete is a key member of Amsterdam’s New School generation and is storming dance floors with his captivating take on contemporary techno. Innovative and in your face, his hybrid sound is steeped in industrial techno twisted with tough, edgy high-octane tech house.

Anton’s first big break came in 2008, when ‘Players’ on Intacto Records hit the #1 top spot on Beatport. Later in 2009 he shot up the charts again with ‘Siberian’ on Intacto Records, driving the international clubbing masses to the dancefloor. Also his collaboration with Bart Skils, as District One, brought the same insane effect on the partycrowd.

Applying the philosophy of ‘less is more’, then tweaking it with a heavier, ballsy sound, Anton has clearly carved a fresh, new direction for techno. His straight forward style seems to be exactly what people are longing for after years of clicking and clocking.

Whether he is DJing or igniting the crowd with his liveset, performing solo or as District One, he always cooks the floors, gaining him a global reputation for being Amsterdam’s contemporary techno master.

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Soma / Resopal // Barcelos (POR)

Lewis Fautzi / Nuklear Default , real name Luis Gonçalves, was born in 1991 in Barcelos, Portugal!Founder of Konstrukt Records, known for his unique groove who is impossible to be ignored by anyone at the dancefloor.

Luis´s life it´s in his studio. He almost sleeps there as tracks grow like mushrooms all the time, he is full of ideas , influences and with a big will to create , innovate and make his own mark on the electronic music.
He started quite young djing and producing, released in label´s as Konstrukt ( his own label ) , Resopal Schallware, Labrynth, Soma Records, Slap Jaxx, Spark Musik, Phobiq, Soniculture, Monocline among others…

He has been on the lab this last years listening to the finest techno all around the world from the 90´s to nowadays and taking his notes so after he can make his own interpretation of it. The dance scene at Portugal , specially in the north of Portugal was his motivation and kick off for the next step so he could get in to it and understand the real meaning of Techno or Electronic music.

He grown close to one of the most important clubs at Portugal in the end of the 90´s and early 2000, Vaticano Club, and for sure that was the click for Lewis to start looking at dance music in a different way because Vaticano was doing all the main underground artists on that time and kept doing them till 2004/5.

Result of his constant evolution and search for his unique sounds he recently started a new alter ego , Nuklear Default. An hypnotic live show where techno goes deep, dark and industrial responsible for an amazing electronic experience.

2 rating


One Records / Saved / Baalsaal // Birmingham (UK)

Samu.l is a name fast becoming synonymous with a distinct style of house and techno.

Focussing on the dancefloor, he creates deep, emotive tracks with a groove, and more often than not building to that perfect peak time moment.

Prominent labels including Saved and One Records have released his material, with regular support from the likes of Marco Carola and Steve Bug.

His sets are a representation of his own sound, with rolling basslines and a stripped-back style capable of adapting to any set time. He has performed at some of the UK's best institutions including Fabric, Fuse, Lo*kee and Below.

He constantly experiments and evolves his sound in the studio and has a number of exciting new productions and remixes to be released.

2 rating


Gomma / SSHO / BBE // Paris (FR)

It was DJing that gave 36-year-old Dimitri his start more than a decade ago, when the European radio station CFM hired him to mix records on the air. Because of what he describes as a lack of dance remixers in France, his career in radio led to his being asked to rework tracks for various artists, among them Björk, New Order, and the Brand New Heavies. Along the way he was hired by chic fashion designers like Chanel, Gaultier, and Lagerfeld to put together soundtracks for runway shows and boutiques.

"What happened was that I started DJing and then there were more and more tools -- technical tools -- available to us DJs that would allow us to make more creative things and eventually to make our own music without actually knowing how to play a particular instrument. With the advent of samplers and other machines at a budget that made them accessible in the mid '80s, we started making our own tracks. I was also learning the process of how a track is constructed by doing remixes for people. Finally, I was able to produce my own tracks."

11 rating


Moon Harbour Recording - Vienne (AUT)

Andy Catana is a founding member of the respected Austrian label “Do Easy Records”. After years of
“practicing” on the decks in his home of Upper Austria, he finally made the move to Vienna where he made a
name for himself as a MNML resident every Thrusday. Within a short time, gigs in Romania, Germany,
Switzerland, Italy and Spain followed, as well as performances in almost all major clubs in Austria. He has
performed together with artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Raresh, Tania Vulcano, OnurÖzer,
Rhadoo, and Oliver Koletzki. His own releases followed soon after and were quickly charted on Beatport.
Andy Catana - Blue Collar / Moonharbour Rec. /2011
Andy Catana - Ironia / Do Easy Rec. /2009
Patlac - Cedar (Catana & Lehner Rmx) / Do Easy Rec. /2008
•  moonharbour.com/booking  •  get in contact with Marthe  •  marthe.howitz@moonharbour.com

9 rating


Soma / Mobilee // Glasgow (UK)

SLAM ON FIRE: The last few years have been the most prolific period in Slam’s career. Performing dynamic sets at many leading festivals including Time Warp, Mayday, Bestival, Glade, Awakenings, Glastonbury, Monegros and T In The Park. They have also played at some of the world’s best clubs including the legendary Womb in Tokyo, Cocoon in Frankfurt, Rex in Paris and Berlin's infamous Watergate and Berghain. Their Soma Records label hit its 20th birthday in 2011, which is a great achievement in any industry never mind the fickle music business. In this prestigious year Slam were also nominated as the ‘Greatest Dance Act of All Time’ in the institutional UK Dance music magazine Mixmag.

