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24 Bit - Buenos Aires (ARG)

DJ Antonela really stands out with this unique attitude once she stands on the decks and starts spinning her records. The argentinian's charm and beauty transcend into a nearly hypnotic dancing power when, track after track, she builds her sessions mixing melodies, grooves and sensual vocals reflecting all of her her class and finesse. It was no surprise that her posture and quality of her musical taste were noticed by two of the main characters of feminine sensibility in brazilian electronic music: Aninha and Mary Zander.

Passionate for music since a young child under her parents' influences, Antonela's first contact with dance music happened in the 90's in her hometown Buenos Aires. Also, a major person towards the DJ's evolution within the genre was argentinian producer B.O.N.G., introducing her to progressive house and labels such as Bedrock, Get Physical and 2020Vision. In no time Antonela had acquired enough luggage and knowledge to start her career in music. However, even though she mastered the craft, the DJ remained off the booths for three years. According to the DJ herself, during that period she watched and listened to all the artists she could, strictly from the dancefloor – which caused a big impact on her current references and the way she sees music working directly on the crowd.

Today the DJ identifies herself with deep house, deliciously inspired by her own essence, showing great musicality and exceptional groovyness. Investing in labels like Hot Creations, Desolat, Dyinamic and Crosstown Rebels, Antolena is a member of Brazilian agency 24Bit.

10 rating


Meanwhile // Amsterdam (NL)

Mirella Kroes is the fast rising Amsterdam based DJ who continues to impress with her bespoke performances in the DJ booth. During the last few years, she has quickly risen through the ranks playing deft sets of deep techno.

Hypnotizing grooves and plenty of rawness with an oldscool touch to it at venues across the Netherlands and abroad at places such as Paris, London and Berlin.

Studio 80,  Showcase, Trouw and Doornroosje or Rotterdam venues like Pakhuis for example, have all been witness to her sets. As well as working smaller crowds, though, Kroes also works larger crowds such as the one she played to at Welcome to the Future festival: proof, if it were needed, that the art of the DJ is still alive and well.

3 rating


M_NUS / Plus 8 / COCOON / Form // Marseille (FR)

Julian Jeweil, a French artist based in southern France and Berlin, found his signature sound through his various productions and live sets, all characterized by a melodic style of techno.

The adventure begins in 2007 when he releases his first hit "Airconditionné", which quickly ranks #1 in Beatport sale

In 2010, Julian signs with two prestigious labels : Cocoon (Color EP, featuring "Soho", the #1 track of the techno Top 100) and Plus 8 Records ("Babou")
The same year, the Techno Corner EP is released with Form, his friend Popof's label, and a remix is commissioned by Moby (Stay Down).

In 2011, Julian confirms his standing in the Techno scene by releasing his second EP with Plus 8 records (Hermanos Ep).

In 2012, he releases his third EP with Plus 8 Records (Bastard EP), featuring five tracks ("Bastard", "Hey You", "The Gang", "Zoulou" and "Kanji") played and supported by the greatest artists out there.

Then, in 2013, Julian starts the year the best way he ever could have, with two remixes for the prestigious artists Deadmau5 & Pan-Pot that both chart #1 in the Beatport techno top 10.They are followed by an excellent EP with Form (Mad EP), which immediately appeals to a
significant number of listeners.

Julian also signs three releases with Minus, Richie Hawtin's renowned label. His first release is "Yoko", a track featured on the Minus' minMax compilation, bringing together several of Minus' artists such as Gaiser, Matador, Hobo and many others

The first EP with Minus is the Don't Think EP featuring three tracks: "Don't Think", "Boom" and "Flexx". This EP is met with critical acclaim and "Don't Think" climbs its way up to 1st place in the Beatport top 100.

One month later, Julian releases his second EP with Minus, She's Hot, also featuring three tracks : "She's Hot", "Green Room", "SnakeDance". Once more, the EP meets phenomenal success and within days, "She's Hot" finds itself ranking in the top 10 of the techno chart

Also in 2013, Julian releases a remix for the Techno Master, Adam Beyer, who produced alongside Ida Engberg the track "Unanswered question" on Drumcode.

In 2014, Julian Jeweil releases two more EPs with Minus: Rumble, featuring four tracks: "Rumble", "Frida", "Mistral" and "Funky style", and Los Pistolos EP, also featuring four tracks: "Los Pistolos", "#5","Rainbow", "The Light".

