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Fatbeatcrooner Records // Phuket (FR)

Gambeat started playing the piano at age 7 and entered the conservatory where he studied percussion for 10 years (classical orchestra and big band jazz) as well as electro-acoustics.He spent much of his adolescence having a blast as a drummer in rock, blues and funk bands.
Fond of painting and contemporary classical music (Steeve Reich, Arvo Part, John Adams, Gorecki) he takes dance classes in Nice before enrolling in contemporary dance at the Nantes Conservatory.
In 1999, he creates the artists collective "Sunrays" and enters on the electronic scene as a percussionist and drummer and goes on to support hundreds of Djs


He goes on to mix in 2005 and plays at the “Off festival des vieilles charues” on stage for the famous radio station “Europe 2” at the World Championship of Surf (Lacanau / France) as well as resident Dj in bars, restaurants and clubs in Nantes for a total of 7 years. In 2011 he is a radio host for one year for "Orbeat", a radio program about electronic musics. In 2012, he joins the jazz band "Raymond Lazer Trio" as a drummer and plays the same year at the International jazz festival "Les Rendez-vous de l'Erdre" (France). Following his meeting with Fabrice Lamy (Kwality), he shares the stage with Rork, Lady Bird, Charles Chilling, Nakadia, Mikael Weill, Paul Nazca, Dan Genacia and ARK. In 2013, he leaves for Thailand and starts his own bar “The Super Green” in Phuket.

3 rating


Drumpoet Community // Zürich (SUI)

Alex Dallas is a dj, music-producer, labelowner and A&R of the Drumpoet Community as well as co-owner of the clubs Zukunft and Cabaret in Zurich. He has dedicated his life to music. Since almost 20 years he has been active in Zurich's music scene. In the mid 90's he produced music as Natural High Prod. and later as Earthbound. He was running Straight Ahead Recordings from 1998 - 2002. He produces tracks with AFMB as The Lost Men and releases modern dance-music from great artist on Drumpoet. Further than that this he invites some the finest DJs to play the Zukunft.

12 rating


PCB RADIO - Toulouse (FR)

He founding member and resident of the new Web Radio in Toulouse (PINK-CITY-BEATS.COM) and active figure of the Toulouse techno scene for over 20 years

77 rating


Catwash Records / Get Physical / Safari Electronique // Leeds (UK)

James Barnsley's focus for the last 5 years has been his music production. Being a lover of house music from his early teens James's musical talent and hard work in the studio has already paid off, seeing him signed to some of the worlds leading heavy weight labels such as Get Physical, Murmur, Safari Electronique, Catwash, and Overall Music as well as receiving remix requests from the likes of Pura Music.

His Production like his Dj’ing has received a great amount and support from world premier dj’s such as Richie Hawtin, Steve Bug, D’julz, Josh Wink and Chris Carrier amongst others. With his catchy and tight production shown in tracks such as 'Acid Tambourine' and 'Oh SHit' and his forth coming 'Spellbinder EP' on Innercircle, James keeps things real and underground and his music always works the dance floor!

As a young DJ James got his residency at the world renowned Back to Basics. He is also the owner of the infamous 'Stinky's Peephouse' which is one of Leeds best clubs where James spins regularly alongside some of the best DJ’s in the world and some of his main influences, such as Kerri Chandler, D'julz  to name a few. The club was also home for 6 years to the Back to Basics . As well as Basics James has also played guest slots at some of the UK's leading club nights gigs like Mulletover, Just Jack and Below as well as many gigs across europe.

Watch this space as there is a lot more to come from this talented lover of all things house over the next year.

