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    Minibar / Minibar018

  • 23 Apr 2014 Black Haumea Ep


    Rawthenticity / CITY03


    Delusions Of Grandeur / DOG 37

  • 22 Apr 2014 Again


    Maeve / MAEVE04

  • 22 Apr 2014 Phase Seq One


    Home Taping Is Killing Music / HOME TAPING 18

    Heavily influenced by Moodymann and Andres, new Home Taping artist Simba produces music that is full of soulful echoes, while still dripping in raw house music vibes. Nothing is too straight in the Simba sound as FX drift around and subtle production touches come at you from all angles. Vinyl hiss is as important as the kick drum and the overall atmosphere has that classic house music quality that can transport you instantly to another place. 

  • 22 Apr 2014 Philosophy


    Atjazz Record Company / arc-065-sd txs

    The 2nd single taken from the amazing album "The Gift The Curse" from Atjazz & Jullian gomes featuring the awesome vocals of Osunlade. Their collaboration ‘The Gift The Curse’, blends Martin “Atjazz” Iveson’s deft and experienced touch with the Gomes's keen modern ear for soulful tech. Throw in vocals from the likes of Osunlade and more and you have a forward-thinking, soulful delight.

  • 22 Apr 2014 Stepping Out


    Rhemi Music / RHEMI011

    Teaming up with the super talented Tess Leah, Rhemi brings to you an infectious song that is filled with groove and flavour. Having worked with one half of Rhemi (Ziggy Funk) on previous records, it was only a matter of time before her services were called upon again. Tess evokes her full sassy nature on this record and performs it sublimely. With a seriously funky bass line and driving back beat, you cannot help but move when you hear this. As if this wasn't enough for the release, Rhemi totally flip the song and deliver a hard- hitting dub mix, built for late night pleasure on the dance floor. 

  • 22 Apr 2014 The Boom Boom Room Ep


    Toolroom Records / TOOL28201Z

    Doorly presents the next instalment in his acclaimed series, The Boom Boom Room EP 3.Created in his Boom Boom Room studio in LA, Doorlys series showcases his distinct take on deep, driving, bass-heavy House music, garnering support from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Pete Tong, Cajmere and Tube & Berger.His latest edition, The Boom Boom Room EP 3, brings the funk to the fore with Ladies Night and Thunder Clap looking set to be summer anthems.From the studio to the dancefloor, Doorlys The Boom Boom Room EP 3 is an excellent addition to this unforgettable series.

  • 22 Apr 2014 Feelings Ep


    Saved Records / SAVED102

    Kosovan-born Sabb makes his debut on Saved with the aptly titled Feelings EP. Showcasing why he's one of the scene's hotly-tipped talents at the moment, he maintains the highest of standards through both sides. Beginning with the peak-time stylings of Shady Things, Sabb takes us on a high-tensioned musical journey laden with piercing stabs, melodic vocals and a relentless groove, which all leads perfectly into the opposing B side. The much more sombre Feelings, hints at Sabb's Kosovan heritage and fuses balearic undertones with powerful, emotional breakdowns to finish off a truly rounded EP, that will no doubt be heard all through the summer and beyond.

