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  • 08 Mar 2016 Zehn / Zwei


  • 08 Mar 2016 Never Doubt About



  • 08 Mar 2016 ED´S EP


  • 22 Feb 2016 Chalutier Du Havre

    Nation House Records

  • Fred P
    Rex Club Music


  • Deep House


  • 06 Oct 2015 The Delivery Boy


    Timid Records / TIMID52

    After a first LP supported by various artists such as Rone, Rodriguez JR, Ark, Electric Rescue, Morpheus or Laurent Garnier, Timid Records is proud to announce Arno Gonzalez's second album: « The Delivery Boy ». More personal (no featuring this time) and more direct in the producing processus, Arno tells us pieces of his own story: a come back from a gig in Brest (Back From Vauban), a crazy sunday afternoon (Domingo Dance), a trip to Japan (Kimura), a train ride to Charles De Gaule Airport (Angers/CDG),he also recalls with a dose of sorrow the cycle effects of buzz and mode in music (Less Was More), the old time Techno (The Break), noisy and synthetic Funk (The Message) or the crazy run of a delivery boy (The Delivery Boy) which will be soon clipped by the motion designer Smoh. 
    The most surprising thing after a first listening is the work on the texture and vibes which give consistency to the whole album sailing between electronica, inspired techno and house grooves. 
    Finally, Camille Rodriguez and Damien « Timid Boy » Almira give us 2 stylish and efficient remixes which will find, for sure, the path to best djs turntables. 
    Enjoy your meal !

  • 03 Sep 2015 Vertige Ep


    Plaisir records / PLA002

    The Adventure continues for Plaisir Records with his 2nd Release made by Ali Moghrani with a remix from Faster! 

    Here, you're going to get into a twisted club atmosphere where basslines will catch you forever. Vertige' will raise your feelings and make you go between melancholia and full energy at the same time, with the coexistence of violins, round bass and disconstructed voice. Inconnue' will bring sun into your mind and your smile will instinctively appear, synth is growing slowly between the beats to get as high as possible.

    Vertige Faster remix' makes you enter directly in its sweaty mental mood from beginning to end with its voices manipulation and its acid component that makes your mind disconnect from reality.

  • 30 Apr 2015 Superimposed Ep


    Gruuv / GRU043

    Gruuv welcome Spirit Catcher and Raxon to the fold, with label heads Audiojack joined by Borrowed Identity and Kindimmer on remix duties.

  • 23 Apr 2015 NGLY


    L.I.E.S / Lies-019.5


    a few back in!!
    a true bomb of a 12" from 2104... repressed with L.I.E.S label artwork ..had to be done. Dope underground anthems ...don't miss.. TIP! 

    Voyage Direct / VD 22LP1

    Voyage Direct's message comes through loud and clear on the label's first compilation, a collection that takes in both unreleased tracks and a hand-picked selection of classics from the imprint's first five years..

  • 23 Apr 2015 Rack and Run Ep


    8Bit / 8bit092


    Marketing Music / MKG23

    big with: Matt Walsh, Jef K, Kolombo, Cosmo Vitelli, Joakim, Luke Solomun, Morpheus, Slam, Alexkid, Anthony Collins,... Meet Sex Judas (Sex to his mother). A sexual vigilante and underground musical entrepreneur working in tandem with his trusted sidekick Ricky since the dawn of time (or the death of Jesus). Myth has it that after the infamous >kiss<, Judas was damned to live on earth for eternity. He decided to make the best of it and delved head first into his true passion, music. Known as a motherfucker on the >Uggav< since his early teens, he emerged in the underground sounds of Judea and never looked back. Judas & Ricky state they are on a mission to play music that reflects the real life, in all its horny, absurd, joyous and yes sometimes evil ways…with emphasis on the bass of course! So what you now hold in your hands is the glorious first vinyl offering from Sex Judas and Ricky >Sex according to Judas< telling the story as it is, blending the old school sounds of Chicago with a modern day longing for bass and ass, with a steaming sex toy edit by Tim from Paris to go.

