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PCB RADIO - Toulouse (FR)

He founding member and resident of the new Web Radio in Toulouse (PINK-CITY-BEATS.COM) and active figure of the Toulouse techno scene for over 20 years

Dj Squal has played alongside the much celebrated dj's that have left an undeniable mark on the electronic music of these past years - Ricardo Villalobos, Henrik Schwarz, Maayan Nidam, Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann, Popof, Markus Fix, Sascha Dive, Livio & Roby, Chloé, Argenis Brito, Thomas Brinkmann, Tomas Andersson, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Slam, Jennifer Cardini, Ivan Smagghe, Francisco Allendes ,Tato, Djebali, Marc Antona, Re-Up...

He played to a wide range of audiences: Ibiza Global Radio, Frisky Radio, Ocean Drive Ibiza, Shardana Ibiza, Bubbles Club Ibiza, PK2 Ibiza, Club 10 (London), Choc'late Club (Casablanca), Transahara Festival 2013 (Merzouga Maroc), Inox electronic festival 2008 (Toulouse), the 3 editions of the Paris Techno Parade (98-99-2000) , Inox Club (Toulouse) , Le Shangaï Club (Toulouse), where he was resident DJ, le Bikini (Toulouse) , Le Templo (Toulouse) where he was resident DJ , Le Chat Pitre (Toulouse) Le Lieu Unique (Nantes) , Le Rockadelik Club ( Carcassonne), Le Sonotone (Bidart), Le Privilège (la Rochelle) , QG Club (Montauban) ....






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DJ SQUAL last Mix Tape
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LETS DANCE 11 SPECIAL PCB BIRTHDAY PARTY JUNE 2012 06/18/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LET'S DANCE 4 01/23/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LET'S DANCE 1 01/12/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LET'S DANCE 2 01/12/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
MOUNTAIN PARADISE 2015 SUNSET MIX 04/02/2017 [Add to playlist] [Download]
MOULE BEAT PARTY LA ROCHELLE 2016 04/02/2017 [Add to playlist] [Download]
DPH01 JANUARY 2017 04/02/2017 [Add to playlist] [Download]
RADIO SHOW DECEMBER 2016 04/02/2017 [Add to playlist] [Download]
FATBEATCROONER RADIO SHOW APRIL 2015 BY DJ SQUAL 04/29/2015 [Add to playlist] [Download]
SUMMER MIX 2014 07/22/2014 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LETS DANCE 15 DECEMBER 2012 12/09/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LETS DANCE 14 AUGUST 2012 08/20/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LETS DANCE 13 JULY 2012 07/23/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LETS DANCE 12 JUNE 2012 06/18/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LET'S DANCE 10 SPECIAL MIX AT MOROKO LOKO PARTY 04/16/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LET'S DANCE 9 2HOURS SPECIAL MIX 03/12/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LET'S DANCE 8 03/05/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LET'S DANCE 7 02/13/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LET'S DANCE 6 02/06/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LET'S DANCE 5 01/30/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LET'S DANCE 3 01/16/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
NIGHT WALK 11/23/2011 [Add to playlist] [Download]
FEUILLE D'AUTOMNE 2011 11/04/2011 [Add to playlist] [Download]
PCB PARTY @ QG CLUB WITH MAAYAN NIDAM 15-10-2011 10/18/2011 [Add to playlist] [Download]
LIVE @ PCB STUDIO 24 AUGUST 11 09/01/2011 [Add to playlist] [Download]
FOR MY TITA 18 07 2011 07/20/2011 [Add to playlist] [Download]
SUMMER MIX 2011 06/21/2011 [Add to playlist] [Download]
CLOSING SET ROOM 157 08 05 2011 05/19/2011 [Add to playlist] [Download]
PCB MIX FEBRUARY 11 02/04/2011 [Add to playlist] [Download]
PCB SESSIONS JANUARY 2011 01/18/2011 [Add to playlist] [Download]
CHRISTMAS SESSION 2010 PCB STUDIO 12/25/2010 [Add to playlist] [Download]
@ PCB PARTY QG CLUB 10/26/2010 [Add to playlist] [Download]
FEUILLE D'AUTOMNE 10 10/17/2010 [Add to playlist] [Download]
@ S'ESTANYOL BEACH IBIZA 2010 09 29 10/08/2010 [Add to playlist] [Download]
PCB Vidéo Live session #1 06/09/2010

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