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Vertige Ep


Plaisir records / PLA002

The Adventure continues for Plaisir Records with his 2nd Release made by Ali Moghrani with a remix from Faster! 

Here, you're going to get into a twisted club atmosphere where basslines will catch you forever. Vertige' will raise your feelings and make you go between melancholia and full energy at the same time, with the coexistence of violins, round bass and disconstructed voice. Inconnue' will bring sun into your mind and your smile will instinctively appear, synth is growing slowly between the beats to get as high as possible.

Vertige Faster remix' makes you enter directly in its sweaty mental mood from beginning to end with its voices manipulation and its acid component that makes your mind disconnect from reality.

Superimposed Ep


Gruuv / GRU043

Gruuv welcome Spirit Catcher and Raxon to the fold, with label heads Audiojack joined by Borrowed Identity and Kindimmer on remix duties.



L.I.E.S / Lies-019.5


a few back in!!
a true bomb of a 12" from 2104... repressed with L.I.E.S label artwork ..had to be done. Dope underground anthems ...don't miss.. TIP! 
House Of Jezebel /MagnesII


Voyage Direct / VD 22LP1

Voyage Direct's message comes through loud and clear on the label's first compilation, a collection that takes in both unreleased tracks and a hand-picked selection of classics from the imprint's first five years..

Rack and Run Ep


8Bit / 8bit092

Web TV


8 rating


7 rating


5 rating




Originally from Toulouse (FRANCE) and DJ since 1982

26 rating


Grand Canal Records // (ITA)

Max D. Blas is the main resident of AltaVoz, in the last years one of the best events of electronic music in Italy.
He starts djing in the 90's and in the past ten years he plays in the most important italian and international clubs.

This background makes of Max D. Blas a complete artist with a great feeling of the dancefloor.
Since 2010 he starts his career of producer and publishes his first single "Do My Best" on the world famous Acumen's label Time has Changed together with Cosmic Cowboys.

This year he has uno vinyl coming out on berlin based labels Waldliebe Familien with the EP "You Belong To This" with remixes by Dorian Paic and Markus Fix.
In may 2012 he starts his first label "Grand Canal" with the VA "Sounds of AltaVoz" that includes several AltaVoz artists and his track "Banquero".

His sound is a fine blend of precious and powerful deep and techy
grooves perfect to inflame every dancefloor.



Gran Canal records:

Grand Canal Records is a label founded by Max D. Blas, promoter and co-founder of AltaVoz, one of the most innovative electronic music events, famous all over Italy.

In the last years AltaVoz has given a big contribute for the development of a variety of new artists and Grand Canal is ment to be the container for their experiences and for artistic expressions of new talents in the Italian and international scene who intends music as a passion and not as a business.

The first release of Grand Canal is a Various Artists of the AltaVoz producers that wants to be the manifesto of the label and of its differently shaped styles that move between house, deep house and goes to tech house.

The following releases, published sometimes on vinyl and digital, will host not only AltaVoz artists but new names of the Italian and international scene as well as international well-known artists such as Markus Fix, Dorian Paic and more.

7 rating


Moroko Loko / Death by Analog / Casbour Records // Casablanca (MRC)

Driss Skali was born august 1979 in the famous city of Casablanca, Morocco. In 1997, Driss found his passion; Electronic music.
His love for music was so intense that he journeyed to Montreal to broaden his horizons and allow him to live for his passion.
Once in Montreal, he got a job at Terminal Records. Being surrounded by established djs, only fueled his passion further. Over
the past decade, Driss has learned to blend house, tech house, and minimal to his own blend of house music. Perfecting his
skills allowed him the opportunity to play some of Montreal's hottest clubs: Living Room, Stereo Bar, Tribe HyperClub, and
UpperClub. He also held a successful residency at the world famous, Aria After Hours.
Driss has shared the decks with international Stars like, Steve Lawler, Tiesto, Danny Tenaglia, Mylo, Nick Warren, Carl Cox
among many others. He also played major events like Sundance Music Festival and the Playa Gathering Tour.
Driss is enjoying enormous success as a Circus After Hours resident headlining monthly and playing alongside world-renowned
djs on occasion. He is also a Pacha resident in Marrakech for the We Love Morocco Nights, and newly, and proud resident of
Moroko Loko !

