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Apollo 13 Ep


Moon Harbour / MHR071

Now a firm part of the modern Moon Harbour make up, frequent label artist Sven Tasnadi is 
back with a new EP that comes complete with a fantastic remix by Marco Faraone. 
The German producer last offered up his essential wares back in late summer 2013 with his 
Stop Talking EP, and has also released on great stables like Smallville, Cocoon and Poker Flat. 
His sound is deep and rhythmic and across three tracks here he lays down yet more infectious 
grooves that will whole floors under their spell.  
'On Your Mind' opens things in fine style with loopy drums and dusty hi hats rolling over rich and 
paddy kick drums. A whole ambiance of voices swirls about, adding plenty of charming 
atmosphere, and an indecipherable but party-starting male vocal coo shoots through the mix to 
bring a sense of energy and excitement to proceedings. The dub from Italian Marco Faraone - 
who runs his own Etruria Beat label and releases on places like Desolat and Drumcode - is a 
much darker and tougher thing driven by firm drums. Subtle dub chords peel off the groove, 
grainy texture fleshes it out and this one is a pure backroom bomb.  
Sven Tasnadi then serves up the standout 'Feel Good', an introverted bit of shuffling and heads 
down deep house with spacey atmospheres and a clean spoken word monologue. The ripping 
bassline is a fine thing that supercharges the track as the shining, sharp edged hi hats cut 
through the humid air. Seriously deep, it makes way for last cut 'Miss Understood', a silky, liquid 
and rolling bit of silvery tech house with curious synth lines, eerie, desolate soundscapes and 
yet another engaging baseline that really drives things on.  
Each track on this EP manages to be seductively deep at the same time as being perfectly 
driven for the dancefloor, meaning that once again Sven Tasnadi and Moon Harbour have 
struck gold.


SIlver Network France / SILVER038

oulful, gospel-inspired deep house is what Joaquin Diaz's Rhythm&Soul alias brings to Jef K's Kiss-inspired Silver Network - goin' strong since '99. It's his debut for the French label and he's given the royal treatment thanks to remixes from John Dimas and Freak 'n' Chic's Djebali, which includes a bonus dub mix. Dimas' rework is energetic and free flowing, highlighting his unique style best heard on releases for Bass Culture and Clapp. Meanwhile Djebali's contributions provide two alternatives; something light and cruisey, while the dub is reduced and a house DJ's ultimate tool ready for the working.

New York, Baby


Get Physical Music / GPM272

'We dont really know if the young BRYAN KESSLER listened to Kraftwerk, but then again we didnt ask - who cares, anyway? What's certain, however, is that this punk renegade, songwriting wunderkind and all-around exceptional producer is a man of many faces, and all of them rock. Discovered on stage while spouting anarchist pop slogans and showcasing an impressive underage mohawk haircut, he never was to be a bottled genius sticking to only one gun - and soon set out to become the lead singer and guitarist for neo punk nutters THE POLLYWOGS, while embarking on an equally public career as prolific DJ and dance music producer. It's his mighty fine electronic swagger (and a hearty disrespect for genre norms) which already led to powerful solo releases on Get Physical and LIKE Records, with excitingly raunchy material to follow on Colognes fringe rave imprint Low Hanging Fruit which is distributed via Kompakt. While working with friends from Comeme he shows up his experimental red line in sound with a skillful easiness. This marks the earth-shattering first steps of a truly remarkable new voice in a traditionally complacent dance industry - little fishes, beware: theres a new shark in the pond.'

All My Days Ep


Secret Reels / SR001D

H.O.S.H. Presents Forever Young


Diynamic / DIYNAMIC066D

The long awaited collaboration of H.O.S.H. & andhim - grand finale of H.O.S.H.'s "Forever Young" series. Look who's back, back again. It's one of the main men at Diynamic, the one and only Mr. H.O.S.H.! The dude is a key member of the Diynamic family, has been for years and always comes up with the floor filling goods. Now he brings his extra special 'Forever Young' project to a close with another fantastic EP featuring two more very special house tracks. The well received project has seen the artist release four limited edition EPs on 10" vinyl, with each track representing a character from a childhood dream, and one of these cuts was made in collaboration with German Get Physical duo andhim. Up first is the mighty 'Captain' - a suitable title considering H.O.S.H.'s DJ adventures on the high seas in Ibiza. It's a deep track driven along by rich drums and warm bass notes as rough metal percussion lashes about in the foreground, a little bit like a stormy sea breeze. On the flip, the brilliant 'Writer' is another lush bit of artistic and musical house music with woody percussive sounds, sombre downbeat chords and more ethereal pads.

