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Vertige Ep


Plaisir records / PLA002

The Adventure continues for Plaisir Records with his 2nd Release made by Ali Moghrani with a remix from Faster! 

Here, you're going to get into a twisted club atmosphere where basslines will catch you forever. Vertige' will raise your feelings and make you go between melancholia and full energy at the same time, with the coexistence of violins, round bass and disconstructed voice. Inconnue' will bring sun into your mind and your smile will instinctively appear, synth is growing slowly between the beats to get as high as possible.

Vertige Faster remix' makes you enter directly in its sweaty mental mood from beginning to end with its voices manipulation and its acid component that makes your mind disconnect from reality.

Superimposed Ep


Gruuv / GRU043

Gruuv welcome Spirit Catcher and Raxon to the fold, with label heads Audiojack joined by Borrowed Identity and Kindimmer on remix duties.



L.I.E.S / Lies-019.5


a few back in!!
a true bomb of a 12" from 2104... repressed with L.I.E.S label artwork ..had to be done. Dope underground anthems ...don't miss.. TIP! 
House Of Jezebel /MagnesII


Voyage Direct / VD 22LP1

Voyage Direct's message comes through loud and clear on the label's first compilation, a collection that takes in both unreleased tracks and a hand-picked selection of classics from the imprint's first five years..

Rack and Run Ep


8Bit / 8bit092

Web TV


8 rating


7 rating


5 rating



Melizma / Safari Electronique / Viva Music // Valence (ESP)

Angel Mateu Moreno also known as Mate_U, started to spin his first records at the early age of 17. In 2004 he felt the interest about electronic music attending to the best record shops in Valencia. He played and shared some music with his friends Danny Fiddo and Alberto Sola, while he develops his production skills with big artists like AFFKT,J.M.Aboga and the same Danny.
His tracks have been published by the following record labels Melisma,Novotek, Malo records, Climatic Sound including one collaboratin wtih AFFKT and Samuel Dan for OFF.
In 2012 his new project with Danny Fiddo will see the light with tracks in labels such as VIVA music, Safari Numerique and Drumma.

3 rating


Overall Music / One Records / La Vie En Rose // Gran Canaria (ES)

What makes an artist to succeed is still a secret for most of all. What it is sure, is that the journey is long and hard, more even coming from an island; a beautiful place in the world, but far away from the big cities and the big opportunities. This is what makes Javier Carballo still more respectable.
He has been the reference for the best underground electronic music, back at the Canary Islands and Spain, but now he is becoming well known far away from his country too.

We can see the energy of those warm islands on his energetic and spectacular underground sets, on his stylish house and techno; on the mysterious and sensual “deep house” he spreads. All this together with his commitment for the transmission of the good music, the good parties and all the people involved in, made him the big artist he is already. He has built step by step his own style, and above all he has a strong devotion for the sounds that make us, the lovers of music, move and move, dance and dance with him as our dance partner.

We can start naming some of the best booths, clubs and parties he had played in, but the list will have no end: Fabric (London), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Watergate (Berlin), Sankeys (Ibiza), Goa (Madrid), Club Q (Zurich) and so on. He is expanding his elegance; energy, versatility and charisma around Europe, where the unknown audience had realize his distinctive and unique touch and soul.

Javier Carballo started to produce on 2009 and his music has being published very soon on international labels. Almost at the same time he began to remix other international artists. Just one year after, the canary wonder boy creates his own label together with his partner Hanfry Martínez, as natural and quickly as that! With their label they are showing their own underground house music vision, and that makes people such as Maya Jane Coles, Subb-an, Djebali, Adam Shelton, Subb-an, Jay Tripwire, Terence: Terry:, etc.- wanted to collaborate with them. They are broadcasting the rich Canary Clubbing scene, like the benefactors of such a burning up landscape.

