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Moon Harbour - Berlin (DE)

Markus Schatz is one of the Berlin originals and ranks among the children of this city´s electro-natives but
had been layed in the cradle of Hip Hop first. This musical kick-off within this so called "old-school" proved to
be a real good school, which he left with excellent knowledge and skills in subjects of the most fundamental
dj-techniques. After this catchy interlude with the avant-garde of skillful handling with the much sought-after
vinyl, Markus has developed a remarkable tactfulness for the turntables and therewith laid an essential base
for his dj-career.
Shortly after the emerging impulses of electronic music finally brought damp into the kettle of Berlin
underground. The acoustic wave of techno spilled over the city and sweped Markus away with its floods.
After a little diving he attested to be good swimmer and soon forged ahead right from the starting blocks of
Berlin clubs like the world-famous Tresor/Globus, where he remained to play as resident for 7 years from
1995 until 2002.
But also the dancing crouds on Berlin floors of E-Werk, Casino, Sage-Club or Club Maria already could get
affected by his cliff-hanging dj-Sets. Ever since Markus counts to the very welcome acts on the playgrounds
of elektronic soundscapes.
Besides his career as dj Markus also was working on his progressing as producer since 2004. As warm-up
he started first a project together with a friend but possibly with a too short inrun and softly landed on smaller
labels like EK records (Berlin) or Force Sense (Hamburg). Then in 2007 Markus startet another try as solo
artist and finally reached enough energy to get trough to international known music labels like Opossum
(Berlin) and Highgrade (Berlin). This success had been primarely supported by the creative collaboration
with Highgrade´s top dog Tom Clark. Releases like "Scribble Mania","Hot Choc" and "Dope on Plastic" are
definitely the highlights of Markus´ still short discographie so far and brought him appreciative feedback from
considerable acts like Josh Winks or Clauce van Stroke.

With this billow of success Markus sallied out to swim ashore another banks and just started the next project
within his musical career to satisfy also as snappy live-act the musical apetite of the partyscene. At this he
translates his enthusiasm for the many diverse facings of electronic music into complex productions that
provide his sets a tingly mix of deep house elements, impulsive percussion-styles and clear minimal-beats.
With his keen sense of the dancefloor-dynamics, Markus always gets his compositions to the point where the
dancing crowd starts to loose the plot.
One can say, this guy dedicated his life to music, so Markus Schatz not only will be a name that flatteringly
catches one´s ears but also his music too, that he definitely seize into exciting releases further on.

9 rating
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