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All My Days Ep


Secret Reels / SR001D

H.O.S.H. Presents Forever Young


Diynamic / DIYNAMIC066D

The long awaited collaboration of H.O.S.H. & andhim - grand finale of H.O.S.H.'s "Forever Young" series. Look who's back, back again. It's one of the main men at Diynamic, the one and only Mr. H.O.S.H.! The dude is a key member of the Diynamic family, has been for years and always comes up with the floor filling goods. Now he brings his extra special 'Forever Young' project to a close with another fantastic EP featuring two more very special house tracks. The well received project has seen the artist release four limited edition EPs on 10" vinyl, with each track representing a character from a childhood dream, and one of these cuts was made in collaboration with German Get Physical duo andhim. Up first is the mighty 'Captain' - a suitable title considering H.O.S.H.'s DJ adventures on the high seas in Ibiza. It's a deep track driven along by rich drums and warm bass notes as rough metal percussion lashes about in the foreground, a little bit like a stormy sea breeze. On the flip, the brilliant 'Writer' is another lush bit of artistic and musical house music with woody percussive sounds, sombre downbeat chords and more ethereal pads.

Imprint Of Pleasure Remixes



So... Here we have one of the most hightly awaited EPs of the year. Since the transcendence "Imprint Of Pleasure" took being the most sold track on Beatport from 2013 and definetely one of the tracks of the year, we cannot miss the chance to release a remix pack. And then, the big question: ¿Which artists should remix this track?. After many discussions, we concluded that we needed four totally different point of views for such an amazing cut. That's why we choose: Monkey Safari, Adam Beyer, Rodriguez Jr. and of course our mastercat Coyu. Each artist gives a totally and unique point of view. Now it's your turn to decide who you think did the best job. We can't decide one. We love them all!

Awakening Ep


Plus Plus / PLUS019

Josh Winiberg graces Plus Plus Records with the breathtaking Awakening EP. A journey to the depths, where the ethereal meets the emotive, a delight for the senses and for the dancefloor. The original tracks Weeping Willow and Awakening demonstrate Joshs razor sharp, understated production abilities, juxtaposed with his refined composers ear for melody. First to take Joshs bittersweet productions to a different corner is Toulouses The Shining-inspired Re-Drum, with a slowed-down deep industrial disco rework. Next up, permanent fixture on the Dutch underground electronic scene Florisz Janvier gives Weeping Willow a leftfield house treatment, skittering percussion interplaying with shimmering synths. Plus Plus Records boss Jason Bay takes the controls with an epic tech-infused journey deep into the night, that builds and builds into a joyous electronic disco crescendo... And finishing off the package with aplomb, SAES takes us to left-of-centre, downbeat electronic house territory. Joshs skills as a dj and dance producer are informed by his roots as a prodigious classical pianist and composer. Josh released his first album at the age of just sixteen, and played at events such as Italys prestigious Ravello Festival. Whilst still a music student, a university exchange to Berlin exposed Josh to the German house and techno scene, and upon completion of his degree Josh moved there and immersed himself in electronic music. During his four years living in Berlin Josh honed his djing and production skills, used to great effect on releases for Push Communications, Sublunary, and Plus Plus amongst others, finding support from the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Pig & Dan, Motorcitysoul, and many more.

Deep Series 1


Scander Music / SCMDS1

Scander Music release a collection of deep Music . Featuring tracks Thomas Roberts, Killian Bartok, Ricardo Diiaz, Max Muller, Maxime Laffon, John Roya, Miguel Ortega & Emmanuel Kasta and Kae Allen

Web TV


6 rating


6 rating


5 rating



Steyoyoke // Berlin (GER)

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”

MPathy formerly know as I'm Fine has developed a strong interest for electronic music when he was still very young. Growing up in the city of Berlin he was highly influenced by the electronic music scene in the 90’s. He spent a couple of years in Chicago and Shanghai where he got involved with the local electronic music scene, which ultimately shaped his outlook on electronic music today.

With Techno music and DJing being his greatest passion for a long time he started to work on his own productions in 2008. Since then he has produced Techno, Tech-House and Minimal music for various record labels worldwide.

In 2012 he joined the Berlin based Deep House Label Steyoyoke and has released an EP in collaboration with label mate Antonio Olivieri. Proceeding with his new name he has done remixes for Soul Button and Florian Rietze and just finished an EP in collaboration with Amy Capilari.

1 rating


Rex Club / Bass Culture / Ovum // Paris (FR)

Whether its through his productions, radio shows, compilations, parties or club sets, D'Julz has been at the forefront of electronic music since his career first began back in 1992. A firm DJ and fan favourite alike, his ability to transcend genres and trends has seen him hold one of the most consistent levels of success of any modern day DJ/Producer. A run of form that is at its strongest, today.


5 rating


We Love Space / Get Physical // London (GBR)

Growing up in Windsor, Ontario Canada, just across the border from Detroit, Heidi had a
childhood filled with the sounds of classic rock, blues and folk. It wasn’t long, though, before the
sounds of the Motor City and Chicago led her to a deep and lifelong passion for underground
dance music.

3 rating


Catwash Records // Paris (FR)

Deep, dark, acid, sexy house music has always been closest to the heart of DJ W!LD. For many, the recent rise of DJ W!LD - the Circo Loco residency, the WMC and Sonar debuts, the joining of Cocoon’s world-renowned roster - has him pegged as one of the most exciting new talents on the scene. To those in the know, the accolades are simply long-overdue recognition for one of France’s long-serving underground house heroes. No matter your perspective, the truth is undeniable: DJ W!LD is one of the most deserving breakthrough acts of recent years.

