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Never Say Never / Bedrock Records // Ibiza (FR)

The way that energies are transformed on the dance-floor when Dimitri Nakov spins his records remains a mystery! Maybe it has to do with his vast years of experience, since the frenchman based in England from his early years started DJ'ing when he was only 14 years old, a time when dance music was still taking its first steps. Perhaps it is also true to say that some people have a greater sensibility for music – especially when they play what they truly love and dedicate themselves fully to it. Dimitri is one of those people who has this unique drive; he presents music according to his highest standards to an avid dance-floor.

The beginning of his music career goes way back to the start of house music in the ‘90’s, when he had the chance to work with two of the biggest names of the dance music scene: Roger Sanchez and Sasha. He worked with Roger Sanchez at Narcotic Records, a label responsible for many emblematic releases of the time. With Sasha, he performed warm-ups all over the globe, and so Dimitri started to define his calling for music and his place within the industry.  

In a world where every conductor must orchestrate a symphony, Dimitri has become a master of conducing the crowd with perfection, distinguishing himself clearly from mediocrity. Whether it happens at a festival of twenty-thousand people or in a small niche venue with two hundred guests, the DJ has always had the ability to astound. In the not-so-distant past, whilst other main attractions were praised for their “live” performances, Dimitri became known for pleasing the crowd with a simple deck (or as he often does with two) owing nothing to the shows he used to share the prime time with. This was a fundamental phase when it came to getting to know the dance-floor like no other. Today, focusing on house music, which is what has always been his inspiration, the DJ leads a generation that stands for the groove and soul.

In 2010 Dimitri started making what would eventually become a main reference from the Ibiza summer: “Never Say Never”, hosted on what used to be a kiosk by the beach, Ushuaia. Today, Ushuaia Resort has grown and, with it, the emblematic sunset where Dimitri shares residency with partner and old time friend, Sasha, besides many other honourable guests. The DJ is also very prestigious in Brazil, where over the last six years he has grown with the local electronic music scene. In Brazil, his gigs as a resident of the Warung Tours, from the club known as the “temple” of electronic music stands out – along with his regular gigs in the beach club itself.

14 rating


Moon Harbour - Poker Flat - Auckland (NZL)

Proving that a little isolation can go a long way…residing in the far-flung islands of New Zealand has done nothing to stop Simon scoring a stream of releases on prestigious and in-demand labels such as Poker Flat, Moon Harbour, Dessous, Compost Black Label and  Curl Curl. The releases quickly scored highly with critics, punters and DJs alike, being charted or played by people such as Steve Bug, Josh Wink and Anja Schneider, and even securing no.3 in the coveted top50 Groove magazine singles chart.??Simon’s roots and inspiration are found principally in the Berlin/Detroit axis, deep electronic music with soul, and since the early 90’s he has been busy producing, promoting parties, DJing and running record labels in New Zealand. As a way of showcasing an emerging deep and organic local sound, he started the ‘Nurture’ label in 1997, releasing under the moniker ‘Peak:shift’ (he now predominantly releases under his real name, Simon Flower). ??While as a DJ over the years he played far and wide, and in New Zealand  played alongside a wide variety of well known international artists such as Richie Hawtin, Ian Pooley and Derrick May, it is now playing his own music live that excites him the most - and the last few years have seen an abundance of memorable opportunities to play his music to people across the world.


5 rating


Mobilee Records - Berlin (DE)

A 'pan-pot' is a simple, functional dial that governs the left and right axis of the stereo field, useful
but unremarkable; mobilee's Pan-Pot is an entirely different proposition, a duo whose mastery of
audio principles allows them to turn conventions on their heads, casting functionality aside as
they plumb the deep, uncharted depths of pitch-black techno.

Since their inception in 2005, Pan-Pot have become a dominant presence in modern
techno, an ascent mirrored in the rise of their home label mobilee records to the top tier of
electronic music. Tagging themselves as "the dark side of the force," Pan-Pot have melted minds,
warped perceptions and reinvigorated the dancefloor with their heady, unorthodox sound; within
their work, subtle pitch manipulations square off with wall-of-sound distortion, the dark stomp of
4/4 is tamed by intricate sound design, and minimalistic frameworks duel with throbbing bass
lines, epic builds, and murky, off-kilter melodies.

Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix met at Berlin's SAE, and their studies in the production
and manipulation of sound aided them in identifying Pan-Pot's overarching sound aesthetic.
The duo booked Anja Schneider for an ill-fated party in 2005, but the unfortunate circumstances
helped forge a fortuitous connection with Schneider and her then-fledgling mobilee imprint.
Within weeks, mobilee's second ever release was Pan-Pot's official debut, „Copy and
Paste". The steady stream of original tracks and remixes that followed on mobilee and
Einmaleins, charted the duo's unwavering commitment to precise, undulating and kinetic grooves.

