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Aeon / AEON009

AEON009 is expertly crafted by AEON labelboss and veritable wunderkind of the multi-faceted anologue electronic, German DJ and producer Alex Niggemann. As a firm believer that a collection of music should unravel and develop like the plot of a good book, this EP is an apt offering from the German maestro, who has recently seen (and is still seeing) underground chart success with his release 'Materium' on Poker Flat, as the likes of Sven Vath, Tale of Us and Mano le Tough continue to drop it to revering masses across the globe. Following successful releases on Poker Flat, Compost Black Label and Last Night On Earth to name a few, 'Abaton' carries on his chameleonic success. The title track highlights Niggemann's affinity with texture and genre- defying sound, as he mixes ethereal chords with stark ashen synths for a truly goose bump- inducing musical experience. First on remix duty is the outfit Quantum Entanglement, comprised of Lee Jones and Fink, who provide a somewhat mellow interpretation, leading into a satisfying deeper progression. Irish producer Chymera evokes an eery landscape with his rework of the track, with the tentative sound of synths juxtaposed with murkier sonic trails and a tiptoeing bassline. Niggemann rounds off the EP with 'Tripping Minds' - a maze of rhythmic curlicues that dance around melancholic pads and descend over a bassline that truly packs a punch, causing the listener to yearn for a dancefloor, or reminisce on a past moment of musical clarity that can only come from the most prolific of music. The fifth track is a Beatport exclusive in the form of a Lee Jones remix. This collection of intelligent, almost lugubrious sonic expression is a fitting display of how far Alex Niggemann, and indeed his AEON label have come; catapulting you into a darker, more aggressive and impressive world of musical capability.



Systematic Recordings / SYST00202



Soul Clap Records / SCR014

Secret Handshake Ep


Get physical Music / GPM283

After featuring a new version of the popular 'NY Drive' on Get Physical's 'Body Language Volume 15' compilation by DJ T., teuton duo Tapesh and Kevin Over are back on Get Physical Music by way of their fresh new 'Secret Handshake EP'. The release features three ice-cold tracks that ooze street cool, all the way from its eponymous opening, Secret Handshake, with its bubbling rhythms and long, sweet buildup, to Junior Street's soulful vocals set against a chill, heavy backdrop, and on to U Brother, closing it all with hypnotic broken beats. Sprinkled with vinyl-popping accents and a couple of vocal nods to our soulful musical forefathers, Tapesh and Kevin Over's 'Secret Handshake EP' maintains that same NY feel that brought them to Get Physical Music in the first place.

Black Drop Effects


Aeon / AEON008

'Black Drop Effects' is named after the Black Drop Effect, the dark bridge which appears to join two almost-touching bodies against bright light: famously, Venus becoming teardrop- shaped on its transit across the sun, just before it moves into the darkness of space. All four tracks on this EP from Italian-born producer Palese are named after scientific aspects of the planet Venus, confirming that industrial can most certainly still be intriguing. The EP surprises you with twists and turns, defying any stereotypical assumption of techno being all uniform monotony. Here, with each hi hat and rolling bassline, Palese weaves a multi-coloured fabric for the listener - great quality techno, the type that makes your nose tingle. Kicking off with 735K (the surface temperature of Venus), don't expect to be eased in gently, as this is a worthy cut with a tempo tough enough to shake the walls of Amnesia's Main Room. Next, fellow Italian duo Speaking Minds step in, revving up the original whilst creating a more melancholic soundscape, showcasing their penchant for melodic electronic. Transit of Venus is the epitome of deep, trippy and dancefloor-ready, steering the listener into murkier unknown waters, and preparing them for the heaviest track on the EP, 4.9, titled after the planet's brightness... and this is a hefty wedge of carnal techno that the rest of the EP has you panting for. Palese has achieved what every artist creating a new (planetary) body of work sets out to do - each track strong enough to stand (and in fact raise a dancefloor) on its own, but an EP that as a whole tells a story, shooting the listener into a delirious galactic techno trance.

Web TV


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Phobiq recordings // Napoli (ITA)


Sasha Carassi is one of those artists who exudes the air of a seasoned veteran, but this is not just because of the years he has been making noise in the industry; it's his unparalleled skill and work ethic that places him in such a revered position.