  • 23 Jan 2015 Wood Lesty Ep


    Plaisir Records / PLA001

    1st release of new French label Plaisir Records by the artist Zendid, with a VID remix !!
    Support: tINI, Faster, Anthea, Ada Kaleh

    Here, you're going to get into a serious classy bunch of tracks, where melodies interlace with round beats and basslines. The Wood Lesty's voice will enter your brain and will never leave it. The cherry on the cake (already rather tasty) is Vid Reconstruction Mix: a little 15 minutes diamond where he settles gradually his talent, involving the famous voice of the original mix with a compulsion of claps to end in second part of the remix with angelic choirs deserving of the most beautiful opera

  • 18 Jan 2015 Believer Ep


    8 Bit Records / 8BIT087

    Believer, Ellic, Poluc - Johnny D returns to Nick Curly & Gorge s 8bit imprint with a major release! It s been a while since his last EP, but time only made him better. Believer EP is a three track masterpiece and proof of Johnnys keen eye for detail as well as his ability to transport a certain feel to the dancefloor. This unique symbiosis conveys into an organic touch and brings live to each production. Get into the vibe!

  • 08 Jan 2015 Right About Now Ep


    Apollonia / APO015

    There's no doubt that the Apollonia trio are on fire, 2014 has been a whirlwind of Berlin studio production, to reigning in Ibiza, to dropping their debut album Tour à Tour to a rapturous reception. But straight back to the label with a new EP, they proudly present breaking talent Diego Krause.Hailing from East Berlin, Krause already caused a stir amongst the heads with releases on his own label Unison Wax and co-owned Beste Modus, Unison Wax 02 swiftly landing itself a 4/5 on Resident Advisor and pricking up the ears of the Apollonia boys.Serving up three quality tracks very much in-keeping with Apollonia's own sound, you can easily imagine any one fitting perfectly into the later hours of their B2B2B sets. 'Right About Now' establishes its presence with a powerful bassline and solid clap, before deep swirling synths enter, as does an echoing xylophone to truly euphoric effect. The slightly eerie, but mostly intoxicating, 'Dreams' brings a subtle groove and conjures up those early morning moments, while 'Manitu' the most peak-team of the three, is a bouncy number full of positive energy and a strong tech-house edge, that will go down a treat on any dancefloor


    Blend It Records / BLEND-V01

    Slamming Remix pack for Alex Davis´ track "Don´t Stop Lovin" which got received heavy support by Marco Carola during the whole 2014 ibiza summer season.

  • 08 Jan 2015 Soul Kiss Ep

    AROUND 7

    Robsoul Recordings / ROBSOUL145

  • 08 Jan 2015 Inner Activist


    Robsoul / ROBSOUL144

    Chris Carrier back on Robsoul with serious jackin' titles

  • 08 Jan 2015 Home Invasion #6


    Home Invasion / HI6

    Home Invasion is the new label from Real Tone man Franck Roger, a man whose career has scaled the full depths of House music over the past decade or so. Evidently seeking a new challenge, the Parisian's new imprint promises to adhere to a vehemently underground way of working, with every EP released on vinyl-only terms and produced exclusively on analogue equipment.

    Franck Roger is back this time in solo with 3 fresh tracks made in is Home Invasion laboratory, this time going back to some proper Raw stuff on the A side, going back to his New Jersay roots on Vib'ray Shun that will remind us some of the old BNO traxx made back in the days from The Deep, what we used to call the French Touch but in the Underground scene for those who reminds that era... Immersion is a Deep kind of aquatic hypnotic track with a little 'clin d'oeil' for the old Prescription Records wich has been one of Franck's all time influencing label...On the B side we keep exploring a more abstract side of Franck wich will remind us his work on Earthrumental Records ..sub division of Real Tone Rds.. a modern approach of his Dubby influences.

  • 06 Jan 2015 Vivaltu Ep


    Arpiar / ARPIAR013

    12 releases strong already, (a:rpia:r) has been silent for the last 2 years, since Petre Inspirescu's Gradina Onirica hit the shelves of your favourite record shop. It is now Raresh's turn to release something special and indeed he did.

    Vivaltu is an old gem, a subtle uplifting track driven by a powerful resonator, perfect for that special moment'. The male mumbling voices provide the track with that extra eclectic feel. This is in fact Raresh's only track on Vivaltu EP, the rest are remixes.

    Side B presents a minimal house interpretation remix by none other than chilean legend and friend, Ricardo Villalobos. The resonator is still here but in come some childish voices to make it all perfect. Perfect for the dancefloor.