The defining moment of Pan-Pot's career came in 2007 with the release of their debut artist
album, Pan-O-Rama. The aptly named long-player offered a 360-degree view of techno at its
most twisted, balancing somber atmospherics with a lightness of touch, and spawning the
overground hit "Charly". More recently "Confronted" and "Captain My Captain" have
demonstrated their classic, strong and timely production style, presenting them as the most
consistent purveyors of techno around.

Pan-Pot are ceaselessly working and endlessly inventive. When not in the studio writing
original material or remixing tracks by a myriad of artists, they can be found on the road,
touring. Their DJ sets reveal a keen understanding of the dancefloor's needs, and they are
unconstrained by boundaries, traversing techno, house and everything in between.

Pan-Pot may have taken their name from an unexceptional element of studio equipment, but as
with their music, they have rewritten notions of form and function through their own idiosyncratic
language; once you've experienced Pan-Pot's colossal, haunting soundscapes you will never
forget them. Their vision, passion, and love of music continues to drive Pan-Pot — and the
extended mobilee team —in all that they continue to do, and all that will come.


3 rating



House minmal

Born in 1977 in the south-west of France, Mervyn grew up along with the rhythm of electronic music and begins working at the turntable when he was 16.

56 rating


Get Physical // Berlin (GER)

Nils Hoffmann is a producer/dj from Berlin. His sound is influenced by the music of the 60's, Indie Rock and Artists like Trentemöller, Bon Iver and Yann Tiersen. He always tries to combine the warm sound of organic instruments with more clinical synthesizer sounds. As a dj and live act he played also international. In february he published his first ep 'Verwunschen' on Lochmann Records.

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Catwash Records / Lust Recordings // Canary Islands (ES)

Adrián Rodríguez aka Adrian Rodd was born in Spain, in Canary Islands.

He may be younger than House Music itself but Adrian started to make it in 2010.

Rodríguez made his debut in Idea Records with ''A songfor her'' with his buddy Alex Kaddour. He continued producing, his second record in Belgium's ''Homecoming'' with remixes by the Hot Creations newcomer Vernon Bara & Massimo Da Costa, labels like Catwash Records, Vibe Me, Act Natural, Moan, Pura Music and many more have gone through this last year career.

He also played live in some international clubs. With 21, he started his career as label owner with a team full of talents from his natal Spain, and his friend Isaac Silva, socalled the ''Movements Label'', with artist like Javier Carballo, Hanfry Martinez, James Cotterill, Gulivert, Mussen, and many more.

We can't expect nothing more than a brighter future for this young kid
with his Soul infused House and deep blended patterns and productions.

A as in music, is the creator of the identity of the Movements Label,
in which using their skills to create art, the young producer tries to
communicate with people using geometric figures, landscapes, photos and
any ideas you have abstract influence. Moreover, its creative design has
led him to work in different clothing brands and labels.

In 2013 has started a new project that fuses fashion, with music, and
art, called Alma Co. (www.almacompany.es).

Stay tuned.

4 rating


Perlon / Oslo / Mara Trax // Berlin (DE)

From her upbringing
in the German town of Heidelberg to her first international residency at 'Monza Club Ibiza' in 2005, Vera has steadily
developed into the league of Frankfurt's most prominent exports for club music. She stands for deep, electronic
music that meanders between the traditional banks of house and techno. Juggling the dual role of DJ and producer
effortlessly, the past few years have seen her release an exclusive mix for Monza Ibiza as well as sophisticated
productions in collaboration with Miss Fitz as the duo 'Mara Trax'. With a debut solo EP imminent and bookings at a
number of Europe's top clubs, the past years have been exceptionally fruitful for Vera.

Musical exploration
During her childhood she was mostly surrounded by classical music and got her basic musical education by studying
some instruments. At the age of 14 she started to listen to hip hop and house music and was intrigued. When she
finally entered a techno club in Frankfurt in 1993, she found exactly what she had been looking for.

Vera started collecting mix-tapes and listened to uncountable DJ-Sets. She developed her preferences for Chicago
house, music from Detroit and the sound of Maurizio, Studio1, Thomas Brinkmann and the early Perlon and
Playhouse releases.

After spending 7 years on the dancefloors, Vera started buying records. Roman Flügel from Alter Ego was one of the
first, who invited her to play at Robert Johnson in 2003 and she became Resident DJ at one of Europes most
respected and authentic clubs.

In 2005 Vera got her first international residency, on the weekly „Monza Club Ibiza". In 2006 she played at Space and
DC 10 and after releasing her exclusive compilation mix CD for Monza Ibiza she found herself in places all over
Europe (and further). In the past years she graced numerous top clubs with her presence, such as Panoramabar
(Berlin), Warehouse (Tokyo), Rex (Paris), Fabric (London), Goa (Rome) and my more.


11 rating


Ibiza (FR)

Im a monster, an animal

A fucking disaster

Thats what I am


A mess of feelings

Constantly fighting my instincts

To fit with society


I try

But I keep failing


Running to escape

To keep attention on me

Crying for your compassion

While I keep killing my ego


There is no excuse

No resting

Coz my mind is ill


I feel humanity inside me

Eating me


As I realize

Im nothing without you

But still

I do nothing but pain to you


Im a monster

A vampire

Or just another human being


Vic Vanden.

