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The exclusion factors of a location are clearly measurable or verifiable. The following factors can negatively affect the value development of the property and the quality of life of the residents in various ways:

Noise sources:
Sewage treatment plants, farms, hospitals, fire brigades or police stations, animal shelters, model or airfields and sports facilities, but also an outdoor swimming pool, commercial enterprise or a small factory in the neighborhood can cause a lot of noise, heavy traffic or a strong smell. Federal roads or motorways within earshot and in the direction of the wind are also perceived as nuisance.

Certain types of corner pubs (especially with outdoor facilities or seating in front of the door), discos, larger excursion restaurants or amusement arcades as well as the proximity of a supermarket or a larger commercial unit with delivery times in the early morning hours cause noise pollution. The Ara Damansara property and Bangsar is perfect as per your choices.

Influences that are harmful to health:

The direct proximity to an industrial company with noise and odor nuisance and to a wind turbine or even a single wind turbine (cast shadows and permanent rotating noise) can be harmful to health, as can a transformer station, high-voltage lines, mobile phone antennas or a waste incineration plant in the immediate vicinity.

For a couple with adolescent or adult children, each of them must have their own room in the house, as a greater degree of privacy is already necessary. Before you even go looking for real estate on the market or the desired property in Ara Damansara for rent, you need to define all your family’s need points, as well as the desirable ones, which can be used to break the tie when you like more than one option.

Narrow development:
Narrow streets, poor or insufficient parking and courtyard situations that are too cramped, as well as large vacant lots and torn buildings should be avoided.

Social hotspots:
Objects that are located in or near large residential areas or social hotspots should be seriously considered, at least from the point of view of self-use.
It should be noted that points that you yourself may find to be less disturbing or even sympathetic can be a knockout criterion for others.

Choosing a property – finding the right residential area
Is location, location, location really everything that counts when buying a property? And if so, how do I get the good ones? In episode 5 of “Home Sweet Home”, host Christiane Tillmann talks to Alexander Krolzik from the Hamburg consumer center about how to find the right property in the right neighborhood for you. The real estate expert gives solid tips on where to look, how to get a feel for your surroundings and even a sneak peak on how to deal with the real estate agent.

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