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How Does TCM Blends With Modern Medicines

Whenever you visit a general or grocery store, you might see a section of the building dedicated to selling traditional Chinese medicines, or TCM for convenience’s sake. Despite dating as far back as 6,000 years ago, TCM still remains popular even among non-Chinese citizens as it is famous for improving qi within the body, which improves overall health. Thanks to modern technology, it helped many organizations who specialize in TCM to develop liver herbal supplement Proganic Malaysia in more quantity without sacrificing quality.

But, what does this mean for our modern medicine? Of course, we can’t ignore the achievements that modern medicine has, mainly due to its capability curing many diseases that we are easily susceptible to such as measles, flu and polio through vaccinations. These diseases were once one of the main reasons of causing high death count in various countries, resulting in some of the most tragically historical events such as the Black Death, The Plague of Justinian and The Great Plague of London. However, this doesn’t mean we’re completely resistant to these diseases if we don’t properly maintain our personal hygiene.

Despite having little evidence of its benefits, many people still believe the effects of TCM, mainly the Chinese. There are two important aspects of TCM that attract many Chinese; qi and yin and yang. Qi is defined as the life energy that flows within everyone while yin and yang represents the duality of man, with yin represents negative energy and yang representing positive energy. TCM is believed to have an effect of controlling qi and balancing the yin and yang of an individual. Most herbs provide benefits in improving the health of the liver as it is responsible for the circulation of blood, which is believed to be responsible for controlling the flow of qi as well. Social media also plays a part in raising the popularity of TCM as well as companies would hire celebrities to advertise their products to make them more convincing. If you are planning on taking TCM, make sure you consult with your doctor to avoid any reactions caused by consuming it along with your prescribed medications. Since there is no dosage of herbs, TCM can have unforeseeable consequences if you carelessly take them along with your medications.

Tragically, we are going through one of the most deadliest plagues in modern time because of the coronavirus. Most of the historical plagues occurred only within a country, but the coronavirus proves to be far deadlier than its predecessors as it has quickly spread across the world within the span of a year while it continues to mutate and develop new strands. Although vaccinations are able to resist any future strains, it does not mean that we are completely immune to the virus as a new strain can render vaccinations useless. Nevertheless, we need to remain strong and continue practicing SOP to prevent any more cases from raising. The more we practice, the sooner we can get our old lifestyle back.