Web TV


6 rating


6 rating


5 rating



Perc Trax / Code Is Law // Berlin (GER)

In 1978 Moerbeck saw the light of metropolis Berlin. Childhood and youth were strongly influenced by the hip hop-scene of the 80’s and 90’s, which led him to produce beats for various underground artists in his teenage years. Meanwhile Berlin was increasingly gaining underground fame for being the most exciting place for techno, with clubs like “Bunker”, “Tresor”, “E-Werk” and “WMF”. At that time this spark has also set Moerbeck’s heart on fire and he began spending a lot of time in clubs. This experience had a massive impact on the focus of his future productions, and he dedicated more and more time to electronic music.

In 2005 he came to know the DJ and producer Sawlin, and henceforth they performed live acts together on Berlin underground parties. But after a while they decided to go separate ways, for the means of establishing their own names in the scene. During that period he applied himself to a House music project, whereby he released a couple of records under another pseudonym, through which he discovered his growing love for being an actual DJ. Professionally Moerbeck specialized himself towards sound and completed an apprenticeship in audio engineering and sounddesign.

Thanks to a mutual friend (Subjected), Moerbeck and Sawlin were to meet again music-wise. They kept hanging out together in a studio, to produce deep, rough and industrial beats. They experimented in all kinds of directions with analogue synths and diverse effects, so that soon after a range of very special and unique creations emerged, which was nothing else than the starting point for a new and exciting project – Vault Series. This label echoed throughout the techno scenes all over the world, and so the first gig in the legendary Berghain wasn’t long in coming. Up to now Vault Series has released 11 vinyls, where each and every record stands alone and grumbled through the clubs like a thunderbolt. The possibility of living out each one’s creativity is essential to Vault Series, and only this allowed Moerbeck to remain faithful to his belief creative, explosive techno. Furthermore he was able to release his sound on “Perc Trax” and “Candela Rising”, other labels are in the works.

His love for electronic music led him to his newest project, his very own label “Code Is Law”, by which he means to create a platform for himself as well as for other artists. And it’s irrelevant whether it’s deep techno, deep house, or simply electro – what really matters to him is to highlight the innovative side of the music. Moerbeck unites his musical past and the present to a vigorous and powerful entity, always re-inventing himself and his music.

0 rating


Catwash Records / 2020 Vision // (ES)

Javi Bora joined the world of electronic music after working for
various years as a percussionist. This enabled him to understand the
rhythmical structures of this type of music to which he decided to
dedicate himself entirely since 2003.

In 2008 Javi Bora released his first work with the label of the Lust
Recordings and started to move across Spain as a guest in a great
of prestigious venues all over Spain.

In 2010 Ralph Lawson offered him the opportunity to release his work
with the international prestigious label of his own creation, that is
2020Vision. The EP called 'Tierra' received a very positive feedback
from well known and world-wide recognized artists such as Jimpster,
and Danny Tenaglia, which as a result introduced him to the circle of
international producers. His work was included in the compilation 'We
Love Space Sundays 10'.

 From this point onwards, this artist from Mallorca has received
attention from other international labels such as Suara (label of
and Upon You (label of Marco Resmann) with whom he released the EP's
Jazz Extender and Calle Cala in July 2011 and again in October 2011.

The productions of Javi Bora evolve and shape themselves with time,
reaching the balance between the most elegant Deep House and Groovy
House, which defines his unique DJ sessions and highlights the quality
of his work. Clubs all over the world have requested his starring and
to now he has worked in Germany, France, Denmark and in the most
important clubs of Ibiza including Space Ibiza. 

His career as DJ and producer was perfectly established, so he signed
another EP with Eklektish in December 2011 but its not only until July
2012, that he made a further step as a producer. Defected, one of the
most important international labels edited his EP Soul Story at that
time. This was a crucial point in his artistic and personal life as he
gained greater recognition for his work and it also represented a
turning point in his career.