    Side C brings forward another member of the (a:rpia:r) family, none other than contemporary wizard Petre Inspirescu. His take has a very cinematic approach, building and building for 4 minutes before the kick even starts. The rich percussive atmosphere is completed with a brilliant melody reminiscent of his classical experiments. This track is an absolute masterpiece ! 

    Aloe Varu is the third chosen for this remix pack and indeed he was chosen wise. His stripped down remix spans for 13 minutes and completes the story of (a:rpia:r) 13.

  • 06 Jan 2015 Aaa Ep


    Concealed Sounds / CCLD005

    The fifth release on Concealed Sounds is delivered by a very talented artist known as, Lowris. He is a resident DJ at the leading and much respected French underground party called Concrete in Paris as well as releasing critically acclaimed released on his Aeternum label. For Concealed he offers two original tracks, starting off with 'AAA' which is a long stripped down hyptonic journey thru sound and rhythm. The second track being, 'Btass', which is a more minimalistic house groover. As a treat we invited no other then our favourite Danish producer S.A.M. to rework the title track. S.A.M. goes very deep on this one and transforms 'AAA' into a moody house affair that will suit the after hour very well.

    Early support from: Martinez, Michael Melchner, Ricardo Villalobos, S.A.M. , Sylphe

  • 06 Jan 2015 Mala Famigghia Ep


    Sanity / SNR127

  • 06 Jan 2015 E.P.


    Running Back / RB013

  • 06 Jan 2015 Postgalactic


    Noir Music / NMW061

    After his very successful remix of Slip Away on Noir Music we are extremely delighted to release this incredible EP from Olivier Giacomotto. Paris based Giacomotto is no new name to the scene but he has hit a sweet spot on Noir Music with his recent productions and this Postgalactic 4-tracker might be his best effort to date. All 4 tracks move in the same universe but show Giacomotto from melodic to the more minimal sound. Its been ages since we've heard such a solid effort from 1 artist and we have been all smiles here since Giacomotto decided to shower Noir Music with his great productions. No more praising words let the music do the talking.

  • 06 Jan 2015 Volkwein


    Monaberry / MONABERRY026

    So what do you do having celebrated a year that has seen you release your own successful artist album, which then spawned a remixed version, that then led to much hyped compilation album that celebrated a label milestone Well, you hook up with the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra for you next project... Obviously. 

    Halle's Super Flu have done just that for this, their latest release on Monaberry. The coming together of this unruly band of music outlaws, and Super Flu, is truly something to behold as they join forces to deliver a musical precursor ahead of their exciting live performance on November 17th*. 

    Together with Philipp Armbruster and the Dortmund Philhamonic, Super Flu present the Volkwein EP, a truly magical musical experience. 

    *November 17th sees Super Flu & Dortmund Philharmonic play their debut performance of their collaborative project 'Schilder einer Baustelle', including a special selection of Super Flu's own work along side popular classical pieces. Don't miss it.


    8Bit / 8BIT086

    The last EP in 2014 is provided by an outstanding talent from Copenhagen: We are happy to welcome back Christian Nielsen for another quality release on 8bit - Need That Something EP contains three tracks that rely on a balanced mix of jackin' grooves & catchy hooks to take over the floor. Tight drums and soulful sounds dominate the room as you can feel the energy building up. Nielsens signature sound has proven itself over the past year and there's no wonder why. We need that and so do you!

  • 06 Jan 2015 House Record


    Hot Creations / HOTC055

    Hot Creations call upon VIVa boss Steve Lawler for their next release, rounding 2014 off with a bang - an amazing year for the leading label. With such a widespread knowledge of music and the industry, here Lawler gives us a musical education. House Record is a dose of old school 80s house injected with a modern twist with City Nights following suit on the B-side. There is no doubt both tracks will dominate the dance floor at peak time, capturing each heart with their infectious bouncing bass-lines, pacey percussions and all round feel good energy. This is proving to be a huge release for Hot Creations and Steve, featuring heavily in Jamie, Richy, Lee and Steves sets this is seriously HOT!