2010 was a seminal year for Sasha, as he managed to rise above the flux of producers hailing from his native Napoli. By leaving his mark on labels such as Drumcode, Harthouse, Sleaze, Weave and many others, he established himself firmly in the world of serious Techno which nods slyly to the dark side.

All of this well-deserved hype brought on remixes and collaborations with the most important world techno artists who, along with Sasha, lead the way in this scene.

Sasha Carassi's plan could not be complete without his Techno love-children, Globox Recordings and Phobiq Recordings. Artists such as Jerome Sydenham,The Advent & Industrialyzer,Secret Cinema,Slam,Samuel L Session,Mikael Jonasson, Space Djz, Matador and a slew of talented producers pushing the Techno envelope have all graced the labels over the past few years.

No stranger to the road, Sasha has been a staple in major festivals and prestigious clubs worldwide, with the added bonus that you can catch him showing off his skills on the decks with actual vinyl, since he himself has been an avid collector since the late 80s.



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Fantastic Friends / Cityfox / Kiara Records // Zurich (SUI)

Driven by the love of music Reto Ardour already looks back on a 10 years dj-history. At an early stage of his career he was resident of an infamous Zurich party brand, hosting club nights in top clubs all around Switzerland and he also released his first mix-compilation for Universal Music.
Nowadays Reto is resident of the well-known Zurich club-institutions Hive and Zukunft and known for his quality and innovative dj-sets, which range from modern house to techno, thanks to his broad knowledge of music. Besides his residencies he plays regularly all around Switzerland for renowned labels like Cityfox, DekaDance (Vision festival), Hive Audio, as well as internationally (Watergate, Ritter Butzke & Katerholzig Berlin, Sonar Off Barcelona etc.).
Reto is an ambitious producer too and busy in the studio, which he shares with long-term partner Benja, since many years. Together as well as a solo-artist, releases appeared on labels like Cityfox, Hive Audio, District Raw, Kiara and Baalsaal so far and there’s much more to come.
Ambitious as he is, he doesn’t want to rest on one’s laurels and he is working hard in the studio – so keep your ears peeled!
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Turbo Recordings / Overlee Assembly // London (UK)


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Drumcode / CLR // Caserta (ITA)

Now recognized as one of the principal profiles in techno, Joseph Capriati has established a reputation as a universally popular and in-demand talent. A naturally charismatic DJ with a back catalogue of standout productions, Joseph is an instinctive performer with a genuine enthusiasm for entertaining. Widely regarded as one-to-watch since making his production debut in 2007, Capriati’s rise to prominence has been relentless. Established as a key artist for Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label; resident at Marco Carola’s ‘Music On’ events in Ibiza; a priority artist for global festival brands Awakenings, Time Warp, Monegros, Tomorrowland and Kazantip; and a firm favorite with club crowds across Europe and North & South America; Joseph Capriati is a unique artist within the electronic scene, whose powerful performances and musical magnetism spontaneously attract affection from fans and peers alike, marking him out as a leading light amongst the next generation of international techno headliners.

2013 was a landmark year for Joseph Capriati. Not only did he release his sophomore 'Self Portrait' album on Drumcode, but the inspirational Italian lit up marquee events across the globe including Berghain Berlin, Space Miami, Pacha New York, Output New York, Stereo Montreal, Cocorico Riccione and Cavo Paradiso Mykonos, plus a festival-hopping summer schedule and a truly magical Ibiza season which saw Capriati complete a euphoric eight-date residency for Music On at Amnesia and make two unforgettable appearances for Circo Loco at DC10. All this comes on top of a series of impressive firsts, including closing the main room of the internationally respected Time Warp Festival in Mannheim; an all-conquering coast-to-coast tour of USA; a marathon 12-hour set in front of a sold-out 7000 capacity Metropolis club in his home town of Naples, and invitations to play back-to back sets with Marco Carola, Danny Tenaglia, Adam Beyer, Dubfire and Dave Clarke. It therefore comes as little surprise to even the most casual observers of Techno that Joseph Capriati’s name now appears as top billing at the most high profile events worldwide. Acknowledged everywhere he goes as an ambassador for the new techno cohort, Joseph is adored by his rapidly growing army of dedicated fans for his honest and humble approach to his art.