Richie Hawtin, Franck Roger, Tania Vulcano, Seth Troxler, Paco Osuna, Loco Dice etc, had Played and charted Carballo’s tracks, and he had recently published some eps and remixes on labels such as District, Raw, Tzinah, Gimmick, One Records, Inmotion Music and La Vie en Rose; and now this unique artist is also creating new tracks for Inmotion Music (Brooklyn), One Records, his imprint label Overall Music, etc. On the other hand as a promoter he is the visible head of Under Your Seat, responsible of the line-up for Velvet Club, Rebel Electronic Dance Club and Discontrol Fest, in Gran Canaria.

On March 2013 he had played at UK- Fabric, one of the principle and biggest clubs of electronic music, and the strict audience from Fabric had the opportunity to enjoy his talent. Now, cities such as Munich, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona could soon feel the beats of this insular but borderless artist. Now he is based on the deepest heart of Berlin where he is co-working with his friend, the producer John Dimas. As we can appreciate, this wonder boy is not going to remain isolated and unmoved. He understands music with an unusual sense, with an incomparable sensibility, out of the ordinary…and this will make him to became an exceptional and international artist, no doubts!

1 rating


Melizma / Perlon / Playhouse // London (GER)

born in germany and partly raised in usa,spain and england, thomas melchior has been resident in london for over 20 years. there he also started his musical career as composer /singer and keyboarder in an arty/electronic five-piece band(Blipvert Bigtop) releasing records on their own label and performing in small london clubs.after downsizing and renaming to Ohm ,their fusing early electronic experimental and funkadelic based jazz and funk caught the attention of the likes of africa bambata,dj smash hunter(eightball) acid jazz and talking loud. A young judge jules who along with roy the roach (quaff records)and dan donovan(big audio dynamite)helped release some of their material.being ahead of their time success, ohm's "heady volt experience ep"(with it's fusion of jazz,techno,hip hop and funk)however had an undeniable influence on the much later emerging trip hop scene(james lavelle(mo wax)was an ardent admirer and put in his all time top 20).but times were a changing and thomas moved on to pioneer and explore other moods and grooves. with the arrival of an atari computer,he began to discover the world of reduced music making leading him to work and hang out with weird beat master j.saul kane (depthcharge)introducing him to the early london techno underground where he met with people like peter ford,mark moore,carl craig,stefan robbers etc.soon he was on his way to making tripped out electronica and in '92 thomas hooked up with multi instrumentalist tim hutton and started recording as vulva/yoni. quickly vulva caught ››

2 rating


OVERdrive// Toulouse (FR)

Born in Switzerland, Green tecker grew in a family of musicians and was attracted by music as he was very young. In 1995, he discovers the first raves in Deutschland and east of France, then he decides to get his own turntables three years later.

Influnced by the sound of Detroit (Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Jeff Mills...), he's trying himself to many styles like Break-Beat, Big-Beat, Jungle, Drum&Bass but his favourite styles remained Deep-House, Tech-House and Techno.

Mulitifaceted artist, Green Tecker will surprise you with a original djset

9 rating


FHD Recordings // Paris (FR)

TRAMA (FHD recording / Bonzai Basiks / hermine records / Bembe records / Greenslash records / Sounds of earth / Beat rude/ Blend it records/ Totem Traxx/ Bus Records/Pumpz )

TRAMA is a French Dj and producer, owner of F.H.D recording. It's not just about deejaying but delivering a full Live-produced experience with the concept" Ultimate Breakers" . A lot of Festivals and night clubs around the world have already witnessed TRAMA Live energy, such as H2O (Belgium), Pepe'sBodega (Sweden), Sala Pagoa (Spain), Batofar (Paris), 4 Elements (Paris), Wax (Belgium), ADE (Amsterdam), SUDUKA (Mexico city) etc...

Since December 2011, TRAMA started to release music on several labels like Blend It records, Bonzai records, Bonzai Baziks, Greenslash records, Off the records, Hermine Records, Sounds of Earth.. A few remixes for Charles Schillings, Vazik, Marcelo Cura, Wehbba, San Proper also helped promoting the vibrating TRAMA style.

With his love for rolling basses, catchy percussions and fat grooves, TRAMA is getting high among the international tech-house/Techno scene....