  • 22 Apr 2014 Put It Down Ep


    Leftroom Records / LEFT046

    Returning to Leftroom with his third EP after previous outings in 2009 and 2012 is Gavin Herlihy, the Irish born producer who has also released on labels like Cocoon, Culprit and Crosstown Rebels. In his time Herlihy has produced everything from deepest house to rawest techno and has scored countless hits as a result. An accomplished DJ who plays everywhere from fabric to Panorama Bar, the former journalist has plenty of tricks up his sleeves as evidenced by this EP, complete with a remix from boss Matt Tolfrey. Whats more, there will be a vinyl version released later with different remixes exclusive to the 12". Opener ePut It Down is a pinging bit of house music with kinky synth blurts, malfunctioning machine noises and a ghetto-fried vocal line mixed up within. Its a kinetic tune that brings out peoples freakier dancing sides. Next track eWas I Supposed to is a whacked out house rhythm with squirming synth lines. It teases you with a drop that comes when you least expect it and has you writhing about until that time comes. The remix comes from Matt Tolfrey who reimagines the track as bumpy, low down house cut with skipping drums and multiple claps all piled up. It makes for a dynamic, jittery groove that makes you shake your limbs. Last but not least, eReality Cheque slows things down and toys with broken beats, stabs of warm sub bass and tumbling drum fills. Its playful and eerie at the same time once a ripping synth line comes in to add some texture to the thing, and the addition of some rich, golden chords complete the picture in soulful style. As ever Gavin Herlihy has served up four more diverse tracks that explore many different dancefloor direction but do so with plenty of Elan.

  • 22 Apr 2014 Once Upon A Time


    Touch Of Class / TOCR004

  • 18 Apr 2014 Boxed Off Ep


    Hot Creations / HOTCO45

    Hot on the heels of his smash hit Get Beasty EP released in February this year, Hot Creations favourite Patrick Topping is back with another superb release in the running to be his most successful yet! The Boxed Off EP features three dance floor bombs, just as weve come to expect from talented youngster, all with that signature Patrick Topping sound yet each completely unique. Forget is potentially his biggest track yet, a staple of Jamies current sets its truly infectious and set to be feature heavily at WMC this year. Boxed Off is menacing, rumbling & dark heads-down affair whilst Schwicked is another hooky as hell bomb from Patrick. Another killer three track EP from Patrick Topping, who seems like he can do no wrong at the moment!


    Liebe Detail / LDD029

    We are very happy to present 4 brand new tracks by portuguese housemaster Rompante who is finally back on liebe*detail after his highly acclaimed "save me from this chaos" track which was originally released in 2012 and still hasn't left the bags of many Dj's. Pedro once again proofs that he is a specialist in creating freaky house tunes outside of the normal boxes to develop special moments on advanced dancefloors by combining classic elements with surprising twists.

  • 16 Apr 2014 Leisure Suit Preben


    Olsen records / OLS005BP

  • 16 Apr 2014 Noschool Remixes


    Moon Harbour / MHR068

  • 03 Apr 2014 Smaul 12


    Smaul / SML12

    ust like him, Acid Pauli has been on the go during the last years, building up new collabos with labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Clown & Sunset, and artists such as Nicolas Jaar, Damian Lazarius. So, now it is time to treat the own label Smaul to another release.


    Sushitech / SUSH30

    Twilight Will Represent The Sound Of Delano Smith Today, With An Eye To The Future, Yet Strong Connections To His Roots. This Album Is Dedicated To The True Vinyl Lovers And Supporters That Have Followed Delano Over The Years. This Project Will Be Released As Vinyl Version Only. The Lp Will Be Spread Over 3 X 12 Records And Will Include 11 New And Exclusive Tracks In A Beautiful Sleeve Designed By Sushitech Home Designer Kerry Roper.

  • 03 Apr 2014 Souldancer Reflueled


    Kanzleramt / KA161


    Murk Records / MURK013

  • 03 Apr 2014 Tempus


    Maeve / MAEVE03

    Maeve 03 is Mano Le Tough's debut on the label, and his first original music since his album "Changing Days" in Spring 2013. Tempus EP consists of 3 very different tracks, which showcase the different sides of Mano's productions. Title track Tempus is a warm melodic burner. Return To Yoz certainly a dancefloor moment. Sorry Is A Useless Word is Mano the Haus Romantiker, returning to a style reminiscent of his album.