  • 93I

    Robsoul Recordings / RB142

    Alexander J. Adams aka 93i First release on Robsoul - Super Dope! http://www.facebook.com/93i00


  • 03 Nov 2014 Straight Away


    Neverending Records / NEVERENDING049

  • 29 Oct 2014 Chez Guru


    Wind Horse Records / WHR022

    With their backgrounds in mind, the meeting between Audio Units and Hamza is that of two Indian house heavy weights, if not royalty, and the results reflect this. Chez Guru gets its title from Ashriths nickname Guru and the french word for in the home of, basically a stamp for the place of the studio meeting. The vocals are also in French, which somehow always seems to lend an understated cool to any track, but when accompanied by slick productions such as these collaborators it becomes undeniably clear. The bass sounds are the foundation for Chez Guru, with two different levels responding to, and sometimes talking over, each other. The pads and key stabs are swirling, funky, and deep as ever except for wild, climatic moments perfectly paced throughout. Hand percussion finishes things off with a NY house style groove.

  • 20 Oct 2014 Abaton


    Aeon / AEON009

    AEON009 is expertly crafted by AEON labelboss and veritable wunderkind of the multi-faceted anologue electronic, German DJ and producer Alex Niggemann. As a firm believer that a collection of music should unravel and develop like the plot of a good book, this EP is an apt offering from the German maestro, who has recently seen (and is still seeing) underground chart success with his release 'Materium' on Poker Flat, as the likes of Sven Vath, Tale of Us and Mano le Tough continue to drop it to revering masses across the globe. Following successful releases on Poker Flat, Compost Black Label and Last Night On Earth to name a few, 'Abaton' carries on his chameleonic success. The title track highlights Niggemann's affinity with texture and genre- defying sound, as he mixes ethereal chords with stark ashen synths for a truly goose bump- inducing musical experience. First on remix duty is the outfit Quantum Entanglement, comprised of Lee Jones and Fink, who provide a somewhat mellow interpretation, leading into a satisfying deeper progression. Irish producer Chymera evokes an eery landscape with his rework of the track, with the tentative sound of synths juxtaposed with murkier sonic trails and a tiptoeing bassline. Niggemann rounds off the EP with 'Tripping Minds' - a maze of rhythmic curlicues that dance around melancholic pads and descend over a bassline that truly packs a punch, causing the listener to yearn for a dancefloor, or reminisce on a past moment of musical clarity that can only come from the most prolific of music. The fifth track is a Beatport exclusive in the form of a Lee Jones remix. This collection of intelligent, almost lugubrious sonic expression is a fitting display of how far Alex Niggemann, and indeed his AEON label have come; catapulting you into a darker, more aggressive and impressive world of musical capability.

  • 15 Oct 2014 10 YRS SYSTEMATIC


    Systematic Recordings / SYST00202

  • 15 Oct 2014 MISTY


    Soul Clap Records / SCR014

  • 15 Oct 2014 Secret Handshake Ep


    Get physical Music / GPM283

    After featuring a new version of the popular 'NY Drive' on Get Physical's 'Body Language Volume 15' compilation by DJ T., teuton duo Tapesh and Kevin Over are back on Get Physical Music by way of their fresh new 'Secret Handshake EP'. The release features three ice-cold tracks that ooze street cool, all the way from its eponymous opening, Secret Handshake, with its bubbling rhythms and long, sweet buildup, to Junior Street's soulful vocals set against a chill, heavy backdrop, and on to U Brother, closing it all with hypnotic broken beats. Sprinkled with vinyl-popping accents and a couple of vocal nods to our soulful musical forefathers, Tapesh and Kevin Over's 'Secret Handshake EP' maintains that same NY feel that brought them to Get Physical Music in the first place.

  • 09 Oct 2014 Black Drop Effects


    Aeon / AEON008

    'Black Drop Effects' is named after the Black Drop Effect, the dark bridge which appears to join two almost-touching bodies against bright light: famously, Venus becoming teardrop- shaped on its transit across the sun, just before it moves into the darkness of space. All four tracks on this EP from Italian-born producer Palese are named after scientific aspects of the planet Venus, confirming that industrial can most certainly still be intriguing. The EP surprises you with twists and turns, defying any stereotypical assumption of techno being all uniform monotony. Here, with each hi hat and rolling bassline, Palese weaves a multi-coloured fabric for the listener - great quality techno, the type that makes your nose tingle. Kicking off with 735K (the surface temperature of Venus), don't expect to be eased in gently, as this is a worthy cut with a tempo tough enough to shake the walls of Amnesia's Main Room. Next, fellow Italian duo Speaking Minds step in, revving up the original whilst creating a more melancholic soundscape, showcasing their penchant for melodic electronic. Transit of Venus is the epitome of deep, trippy and dancefloor-ready, steering the listener into murkier unknown waters, and preparing them for the heaviest track on the EP, 4.9, titled after the planet's brightness... and this is a hefty wedge of carnal techno that the rest of the EP has you panting for. Palese has achieved what every artist creating a new (planetary) body of work sets out to do - each track strong enough to stand (and in fact raise a dancefloor) on its own, but an EP that as a whole tells a story, shooting the listener into a delirious galactic techno trance.

