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Moon Harbour Recording - Vienne (AUT)

Andy Catana is a founding member of the respected Austrian label “Do Easy Records”. After years of
“practicing” on the decks in his home of Upper Austria, he finally made the move to Vienna where he made a
name for himself as a MNML resident every Thrusday. Within a short time, gigs in Romania, Germany,
Switzerland, Italy and Spain followed, as well as performances in almost all major clubs in Austria. He has
performed together with artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Raresh, Tania Vulcano, OnurÖzer,
Rhadoo, and Oliver Koletzki. His own releases followed soon after and were quickly charted on Beatport.
Andy Catana - Blue Collar / Moonharbour Rec. /2011
Andy Catana - Ironia / Do Easy Rec. /2009
Patlac - Cedar (Catana & Lehner Rmx) / Do Easy Rec. /2008
•  moonharbour.com/booking  •  get in contact with Marthe  •  marthe.howitz@moonharbour.com

9 rating


Bacon Hill // Sevilla (ES)

Fonsi Arjona: Alfonso (FON) was born in Seville in 1982. His interest in dance music started in the late 90's musical wave bands like The Prodigy, Apollo 440 and especially The Chemical Brothers, with the album "Surrender" as he call it “a piece of art”. His DJ career began in the record store Union Records, where he started a great friendship with Javy Union and Lady k @ Packa, and his interest in electronic music developed much further. Shortly after he became responsible for the selection and distribution in the record store enjoying interaction with customers, side by side with Dani de Jota, another legend of the Seville electronic scene.
Behind the Union Records Store´s  decks would finally be where he got a refined technique, an elegant mix and mathematician as well as learning about music selection in the best enviroment. His first live sessions were in a small venue called Zona Franca. Over time he found his place in the city sharing the bill at parties organized by Union Productions and Chroma Events, with artists likes Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, James Holden, Jon Gaiser, Fabrizio Maurizi, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Surgeon , Toby Neuman, Heartthrob, Guido Schneider, J. Paul Ritch L. Magoya, Cristian Varela or Oscar Mulero and others.
His musical style goes from deep house to a more rhythmic techno, going through a wide range of electronic sounds, with some of his favourite labels being Refernecia Visioquest, Pocker Flat, Monique Music, Record Mobille, Upon.You, Highgrade Records, Desolat, Cocoon , Robsoul, Hypercolour, Kote Records, Ovum Recordings, Rekids, Dirtybird, you can tell how much quality we can find on his sets.
Actually busy working with Curro Riera and Octavio in their Bacon Hill project, being key to tasks like curating,  organizing, and performing monthly at Sala Cosmos.
Fonsi Arjona sees himself running an underground night regularly in Seville in a few years. He believes in the good musical taste of the Andalusian public, and he wants to be part of a big development of the club scene in South Spain. We´ll be waiting to see his interesting input to the electronic music world.

12 rating


FHD Recordings // Paris (FR)

TRAMA (FHD recording / Bonzai Basiks / hermine records / Bembe records / Greenslash records / Sounds of earth / Beat rude/ Blend it records/ Totem Traxx/ Bus Records/Pumpz )

TRAMA is a French Dj and producer, owner of F.H.D recording. It's not just about deejaying but delivering a full Live-produced experience with the concept" Ultimate Breakers" . A lot of Festivals and night clubs around the world have already witnessed TRAMA Live energy, such as H2O (Belgium), Pepe'sBodega (Sweden), Sala Pagoa (Spain), Batofar (Paris), 4 Elements (Paris), Wax (Belgium), ADE (Amsterdam), SUDUKA (Mexico city) etc...

Since December 2011, TRAMA started to release music on several labels like Blend It records, Bonzai records, Bonzai Baziks, Greenslash records, Off the records, Hermine Records, Sounds of Earth.. A few remixes for Charles Schillings, Vazik, Marcelo Cura, Wehbba, San Proper also helped promoting the vibrating TRAMA style.

With his love for rolling basses, catchy percussions and fat grooves, TRAMA is getting high among the international tech-house/Techno scene....

3 rating


Little Helpers / Sonido // Düsseldorf (GER)

2 rating


ClubClub // La Rochelle (FR)

Fanox discovered electronic music on FG radio in 1994, during a stay with a friend in Paris where he took the oportunity to go to his first rave party at La Défense. After this musical slap, he began to mix the following year. His style has evolved over the years, from techno and hardhouse beginnings, were added forays into other styles (big beat, minimal, electro rock ...) until today when he plays mostly tekhouse and tekno. His mixes go through several phases and are good grooving bass lines.. DJ Fanox moves the dancefloor! All these years, he mixed in many cities : Tours, Poitiers, Bordeaux (L'Azuli, Le 4 sans), Nantes, Biarritz, Strasbourg (La Laiterie), Vigo (Spain), Oslo (Norway)... and of course La Rochelle where he played in many venues! Today, as a famous DJ of La Rochelle scene, he's often booked for major events: closing gala of the first Festival of Fiction, Grand Pavois, Francofolies, Soöruz Lacanau Pro... He played with: Etienne de Crecy, John Thomas, Didier Sinclair, Micropoint, Laurent Hô, Kraft, Gelstat, Elisa do Brazil, Be trash, Cassius, Missill, Happy Faciatum, Itrema, Mario K.../////

Special vinyl dj set

14 rating


Noir Music, NM2, Klimaks - Aalborg, Denmark (DNK)

Whether he is travelling the world DJing at some of the finest parties on the planet or producing tracks that gain support from the cream of the world’s dj elite, Noir (a.k.a. René Kristensen) remains one of the industry’s most respected and hard working individuals.
Already with over 10 years experience under his belt, Noir gave up his daytime job at the end of 2003 to focus and concentrate on his dj + producing career and he has never looked back. After spending most of 2004 concentrating on perfecting his sound, Noir got his international debut in 2005 and today he has got releases on big labels like Toolroom, Neurotraxx Deluxe, BluFIn, Global Underground, Parquet Recordings, Defected, Stealth, Monique Musique and of course his own imprint Noir Music.