12 rating



Circo Loco, DC10, Ibiza 2011 marked a strong comeback for New York's
Filsonik after a few quiet years spent in the environs of his home town.  As a
close artistic collaborator of fellow NYC Puerto Rican artists, The Martinez
Brothers, he spent three months filming and traveling with the boys
throughout Europe this past summer.  Along with The Martinez Brothers,
Filsonik played two times at Circo Loco at DC10 this past summer and is
looking forward to a 2012 residency in Ibiza with additional appearances at
their worldwide events.

19 rating


Pass par too // Dusseldorf (GER)

"Everything is connected!" is a definite for the Moroccan Rachid Dehhani.
Ho was born in CasablancaThe term culture should not be looked up in a dictionary, but should come from the heart.
Throughout his Life, the dialectic between music, fashion and art flows authenticly into a fine and melodic symbiosis.
So as a DJ in Düsseldorf and Cologne, the “bon viveur” has never pushed himself to the fore, but has nevertheless quickly found a place in the hearts of his audience through his authentic and unique style.
This is where he musically combines the energy he draws from his environment, and transcends it to his audience in the form of rhythmic warmth and an extravagant definition of CrossOver. Keep the vibe brother.
From this point on...we look beyond our horizon..

8 rating


Illusion Records // Manchester (UK)

Tom Craven hails from the northern strong hold of Manchester, UK. From the Stone Roses to the Hacienda to the house parties of modern times, the city's ever-changing music scene has always been a major influence, be it inspirational or reactionary! The Hacienda was the club that first sparked Tom's imagination at the age of 16 as he began his journey through all things house, but the clubs subsequent demise and the inability for the city to fill the void created by the loss of its favourite son, made Tom look further a field for inspiration and direction. In 1997 Tom moved over the Pennines to Leeds to study Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds. As the Manchester party scene was living on past glories, Leeds was on the crest of a wave with seminal clubs like Back2Basics and Hard Times leading the way - it wasn't long before Tom was hooked and started DJing and spending his entire student loan on his new vinyl addiction! But as house music got more saturated and more formulaic in the late 90's, Tom explored the more experimental, dubby, stripped down beats synonymous with Basics and the Hacienda and, it was these years that played a major influence on his future musical development. This evolutionary process is still pivotal in Tom's music today, always trying to push things forward, , whilst staying true to his roots.

The last few years have been something of a whirlwind. After graduating from University in 2002, Tom put all post-University job ambitions on hold, packed a few bags of records and headed off to live in Ibiza for four crazy summers. Over four amazing years he gradually worked his way up through the ranks from cool bars and villa parties to landing a much lauded summer residency with close friend Dave Sandford as DAT Elektronique in the Red Box at We Love... Sundays at Space. Things would never to be the same after this point! Tom came home that summer and found himself DJing at some of the coolest parties across the UK and, inspired by the music, people and parties of a crazy summer, Tom became influential in developing the foundations of two of the best parties in the UK. The amazing Below parties in an open-aired Victorian warehouse in Birmingham and, the Space Ibiza inspired line-ups of the Dirty Disco in Leeds. Both parties, held in some of the most amazing venues in the UK instantly became the two most talked about parties in England, booking the freshest, most cutting edge DJs/artists in the world, whilst pushing the music forward and creating that special party atmosphere.