From this moment Javi Bora goes back to the studio in order to focus
mainly on production and has had 5 new releases signed: the first one
“Destruction”, edited by the label OFF Recordings (property of Andre
Crom) in October 2012 and then Baila EP in Liebe Detail (widely
recognized German label that has incorporated works from Solomun, Iron
Curtis and Guy Gerber). His two following releases Just Groove EP in
Robsoul (label property of Phil Weeks) came out in November 2012.
Robsoul has worked with some of the greatest legends of House Music
as Mike Dunn, DJ Sneak, Mark Farina and artists such as Weeks and
Carrier, and La Hoja in Suara with the Edit of Coyu. Finally in
he edited Nanger in Pura Music (Hector Couto's label) with remixes of
Tapesh and Fly O Tech & Andre Butano.

In addition to all these mentioned above, there is a great number of
references that he has recently signed in Catwash (property of DJ
i Records (main label of Kevin Yost), ALiVE (Tom Budden's label), and
Sincopat (with remixes of Markus Homm and Affkt).

Artists as popular as Laurent Garnier, Steve Lawler, Nic Fanciulli and
Luna City Express have supported his work and appreciated the quality
his productions. Javi Bora worked on remixes of the tracks from
such as Francisco Allendes and producers as Julien Chaptal, Steve Mac
and Tuccillo.

In addition to his production and live sessions, Javi Bora presents a
weekly radio show in Vicious Radio (Fridays from 6pm to 7pm).

This summer 2013 Javi Bora starts his new official residence with
Kehakuma Ibiza, playing at Space Ibiza and Kehakuma World Tour.

There is no doubt that 2013 will be a highly productive year for this
upcoming Spanish artist, due to his great effort and his high quality
productions. Accordingly, he is gaining recognition from the most
important producers and is starting to establish his own well deserved
spot in the international scene.

1 rating


Casablanca (MRC)

Jessin is young moroccan act from Casablanca.

As far as he can remember, electronic music was always appealing to him. The first material he enjoyed listening to was early mixes and compilations by the likes of Digweed and Sasha, but later found himself browsing discographies from producers like Plastikman, Juan Atkins and Robert Hood. That was the moment he fell in love with Techno and what followed, was a huge amount of sounds and information.

Jessin truly believes in the power of electronic music and how "that repetitive music made with machines" can make people dance and go nuts for hours and days. Starting to Dj was a natural step, and as a hip hop lover, he first wanted to learn how to play Hip Hop records and the art of scratch for his own amusement, and then slowly moved to Techno.
Jessin's sets have loads of influences on them, he loves to play long sets with sexy house beats, techno from everywhere and bass music. All that with a psychedelic approach and loads of love. The result is just stunning.
He played several underground nights when friends like the already established moroccan talent Daox invited him and always had a good response to what he's doing.

Jessin have been also experimenting in the studio with Daox lately. Sounds are starting to shape and his skills getting better day by day. The young talent is also working on exciting ideas and projects with his beloved friends, some of them you will soon hear from, so keep an eye on him.

5 rating


Catwash Records // Bucharest (ROU)

Being an artist that continues to evolve and develop with consummate ease, Soundskin has been at the forefront of the house music fan’s  attention since 1996.
Soundskin built his career step by step working as a Dj , standing out on the Romanian market from a very young age. With a big appetite for art, he easily became a promoter of quality music across a lot of music clubs in Romania.
Over the years, Soundskin, has been invited to plenty of successful events where he made some unforgettable nights.
His style remains perfectly emblematic of the dance floor dexterity needed in the modern club space, bringing the seductive groove and swing of classic house just as readily as the energy of deep,tech-house,techno, all along maintaining the vibe of authentic Dj.
Stimulated by his success, Soundskin decided to spend more time on productions and realizing tracks, based on years of musical experience.
Generally it is hard to find the perfect balance between a great Dj and a talented producer, but when the balance is reached you became a total artist.
In summer of 2012, he will release his own EP at Catwash Records from Paris, and he has already some other projects which will be released very soon.
With his far –reaching  experience, following the house music of the 90’s, he succeeded to conquer his audience through his talent.
Soundskin is a great talent and a very devoted Dj whose aim is to give his audience a so called “Happy Experience”.

4 rating


Souvenir Music - Berlin (DE)

In a world of ever- changing trends, TIEFSCHWARZ (deep black) is the most timeless of hues: it has style, depth, intrigue and above all staying power. And with a DJ & Producer career spanning more than 14 years to date, the German deep house duo has proven just how apt their moniker has turned out to be.

8 rating


Wilde Agency / Rekids / Renaissance // (UK)

Lewis Boardman is one of the hottest rising talents in house music. This rising star of the U.K.’s underground house scene has made his name DJing alongside some of the biggest names in the business. Over the last year his DJing exploits have taken him far and wide, not only is he a regular at several of the UK’s top clubs (Fabric London, The Warehouse Project Manchester and Circus Liverpool) he has also been busy globe trotting around the world playing in hotspots from Berlin to Beijing and back again.