Nowhere is this adulation more evident than in the front few rows of any Joseph Capriati gig. One of an exclusive club of touring DJs who don’t just travel to their audience but actually attract an audience to their shows from outside the host country, Joseph Capriati fans travel miles across countries and continents to follow his sound. They are easy to spot with their Italian flags adorned with 'King Capriati' slogans and chants of 'Nap-O-Li, Nap-O-Li'. Those unable to travel have been able to follow Joseph’s landmark shows thanks to his popularity with the audience of live-streaming broadcaster, Be-At.TV, who have covered multiple Joseph Capriati events including his closing set at Time Warp Mannheim, a back-to-back session with Dave Clarke at Awakenings Eindhoven, a guest appearance at Victor Calderone’s Pacha Pool Party at WMC Miami, Drumcode showcase events at ADE AMsterdam and BPM Festival Mexico, and Joseph’s 12-hour marathon sets at Metropolis Naples and Cocorico Riccione. This global popularity is testament to the focus, preparation and energy that Joseph pours into every gig, in spite of an increasingly hectic touring schedule that saw Capriati complete over 130 appearances in 25 countries during 2013.

Despite being a DJ first and producer second, the strength of Joseph Capriati’s production portfolio can be measured in both the projects with which he has been involved and the chart success his releases achieve. A principle act for Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label, November 2013 saw the release of Capriati’s ‘Self Portrait’ album on Drumcode with tracks such a 'Fratello', 'Awake', 'Basic Element' and 'This Then That' captivating new and old Capriati fans alike. More than just a collection of singles, the project illustrated Capriati's ability to spread his studio wings as he brought together a range of influences under a techno motif, illustrating the depth to his music that has seen the Capriati sound enchant dance floors globally and propel Joseph to be central character in the rising popularity of techno worldwide; helping the genre penetrate into remote markets such as South Africa and Honduras as well as traditionally mainstream territories such as Ibiza.

Having made his debut for Marco Carola’s vibrant Music On brand in summer 2012, playing six memorable sets in the legendary main room of Amnesia, over the course of Music On’s opening term, including their closing party, Joseph Capriati returned to Ibiza in 2013 as an official resident for Music On, playing eight parties across the entire four-month season and in the process making the Amnesia main room all his own with his powerful, emotive techno providing the perfect foil to the sultry, energetic grooves with which Marco Carola ruled the Amnesia Terrace. However, Capriati's 2013 Ibiza season didn't stop there with a headline set at the Amnesia Opening party and two show-stopping appearances for Circo Loco at DC10 completing his schedule. Such a continuous and high profile presence on The Island has without doubt raised Capriati's global currency, manifesting itself in a 56 place ranking in Resident Advisor's Top 100 DJ's of 2013 poll and a nomination in the Techno category of DJ Awards Ibiza.

Born and raised in the southern Italian city of Caserta, less than 30km from Naples, Joseph Capriati’s emergence as significant force within Techno continues the strong lineage of talent from the city as he follows in the footsteps of Marco Carola, Rino Cerrone, Gaetano Parisio and Markantonio. Having grown up on a diet of early hip hop and classic house from the likes of Masters At Work, Todd Terry and Eddie Amador, Capriati bought his first DJ console at the tender age of 11; cutting his teeth playing to his friends in garages and basements after school. It was not until he was old enough to attend his first rave party that his passion for techno over-shadowed his early musical influences and set in motion the journey that has taken him to the position he is in today. As Joseph himself remembers, “the first time I heard techno was at Old River Park in Naples in 2003. It was a 12 hours party with Dave Clarke, Billy Nasty and Rino Cerrone. I was totally impressed by that sound and something in my mind changed.”

Inspired and energized, Joseph made the leap into production; slaving away on a home PC and hi-fi speakers, honing his skills for three years and eventually creating his first important records like C’est La Vie and Microbiotik which found their way on to two of the most influential Neapolitan techno labels; Analytic Trail and Globox Records. From this moment on Joseph was made. What followed was an explosion in profile at home and abroad. From his first high profile gig at Naples’s infamous 5000 capacity Golden Gate venue in October 2007, the young Neapolitan has not looked back; spreading his wings and travelling all over the globe. Now located out of Barcelona, Spain Joseph has settled into a good rhythm for his life with his studio based within his home so he can make the most of the increasingly limited time he has available in-between touring to make music and also find time to relax.