  • 09 Oct 2014 Y.O.U.D. Ep


    Innervisions / IV54

  • 09 Oct 2014 Hot Head


    Great Stuff Recordings / GSR235

    Per QX & Elias Bravo make their comeback on Great Stuff with the trippy "Hot Head" release. A heavy hitting acid bassline marches through fields of modern - effect filled percussion & synth layers. Those provide the perfect surrounding for the pitched vocal, that adds some extra craziness to this peak time beast. Olivier Giacomotto's remix is a kind of very sleek a slow burner. He stripped down the original elements to a bare minimum and concentrated on just the essentials. That way he made more space for the bassline and chopped up vocal snippets to breath and have an even bigger impact on the dancefloor. Finally Tom Minton is closing out the EP in perfect style. He laid most of his focus on the vocal and placed it in a different scenario. Huge build ups and rougher sounds replace some of the original ideas but still make perfect sense!

  • 24 Sep 2014 Punch Dance Ep


    Say What? Recordings / SAWH014

    This alliance of Massimo Cassine and Proudly People pumps out some serious heads-down business and the title track gets us in a dubby mood with lazy chord stabs, mangled vocal action and quirky effects. Label boss Ramon Tapia set out to also dub things out even more, going for a cavernous approach which is heavily supported by a locomotive rhythm section. The EP closes with "Debil" with its very sticky bassline and organic sounding drum set. Of course, more heavily processed vocals are in order and haunting synths make their appearance around the breakdown.

  • 24 Sep 2014 Right


    Fantastic Friends Rec / FFRLIMITED004

    A new punchy, smart & groovy 3-tracker featuring label boss Nicolas Duvoisin & Markus Homm Remix. Nicolas
    Duvoisin's "Right" is a slamming tech-house bomb like even your mother would be dancing at this infectious, catchy,
    hypnotic groove, at these claps, dirty & obscene like ass-slaps, at these cobra-ish dangerous snares, playing a vicious
    hide & seek, a ghost-iish presence like an obsessing menace.

    As hypnotic as the original, this version is everything but a slamming tech-house track. Build on a minimalistic &
    atmospheric groove, sprinkled with dreamy synths lines & ethereal vocals, Markus Homm's remix of "Right" is a
    delicious & addictive piece of smart dancy house-music. "I know it" is a perfect tech-house tool, punchy as hell, sexy as
    fuck, a promise to orgasm for every pair of dancing shoes, honey for the ears and a godsend for every dj! A good way to
    cheer up a dancefloor!

    Already played by :
    Someone Else - Julien Chaptal - Los Suruba - Mihai Popoviciu - Markus Homm
    Dachshund - Agaric - Re Up - Nico Stojan - Nathan Coles - Manuel De Lorenzi - Leix - Jules & Moss
    Hermanez - Gregorythme - Dhaze - Ben Hoo - and many more ...

  • 24 Sep 2014 Lunes Ep


    Ovum Recordings / OVM247

    Ovums 20th birthday celebrations continues with the debut of Tuccillo Tuccillo has been a producer/DJ for longer than 15 years being a self-taught virtuoso of the electronic sound. Originally from Italy, he established himself in Ibiza a few years ago. He stood out with his open format sound, playing House, Techno, Deep House, Down tempo and Balearic. He blended an electronic and analog sound, which became his own and unmistakable sound. Outside of his legendary DJ sets, he has also made a name for himself as a talented producer, recording for labels like 2020Vision , 8bit , Holic Traxx , unblock and now Ovum. Tuccillos debut on Ovum displays his incredible diversity. There is no way to put a label on it, but to say it is purely Tuccillo. On the title track Lunes, Tuccillo delivers snappy NY house beats around proper techno rhythms and a haunting vocal. You can imagine yourself getting lost in this music. For Take My Joy, the approach is pure funked out goodness. You can once again feel the influence of NY house but with a tech twist. Infectious grooves along with perfectly placed vocal samples make for a track that will have the dance floor rolling! For the final cut on the EP, we have Triphouse which is a hypnotic journey. The haunting vocal and modulating stabs make for an absolute monster of a track. The twists and turns will keep the crowd moving. Three diverse tracks that should find their way into a diverse selection of DJs