The year 2015 looks, once more, like a very promising year for Julian. Amidst an increasingly busy touring schedule, more releases are on the way: a new EP, Bird, is set to be released on Minus, and a remix has been commissioned by artist Marc Houle for his album Restored (release date: April 2015, also on Minus).

0 rating


Fantastic Friends Rec / Frequenza Rec // Berlin (US)

Danielle nicole is a new york city based dj and electronic music producer known for her deep, groovy, stripped down techno style. she frequently drives a bass heavy, percussive, yet minimalistic track selection at popular new york dance clubs like cielo, sullivan room and national underground, as well as hyped clandestine parties verboten and trilogy. aside from deeply rooting herself in the new york scene, since her career began in 2005, she has toured all over north and south america and traveled to cities in europe, africa, and the middle east to play for dance music lovers. global venues like nikki beach, pacha, naked club, living, nocturnal and taiga sky are common stomping grounds in her rotation.

despite a hectic travel schedule, the native new yorker and life long musician is adamant about making time in the studio for her own productions. since releasing her first ep in 2008 on hush recordings, danielle has released records on frequenza, neurotraxx, minitec series, irma, chameleon black, sex panda, land of voodoo, tkc music and nosi music, been charted on beatport's top 100, and remixed power house producers such as d-unity and alex d'elia & nihil young. her latest release came out on detroit/chicago label klectik in august 2012 and features a remix from sleep is commercial label boss, francesco assenza. upcoming releases include a collaborative project between danielle and vocalist april white on popular swiss label fantastic friends recordings, a collaboration ep with someone else (foundsound records / get physical) coming out on little helpers this november, a remix of a dilo & pablo denegri track on klectik before the year is up and an original scheduled for an early 2013 release on my favorite robot.

currently, danielle resides in berlin, germany where she is spending lots of time in the studio and finding inspiration for many of her own solo projects.

8 rating


AAA / Fatbeatcrooner Records // La Rochelle (FR)

A unique musical style and since his sweet 18 years old, Scott-ee still keeps the pressure playing in bars, clubs and private parties where he is located, Poitou-Charente, France.
Scott-ee follows the evolution of electronic music as a passionated and can create a personal atmosphere with what we call his warm style !
His DJ sets are a go between mix of house and techno.
If he has found his influences in Detroit... Scott-ee is also influenced by the french and german electronic scene (Laurent Garnier, Steve Bug, Miss Kittin, DJ Hell to name a few...).
With the use of digital mixing and its many possibilities, Scott-ee produces energic and astonishing set for his faithfull audience.

14 rating


Qubiq Rec / Dirty Stuff Rec / MP Digital Rec // Perpignan (FR)

Small Ewok discovered electronic music in 2000. In 2001, he founded “1001 Nights” with his friend and fellow DJ Frank Kaplan and started organizing and playing at nights in bars and clubs in the Languedoc Roussillon region. Between 2001 and 2010, he organized a huge number of nights in the South of France, notably the first ever electronic parties at Mas Bonnet (Perpignan)!! He also mixed at Rachdingue, Villa Rouge, Marina Atlantide, Bar Live and various other underground clubs, as well as festivals organized by Mystic Chrysalide, World People, Groovetek, Tounga and Storms…

He met and played alongside numerous local DJs including Rykkk's, Deff Skual, Antomny, Speedy'T, J Rob, Franck De Villeneuve, Freeda, Cybersonic, Guy Hom, Kick Off, Mateo Loco, Yoan L, Viktor Valentino, Fabrice Torricella, Gomor, Eeror 303, Fédérico Mesclando... During the winters, however, he was based in La Plagne ski resort, where he also organized nights in the bars and clubs of the Savoie region. His diverse experience has enabled him to play a wide range of music: Deep House/House/Tech House/Techno and Progressive House. But now he offers a Deep House/House/Tech House sound that mixes melodies, vocals and percussion!

His sets have a happy vibe and are made for the dance floor! Energy and smiles are sure to follow!! You can find him twice a month at La Payote (beach club in Franqui) where he organizes Moon Beach Parties – as well as on Radio Pink City Beat (Radio house on Facebook)!!