Always quick to understand the professionalism and determination required in order to carve out a career for himself; Joseph’s passion and conviction is plain to see in the way he has gone about making and playing music. Whether it be having the confidence to release a debut album containing ambient tracks and Drum & Bass; or the discipline and creativity displayed to convince Adam Beyer to release two multiple-track EP’s on his Drumcode label; or the versatility and insightfulness that characterizes Josephs DJ sets and enables him to connect with crowds across the world; whether he be tearing up an after party in a dark basement with a pitch perfect mix of tech house, or thundering out a peak-time mix to crowds in the desert at Monegros Festival, instinctively dove-tailing with other DJs during back-2-back sessions, or hosting his own marathon parties and playing for 12 hours.

With a path laid out before him and the force of momentum behind him, Joseph Capriati welcomes the future with excited anticipation. “I just want to make music or play gigs everyday. It is the most important thing in my life. When I am in the studio or on stage I feel disconnected from the world and I enter another dimension where there is just the music, the people and myself. I could be sick, or be feeling sad about something, but when I’m playing I totally forget everything and this makes me happier. Looking at the people dancing and following my musical trip is an amazing thing. There is nothing better than this for me.” So the future for Joseph Capriati is simple. Keep on doing what he loves and do it with a passion and commitment that has proved so potent a driving force to this point.

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Fantastic Friends / Disc Over // Lausanne (SUI)

With music being the centrepoint of his life for almost 20 years, Reber has been active as a musician in various contexts and genres : singer/songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, music teacher, etc. but it was only in 2006 that his passion for electronic music was born.

As a half of Reber & Agape (previously D-ANDY & T-RONY), the London-born and Lausanne-based artist has been crafting his mixing and production skills since 2008 as a pair. The duo was quickly noticed in the scene and soon got to play in the main clubs in Lausanne: D! Club, La Ruche and Mad Club. After 5 years of regular gigs together in clubs and festivals in Switzerland, as well as a release on Recycle Records, Reber chose to take on a new challenge as a solo artist in 2013. 

In the past year, Reber has kept on playing clubs in Lausanne, but also got to play in Zürich, at Chalet Club in Berlin and Macarena Club in Barcelona. On top of this, he has really been able to develop and perfect his style as a producer, which has led him to signing a number of releases, scheduled both on Tim Green’s label Disc Over, as well as Fantastic Friends Recordings.

Be it dry minimal beats, warmer deep house, darker hypnotic atmospheres or jacking sounds, his sets and productions all have the same main ingredients in common : groove and sonic twists.

2014 is definitely looking to be a promising year for Reber, who has recently opened an agency with his good friend and producer Volta, where they write and produce tailor-made music for all kinds of media and companies.
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Just Jack // Bristol (UK)

My name is Tom Rio, I'm a UK based DJ/producer playing and making underground house & techno.

I run a house night in Bristol called Just Jack. Through this I have had a chance to play alongside some of my all time heroes plus play (& party) across the UK and Europe.

We throw carnival style events and promote forward thinking house and techno music.

5 rating


Uberbeat / Supermature Records // (ES)

Most notably renowned as one half of successful DJ and production duo Amelie,  2010 has seen Claudia making huge waves in her own right, as a solo artist on the international underground music scene.

Claudia – who took up permanent residence in Ibiza in 2010 – has spent much of the year locked away in the studio, honing and fine-tuning her undeniably addictive sounds.  Sexy, upfront and engaging house packed with solid grooves, standout melodies, and a true underground edge.

Her fluid and intriguing sets have resulted in a huge demand for Claudia to perform all around the world, from clandestine underground parties to the world’s best clubs.  Standout gigs include the Miami WMC, San Juan Festival at Sonar, Germany’s Love Parade, Rooftop Moscow, Vertigo in Costa Rica, D-Edge in Brazil, Mamitas Beach Club in Playa del Carmen, Gotica in Columbia and Pacha Ibiza.  

Her mixing skills have enabled her to play along side luminaries like Steve Bug, Audiofly, Konrad Black, Damian Lazarus, Nick Curly and Robert Dietz and in September 2010 she became a resident for  the infamous London party Excuse The Mess.

