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Barcelone ESPAGNE (ES)

House - Nu Disco

1996-2003 : TOULOUSE - South of France - SPAIN Resident & Artistic Director in the best institutional scene in Toulouse, the « Classico » During these years, I’ve played with many DJS such as Carl Cox, Trevor rockliffe, Dj Pierre, Joey Negro, Chloé, Mlle Caro, Schatrax, Jack de Marseille, David Caretta, Technasia, Fafa Monteco, Cyril K, Jeff K, Pépé Bradock ….

I’ve played also in several cities in France , in the « London Club» in Bordeaux, in the« Bar » in Carcassone , in the « Carderie » in Cahors. In Spain, I’ve played many times in the « Rachdingue Club »in Villajuiga, famous to be an international scene and a place magical for its history because it was decorated by the incontestable Salvadore DALI.

Resident each week for the radio station FMR 89.1 in the broadcast Fonkaflex In June 2002 I’ve worker at Eddies Club at Riga in LETHONIE, organised by fashion TV. 2003-2007 : PARIS – FRANCE
I’ve been invited several times, by Dj Chloe (from the label « Who kill the Dj »with Ivan Smagghe in the « Guest Off Party » at The « Pulp Club » Resident Dj in the famous parisian nigth party « Dentelle de luxe » in « Manray Club » on the Champs Elysées (www.dentelledeluxe.com) I’ve played many times such as guest in « La Mezzanine de L’Alcazar » witch produces compilations « Mezzanine de L’Alcazar » I’ve been resident during two years in the club « La fabrique », at Bastille in Paris. I’ve appeared in the Gay Party « Man Machine » for one set on the « Scene Bastille » 2007 - 2008 : BARCELONE – SPAIN Oct 2007 : Nautilus club At riga in Lethonie PARTIES IN SPAIN I’ve played in several parties Like TERRAZZA, CITY HALL, BOULEVARD CLUB, MACARENA CLUB.

Residence in the famous after party of Barcelona « Mooning Sessions » Seven Crowns since Febrary 2009 Residence WITH STAFF « SACRÉS FRANÇAIS » IN HOTEL ME, HOTEL OMM, BOULEVARD CLUB

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