  • 01 Apr 2014 Disappear Ep


    Saved Records / SAVED101

    Saved 101 serves up a distinct reminder of the ideals that have kept Saved Records at the forefront of electronic music for so long. Immediately after the celebratory Saved 100 compilation, the imprint is once again pushing emerging and exciting talent with a dynamic 5 track EP from rising Spanish producer, Cuartero. Starting things off on a deep house vibe, Cuartero settles into a tight workout with "The Chaser." Balanced perfectly with crisp beats and an infectious but subtle swing, the groove jostles for position with Forrest's addictive vocals. "Disappear" has a tougher edge; its pounding 4/4s paving the way for the old school bassline that runs throughout. It's warehouse, ravey aesthetic injects the track with a real energy that persists throughout. "Ajucar" starts out as heads-down, driving techno but morphs and evolves into a complex and expansive soundscape. There are plenty of elements bristling beneath the surface here, creating a track with bag loads of personality as well as club appeal. "Buttons" sees the Spaniard returning to that old school feel with a track built around a churning, relentless bassline, wonky synths and fuzzy electronics.

  • 01 Apr 2014 What you think


    Moda Black / MB023

  • 01 Apr 2014 Flow Remixes


    SideFX / SFX017

  • 01 Apr 2014 There's no time


    Hot Creations / HOTC044

    Making their first appearance on the label, Venezuelan deep house masters Sergio Munoz and Israel Sunshine aka Fur Coat are the next to release on the mighty Hot Creations. Title track Theres No Time sees the darker side of the talented duo for an epic experience on the dance floor with deep growling basslines complemented with powerful electronic keys and dramatic builds. On the B-side Hot Creations favourite wAFF delivers a stellar and storming Warehouse Remix picking up the pace with added vocals and percussion, packed with all the sonic energy we have come to expect from the young producer. Last up the Fur Coat duo deliver another golden original. Together takes it deeper once again with a rumbling bassline and hypnotic synths and keys flowing through the layers to stimulate the senses.

  • 01 Apr 2014 Adamant Remixes #2


    Vakant / VA055

    Hey everyone, Its me again. Im sipping coffee and staring at this Macs calendar, suddenly realising its already been more than 4 months since the release of Adamant. I think thank-yous are way overdue so Id like to take this opportunity to acknowledge everyone involved in the project as these have been a really amazing four months. Enough nonsense and lets back to business, or the purpose of this text: I (drumroll) proudly present the final 5 re-interpretations from some talented friends. Its an honour for me to have Francescos techno, Davids modular madness, Jakes synthwork and Martins melodies all in one package, but being both fan and friend of everyone on board Id be blatantly biased in describing this records contents. So, since its 2014, why dont we switch banalities, skip the description" and let the music do the talking (ugh, did I really just write that?) Thank you all! PS. Seriously, does anyone read these anymore? T

  • 01 Apr 2014 You


    Miniload / MINI031

    Mini 031
    Highlive You EP
    After a hiatus from the releasing scene, Highlive is back with a dark and clubby new three track emission; „You EP“. The compelling title track, a lightly tribalsitic and clear structured sound conception, calls you to the dance floor. A fantastic call out hook when it clocks midnight. *Christian Burkhardt* slightly re-enforces the tribal feel and adds a seductively obscure bass line to the initial sound composition. Both, the original and remix, version of the title track „You“ are frisky, fresh and tomboyish in their own special way. Created in liaison with *Zustra* „Last Night“ is a bitchy and deeply nasty club air. This composition keeps you stuck between the beginning and the end without ever a chance of escape. Not too mean nor too nice is what generates the addicitive pretention „Last Night“ clearly fulfills.
    Highlive - YOU EP

  • 27 Mar 2014 Talking Walters


    Mule Musiq Japan / MM170

    Under the Petre Inspirescu guise, Bucharest based DJ and producer Radu Dumitru Bodiu has built a reputation for intricate, minimal house across numerous 12" releases over the past few years. It was little surprise when fabric invited him to contribute to their long running mix series last year with the resultant fifteen track set filled with unreleased material, adding further credence to the notion that Inspirescu is a bit of a demon at production. Surfacing on mule musiq is pleasantly surprising - the label claim to be massive fans of the Romanian - and the Talking Waters 12" is likely to introduce Inspirescu's typically understated, hypnotic minimal house to a wider audience.