Lewis has also been tipped for the top by many of his peers and has been part of the BBC Radio 1’s introducing program focusing on up and coming talent in the UK. Last year Lewis remixed Yousef’s Africa for Renaissance and Nina Kraviz’s Pain In The Ass for Radio Slaves Rekids label, his first Ep followed on the seminal house label NRK with support from Raresh, Livo & Roby & Anthony Collins. This was quickly followed up with two Ep’s (Tranquilizer & The Right Kind of Burn) for Tiefschwarz’s excellent Berlin based label Souvenir.

With such passion for house and techno things are looking very bright for this young dj / producer.

3 rating


Melizma / Safari Electronique / Vinyl Club // (FR)

Born In France, it is in Ibiza/Spain that Luc Ringeisen started to produce music and did his ?rst experiences as a DJ in the outdoor rave scene and founded the records store Vinyl Club in 2003, wich has been an important element in the spread of new styles of underground electronic music in Ibiza in the past decade together with promoters and club owners such as Circoloco, Ibiza Underground or Cocoon. (The underground dance scene in Ibiza was till then limited to outdoor Goa-Trance parties, while the island mega clubs were famous for their comercial house music).
This key position of Luc Ringeisen and his shop in the Ibiza musical renewing made him do his ?rst steps as a "club DJ" at Space Ibiza back in 2004 with a friday night residency and being one of the early DJs of the new born Monza Ibiza, his avant- garde vision of dance music made him play in all the Ibiza clubs but Luc very fast identi?ed himself musicaly and found his home as a DJ at the club Ibiza Underground, and in 2007 he had his ?rst gigs at DC10 at the mondays legendary Circoloco party.
The record label Vinyl Club Recordings he created in 2005 helped to discover some of the best underground music producers of the moment such as Petre Inspirescu, Jonas Kopp, Anthony Collins and was an expression tool for the DJs - producers of the club DC-10. Also Luc started then to elaborate his very own musical production style powered by a wish to experiment new ways of approaching dance music.
The rise of music on digital formats in the DJ world and the decreasing vinyl records sales as a consequence pushed Luc Ringeisen to sell his records store in 2008, and he relocated the label in Berlin where he found a new home where he could focus his work on music production and on his imprint. Just as the Underground Club in Ibiza, the Club der Visionaere in Berlin became fast the location Luc Ringeisen indenti?ed his music and friendships with, being faithful to his non-comercial and human vision.
Nowadays Luc Ringeisen still DJs in his favorites Berlin and Ibiza clubs The Club der Visionaere and The Underground and does label nights too in Berlin at Katerhozig or Channel Zoo in Ibiza and selected spots in Europe.
Since the very ?rst productions Luc Ringeisen developed a very own musical style, often deep and experimental and often made for psychedelic after-hour sessions, on his own imprint Vinyl Club and other labels such as Safari Electronique, Movida, Darkroom Dubs, Recycle ...

1 rating


Teknologik / Krome Records // Lyon (FR)

One evening, a disc suddenly tipped over. That's when I realized I wanted to play for a public, see the light pouring over the bodies of dancers, feel the rush in the air, change slowly until you're fully tilted, until the expulsion of joy that only music can smoothly reach to create. " Originally by Laurent Garnier, Electrochoc.
This quote from Laurent Garnier may be more realistic applied on young Angel Karel. At an early age, she frequented the top-class clubs in Lyon, absorbed sounds, took in light and discovered the power of music on a track. Her aim is to be the conductor of this greedy world ... Fond of electronic sounds, Angel Karel brings the electronic scene back to life with hyper energetic mixes.

She practices her art and plays tracks alongside some of the greatest Djs Erick Morillo, Laurent Garnier, Roger Sanchez, Eric Prydz, Sarah Main, David Guetta, Mark Knight, Klément Bonelli, Harry"Choo Choo" Romero as well as many others..
We have seen her for Déstructuré party ( 2010), Ninkasi Kao ( Lyon, France) with Thomas Schumacher (Get Physical, Germany).

In 2012, her residency for Pink City Beat ( web tv radio electronic) optimized her projects and gave her the great opportunity to play in Ibiza ( Picaro Playa d'en Bossa; Ibiza Global Radio) and especially with Maayan Nidam during Cadenza event.