5 rating


Cadenza / Mobilee / Rekids / Bpitch control // Geneva (SUI)

There’s a certain implicit class and exuberance in the name Lee Van Dowski that carries over to the French-born, Geneva-based artist’s music. It is music couched in techno but with plenty of human soul; with an inviting rhythm that works its way not only under your skin, but into your deepest feelings. At times dark, at times stripped back, and always unique, Lee’s music has come on lauded labels like Luciano’s Cadenza as well as Wagon Repair, BPitch Control and Dumb Unit, but nowadays he is most closely associated to the Mobilee family. 

Raised on rock and hip-hop, complete with an obligatory attempt to learn guitar followed by short-lived bands with schoolmates, Lee was the beneficiary of his stepfather's eclectic musical tastes. It spanned classical, jazz, funk, rock and even mosque concrete and academic electronic music. "I was fascinated by the metallic sleeves and their geometrical designs," he remembers, suggesting a possible source for the shimmering timbres and clever vectors of his own music. 

That deep rooted and far reaching social education surely accounts for Lee’s success as a DJ today. He's a regular fixture at some of the world's most celebrated nightclubs, including Panorama Bar, Goa, Rex Club, D Edge, The Arches, but is equally celebrated for his abilities to work dancefloors during the freaky afters. As the boss of two labels—Num, alongside Quenum, and 60Sec, with Agnès—he's released dozens of records and has helped to define the house and techno zeitgeist because of it. 

2014 will see Lee make his mark once again in terms of production, this time on the Intacto label. The year has also seen Lee team up with Dean Demanuele with fruitful and frequently captivating results, with lots more to come. Having spent the last decade establishing himself and his sound, now Lee Van Dowski is moving in exciting new directions that keep him at the very top of the pile

0 rating



House - Tech House - Disco

NICKV is a product of Mancunia, packaged in the suburbs of Paris and currently one of the hottest djs on the Paris scene.

34 rating


Sincopat / Suara / Cecille / Vakant // Barcelona (ES)

In an age where previously million dollar studios have been condensed into laptop friendly software easily pirated by the tech savvy kids of today it is easy to see why many upcoming producers chase trends trying to hit it big quickly rather than spend years developing their own sonic palette. There is a reason why producers who fall into the trap, even the initially successful ones fade into obscurity almost as quickly as they emerge from it and that is because whilst fashions seem to change at an increasingly alarming rate, curiosity innovation and creativity are permanent. Marc Martinez Nadal known as AFFKT is an artist that feels falls into the latter category.
Committed to progress whilst showing a healthy respect for the past is one of AFFKT’s most unique audible features. Above all, AFFKT is synonymous with electronic music, as one of the scenes most active regenerators of contemporary house music; incorporating music from across the musical spectrum to form new amalgamations to create music that he feels, loves and knows. Considering fusion as one of the main aspects of artistic evolution, as he proved in his first hit “Points” on Barraca Music, and stunning the world with his brave innovation, technical sensuality and control of different sound tempos. Taking influence from Jazz, Soul, Latin, Pop and Funk amongst countless other genres.
Without the need to discredit classic or renown, through sound composition and experimentation, AFFKT gains access to unedited synthetic and organic spaces, where music finds new ways of expression on the dance floor and beyond. He considers fusion as one of the main aspects of artistic evolution, and stunning the world with his brave innovation, technical sensuality and control of different sound tempos. Since then he has not stopped producing and remixing for labels such as Get Physical, Bedrock, Noir music, Sincopat, Suara, Rekids, Buzzin fly, Mobilee, Cécille, Vakant, Mothership, Rebirth, OFF, International Freakshow, Perspectiv or Skint and for artists such as tech de Mathias Kaden, Radio Slave, Remute, Spencer Parker, or Noisia to just name a few.

At the same time, in his live and Dj shows, AFFKT displays a free and fascinating scope of influences, references and styles that create an unexpected wave of sound energy on any dance floor.

AFFKT has also created Sincopat to deepen and transcend the boundaries of dance music with other like-minded artists. Sincopat bets and believes in an emerging generation of eclectic artists -children of the thousand sounds- that do not fear the risk of exploring, just as it should be.

1 rating


Deepthings Musique // Toulouse (FR)

A&R Manager and resident DJ for Deepthings Musique by night. Digital audio editor, Ableton and Pro Tools enthusiast by day. Flagship DJ in Toulouse, he got his first residency of Chic club (France) at age 19 and at Frigo (current La Mandarine) at age 20, fashionable clubs of Toulouse city center. Jules Gaardls continues his Deep House l UK House l Techno shows around his hometown and abroad (Bucarest, Bali, Vienne…) with warm up shows and headliners in renowned establishments. More than 200 gigs at 21 years, he discovered a real passion for producing his own songs, including his Nu Disco / UK House influences and dropped his first releases on Mojear Records and Beautifun Records.

2 rating

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