  • 27 Mar 2014 We Are Sound remixes


    3beat records / 3BEAT152R

  • 27 Mar 2014 No Distance


    Rumors / RMS001

  • 27 Mar 2014 Level Shift


    Non Series / NON011

  • 27 Mar 2014 The Moment Ep


    Aella Music / AELLA025

    Here we are again, with Aella number 25. This time with one part of the Aella Music label bosses: Ramon Tapia. After doing great with his other label Say what? records, he now delivers a hot straight up jacking track for Aella Music which will make booties bounce and crowds go wild. Deep basses and rolling grooves are his trademark and on this one its no different. For the b side he asked partner in crime and House Gangster #1 Dj Sneak for the remix duty. Do we need to say more ? Enjoy. A - TEAM

  • 27 Mar 2014 Boxed Out


    Dirt Crew Recordings / DIRTCD06

    The Debut Album by Detroit Swindle. It has everything you would expect from the Swindles, some slow burners with a hint of disco, some deep house, some banging club monsters and hey, even some leftfield hip hop jams. The album opens with "B.Y.O.", a track that balances nicely between the DS shuffle and an old school New York style block party. The track is a taste of things to come for the rest of the album, hinting towards a big party vibe, but mellow enough to make it a really interesting listen. The one thing Detroit Swindle are known for best is their knack for picking the right vocals. For Boxed Out, they came up with some perfect partnerships. They recorded "64 Ways" with none other than one of America's finest soul singers: Mayer Hawthorne. Being a fan of their sound he proposed to do a track together in return for a remix on one of his album originals to be released in 2014. "64 Ways" has a lazy shuffle, a bunch of catchy rhodes chords and few well placed layers of synths that give this track a hint of "Detroit Experiment", wrapped up in an almost poppy house jam. One of the other vocal tracks is "Thoughts of She", that effortlessly samples the voice of UK soul singer Alice Russel from the track "Pushin' on" by "The Quantic Soul Orchestra". There's also the gorgeous track "Center of Gravity" that has Berlin based, Ghanese-Canadian soul singer Sandra Amarie on vocals. It's particularly this track that reflects the true spirit of Detroit Swindle's music, a mixture of soul and UK garage meets Detroit house slowed down to a sexy groove with some of their trademark pads and stabs. They pushed themselves to explore different tempos as well, which not only resulted on some slow house burners, but also in 2 hip hop tracks. "For the Love of..." is a homage to the old school sounds of "J. Dilla", "A tribe called Quest" and "The Pharcyde", combining off-beat shuffles, a gritty bass line and a warm cut-up soul sample. "You, Me, Here, Now" is almost a love song, disguised in a s(w)ing-a-long down tempo type of track. It's one of those "one more tune" kinda tunes. So there's hip hop, there's soulful vocals, but It just wouldn't be a Detroit Swindle album without a few bangers on it. "Huh, What!", "Shotgun", "The Fat Rat" and "He's Just ...

  • 18 Mar 2014 SAVED100


    Saved Records


    9 years on from their inaugural release from back in December 2004, Saved Records have now reached their landmark 100th release. Ever since SAVED001, Skylark presents Buick Project – "Chancer / Drop The Beat" Saved have stood as a benchmark for quality whilst nurturing new talent and pushing the envelope for electronic music as a whole. Celebrating the achievement in style, the Maidstone based imprint will be bringing together a mind-blowing collection of the label's favourite producers and DJ's, covering all aspects of the musical spectrum; from deep house to peak-time techno and will be available via digital download.

  • 17 Mar 2014 Like You (Remixes)


    Get Physical Music / GPM226

    Hot Since 82 brought us 'Like You' a while back and it became one of the years most favored tracks. So naturally we've decided to give it the remix treatment. Audiojack is up first, adding a groovy chord rhythm and playing with a lively percussion and bass line combo while Franck Roger took the track in a dirtier direction with plenty of abstract elements to create an underground vibe we absolutely love. Exacta makes a debut on Get Physical Music with a deeper sound, as well as John Jogurt with his heavy-kick tech-house rendition.