Then, during a Teknologic party at the Milk Club ( Geneva, Switzerland), a new inspirational collaboration arose from this artistic crush with the label. Angel joined the team and started playing with them at the Teknologic Sónar OFF, Barcelona 2012.
In switching between house, tech house and classics, her generous, communicative and innovative sense of djing places her as a safe value on the

21 rating



The New York and Moscow based DJ/Production partnership Monaque, made up of Alex
Monakhov and Serge Que are quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with and
one of the hotly tipped names to watch.
Monaque are a production focused DJ and live act that showcase their musical diversity which has
seen their output cross genres from deep house to tech house and techno. Successfully crossing
these musical boundaries with a consistent level of quality music has had a profound impact on
their fan base with support coming thick and fast from everyone from the likes of Nic Fanculli. and
Christian Smith through to Laurent Garnier and Luciano.  
2011 is set to be another busy year for Alex and Serge. Along with their residency at the Russian
underground venue Rise, Monaque will begin a their highly anticipated CD tour for the über cool
german label Get Physical along side label mates such as M.A.N.D.Y., Siopis, Audiofly, and Catz n
Dogz. The guys will be looking to showcase the product of their previous year in the studio which
includes remixes for M.A.N.D.Y & Bookashade , Robert Babicz , Siopis as well as more techno
based releases coming on Cologne based imprint Traum Schallplatten.
With 2010 seeing them tour across the globe playing in cities like Mexico City ,Tel Aviv, Buenos
Aires , Miami & NYC... its most likely they will be playing in a city close to you soon.

9 rating


Cocoon Recordings // Frankfurt (DE)

When Chris Tietjen was born in Cannes, France, in October 1985, nobody expected his name to arise within the electronic music scene 20 years later. Grown up close to Frankfurt he was infected with the techno virus in early days. It was bound to happen: that one special night and a Sven Väth set second to none inspired him so much, it was just a question of time until young Chris forced his mum to buy his first turntable. He fell in love with electronic music, deeper, day by day. Like many before, he spent the following summer in Ibiza with all night party at the Amnesia, ending up on one of Sven`s notorious afterhour parties. Coincidentally standing right behind him, he got to turn Svens turntables himself. And made a lasting impression on his master.

By 2003, this experience plus an irresistible urge to present his skills to other music buffs made Chris spin more records at several parties in the Rhein Main Delta. Supported by friends as well as party hosts, first gigs followed in 2004 in smaller clubs all over Frankfurt. Was the talent deserving of the hype? Well, the Cocoon posse was convinced and invited him to play the Nature One’s Warm-Up – where once again Chris rocked and his audience rolled willingly.

Once Sven Väth’s dream of his own “Cocoon Club” in Frankfurt war realized, Chris was given the opportunity to give official proof of his DJ skills. His gig with Ingo Boss and the master himself in 2005 was both challenge and honour for the plucky 19 year old. And that was only the beginning of Chris rocking the Mainfloor.

Sven Väths vision of the Cocoon Clubbing included, besides the “Big names” of the scene, a platform for young talents, out of which the “Next Generation “was launched in 2005. A perfect chance for young Chris, hosting that night for acts like Pig & Dan, Raresh or Alex Smoke, who celebrated their premiere gig exhaustively.

Subsequently, the Cocoon Club became his homebase and his name an essential part of the clubs bookings. His next carrier step: beginning of 2006 he gained entry into the Cocoon Booking Rooster – kick-start of a fabulous year. Starting with Sven Väth, who chose him to be his Warm-Up DJ for the whole World tour, i.e. the Crystalclub in Bucharest or the legendary Florida 135 in Fraga, Spain – a splendid opportunity to win an international audience. And he kept on winning, audiences, gigs, month after month. Back home, Sven Väth and Cocoon label boss Pauli Steinbach granted him to compilate the best Cocoon tracks for the label’s five year anniversary jubilee album. The groovy Mix was released in May 2006 and is simply called “One”. A more than positive reaction and the great success of the CD prompted the Cocoon heads to assign Chris to produce this kind of mix CD every year offering a review of the year’s best Cocoon Record releases. “One” was followed by “Two”, and guess what – now it`s “Three”.

