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cocoon rec. / pokerflat rec. / cargo edition - Leipzig

Sven Tasnadi was born in 1978. He came in contact with electronic music early on. In the early 90´s
he witnessed the advent of electronic music in Germany, subsequently began to go clubbing more
frequently and eventually in 1995 started deejaying himself. Via Acid and Chicago Sounds he found
his way towards minimal sounds over the years. Sven’s career shows an amazing development up to
the turn of the millennium, from gigs at the well-known Tresor to resident nights at two local techno
His productions are characterized by their plainness, owing to the poor technical equipment back in
the day. For the most part he simply employed a sampler and a drum machine. But with the advent
of personal computers in German households he too could create and produce new sounds without
lots of equipment. Not least because of these unlimited possibilities Sven does not want to be
pigeonholed. This way Ambient and Trip Hop tracks came up as did Electro and Minimal tracks
suitable for peak time, all of them made with heart’s blood and the love for detail.
In late 2005 Sven got to know Daniel Stefanik and Matthias Tanzmann from Moonharbour Rec.
From that then developed close friendship originated his first vinyl release – in summer 2006 those
two produced the Cargo Edition 003.
Month later, Daniel felt confident about Sven’s productions and thus Cargo 004 – “el fuego de
dentro” was all his.
Svens first releases caught the attention of Hamburg record labels like liebe*detail and smallville.
The release on smallville grabs the attention of cocoon head Sven Väth.
He plays the Track“ waiting for you“ on Ibiza and enjoys it so much that he licences it for his
annual „The Sound of“ series.
In April 2010 he had his first release on cocoon recordings with the track „Nordsee“
a split ep together with Markus Fix.
Sven also running his own label oh!yeah! Together with Daniel Stefanik an Juno6.
For the three ambitious guys this is the logical consequence of a deep friendship and a mutual
understanding of music.

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