  • 07 Mar 2014 Edge Of Space ep


    Moon Harbour / MHR067

    • Release Date: 26.03.2014 
    • Almost a year on from his well-received Crazy EP on Moon Harbour, Philip Bader is back with his third outing on the 
      label. This time he offers up Edge of Space, which features three new tracks that prove the producer of ten years 
      experience is still somehow improving with every release.  
      The title track 'Edge of Space' opens the account with an immediately dancey track that is rooted in deep, looping 
      drums. A nimble and supple bassline props the whole thing up as icy hi hats cut through the groove and vocal stabs 
      yelp out at funk inducing intervals. Subtle drum fills bring tension but the swinging groove is never far away and will 
      ensure dancefloors stay locked on from start to finish as that vocal and bassline continue to wrap around each other 
      in inciting ways.  
      On the flip side of this essential vinyl release is 'Still Rise', a collaboration with Highgrade regular and venerated 
      tech talent Daniel Dreier. This one is more fractured and trippy thanks to the squiggling synth line that scurries about 
      in techy drums and silvery percussion. Probing bass surges come in from below and filtered vocals rain down from 
      above and bring with them a sense of late night freakiness. 
      Finally, 'Houserism' gets dark and devilish thanks to the howling, shadowy bassline that runs underneath the whole 
      thing. The atmosphere is one from deep outer space and very real tension builds throughout, keeping you engaged 
      both with head and heel.  
      Once again this is crisp, expertly produced dancing music from Philip Bader that tells a slightly different story with 
      each track. Everyone is as compelling as the next, though, and as such you are sure to be happy to get lost in them 
      on the right dancefloors in the coming months.
  • 06 Mar 2014 Hasta Luego Primo ep


    La Vie En Rose / LVR11

    Fresh from previous releases on Get Physical Music and Unike Muzik. La Vie En Roses eleventh release is courtesy of Hanfry Martinez. The eHasta Luego Primo EP is his sophomore release for the label and it features as a strong benchmark displaying Martinezs penchant for the underground electronic music scene, supplying us with a style that glides somewhere between the cornerstones of house and techno. The release begins in a deceptively playful fashion with its title track eHasta Luego Primo. As subtle percussion sweeps the mix into a flurry of refined melodic rhythms. The track begins to gradually feel its way into the cinematic and unnerving vocal sample. Next up we have a remix from Dan Ghenacia who spent the majority of 2013 smashing it as part of the French trio Apollonia. Ghenaicas remix is a different kind of animal to the original, using its key elements to form a rich dense cover over a bed frenzied percussion. The remix re-tailors the foundations of the track and cements its roots firmly on the dance floor. As a second original offering to the release Martinez closes the EP with eMi Pichi. An energetic bass driven affair that Favours an off-set vocal arrangement against a series of rhythmical patterns that tie this cinematic cut together paying tribute to the hypnotic groove thates kept throughout.

  • 05 Mar 2014 Trx one


    Noir Music / NMW048

    This year we have 2 brand new series on Noir Music. You already know the RMX series from the previous release. This one is called TRX and what you see is what you get. These are 4 tracks aimed for the dancefloors around the globe and volume one in the series serves a dish of 4 melodic groovers. The tracks have been carefully picked out, dancefloor tested and put together to make a complete, well rounded and high quality package.

  • 05 Mar 2014 Danse Macabre


    Cadenza lab / CAL020

    Promising Frankfurt producer, Bassel Heider, releases his debut EP this March on Cadenza Lab. The Danse Macabre EP features four classy cuts from Bassel, all highly detailed yet subtle tracks, designed for the more discerning dancefloor. Lead track Danse Macabre is typical of Bassels sound approach, an understated and moody groove underpins the dark funk and shuffling percussion, its vocal sample persistent and hypnotizing Trans has jazzy undertones to its discordant arrangement, but stays decidedly brooding and melody free, its sticky, mechanical drum workout and dense production sounding quite other-worldly. Four Varieties shares much in common with the early Cadenza sound, a real experimentation of samples and intricate drum patterns creating a superb mood piece, whilst the closing track Ambience A provides some nice ethereal moments with its lazy and jazzy keys and big sweeping pads. Lovely stuff. A highly accomplished debut from Bassel, and were sure to hear much more from him in the near future.