The football worldcup 2006 was Chris’ first summer with large festival bookings – ahead of all the Love family Park in Hanau, the „Sonne Mond und Sterne“ , The „Pollerwiesen“ and „Green & Blue“. After this grandiose season Chris gained another night at the Cocoon: „Micro“, the stylish restaurant inside the club, was now to be rocked. In 2006, he initiated
„Micromized“with his friend Ingo Boss. This is where you find their strongly deep side playing, from hypnotic minimal sounds to groovy house records – your wish is their desire. That’s why the “Micromized” nights rate among the best.

2007 was his final breakthrough, nationally and internationally. From now on, Chris played the Sven’s worm-up, sometimes the final also, and started his first solo-tour that brought him from South America to Japan. He was no longer the worm-up DJ, but stepping out of Sven’s shadow, now becoming a Headliner on several parties himself; among Cocoon Residencies abroad as well as other international clubs, like the Goa in Rome (Italy), The End (London, UK), Baracca (Valencia), Cocorico (Riccione) and the Harry Klein in Munich. Refining his skills and styles more and more, he became one of the most qualified ambassadors of sound and the sound of Cocoon. The years highlight was to be, beyond any doubt, his gig at the big Cocoon-Opening party in Ibiza, where he opened the Amnesia “Freakshow” together with Sven Väth. At the same time, his Teaser Mix CD was released on the island, and he was finally on everyone’s lips, noticeable especially when he was playing at Cocoon for an ever-expanding fan community.

Wouldn’t you know it, the year 2008 initiated even more good. Inspired by the local producers around the Freebase Posse, Chris` sound modified and he started to implement Records of urban friends and artists like Reboot, Markus Fix, Sascha Dive, and Robert Dietz into his sets.
Having returned from his latest South America Tour in May, he began to mix the official Cocoon Ibiza Mix CD in cooperation with Reboot and Johnny D. The result: a perfect collection of the latest Cocoon season on the white island, called “Disco Invaders”.
With only 22 years, Chris does not only represent Cocoon in Ibiza at every festival this year, he has also played himself a fixture within the German clubscene. No doubt: his “youngster” image has changed into a firmly established name.

Of course Chris is working on future plans already: he is about to go into the studio to set new tones with his own music. What’s more? The Next Generation night in the Cocoon club will get a makeover, and Chris will establish a new party night with the Rumanian Raresh. There are many things coming up, so stay tuned and look forward to what the 22-year old will bring up for his crowd next time – new stuff to dive into electronical soundscapes!

0 rating


Magnetic Recordings / Sneak Classics // Toronto (CAN)

One of House music’s true pioneers, DJ Sneak has the passion and drive to keep House music alive.

16 rating


Terminal M // Berlin (GER)

Andhim – the new boys in town

It was spring 2010 when the Cologne natives decided to kick their butts and get out of their studio to show their beats to the world.
Less than 12 months later Andhim made it to the top ten German newcomers of the Groove and Raveline magazines (two of the most respected electronic music media in Germany and not only). Their records could be found in the cases of famous DJ’s and remix requests followed from all over.

Their sound, which they self describe as “Super House” has become its very own genre built from their soul and passion. Andhim’s unique sound, party proven and of reduced nature, is organic with an emphasis in the finer detail.

The boys grassroots flow from Hip-Hop, and they work mainly with samples which makes their tracks one of a kind. This individuality has earned them a home with Labels such as Monaberry, Terminal M or Sunset Handjob.

When performing live one can really feel the full commitment and passion of the boys. Energetic, creative and always entertaining, they present their very own interpretation of electronic dance music that makes dads cheer and mums scream. The boys are transforming the decks into instruments themselves to create an extended sphere of music, which separates them from the standard reproductive character of a DJ.

Their musical talent and knowledge of technique comes from their musical resume:
When other kids were playing at the pool eating French fries on their summer holidays, 16 year old Simon was scratching with several jazz-musicians through Europe. When he was 20 he became known as Simon² tempted to electronic music.
Similarly, but on different level, Tobias developed in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. As part of the Turntable-Crew “Noisy-Stylus” he became a multiple ITF- and DMC-Champion and influenced the Turntablism scene of the time with Noisy-Stylus in their own Battlebreakrecords and album “Table Manners”.

The final chapter was at a Bavarian sausage-eating contest, facing each other in the final round covered from head to toe in sausage. They immediately knew what to do and founded the Boyband “Andhim”. Just a logical progression!

After massive gigs through Europe and Asia, the boys continuously work on their sound and development in an effort to explore new worlds of sound. With strong support from many Artists and Labels of the scene they are looking forward to the future with optimism and are excited to make the people of the world dance, smile and go crazy!

8 rating

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