How to properly use the condom?

Generally, it is preferable that the man knows how to put on his condom himself, but some women do it extremely well, to the delight of these gentlemen! The easiest way is to train during masturbations. You must learn to put on a condom in less than a minute, the time necessary for an erection to be maintained during a romantic encounter.

Putting a condom on your partner’s penis

Ladies, you too can learn to put on a condom. You can also train cold. Because men often take the pretext that they do not know how to put on a condom or that it makes them disband. It’s up to you to train yourself so that this moment becomes pleasant for both of you. You can practice on an intimate toy or on any other phallic object, the vegetables are there for that too!

All you have to do is hold the condom still rolled up in your mouth and gently unroll it over the erect penis during oral sex as explained below:

Your mouth must be in the position of the flautist. Then you open your mouth, being careful to cover your teeth with your lips.
You have taken the condom between your thumb and forefinger, turn it over, point down, possibly take care to slip a drop of lubricant. With lubricant, it will slide much better.
Gently place the condom at the entrance of your mouth and suck to keep it closed. The penis with one hand, you bring your mouth to the glans.
You release your suction so that the condom is placed on the end of his penis. Stick it tightly on the glans using your tongue in a downward motion.
All you have to do is bring it down onto the penis. Be careful, this only works if your lips cover your teeth. Help yourself with the hand that is not holding the rod.

Of course, training is necessary which is from sex shop Malaysia but on arrival, no couple will fear this moment!

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