With the huge success of Below and the Dirty Disco, Tom decided it was time to create his own legacy in his hometown of Manchester and in the summer of 2006 BackToFront was born. Created out of necessity and the need to create a small, intimate, fun party; BackToFront showcases forward-thinking house music in some of the craziest and most interesting venues in Manchester (and the UK). Through carefully selected residents and guest DJs/artists from around the globe, BackToFront has become one of the most loved and talked about parties in the UK. For its first year BackToFront was held at the now legendary but now defunct CAST skateboard shop (ramp included!) in Manchester's bohemian Northern Quarter, introducing to Manchester for the first time international luminaries such as Mike Shannon, Jay Haze, Cassy, Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, Mara Trax and Agnes, whilst introducing some of best new talent the UK has to offer in residents Adam Shelton and Adam Proctor and good friends such as Jamie Jones, Matthew Styles, Hector, Inxec, Subb-an and Matt Tolfrey. Since the early days of the CAST skate shop parties, BackToFront has taken residence in quirky art galleries, dance studios, transvestite hotels and even proper clubs (!) but wherever BackToFront resides there are always a few constants; good music, quirky venues, a great crowd and a fun party! The success of BackToFront and his other residencies in Leeds, Birmingham and London has bought Tom many plaudits and recognition and has made him one of the most in-demand, up-and-coming house and techno DJs in the UK, keeping Tom and his deep, groovy, intelligent house sound on constant rotation around the coolest parties in the UK and Europe; from London to Glasgow to Barcelona and everywhere in between.

Tom has recently set up a new side project with fellow BackToFront resident Adam Proctor called Protocol, a new production and DJ duo focussed at exploring all facets of house music! These guys have been tipped for big things in 2009, so watch this space (www.myspace.com/protocolbeats) ! With a busy DJ schedule taking in all corners of the globe, Tom is definitely one to watch for 2009.... but don't take our word for it!

5 rating


Systematic Recordings / Diynamic Music // FR

French dj / producteur of techno music..

0 rating



Ezechiel Pailhes     (left)
Nicolas Sfintescu    (right)

Nicolas Sfintescu aka DJ Freak - founder member of the label Circus Company - and his stage partner, the brilliant Ezechiel Pailhes are together: Nôze, an adventurous electro band from Paris, being praised by the press since their live gig at the 2005 Sonar Festival. Nôze are voted as the third hottest live act ever seen in 2006 by the readers of Germany´s greatest magazine for electronic aspects: De-Bug.

FREAK, starting as Hip Hop artist, also produces and co-produces music for other highly regarded artists like ARK or JAMIE LIDELL. Nicolas Sfintescu is Mr 100.000 Volt who’s bulb has no expire date.
?Nôze are two comrades, two troublemakers, full of life, joy and happiness, often wearing their straw hats and stripping of their clothes at the end of their show after musically anything has been touched. A touch of Summer even in the deepest Winter.
They are coming with a lot of gear, playing real instruments like the Korg MS20 and the digital legend Korg M1. Supported by their music computers, the big mixing desk as the core and their own voices, they create a unique show on any stage, taking the vibes of the club up to the max!

13 rating


Bacon Hill // Sevilla (ES)

Fonsi Arjona: Alfonso (FON) was born in Seville in 1982. His interest in dance music started in the late 90's musical wave bands like The Prodigy, Apollo 440 and especially The Chemical Brothers, with the album "Surrender" as he call it “a piece of art”. His DJ career began in the record store Union Records, where he started a great friendship with Javy Union and Lady k @ Packa, and his interest in electronic music developed much further. Shortly after he became responsible for the selection and distribution in the record store enjoying interaction with customers, side by side with Dani de Jota, another legend of the Seville electronic scene.
Behind the Union Records Store´s  decks would finally be where he got a refined technique, an elegant mix and mathematician as well as learning about music selection in the best enviroment. His first live sessions were in a small venue called Zona Franca. Over time he found his place in the city sharing the bill at parties organized by Union Productions and Chroma Events, with artists likes Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, James Holden, Jon Gaiser, Fabrizio Maurizi, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Surgeon , Toby Neuman, Heartthrob, Guido Schneider, J. Paul Ritch L. Magoya, Cristian Varela or Oscar Mulero and others.
His musical style goes from deep house to a more rhythmic techno, going through a wide range of electronic sounds, with some of his favourite labels being Refernecia Visioquest, Pocker Flat, Monique Music, Record Mobille, Upon.You, Highgrade Records, Desolat, Cocoon , Robsoul, Hypercolour, Kote Records, Ovum Recordings, Rekids, Dirtybird, you can tell how much quality we can find on his sets.
Actually busy working with Curro Riera and Octavio in their Bacon Hill project, being key to tasks like curating,  organizing, and performing monthly at Sala Cosmos.
Fonsi Arjona sees himself running an underground night regularly in Seville in a few years. He believes in the good musical taste of the Andalusian public, and he wants to be part of a big development of the club scene in South Spain. We´ll be waiting to see his interesting input to the electronic music world.