3 rating


Blueprint / Stroboscopic Artefacts // Dublin (UK)

Ian Mc Donnell, Dara Smith

0 rating



House - Deep House

Red D come from Belgian. He started listening to new beat and Belgian rave anthems around 1989 and slowly discovered the good stuff.

31 rating


Melizma // Milan (ITA)

Born and raised in Turin, Italy, Andrea is a well known and respected dj, producer and label manager.
His personal style is influenced by house old school rhythms mixed together with a sophisticated and refined music that portrays innovative deep and detroit sounds.
In 2007, Andrea has been the resident of La Gare in Turin (until 2009) and he played with artists as Marco Carola, Troy Pierce, Tania Vulcano, Paul Ritch, Karotte, Shinedoe, Anja Schneider, Mauro Picotto and many more.
In 2009 Andrea launched his label Room 9 Recordings, well known also abroad working together with Felipe Valenzuela, Arnaud Le Texier, Leon, Alejandro Vivanco, Micha Klang, Romano Alfieri, Marco Effe, David Pher e Federico Grazzini.
In the same year his track “Hello Momo!” was performed by the top djs as Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, Steve Lawler, Karotte, Brothers Vibe and has caught the attention of a lot of promoters who also gave him the opportunity to perform live in some important clubs in Italy and in international scene, as for example at Cocoon in Frankfurt.
He has also worked in studio with his friends Felipe Valenzuela and Luca Bear and released some track on labels as Melisma and Gluckskind.
Moreover, Andrea is involved into the project Body Resistance Music with Stefano Fontana.
In 2010 this track “I don’t Know” was an exclusive release of the official compilation of Space Ibiza, and he was also invited to Dj Clinic 2010 in Rimini as Italian New Talent.
In 2011 he created his radio show “Fresh” on air all Tuesday nights on Radio Party Groove and he became the resident of Movement Europe, the organization known for its festival which hosts the most important djs from Detroit school.
From the beginning of this year, he is the resident of Life Club in Milan.

2 rating


Uberbeat / Supermature Records // (ES)

Most notably renowned as one half of successful DJ and production duo Amelie,  2010 has seen Claudia making huge waves in her own right, as a solo artist on the international underground music scene.

Claudia – who took up permanent residence in Ibiza in 2010 – has spent much of the year locked away in the studio, honing and fine-tuning her undeniably addictive sounds.  Sexy, upfront and engaging house packed with solid grooves, standout melodies, and a true underground edge.

Her fluid and intriguing sets have resulted in a huge demand for Claudia to perform all around the world, from clandestine underground parties to the world’s best clubs.  Standout gigs include the Miami WMC, San Juan Festival at Sonar, Germany’s Love Parade, Rooftop Moscow, Vertigo in Costa Rica, D-Edge in Brazil, Mamitas Beach Club in Playa del Carmen, Gotica in Columbia and Pacha Ibiza.  

Her mixing skills have enabled her to play along side luminaries like Steve Bug, Audiofly, Konrad Black, Damian Lazarus, Nick Curly and Robert Dietz and in September 2010 she became a resident for  the infamous London party Excuse The Mess.

She’s come along way since her teenage years, back in her hometown of Durban, South Africa. At the tender age of 15, Claudia – who is also of Italian descent – was first introduced to house music through an older group of friends involved in the local music scene. Her keen passion for vinyl and mixing developed as She spent hours hanging around the DJ booth of her favourite club listening to UK and US house and she was heavily inspired by the infectious sound and attitude of the music.

In 2000, the 19-year old packed her bags for London and took her first steps on a dedicated musical career path, quickly scoring a string of residencies and guest slots across London, including clubs like The Cross, The End and numerous other east end parties such as Retox.

In 2006 Claudia crossed paths with DJ Sophie Oliver and embarked on a Music Production course at the SAE institute of London and further formed the duo known as Amelie.

Claudia soon found her feet as a producer and Amelie were signed to Audiofly’s Supernature Label with their first release in 2008, ‘Under the Radar’, a collaboration with Audiofly.   With rave reviews, The girls went on to remix for fellow supernature artists Alex Niggeman, Fabbio Gianelli, Kabuto & Koji and released other remixes and ep’s on labels such as Uberbeat , 1trax and SK Supreme.  Their latest release, Seal the Silence EP which came out on Supernature in mid March 2011.