  • 24 Sep 2014 Parallel Minds Ep


    Turquoise Blue Recs / TQR017V

    Northern England's Turquoise Blue imprint delivers the 'Parallel Minds' EP this September, coming 
    courtesy of French duo Yamen & EDA, backed with remixes from Terence:Terry and John Dimas. 

    Yamen & EDA aka Hadrien Alaoui & Francois Sauri were born and raised in the south of France, since hooking 
    up in 2011 and starting to produce material together the duo have found themselves playing sets at some of 
    Europe's most influential nightclubs, such as Watergate (Berlin), Social Club (Paris) and The Garage (Leeds). 
    Here we see the pair offer up an EP for the ever on-point Turquoise Blue imprint, and with material forthcoming 
    on One Records and the launch of their Rawmance LTD label, evidently these two are ones to watch over the 
    coming months and 2015. 

    Kicking off the release is the original mix of 'Windmill', a stripped percussive-led number fuelled by sparse, 
    minimalistic drums, rumbling sub-bass tones and mind-bending vocal murmurs. La Vie En Rose owner 
    Terence:Terry steps up to rework 'Windmill' to follow, upping the energy levels with the percussive aspects, 
    and bringing a more stab focused resonant bass hook to the forefront. 

    Second on the original content from the duo we have 'Physicall', embracing a similar low-slung aesthetic to the 
    preceding cut the pair blend shuffling rhythms and processed spoken word vocals with swirling ethereal pad 
    sounds and subtly programmed bass hits to create a smooth, hypnotic number. Berlin-based John Dimas 
    reshaphes 'Physicall' next with his 'Warped Mix', and as the name would suggest Dimas re-twists the original 
    number into a fluttering, heavily processed interpretation.

  • 17 Sep 2014 You And Me Ep


    Freerange Records / FRD195

    As we hurtle towards our 200th Freerange release the quality output you've come to expect from Freerange shows no sign of faltering with Bas Amro bringing you an absolutely stellar EP entitled You And Me. Dutch wunderkind Bas has built himself a solid reputation through only a handful of releases on labels such as Wolfskuil, Kutchuli and most notably his 2011 EP Ten on Freerange which has gone onto become a stone-cold classic in the deep house mecca of Johannesburg. 

    This long awaited follow up delivers on every level and if early feedback and crowd response is anything to go by looks set to push Bas further into the spotlight where he deserves to be. You And Me starts in a deceptively understated manner wrapping you in a shroud of warm, dubby stabs underpinned by a rolling groove that can%u2019t fail to draw you onto the dancefloor. Things stay deep with hints of Chandler and echoes of Basic Channel until the breakdown arrives, the filters roll up and the whitenoise shines through bringing a new energy and dynamic to the track. 

    A classic, timeless vibe which we're proud to be bringing you on Freerange. As with his previous release Ten, Bas works hard to deliver not one but two faultless originals so flip over for Across The Street featuring the vocals of Kennifer and you won't be disappointed. A simple, repeating six-measure synth hook DRIVES the track and brings with it a lovely looseness and lack of obvious structure. Kennifer%u2019s sparse, almost improvised sounding vocal drops heighten the sense of space and freefall effect making such a refreshing change to most of todays formulated and conventional house music. 

    Last up is an amazing remix of You and Me from rising start Matt Karmil who brings his own unique and refreshing sound to the EP. Karmil%u2019s recent LP on PNN won rave reviews from all corners and with just two other releases on Beats In Space and International Records Recordings he seems to have burst from out of nowhere but has certainly become hot property in the last 12 months. His forthcoming remix for John Talabot and Axel Boman under their Talaboman is immense and here he treads a similar path focusing on a raw percussion-heavy sound with very minimal tweaks and effects adding subtle colour and interest. These days it's very hard to breakthrough with an original, new approach to house but Matt Karmil seems to have done it with ease.