2008 He helped to create MAO, distributed by the producer Alex Del Amo of "La Vynilothèque"
2010 He released his first two techno tracks: "Ourazi" and "Colibri" (of which renowned Lyonnais producers D'Jamency did a remix).
2011 He released “Swimming Pool” and "La Goutte" (which appears on the album "Future Techno Classics Volume1") as well as signing to Qubiq Rec record label.
Other deep house, house and tech house projects for 2012 are also underway

13 rating


Blueprint / Cocoon // Norwich (UK)

A truly prolific artist, he has a myriad of production credits to his name having worked with world renowned labels such as Mo-Wax, Warp, R&S, Soma, Ifach (with Baby Ford), Bpitch Control, Platzhirsch, Rotary Cocktail, Material and more recently 2020 vision plus Saved, Cocoon, Blueprint and his own label Beard Man.

It all started in the summer of 89 when he landed in Tenerife on vacation and stumbled across the delights of the emerging sounds of Chicago and Acid House. Returning to the UK, he immediately went in search of this new found music a pair of turntables were bought and with it a musical career was born.

He has also had the pleasure of reworking material from artists such as Dubfire, Edit Select, F.U.S.E, Dj 3000, Alan Fitzpatrick. Mark has had a string of high class releases over the last 12 months, highlights being the Acclaimed SQ18 EP on Cocoon, M28 EP on Gynoid Audio, Vault 5 for Ostugut and a new project with James Ruskin as ” The Fear Ratio.

4 rating


Catwash Records // Paris (FR)

Born on the 14th of February 1983, Julien Marciano grows up in the heart of Paris. From his teenage years, he haunts the most reputed club of the capital and discovered a passion for House music. After working in the fashion world in the most trendy shops, he decides at the age of 24 to live of his passion. , his talents is quickly spotted and the one who is now known as Julian M takes the control of the biggest clubs such as the Cirque and even offers himself a residence at the Queen. After confirming himself as a news talent of the House scence, he is now, since 2010, a producter. His career is now launched, more than mixing in biggest clubs of the city, he nows mixes with confirmed artists like ... DJ W!ld, Reboot, Agoria, Hector, Lucas Bachetti, Alex Picone, Lula Circus, Livio & Roby ...... During 2011, Julian M signs of DJ W!ld's label( Catwash Records) and is being remixed by him and his younger brother, but not less talented, Gauthier DM for "Full"'s Julian M.

So, Julian M is one of the Djs who got to be followed for the next years, for his talent but too for his energy than goes out from him when he is playing in clubs!

4 rating


Souvenir Music, Upon You - Berlin (DE)

Ruede a child of Berlin, almost that is. Actually born in the rural surroundings of the capital he
decided to move inside Berlin in the year 2000. Nevertheless call him a city-dweller cause the city
is where he feels home. After civil service he left ´mean´ Brandenburg trying to find work as a
ricochet in web-agencies, movie-shakes and magazine night-guides.

7 rating


PoleGroup Recordings / Planet Rhythm // Oviedo (ES)

The biggest challenge a musician or producer of any musical type or style has to face, whether they like it or not, is to see whether their work can create a path that other artists will follow or lay the foundation for the work of other artists. Juan Rico, the Asturian known within the scene as REEKO, is well aware of this.

Born in Oviedo (Asturias) in 1981, Reeko is a dj who has rapidly attained the recognition other artists have taken a long time to gain. In his case it’s not been a matter of chance or coincidence, but the result of his innate and incredible capacity to be prolific, alongside his obsession for perfection. He marks is his birth as a dj about 1997, but it wasn’t until his first release in 2002 under the Swedish label Emergence that he became known professionally.

There is no need to name all the aliases that Juan Rico has used to release the diverse artistic sensations which flow from him, but these are characteristic which define his personality and are a part of REEKO himself. Producing and performing under different names allows him to concentrate fully on each individual event by devoting himself completely to an idea or style to which he is totally faithful, putting aside for a moment sounds and influences that don’t belong in the particular character which he is mutating into at the time.

The result is a knock out. Under the name of REEKO he has released huge techno productions which have charted and been played by the best djs in the world, right from the first tracks and EPs for labels as reputable as Theory, Main out, Integrale Muzique, Deafmosaic, Inceptive, Rxxistance, Trece Records, Symbolism, Planet Rhythm, Warm up or Palicavonzvreca.