Looking forward, Claudia is focusing on solo projects with her debut EP due to be released in on Supernature Records. 

7 rating


Peacefrog / Novamute / Blueprint Records // UK

No doubt about it, Luke Slater is one of the legends of techno, and so it’s a great honour to welcome him to Slam Radio today. With hundreds of official releases and remixes over twenty years under a collection of conceptually distinct aliases, Luke Slater continues to influence just about everyone in techno.

0 rating


Melizma / Cadenza // Santiago De Chile (CHL)

Alejandro was born in Viña del Mar, Chile. Since he was a child, he was close to music because his father used to play tenor sax and was the owner of a huge jazz records collection. At the early age of 7 years, he used to spend many hours in front of the stereo. when he became a teenager, he started palying electric guitar in several school bands, influenced by the music of bands like Sonic Youth, Jesus & Mary chain and Pixies, among others. In 1993, with 3 friends, he creates the band "Pequeñas Particulas" cult band in the underground scene of Valparaiso and participates as bass player for 7 years. Simultaneously, in 1996 he his interests in experimentation in sound, gets him closer to machines, creating his solo project Telepong, letting us know his taste for Detroit & Acid House. Alejandro gets involved and atracted by the emerging electronic chilean scene and step ahead to the turntables, and didn't take him to much time to be highly recognized and respected as a great Dj. Since 2001, he is resident of the club La Feria, in Santiago and has been exposing his music, that walks in between precise rythms and radical sound contrasts, making his grooves reacher in every composition. DISCOGRAPHY 2004 Alejandro Vivanco ,Temprano E.P., Eukahouse, U.K. (12”) 2005 Tony Mass: In Transit, tema “Kupeta”, Chile (CD) Compilation Love Parade, tema "Ninios", Chile (CD) Compilation Secuencias Ballantines, tema "O.K.", Chile (CD) Alejandro Vivanco,Inesperado E.P., Eukahouse,U.K. (12”) A.Vivanco Las velas E.P., Kahlwild, Germany (12”) Compilation Cocoon Ibiza Green & Blue cdmix Villalobos & Loco Dice GER. Compilation Mischwald cdmix Dominik Eulberg GER 2006 A.Vivanco maximizado e.p. Kahlwild04 GER (12") Rosselot & Ferrante,Los andes e.p. A.Vivanco remix, Weave music GER.(12") Compilation Soma Records cdmix Luciano 2006 U.K. Maison doree e.p. Kahlwild06 GER (12") Compilation Cdmix Circoloco Ibiza Tania Vulcano,Azuli U.K. Compilation UNDULATION 2 cdmix Audiofly, Saw recordings U.K. Alejandro Vivanco terapia e.p. DUMB UNIT ,GER.(12") 2007 A.Vivanco , Las velas remixes, Kahlwild GER. (12") Compilation Detached Works [01] Jeremy P Caulfield Dumb-unit CD GER.

5 rating


Get Physical / Cocoon / Trapez - Amsterdam (NDE)

International DJ, music maker and founding spirit of Amsterdam imprint Intacto Records – Shinedoe's unique vision of electronic dance music, combined with her talent, dynamism and pioneering spirit have acted as a springboard, propelling her to the forefront of house and techno global club scenes.

Living in Amsterdam with strong Nigerian ties, Shinedoe's love of music and passion for dance provided the only fuel she needed to start experimenting with mixes in the early nineties. Her tremendous ability to create a personalised fusion of warm and funky sounds switching from warm Detroit techno to funky house to US garage ensured she was in popular demand as a DJ by the time she was nineteen.

In 2004 she created a dance bomb with the release of her first single 'Dillema' on 100% Pure. It became the 2004 summer anthem of the Cocoon club (Ibiza) loved by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth and Luciano.
In the same year she founded Amsterdam label Intacto Records together with Dylan Hermelijn (aka 2000 and One).

And her vision of electronic dance music now? Her latest album "No Boundaries" says it all.

4 rating

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