She’s come along way since her teenage years, back in her hometown of Durban, South Africa. At the tender age of 15, Claudia – who is also of Italian descent – was first introduced to house music through an older group of friends involved in the local music scene. Her keen passion for vinyl and mixing developed as She spent hours hanging around the DJ booth of her favourite club listening to UK and US house and she was heavily inspired by the infectious sound and attitude of the music.

In 2000, the 19-year old packed her bags for London and took her first steps on a dedicated musical career path, quickly scoring a string of residencies and guest slots across London, including clubs like The Cross, The End and numerous other east end parties such as Retox.

In 2006 Claudia crossed paths with DJ Sophie Oliver and embarked on a Music Production course at the SAE institute of London and further formed the duo known as Amelie.

Claudia soon found her feet as a producer and Amelie were signed to Audiofly’s Supernature Label with their first release in 2008, ‘Under the Radar’, a collaboration with Audiofly.   With rave reviews, The girls went on to remix for fellow supernature artists Alex Niggeman, Fabbio Gianelli, Kabuto & Koji and released other remixes and ep’s on labels such as Uberbeat , 1trax and SK Supreme.  Their latest release, Seal the Silence EP which came out on Supernature in mid March 2011.

Looking forward, Claudia is focusing on solo projects with her debut EP due to be released in on Supernature Records. 

7 rating


Klockworks // Kiev (UKR)

Sprint from a position of stay-at-home audiophile to a status of hero at decks, attracting attention of nightclubbers, took only a few months for Etapp Kyle. Enlisting friends’ support and interest from Russia’s legendary techno club ARMA17, the artist made his first appearance in Moscow a couple of years ago. Now it’s clear that he did it right – subsequent visits to Moscow gave no reasons for doubts about his competence, but also showed how rapidly the young resident of Western Ukraine was developing.

Today Etapp Kyle is on threshold of a new period of creative activity in a company of notable players of global techno scene. Results of his studio work receive serious interest from truly remarkable labels. Thus, in 2013 his debut 4 track vinyl gets released by the famous Klockworks by Ben Klock. His music receives strong support from the most important players of the scene, channeled through soundsystems of techno festivals worldwide.

Performing in front of a dancefloor the most sophisticated combinations, he invites to check the depths of a piercing cold canyon, then fleetingly carrying to a textural and almost tangible landscape of a forest at night, with its inherent softness and smooth motion of warm air. Love to dynamic, dark sound finds its expression in mixing with soft melodies, and powerful groove in his music competes with transparent, disembodied imprints of illusory atmosphere.

0 rating


Roma (ITA)


1 rating


Lille (FR)

since a young age, Simo MV is passionate about electronic music especially Techno in all its forms from Detroit to Berlin! listened by thousands of techno lovers all around the world, his sets are high quality, playing the underground sound, he can marry the heavy bass and big kick for our big pleasure. Simo MV is an artist to follow......

20 rating


Melizma / All Inn Black // Iasi (ROU)

Dubsons(Vlad&Robert) represents one of the newest project on the underground scene.Despite their age,they started making an own sound with influences from dub,techno,house & detoit.Their first vynil release signed at BodyParts Records was out in october 2012.The prime time side contains two tracks signed by them and the other  was signed by their russian friend Stab9.The record received big support from the crowd, reaching 3rd place on  Juno Bestsellers.You can hear their innovative sound in mixes from dj’s like: Rhadoo,Raresh,Marco Carola,Richie Hawtin,Nima Gorji,John Digweed,Carl Cox,Cezar,Praslea,Gescu,Kozo,Chris Tietjen.On their last year they have the pleasure to play with Rhadoo,Raresh,Nima Gorji,Federico Molinari,and many others.Year 2013, bring for them some fresh vinyl releases and one of the newest colaborations on the romanian scene with their fellow NuZau.

1 rating


Moroko Loko // Rabat (MAR)

Artunique is a collective, a project, a consequence of two young friends gathered by a different vision of Life and art in which they found a common ground. Through discovering the melodic hight tides to enjoying the classique low ones, they mingle music with a unique perception and emotion, conceiving every artistic project they incounter as a journey one has to enjoy and find his/her way in.

Their quest stated from their respective influences , inspired by lucid tunes and smooth tones, to the experience of digging into those references and putting them together… an experience that took quiet a while in the dark and private, and now reviled and offered to all tastes to be discover...

2 rating

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