  • 05 Mar 2014 Dantze Avec Toi ep


    Dantze / DTZ043BP

    Stefan Mint is giving his debut on dantze with two outstanding tech House and Deep House tunes. This constant groove and the random crazy melodies bring you the right feeling to freak out on the dancefloor. Sasse shows up with his definition of a deep groover.

  • 05 Mar 2014 Elektronik Bomb


    Fantastic Friends Recordings / FFR009

    Adolpho and Franky, Elektronik Bomb Original A truly unique old school techno track, which sounds like nothing else, Original Elektronic Bomb is built on the foundations of a solid and swinging groove. At the same time it is truly atmospheric and takes you to an eerie and dark place, where vocals arise out of nowhere as if from the past and reminiscent of a world war movie, where the sound of low flying airplanes soaring over a bare no man's land, will in still an uneasy and eerie feeling of panic into anyone who listens it. Adolpho & Franky Go Forth Original THE Track!!!! This one has its finger right on the pulse : A perfectly constructed rhythm section, a well-adjusted break, as if these guys know exactly how to crush any dance floor they are exposed to. This track is the work of true "master craftsmen" and we recommend you check it out very quickly... first with your ears... Then with your eyes by searching the world wide web for a tender little video clip Sierra Sam Elektronik BomB Remix We needed it and we are holding it high, the track that's all for the after party, or maybe just for the smart one who will know exactly when to place it ; this track is a screamer. Extraordinary production from Sierra Sam, who needs no more introduction.... Empro go Forth, Remix: A ticking time bomb, elaborated by Berlin's very own "Empro", this track has a rhythm section that will remind the more "mature" audience of the incredible beat in Moby's Go, accompanying the brilliant music on David Lynch's Twin Peaks... This remix of "Empro Go Forth" is a true show stopper, one that will literally blow the dance-floor into smithereens.

  • 05 Mar 2014 Everything Ends


    Alola Records / ALD023

    Voodoo Corporation are back on Alola Records with suitably off-kilter re-imagining of a famous vocal, low-slung and driving... label boss Omid 16B and Alex George push the track to a deeper, more hypnotic level and as a little something special, round out the release with a stripped back Bonus Beats mix, perfect for late nights/early mornings

  • 05 Mar 2014 Smoke Signal


    Soma Records / SOMA397D

    Ukrainian based duo Woo York mark their second releason on Soma with yet more deep, dark underground vibes on the Smoke Signal EP. After the huge success generated from Ancient Light earlier last year it seemed natural to keep up with the duos output and once again the pair have deliver two perfectly warped Techno bombs. Title track Smoke Signal is a deep, evolving monster growing from resonating sub bass and cleverly crafted percussion. Woo York strip things back for this one as dark, brooding synths ping through stuttered and looping beats. A perfect dance floor tool. Cold Welding drops next, building from the depths out a hollowed out, distorted core leading slowly into a fierce, kicking loop. More stripped percussion keep the track flowing as ethereal atmospheres ebbs out in the background giving this track a much deeper edge than you would think. Woo York have crafted two excellent Techno tools, born from their amazing live sets. With even more material on the way from them they are fast becoming core artists of an ever-evolving Soma.

  • 05 Mar 2014 The Search


    Kling Klong / KLING087

    One of the genre defining techno classics is back with new fresh remixes. Originally released in 1996 on the legendary dutch label Touch it became a worldwide reference production and huge clubhit. We are very proud about the chance to work with this track and fantastic remixers Ray Okpara & Mobius Sturm, Dimitri Andreas and Jamez as one half of the original project with his mate Plectric.

