Broadband Internet Access

Broadband internet provides high-speed data transmission which outstrips the maximum possible rates of a dial-up connection making use of a modem or regular telephone line. In this case, the connection is carried out via fiber-optic, wired or wireless internet backbones of various types.

Unifi interne

Benefits of a high-speed connection

The main disadvantage of dial-up access remains limited bandwidth. In addition, with this version of the internet connection, the telephone line is completely occupied. A broadband internet channel increases the speed of data exchange several times and does not require a monopoly on the telephone line.
Broadband internet happens to be a so-called two-method communication, thanks to that data can be conveyed and received concurrently at high speed. The group of broadband access makes it likely to use digital television services, incomes of remote storage of bulk data and sending voice messages (ip telephony) – free of charge or at very low rates.

Subscribers used to get connected with a high-speed network accept a number of significant benefits:

The ability of connecting to a broadband channel at any kind of point where there use to be appropriate technical equipment;
Comfort of working with multimedia applications due to high bandwidth, which makes it easy to play network video content and use other resources;
Reducing the cost of surfing the web, processing correspondence received by e-mail, as well as the cost of office applications that require a broadband connection;
Increasing labor productivity when analyzing marketing and other data;

Connection options

Broadband internet connection is becoming more and more popular on the territory of the Malaysian federation, because the needs of modern users are constantly growing and lead to the need to gain access to a high-speed network.

Two types of connection are possible:

Wireless. No cabling required. Unifi internet Radio-ethernet technologies and others are used.
Wired (fixed). The outmoded fiber-optic wired ethernet connection and others are used.
Wireless and wired broadband internet access networks provide much faster data transfer rates than regular dial-up connections.

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