12 rating


Analog / Defected / Krome - Lyon (FR)

KLEMENT BONELLI (Analog / Defected / Krome - Lyon FR) Klement Bonelli is noticed in 2002 by Us Label Basement Boys. SInce that,

14 rating


Catwash Records / Off / Kina Music // Milan (ITA)

Mirco Violi was born in Milan in 1986. The musical journey of Mirco begins near
the 15 years old while listening to some house tapes remained significantly
affected. These tape recordings were mixed by some of the best dj's on the world
stage as Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, Todd Terry, Theo Parrish and Carl Craig,
so he began to approach of the djing world. Bought decks and mixer with his
music partner Filippo Agnesi, the first vinyls and with him began to mixing only
for passion, doing dance and entertain their friends.
Mirco and Fill started performing for the first time in some small clubs of
their city with the pseudonym "Multiview", where more and more people began to
know the his name.
Since 2007 Mirco starts mixing, writing and producing music alone, sending the
first demos to a few foreign labels; the step is short. In 2008 the German label
Be_chosen (on which artists have recorded as Lemos and Markus Fix) decides to
entrust him a release with a remix for Senor Coconut. During the same period
goes out with an ep on Heimatmelodie (played by Laurent Garnier, Luciano,
Karotte and many others).
In 2009/2010 several successful releases have been issued on OFF, International
Freakshow, Hypercolour, Bloop, Bla Bla, Welt Sounds, Climatic, Catwash, Adult
Only and All Inn Limited. In summer 2010 he joined the SuperNurture family,
international bookings agency directly related to the Audiofly's label
"Supernature", with artists such as Alex Niggemann, Alejandro Vivanco, Fabio
Giannelli, Ali Nasser.
With this the name of Mirco circulates in the environment of electronic music
where it is appreciated by many world talented dj's than playing and likes his
productions. The sound proposals by Mirco in his dj sets are a mixture that
passes from funky/deep/tech house to techno and dub, obtaining approval from the
audience all over Europe for his sophisticated sound.

4 rating


Agile Recordings / Plus8 / Sci+Tec // Italy (ITA)

Uto Karem in just a short period of time has produced hit after hit with forward thinking dance tracks that have fast become staples for DJs everywhere.

Having spent his junior years in London, Uto's music ear was first shaken by bands such as New Order, Depeche Mode and Soft Cell. On his return to Italy as a teenager, it was Underground Resistance, Novamute and Plus 8 that were having most impact on the young man.

In his late teens his DJ career took off, and over the years he has supported many of the world’s greatest deck talents. As a natural progression he took two years to study Audio Engineering that lead him to develop his own musical style.

As well as being an in-demand remixer, DJ and producer, Uto also runs his own Agile Recordings imprint on which he explores deep techno rhythms and highly addictive baselines, from himself and brilliant forward thinking artists.

With his unique trademark Uto Karem has been busy producing groove induced, high-energy tracks for legendary labels, with the ability to infuse cutting edge machine music and soulful grooves.









3 rating



ANINHA (WARUNG BEACH CLUB - BRA) In a scene which flutuates between moments of underground blooming and commercial domination Aninha is a name to stay tunned.

22 rating


Carton Pâte Records / La Source / Noctambule // Nantes (FR)

Dj & activist Rochelle & Nantes on scenes in a house register / techno by Noctambule & Introspective projects, Alex multiplies appearances in various renowned places like Altercafé the Teo Club, the iBoat, Stairway Club, etc. This allowed him to play alongside artists like Deetron, Anoraak Roman Poncet, Yo Montero, Avatism, Pepperpot, World Wild Djs, Dtwice, Shekon, Piu Piu, Harvey Mckay, Blue Hour, Traumer,Burnski, Heiko Laux ... His first Ep house in collaboration with Oxxa is released under the Carton Label-paste Records in May 2014, supported by Marco Carola among others. Future collaborations will emerge during 2015. His eclectic sets & consistent you will travel through from one emotion to the other without realizing it.

2 rating


IANVS71 / Gloss Club // Milan (ITA)

He's the "it" dj for to say: the one that knows what to do everywhere.
His sound full of groove and warmth has always been influenced by house music, his first but
never forgotten love. Clay started to buy, collect and then play records inspired by the most
notorious of the 90's from New York, Chicago and Detroit in his magical, grunge attic! Within a
short time he began to play at private parties and then progressed up to the best clubs of that
time, such as The Base, Fluid, Pulp, De Sade, Echoes and many others.. In 2005 he started to work
with Gloss Club, which enabled him to play with underground artists like Boris Werner, Art
Department, Solomun, Margaret Dygas, Ilario Alicante, Jimpster, Droog, Bill Patrick, Laura Jones,
Memoryman, Dana Ruh and many others.
In 2011 he became the official dj at the Club Tipic where he shared the dj set with Dennis Ferrer,
Miss Kittin, Josh Wink, Satoshi Tomiie, System of Survival, ecc and he regularly opened for for the
Cocoon party.
Regarding productions, after a release with Francesco Leali (one half of Clockwork) he barricaded
himself in the recording studio, overusing Logic , which would push his music project further.
With some finished tracks we can foresee that 2012 will bring his music efforts to life.

12 rating

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