5 rating


Smoothy Grooves / Groove On // Bucharest (ROU)

In a univers in cotinuous development, music is always there, and Alex Puicea found its formula. Alex was born on May 8th 1988 in Drobeta Turnu Severin, and his first contact with electronic music was around the age of 15. After less than 2 years, he learned to play music by himself.
The first club he played at was Josephine in his hometown, and soon after, eletronic music lovers began to notic

e him and to enjoy his sounds. He started to play in all clubs in the area along with renowned Romanian Dj’s.
He took the next step in his Dj career and moved to Bucharest, where, in 2009 he made his debut by winning the First Prize in the Zeedo Dj Contest that took place at Arenele Romane. Since then he’s been playing in different clubs in Bucharest such as: Expirat, Studio Martin, Embryo ,Guest House and Whatever.
In the summer of 2010 he joined the Groove On team, mixing every Tuesday from 20:00 (Bucharest time) with Miss I and Hado during the “Smoothy Grooves” radio show.
His sets have a deep, controlled, almost gentle sound with different influences from the deep house and techno areas.
9 rating


Descending Order // Roma (ITA)


3 rating


Get Physical / Kompakt / Turbo // Los Angeles (DEN)

Tomas have played drums since he was 10 years old, but at some point in his late teens he bought a recordplayer, an Atari and an Akai mono-sampler. He slowly started djing and producing housemusic. Since then (late 90’s) he have been doing loads of club oriented music, both alone and together with different partners and on different labels. After some years in the electronic clubscene the live music was slowly catching in on him again, and he startet Whomadewho with two fellow danes, where he plays drums and produce.

For ‘Tomboy’ / Tomas Barfod the kickstart came with the acid / disco 12” series on Gomma records, shortly afterwards came releases on Get Physical, Kitsune and Turbo, where ‘Samba’ and ‘I.K. Guitar’ became clubbangers. Tomboy also is a much requested remixer and have done remixes of such diverse artists as Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz, Lance de Sardi, Digitalism, Telex, Chromeo, Asia Argento just to name a few. As a dj he played legendary clubs like Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Weekend (Berlin), Bar 25 (Berlin), Goa (Roma), Magazini Genarali (Milan), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Lux (Portugal), Social Club (Paris).

Tomas has been involved in many different constalations. The most important is Whomadewho, who have released two albums and have been touring the whole world from New York to Sydney and been playing the most significant clubs and festivals like Sonar, Glastonbury, Melt and 10 days off. Old friend Kasper Bjørke has also been important with their project Filur. With Fredski (Tartelet label partner) Tomas recently did two ep’s on Get Physical and the track ‘Swan Lake’ made it to the records bag of all important house djs and climed to number 7 at the main Beatport chart....search youtube for ‘Barfod’ and ‘Swan lake’ and you will see. In addition Tomas has been working with many danish acts from upcoming indietronica band Giana Factory to Punk legend Steen Jørgensen and majorleague producer Anders Trentemøller with whom Tomas produced the classic ‘Copenhagen’. Recently he produced ‘Bubububadub’ together with MHM 1, the track (which actually feature vocals by Whomadewho) made it to Loco Dice’s ‘The Lab’ complilation and in Ricardo Villalobos’ recordbag.

As the head of bookings of Copenhagen Distortion Barfod has been taking part in developing the festival into one of Scandinavias most important contemporary festivals. In 2008 Barfod also founded the Label tartelet with fellow dane Fredski - Tartelet is known for their hand-drawn ‘anti-Versace’ artwork and many quality releases from producers like Waraika, Claude Von Stroke, Ink & Needle, Mhm 1 and offcause Tomas himself. German magazine De:Bug wrote that Tartelet is one of 2009’s most important labels and a very diverse pool of djs are supporting - from Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Richie Hawtin to Erol Alkan, Duke Dumont and Brodinski.

3 rating


We Love Space / 2020 Vision / Wolf Music // Leeds (UK)

The PBR (Patrol Boat, Riverine) is a small rigid-hulled patrol boat used in the Vietnam war. The small versatile vessel could operate in shallow and weed-choked rivers with great speed and maneuverability. PBR Streetgang is the name given to the boat crew in the 1979 Vietnam film Apocalypse Now. “The crew were mostly kids. Rock and Rollers with one foot in their grave” tells Martin Sheen, in what could be described as a film that not only illuminated the Vietnam tale, but also the underlying insanity of the times.


Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe were christened PBR STREETGANG after a long trip to Ibiza. Ibiza is a second home to the lads as residents for world re-nowned party We Love… at Space. Tom and Bonar met through the infamous circus of the Leeds nightlife. Honing their craft at the legendary Asylum, which took the clubbing template and span it musically round its little finger. The duo shared a booth with some of the finest acts dance music has to offer, from Jazzy Jeff to Ricardo Villalobos. Much fun was had and many friends made. Many of whom follow them with great passion and zeal to all four corners of the globe today.
The pair earned great respect across the musical spectrum with fans such as Crazy P, Greg Wilson, The Unabombers, Clive Henry and Ralph Lawson. Their unique musical approach, never failing to connect with the crowd, threading Larry’s New York legacy to the Jacking underground beats of their Leeds roots.

Over the last five years, their DJ partnership has evolved into audience enthralling sets which flow effortlessly from Ableton live to the turntables via a piece of circuitry that allows both heads to mix together as one. The duo have a versatile approach of playing that allows them to easily adapting from big Festival stages and main-rooms to smaller basements and backrooms.

PBR Streetgang have released productions on labels such as 2020 Vision, Red Music, Futureboogie, E.A.R, ISM and Wolf Music. They are very excited by a forthcoming release on Jamie Jones Hot Creations in late 2011.

This is a trip up river you really shouldn’t miss.

1 rating


Melizma / Cadenza // Padova (ITA)

Italian-born Alex Picone’s passion for deep analogue-sounding grooves is all consuming. Ever since he was a teenager, his whole life has been devoted to feeling, sharing and shaping hip-rolling house and techno. And of course, it shows. Whether he’s laying it down at top Italian clubs like Flow or il Muretto, or blasting it out in Berlin where he’s now based, his ego-free approach to DJing attracts true underground party heads in droves.
Alex (aka Alessandro Picone) was born and grew up in Padova, where he started DJing in the mid-90s – when he was just 15 years old. His skills soon landed him regular slots at La Scala in Padova, and from there he began to organise his own house parties before bagging key residencies at Flow and il Muretto. Playing regularly at these clubs, alongside such international talents as Luciano, Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos, added a momentum to his musical evolution that later propelled him into the world of production.
It was in 2004 that Alex took his first steps as a producer, hooking up with Kay Sand (Francesco Sperotto) to form Chronic Flakes. Their funky-assed tracks quickly earned respect from the likes of Alex Neri, who released two Chronic Flakes’ records on Bustin’ Loose in 2005/6. Neri then unleashed Chronic Flakes’ tech-house extravaganza, the Omnadawn EP, complete with a remix by Guido Schneider, on Tenax Recordings – and included ‘Galicia’ from the EP on his 2008 il Muretto mix.
Alex was on a roll and after six years of living between Padova (in winter) and Ibiza (in summer) he finally adopted Berlin as his new home in late '08. Here he built on an existing relationship with a fellow Italian in Berlin: Lucretio, the label manager of Detroit’s Mixworks. Lucretio had already been mailing Alex’s output to the mastermind of the Mixworks network, Buzz Goree, which led Alex to release ‘Berlin Dub’ as a part of the Persistence EP, Mixworks’ debut release. He followed this up by returning to Mixworks as Chronic Flakes and nailing ‘Numalbix’, which came out on the Dance Tactics EP. 2008 also saw Alex put out his first full EP as a solo artist, Furby Floppy, on Luciano’s Cadenza Records. This won him nods from both peers and press, and ‘Floppy’ went on to feature on Luciano’s Fabric 41 mix, while the slow-burning ‘Berlin Dub’ was included on Âme’s Fabric 42.
Bringing a warmer, more human feeling to mixing than many of his contemporaries, Alex has now played at such clubs as the aptly named Underground in Ibiza and Fabric in London. Plus Cadenza showcases around Europe, from Cocoon Club and Watergate in Germany to the buzzing Black Sea Coast of Romania. He also felt firsthand the force of Underground Resistance when he visited the US to play a couple of sets in Detroit during Movement DEMF 2009. First at a Mixworks’ party, alongside Buzz Goree, Mike Servito and several other real deal DJs, then at an after-hours hosted by the irrepressible Seth Troxler.
2009 sees Alex continue to explore a subterranean landscape of beats through his groove-ridden Motherland EP on Bosconi Records. He also has a third release on Mixworks called ‘No Kiss’, which has already been supported by heavyweights like Luciano, Hawtin, Villalobos and Raresh. And he’s planning another EP, based around his new ‘Mon Amour’ track, complete with an exceptional remix from Chris Carrier. Then there’s another Chronic Flakes collaboration, this time for Mike Shannon’s Cynosure imprint. Not to mention fresh material born of his friendship with Argentinian adventurer Ernesto Ferreyra.
Music. Playing it, producing it, and making it happen for the true heads. This is the fuel that fires the passion of Picone. A life lived for, and through, music.