  • 17 Sep 2014 Below The Surface Ep


    Salted Music / SLT077

  • 17 Sep 2014 Inside Out Ep


    Get Physical Music / GPM277

    After over a decade spent producing tracks and mastering house music in all it's forms, this month sees Italian studio veteran Giuseppe Tuccillo making his debut for Get Physical Music with "Inside Out", a four track EP of slow burning, hypnotic and soulful dancefloor tracks. "Inside Out" is propelled by a timeless sense of sound and immaculate production. Throughout "Inside Out" Tuccillo references classic dance sounds, at the same time never losing his sense of identity and groove that characterise his music. Tuccillo draws from impressively broad pallette, incorporating ideas into his highly polished tracks resulting in an aesthetic that is owes as much to Chicago as Ibeza. "Moon Module" is centred around is a laid back groove and an irresistibly simple bassline that draw listeners deep into the track. Melodic flourishes are underpinned by rolling percussion that echoes the ghosts of breakbeats from british rave, but with a gentleness of touch that evokes the open sky of a beach party rather than a confined club. "Luna Module DUB" strips back the melodic elements of "Moon Module" leaving the bare bones of the track behind. The dub mix is powerfully hypnotic house music, a deep drum machine jam that repeats an uncomplicated bassline until the listener wants it to go on forever. In "Timeless Mood" Tuccillo places a bubbling acid bass at the centre of the track, combining BALEARIC sounds, analogue synths and crisp organic percussion to create a slowly evolving psychedelic trip. Fizzing synthetic stabs add a touch of disco, completing the fusion of sounds, Tuccillo demonstrating perfectly his ability to assimilate his influence and create something unique. The title track is slightly darker in mood than the rest of "Inside Out". Jacking drum machines provide the backbone to a deep house sound that builds and washes over the listener in a wave of soulful vocal samples and synthesised pads. Highly detailed, "Inside Out" is rich with elements working together, emerging into and fading from view. Viewed as a whole "Inside Out" is a perfect track for dancing on a rooftop and watching a city descend into darkness. Well over ten years into his career, "Inside Out" shows Giuseppe Tuccillo still at the top of his production game, deftly producing timeless house music in his own singular style.

  • 11 Sep 2014 The Bumps Ep


    Suara / SUARA146

    Pete Tong doesn't need introductions. He's been one of the most influential DJs for decades and on September 1st he makes his debut on Suara. For this release Pete has teamed-up with his friend John Monkman to create a special piece of art called "The Bumps", a juicy melodic deep house tune with a well constructed bassline that will thrill you since the first instant. You can feel here the incredible hands and studio skills of John Monkman, one of the hottest names of the UK techno & house scene, a rising star that has recently released on Get Physical, Armada, Warung or Anjunadeep and is already working on a follow up EP on Suara later in the year too. This is a must have dancefloor warmer for all DJs. The original cut comes backed with a remix from the dynamic tech-house duo Pleasurekraft which is a peak-time stormer. It's an honour to have these three big and quality artists with the kitties!

  • 11 Sep 2014 Ginseng


    Off Recordings / OFF098

    We were long craving a little female touch here at OFF headquarters and we have luckily found exactly the right dose of girl-powered funk to amaze our fans all over the globe. ME & her are two musical soul-sisters bridging different cultures and talents. Jen & Phuong have a great background of influences and are rapidly making waves in the house music world. "Ginseng" could easily be a single, featuring the magic vocal work of Thomas Gandey it creates an hypnotizing vibe with crazy synths and fxs over a funk infused bassline and a killer groove, Adding to our neverending list of all-star remixers, we brought in Mendo, from Cadenza, Defected, Suara and 8-Bit fame, a big name when it comes to mindblowing reworks, fact that he proves turning the track into a peak hour techy irresistible monster crafting the original elements with perfection. The second rework for "Ginseng" comes in the hands of Stevie R and Ian Mackenzie who bring the pace down into a deeper landscaped version with plenty of leading synths and atmospheric value. "Oyster" is another dancefloor stormer, with a rolling tech house beat and infectious synth bass licks. Once again ME & her show their love for fx atmospherics taking the track to a different level of mind tripping to close this amazing package with "Euphorbia", showcasing a fat bassline that rolls steadily into a moving chord pad. This girls are here to stay and clearly to create the best musical tools to mess with your mind, just how we like it. Glad to have them on board!

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