12 rating


WE Love Space / Moda Music // London (UK)

Jaymo & Andy George have built an entire world… and that world is Moda.

From an intimate gathering of music loving friends, to thousands of people losing their minds in dark warehouses, disused theatres, abandoned cellars and globally renowned clubs; the venues may change but Moda's ethics stay the same - forward thinking music, ground-breaking DJ's and a party that will stay with you forever.

Since meeting in 2008 Jaymo & Andy have established one of the UK's most dynamic music brands, set-up two successful record labels, performed two live Radio 1 Essential Mixes, produced a cover-mount CD for Mixmag and secured two of the most important residencies in the world; We Love… Space in Ibiza and Fabric London.

Their obsessive approach to finding new music has lead to an ongoing relationship with Radio 1, where the guys can often be found sharing their favourite records with millions of worldwide listeners.

As well as releasing music from established acts, J&AG have gained respect for finding the best emerging talent, with artists such as Hot Since 82, Disclosure and Plezier all releasing on their Moda Black record label.

Moda Black also provides a platform for J&AG's original productions, with recent releases such as The Hump and How It Goes getting huge love from the likes of Claude VonStroke, MANIK, Dusky and Catz n Dogz.

Whilst 2012 marked the release of the debut Moda Black Album (13 exclusive tracks by the labels artists and extended family, mixed by J&AG), countless festivals and their return residency at We Love… Space and Fabric London, 2013 promises to be even more exciting for Jaymo & Andy George, with some of their biggest ever projects about to unfold…

3 rating


Signatune Records // London (FR)

Born and raised in Paris, he started with turtablism. He was very passionate about funk music samples, soul and hip hop music. ?Hip hop encouraged him to start producing and creating his own music at the beginning of 2000. He then started drifting from hip hop to house music which enabled him to better express and enhance his personal style. ?Through the years he kept enriching his style through several residencies in Parisian clubs and radios and it was in 2009 that he decided to focus in the producing side of the music.

6 rating


Get Physical / Area Remote / Bla Bla // El Cartel De Medellin (COL)

Jose M. & TacoMan is a project created in the middle of 2010 with the intention of doing a unique sound led to the dance floor defined as Funky Deep Tech.

His work together marked the difference in the industry and instantly their tracks achieve positions in Beatport tops and various specialty shops.

Their tracks are in the cases of legendary DJs like Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Joris Voorn, Umek, Sebastien Leger, Popof, Dave Clarke, Mark Knight, René Amesz, Gel Abril, Tom Hades, Andrea Doria, John Acquaviva, Alex Celler, Audiojack, Mathias Kaden, Mendo, Kaiserdisco, Nic fanciulli, Jay Lumen etc

Recently signed to major labels as Get Physical, BlaBla, Material, Trapez etc having a large catalog on vinyl and digital format.

They have performed in countries such as Holland, Spain, Italy, Panama, and at home have monthly residency at the clubs Mansion and Wild Club Medellin city also miss some of the important festivals as UltraMar and Open Minds Festival.

This duo does not stop and this year we have many music surprises!

Beatport Jose M

Beatport TacoMan


1 rating

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