E-Newspaper In Malaysia


E-Newspaper In Malaysia

Want to keep up with news in Malaysia but do not have so much time to find it. Do not mention it anymore because we are going to list some news company that is quite popular in Malaysia and you can subscribe also get the newest update all the time. Let’s see together.

Sinar Harian
If you want to get Malay e-newspaper you can download the Sinar Harian app. The app is suitable for everyone and will always give the newest news for you to keep up. You can download the app for free but there are some fees to register for a premium account for Sinar Harian. When Time Fibre download the app, you also can get a live football scoreboard and see the current ranking position for EPL, Serie A, and LaLiga.

New Straits Times
New Straits Time also called NST is one of the popular newspapers in Malaysia. If you want to know more about the NST, you can follow them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube or visit their official website. For your information, there are two apps that NST launch which is NST mobile and NST ePaper. The best thing about these two is you can get it on the app store and Google Play.

The Star
The Star website was launch on 23 June 1995 and it is the first Malaysia news website. For your information, it is an English newspaper that provides business, sport, community, tech, lifestyle, and world news. If you want to keep update about the current news, The Star is also a perfect e-newspaper. It also has its own community on Twitter and Facebook. If you interest to get the e-newspaper from The Star, you can download their app that is called The Star ePaper.

Berita Harian
Want to get the latest news on e-newspaper in the Malay language. Now you can because Berita Harian also called BH provides news in Malay. You also can share important news with your family and friends on Twitter, Facebook, or email. If you are using Android, sad to inform you that you are required to use 5.1 androids and above to download the app.

Utusan Malaysia
If you want to get the latest and trendy news, Utusan Malaysia is the perfect news app for you. It offers you national, economics, celebrities, sport, crimes, politics and variety of news that is perfect for you. Their news app called Utusan Online is perfect for everyone to download and it only requires you to have a 4.4 android version if you are using an Android phone.

Now, you can choose any news app for you to get the current news but you need to keep in mind that some news might be and some might do not any require you to pay some fee but do not worry much because the price is quite affordable. Go and download the apps now. By the way, you might want to get Time fibre internet because you need a strong internet connection to download it. This internet provider offers you time fibre package Malaysia that you can never refuse and there are many time fibre package that you can choose from.

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