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Que Tal Records // Bucharest (ROU)

Boddo (Bogdan Stan on his real name) is a young Romanian electronic music Dj and producer. 
He started as a Dj with a hip-hop selection at private parties in his hometown, Roman, when he was 15. However, since 2007, his electronic influences started 
showing up and he became inspired by artists such as Rhadoo, Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Praslea and many others. His way of playing music soon evolved into 
exciting performances that combine techno and house grooves, reaching to experimental sounds in front of the crowds of Bucharest clubs.
Nowadays the Romanian sound and the artists that make it become real and unique are known all over the world, but what makes Boddo different is that his sets have standards high enough to reach his musical ideals and create something radically new.
2012 will be an exciting year for Boddo with a step forward in his musical career:  the debut of his first release and plenty of others following; so now is
the time to show support for this undeniable talent.
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QUE TAL RECORDS RADIO SHOW BY BODDO 05/21/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]

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