SOMA RECORDS: SLAM are the proud co-owners of Soma, which now in its 21st year, continues to be one of the world’s leading purveyors of cutting edge electronic music. As well as introducing and developing many new acts and album projects, Soma’s recent releases have included singles and remixes from artists including The Black Dog, Adam Beyer, Joris Voorn, Silicone Soul, Gary Beck, Surgeon, Loco Dice, Mark Broom, Nick Curly, Matthias Tanzmann, Pan-Pot, Carl Craig, Radio Slave and Sebo K. Big names. Big tracks! Slam's latest release on Soma is 'Old School Jams for the New Republic'; a two track EP of powerful dancefloor burners.

PARAGRAPH: The first release 'City Destroyer', with its crisp electronic sound-scapes, secured club plays and support from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer and Laurent Garnier. Since then Paragraph has combined Slam’s love and talents for both Techno & House to great effect. Massive tracks like 'Hot Knives', 'Variance', 'We Doin’ This Again' and 'Room 2' have been working crowds the world over. Slam's 'Alliances' series, has also commenced on Paragraph with collaborations between Slam and their friends and peers. The first release was with Gary Beck and is soon to be followed by collabs with Pan-Pot & Italo Boyz. Their Return To Mono residency at Glasgow's Sub Club has also etched its way into the Paragraph label through the 'RTM Project'. This concentrates on the housier side of the duos productions.

RELEASES & REMIXES: As well as a string of monster tracks on their own Paragraph and Soma labels, this prolific period has seen Slam releasing singles and remixing on other imprints including Planet E, Figure, Ovum, and Mobilee. Following on from their 'Old School Jams for the New Republic' is the 'Capana' release on Len Faki's Figure imprint, which includes a remix from Gary Beck. Slam have also been tied closely with Drumcode, most recently destroying clubs with 'Vespula' , the 5th Slam single for Adam Beyer. The duo have also remixed Spencer Parker, Christian Smith, Josh Wink, Paul Ritch, Pan-Pot, Radio Slave & Paperclip People, many of which are combined with Slam’s Paragraph, Figure and Drumcode singles on the Soma-released Slam album 'Collecting Data'.

3 rating


Get Physical - London - Barcelona (GBR)

Although widely regarded as a member of the true A-list of dance music, both in terms of production, DJing and label management, it was a chance meeting led to Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito, an audio engineer/musician and working dj respectively, becoming Audiofly back in 2002.
Middleton was, in typical boffin style, experimenting with live surroundsound while Saporito was acting as in-house music selector at prestigious London store Selfridges but the pair decided to down tools and throw everything at their shared love of house music.
A bold move, but one which immediately began to pay off. The Audiofly name started to crop up regularly in the London scene and beyond via a series of edits, remixes and releases for underground imprints such as Fantastic House
and Deleted.

10 rating


Catwash Records / Get Physical / Safari Electronique // Leeds (UK)

James Barnsley's focus for the last 5 years has been his music production. Being a lover of house music from his early teens James's musical talent and hard work in the studio has already paid off, seeing him signed to some of the worlds leading heavy weight labels such as Get Physical, Murmur, Safari Electronique, Catwash, and Overall Music as well as receiving remix requests from the likes of Pura Music.

His Production like his Dj’ing has received a great amount and support from world premier dj’s such as Richie Hawtin, Steve Bug, D’julz, Josh Wink and Chris Carrier amongst others. With his catchy and tight production shown in tracks such as 'Acid Tambourine' and 'Oh SHit' and his forth coming 'Spellbinder EP' on Innercircle, James keeps things real and underground and his music always works the dance floor!

As a young DJ James got his residency at the world renowned Back to Basics. He is also the owner of the infamous 'Stinky's Peephouse' which is one of Leeds best clubs where James spins regularly alongside some of the best DJ’s in the world and some of his main influences, such as Kerri Chandler, D'julz  to name a few. The club was also home for 6 years to the Back to Basics . As well as Basics James has also played guest slots at some of the UK's leading club nights gigs like Mulletover, Just Jack and Below as well as many gigs across europe.

Watch this space as there is a lot more to come from this talented lover of all things house over the next year.

5 rating


Geneve (SUI)

Enzo was born in 1990 in the French Alpes. Thanks to his dad, he discovered little by little music, especially Jazz and Blues with artist such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Sonny Boy Williamson…For him, Jazz is the basis of all kind of music. At first, Enzo was a Rap Underground lover but at the age of 16 he discovered what was House music when he bought his first records from Defected In The House Label.

He found really interesting the fact that he could find some jazzy touch in House music but also the mix with percussions and beats.

In 2009, his point of view of House music knew a turning point when Enzo heard for the first time a mix of Nima Gorji. This was exactly what he was looking for. He started then to follow Nima’s style, discovering this underground atmosphere.

Everything came into real in the Summer 2011, when Enzo worked hard to pay his first CD players and mixer. He set up in his house a small area where he could play and record his first mix.

11 rating


Just Jack // Bristol (UK)

2 rating

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