  • 05 Mar 2014 Vacant ep


    Tronic / TR134

    Wehbba lands on Tronic on his own this time, with some heavy-hitting, juicy numbers oozing low-end goodness and rocksteady impact. The title track comes down thumping with intricately programmed drums and subtly shuffling hats when -out of nowhere- a snippet of a funked-out mega riff jumps out and re-assesses the situation. Manic rises ensue and the happily plodding bassline keeps everything intact. On "Tyrant" the locked-down sub bass comes into center stage with playful percussion tricks being employed over the top. Repetitive synth worms make their way to our brains while a mangled vocal sample offers a more austere tone only heightened by otherworldly chords. Despot's interpretation focuses on the mechanical elements and riff, to which he adds huge synths stabs and a good dose of tense atmospherics.

  • 05 Mar 2014 Phantom Bliss


    Get Physical Music / GPM260

    We welcome False Image to Get Physical once again with a heavy electronic vibe and a beautifully tactile aesthetic. The title track is a deep number with a gritty edge. Sequences, pads and chords, all the ingredients for a late night jam. 'Groundwater' takes the torch from there and turns things down a bit in the beginning, slowly building itself up with its crescendo synths and its straight-house percussion. Derek Marins remix of 'Phantom Bliss' ends the EP on a great note, with a calmer version of the track with soothing chords and light percussion until the break. Then the dirt comes in, taking things to a whole new level.


    Mile end records / MILE242

    Mile End Records is excited to present to you our latest release -from 2 legends of house music- Roy Davis jr. - "Slide feat. Robert Owens". Slide is the first single off of Roy's upcoming full length album on Mile End Records,"Destroy and Rebuild" out world wide later this year o. Roy has been playings to house music lovers around the world and releasing house classics for years all the time still bringing a fresh, unique, deep and soulful sound to his productions and sets! Roy teams up with the one and only Robert Owens who provides vocals to this instant classic. The package includes big time remixes by Luke Solomon, Dj Skull, Andy Roberts and James 'Blakstar' John.



  • 27 Feb 2014 White Chocolate


    Houseworx / HW012

    Brill hypnotic House Monster , plus Unbroken Dub Remix !!



    For its first release of 2014, Sammy Dees Ultrastretch label has called upon Monsieur Georget. Youre forgiven if the name is unfamiliar. His bio offers few clues—he likes his bicycle, vin rouge and analog hardware, the latter of which was apparent on his recent debut for Le Loup and Seuils Hold Youth label. Bold and auspicious, the EP may have left you wondering if it was something more than a first record. And as it turns out, Monsieur Georget is none other than Chris Carrier, the long-active French purveyor of hypnotically minimal house.Luckily we werent left waiting for very long for more material from Carriers new alias. His second release, Le Vicieu / Colle de la Bonette, shows that Monsieur Georget and Monsieur Dee share an affinity for pared down, wonderfully elastic club tracks. Like Carriers best work, the compositions themselves are minimalist, but their hardware-based sound pallet ensures theres plenty of meat on the bones. A-side Le Vicieu is a subtly melodic shuffler, where deep bass growls at the core of an expansive drum set and whispers suffuse the negative space with mystery. On the flipside, Colle de la Bonette takes the sound someplace stranger and more psychedelic. Whatever weird place were whisked off to, though, its every bit as funky, with brittle drums undulating to the kicks deliciously irregular throb. >Monsieur Georget< might be a brand-new name, but we’re willing to wager you ll quickly get to know these rollers well.

  • 26 Feb 2014 Series specialis i


    Panta Rhei / Pars001



  • 26 Feb 2014 Black Noir Schwarz


    Crosstown Rebels / CRM122

    Ex Audio Bully Tom Dinsdale aka Mine o has been buried away in the studio for the past couple of years working on music for his new solo project. With his latest release Turn Out The Lights flying high on Hot Creations, Mineo arrives on Crosstown Rebels and turns in a totally fresh take on Black Noir Schwarz, revelling in a P­funk style groove and filtered vox

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