3 rating



Markud getting to the core of things very quickly, it's easy to sum up the existence of Munich born and rai- sed DJ and Producer Markus Mehta: "It's all about music”.

13 rating



Catwash are the production partnership of DJ W!LD and CHRIS CARRIER. Both producers have been performing very well lately on labels such as Get Physical, Crack & Speed, Brique Rouge, on DJ Wild's label, Catwash Records and on Chris's label , Adult Only.

10 rating


Music Motion Movement // London (UK)

Moody Pat aka Patrick G. is a young, cutting edge DJ. Born in the French Caribbean he moved to Paris as a youngster and as such his musical influences draw on both French and Caribbean heritages, alongside a ‘if the beat moves me I’ll work with it’ approach that has led him to develop a signature eclectic sound.

Moody Pat found himself growing up in an era, which embraced both Hip-hop, Rnb and Funk, also called ky-fun (French slang). He used to listen to Radio Nova (Rap radio station), who were famous for their long DJ sets without talking. It was here that Patrick learnt about the intricacies of building a set and how different music could be woven together to create a certain feeling and to take the listener on a musical journey.

''In the 80' the giggles and music generic from the cartoons I was watching on TV were full of old jazzy, funky, soul samples'' I was already pre-format to this in my childhood''

In the early 90's the electronic music scene appeared and started to spread through radio stations in France. Patrick started to follow this extraordinary movement with unshakeable intrigue. If he could, Patrick would love to go back in time and be a pivotal part of the Palace Club, famous for being the first venue in Paris where people (politicians, models, celebrities, punk rockers, music artists, homosexuals), were often found mixing together, rocking the dance-floor no matter what their background, skin color, or wallet value.

His DJ story began when he moved to London in 2005, when he bought some turntables a mixer and a few records. At that point he knew that his life was going to change. He fell in love with London and its cosmopolitan mix of people and music, and felt that he had truly found his calling.

He has been performing in few countries already such as United States, Spain, Italy, UK, Brazil, France, Caribbean. Performed alongside international artists such as LULA CIRCUS, PHIL WEEKS, ANTHONY COLLINS, HECTOR MORALES, DIMITRI NAKOV, NICK WARREN to name a few…

Actual Resident dj at the newest London spot ZINC at Centre Point.

Early this year, Moody Pat decided to create his own move by hosting his night called MMM (Music Motion Movement) Since Nov. 2013 you can also catch him on  HYPERLINK "http://www.blooplondon.com" www.blooplondon.com every Friday from 6pm to 8pm.
Today, I his focusing on his music production and early 2014, will launch his first EP. Be sure in this upcoming new year to hear more from this talented dj/producer...


10 rating

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