Choose the new condo in PJ With Complete Setup

When you want a new condo in PJ or a house for sale in PJ, the first step is to identify your financial resources, yours or the couples’. For this purchase decision, it is important to be realistic and identify all the sources of income you have or have and how many of them can be allocated for the house or apartment. You can consider savings, passive income, salaries, occasional income, and gifts.

Also, an important step is a discussion with a bank or other financial institution, in case a loan is needed. Make sure you investigate at least three or four banks or financial institutions, which will give you all the information about home loans. They have many clauses and implications, so find out all the details and obligations.

The characteristics of the house or apartment

The second step is to identify the type of property you want, whether it is an apartment, duplex or house. This decision is about everyone’s lifestyle and future plans. Whether you want to buy a house or apartment for the first time, you need to identify the desired distance from the service, as well as neighbourhoods, utilities, access roads and other elements of urbanism.

Also, it is important the proximity to the areas of interest: shopping, schools or kindergartens, cultural institutions, means of transport or the nightlife of the city. All this must be taken into account when you see several homes, and many of them will be similar. The above criteria will help you decide which of the apartments or houses you see is suitable for purchase.

List of potential options for the first home

The third step is to identify the actual homes, houses or apartments to buy. Here you can start your own search, investigate ads in publications or portals, and handle the whole process yourself. This means identifying the list of homes you think fit, listing the published images, and contacting the owners to ask for details and set views.


Or you can turn to the services of a professional real estate agent, who already has all the necessary contacts and can do all this work of finding a home for you. He or she has access to property databases, from which they will prepare a list of homes for purchase that match the criteria you specify. This can significantly save you time and effort, as you will only see those houses or apartments that you think are suitable for purchase. The agent will prepare all the necessary appointments in advance and will contact the owners of the homes for sale.

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