Reeko created Mental Disorder, his “pathological” label/laboratory, in 2003 under which he has released 12 works of ever increasing quality. The latest (The Day After, 2010) received a wonderfully warm welcome as one of the best releases in Hispanic Techno of the year. Artists such as Gennaro le fosse, Pacou, Oscar Mulero have collaborated with his very personal label.

Next came the label Evidence in 2005, where he opens up to his passion for the darkest and sickest part of the human mind. He looks deep within the human psyche where most of us would never go or dare explore. That is where the laconic, aggressive and totally sweeping sound that characterises him stems from. Reputable artists who have published with Evidence are Function, Paul Bailey and Trolley Route, to name a few.

He has received great praise for his collaborations with the Humano project and the Belgian label MusicMan, home of the purest of European techno. During this last decade, his most outstanding performances have been in Awakenings and Monegros 2005, Aquasella, Tresor and his Brazil tour of 2008.

The story so far reaches a climax when Reeko joins the cream of techno: the PoleGroup, formed in 2008. On the frontline of this group is Oscar Mulero, indisputable leader of the darkest Iberian techno, joined by the Asturian duo Exium and the surprising and experienced Christian Wünsch. The most recent addition to this team is Architectural, someone who will give us lots and lots to talk about.

Reeko finds himself, unexpectedly but deservedly, among the elite of Hispanic techno.

0 rating


Suara / Intec / Sino // Girona (ES)

For over 6 years now Dosem has been dropping big room house and techno bombs on labels such as Suara, Carl Cox’s Intec Recordings, Tronic, Bedrock, Break New Soil and more. With a mix of futuristic techno and soulful house approach to his productions, he definitely gives a unique sheen that he can call his own. Releases such as his Suara EP ‘Streetout’ and his remix for Hot Since 82’s “Planes & Trains” demonstrate this characteristic further and have garnered him wide support across the electronic spectrum from DJs such as Sasha, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Joris Voorn and Laurent Garnier.

The trajectory behind Dosem’s exponential rise first occurred when he signed to Technasia’s label Sino in 2008 with his eloquently carved club hit ‘Silent Drop’ (2009). From here his profile flourished and following a re-release of the already cosmic classic ‘Beach Kisses’ on Joris Voorn’s Green label, he soon had material on imprints like Bedrock and Suara. However, the true marker to Dosem’s potential came in 2011 when he unveiled, to critical acclaim, his debut album ‘Parallel’. What followed was a string of sonic releases that included his ‘Origin’ album on Christian Smith’s Tronic imprint, and remixes for artists such Hot Since 82, Technasia, Uner, Coyu, Gregor Tresher, Max Cooper, Henry Saiz…

His global reach as a producer has given rise to his profile as a DJ and seen him become an initiated member of some of the most renowned parties in the world. Today his name can be found on billings for clubs and festivals around the world that include Blue Marlin, Space Ibiza, Berghain, Fabrik, Ministry of Sound, Ushuaia, Pacha, Rex Club, Fuse, Awakenings, Klubbers Day and Monegros Desert Festival.

1 rating


Diynamic // Hamburg (GER)

When you stand on the edge of a pool, ready to jump in, ready to be
completely taken in by it´s content, there´s always that split second of
hesitation. Every single time, and not even the bravest person you know,
that boy from second grade, can tell you otherwise. Why is that?  
It´s because once you´ve set off to jump, you know you´ve fully let
yourself in for it, and from this moment on, absolutely anything can
happen. When you witness one of Pool´s live concerts, it´s all about that
experience: Anything can happen.
Pool consists of three musicians and friends that have been making
music together since they were fourteen years of age. Daniel Husten,
David Stoltzenberg and Nils Hansen have been constantly evolving
musically since the early days. They started off as a standard three piece
grunge band, but soon it was clear to everyone witnessing them on their
instruments that this was just a start.  
With their basic layout of guitar, bass and drums, they manage to find a
musical path between house patterns, psychedelic riff clouds and
straightforward pop music. Still a major part of their sound is the get-
together of the two vocalists David and Nils. Though their voices differ
their coexistence creates a mellow, peerless temper accomplishing the
sound of guitar, bass and drums.
A Pool live show is full of hypnotic, technoid buildups, sudden breaks
and instrumental expertise, never missing out to showcase that first of all
it´s fun making music. And after having let yourself in for it, after having set off to jump, after
whatever happened Pool made it happen to you.

7 rating

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