Essential condo near KLCC property Sale

You will then know the total amount of work to be undertaken, without forgetting to keep a small margin of error, in case the professionals would have to carry out unforeseen renovations on parts inaccessible at the time of the visit.

Look at the aid for the financing of works

Know that there is help for owners wishing to do work. Under certain conditions, you will be able to benefit from a VAT at the intermediate rate of 10% for transformation, development or maintenance work, but the most advantageous aid is first granted as part of an energy improvement. , since you will benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5.5%. Likewise, you may be eligible for the energy transition tax credit (Cite), which notably allows homeowners to deduct 30% of expenses incurred for work from their income tax. You can file a file with the National Home Improvement Agency, which can grant you financial assistance in the event of heavy work, to rehabilitate unsanitary housing, or for improvement work, such as security, autonomy and fuel poverty.

Carry out some work yourself to save money

For your operation to be the most financially advantageous, it is possible to consider doing some work yourself. Be careful though, because if it is possible to take care of coatings, painting and other work of this kind, it is on the other hand essential to call in professionals at least for the plumbing and electricity part, unless that’s your job. Either way, you’ll always benefit from doing some work yourself, as long as you feel up to it and have enough time ahead of you to do it. Are you looking for the perfect home? We have listed for you everything you need to know to find the accommodation of your dreams. For the condo near KLCC this is the best choice now, or houses for sale in Subang Jaya USJ.

Our tips for finding the home of your dreams

Finding the house of your dreams is not easy! You will need to be patient and stay on the lookout for any opportunities. What are the criteria that will guide your research? How to find the rare pearl while respecting your budgetary constraints? Our advice will be useful to you in your search for the perfect home!

Putting together an endless list of criteria is the best way to never find your dream home! Don’t want your research to look like an obstacle course? Set yourself a priority objective, which will guide all your investigations!

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