DJ W!LD’s journey began at the end of the 1980s in Dijon, France, via a keen interest in graffiti street culture, disco, funk and hip hop. With a DJ moniker chosen in tribute to the cult 1983 film Wild Style, DJ W!LD’s formative influence was Laurent Garnier; it was Garnier’s unique and all-encompassing style that encouraged DJ W!LD to develop his own perspective on the music emanating from Detroit and Chicago. DJ W!LD relocated to Paris in 1996, where he gravitated towards the DJ booth, playing at popular Parisian clubs Palace, Queen, Rex, and collaborating with Peter Rauhofer as House Heroes, on the international hit "Magic Orgasm".

As the growing popularity of ‘French Touch’ filtered house in the late 1990s drew more and more attention to Parisian producers, DJ W!LD opted to not hustle for his moment in the spotlight; he instead poured his energies into the city’s underground club community, during the time of the harshest censorship and government policies. Soon afterwards, disillusioned by Paris’ increasingly commercial club landscape, DJ W!LD began to focus his attentions abroad. He was a regular guest DJ in New York, including a memorable set for nightclub institution Twilo, and from there he ventured further south. In Brazil he attended huge parties with more than 10,000 ecstatic revellers, and he was awestruck by both the scale of the crowds and by their level of enthusiasm for the most eclectic and unpredictable DJ sets. With his faith restored, DJ W!LD returned to Europe and began a residency with Brussels leading tastemaker club Fuse.

At the turn of the millennium, DJ W!LD crossed paths with Chris Carrier and Guillaume La Tortue, and their collaborative EP Carnaval/Comestible soon followed. From there, DJ W!LD’s longtime associations with the fashion world led to him composing music and soundtracks for legendary designers such as Thierry Mugler, Christian Lacroix, Vivienne Westwood, Agnes B and Ora Ito, but it was 2005 that proved to be the major turning point, reconciling his much-loved DJ style with a floor-focused production approach. The music of Catwash, the duo made up of Chris Carrier and DJ W!LD, became an instant favourite of DJs around the globe, with tracks finding their way into the sets of Andrew Weatherall, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin and Josh Wink, and licensed on Detour, Visitor, Crack & Speed and Get Physical.

DJ W!LD established his own solo imprint Catwash Records soon afterwards, but being marginalised by the growing dancefloor demand for electro and minimal fueled a desire to get back into the studio, and sparked a period of intense productivity which saw him completing a new track every one or two days. Many of these productions were courted and released by leading labels Off, Robsoul, Motivbank, Love Letters from Oslo and RAL, the bootleg label created by Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano. In 2009 DJ W!LD was announced as the new resident DJ for DC10’s Circo Loco, and the following year he made his debut at WMC and Sonar Festival. Not long afterwards, Sven Väth invited DJ W!LD to join the Cocoon family, and he went on to show-stopping debut sets in Japan with Circoloco, and at London's Fabric club and Berlin's Panorama Bar.

DJ W!LD’s upward trajectory continued though 2011, with the launch of his new label, W, numerous EPs for Luna Records, Magnetic, Adult Only and Soweso, and the release of his acclaimed debut album Palace, which offered a glimpse of acid house, techno, disco and soul through DJ W!LD’s eyes. Heading into 2012, the momentum is showing no signs of slowing: the forthcoming Palace remixes have drawn on the talents of DJ Sneak, Kerri Chandler, Art Department, Radio Slave, Jay Haze, Chris Carrier, SIS and Gauthier DM, his own productions and remixes will be soon be seen on hot labels like Robsoul, One Records and Viva, plus DJ W!LD’s forthcoming sophomore album D!rty, for Cabin Fever Records, will reveal another layer of his sound; one that harnesses the spirit of his energetic DJ sets, and stays true to the spirit of classic house with a view to future-forward dancefloor sounds.

DJ W!LD is now a regular fixture of it all: the best international clubs and festivals, the leading labels, the hottest remixes and the sought-after DJ mixes, the press, the hype and the underground chatter. Yet through it all, and into the future the spirit that drives him will remain the same: deep, dark, acid, a little bit w!ld and always sexy music.

5 rating



House - Tech House - Disco

NICKV is a product of Mancunia, packaged in the suburbs of Paris and currently one of the hottest djs on the Paris scene.

34 rating


Zürich (SUI)

When someone like Marshall Jefferson speaks, you listen. And it’s definitely a compliment, what the House originator once told Zurich based DJ Eli Verveine: „You sound just like from my hood in Chicago.“. As flattering as such a notion is, and as rough and rumbling as her mixes can be, one would be hard-pressed to see Eli Verveine’s craft as a Windy City phenomenon.

Deejaying, it’s a mission. In the case of Eli Verveine, a long period of intense experimentation and self-discovery led to the sensitive, instinctive and insightful DJ she now is. Honing her skills at the legendary Dachkantine club or at her weekly radio show at Zurich’s Radio Lora, it was not before long that she garnered enthusiastic responses with her refined mix tapes: the most prominent of which Eli did for the reknowned techno doyens at the mnml ssgs-blog.

If Eli has a knack for something, then it’s probably to tell her story of the deep over the course of an evening. Though she also expertly likes to unroll the carpet as an intro dj. „When you garner the first screams from a crowd while playing your last tracks, then you can be certain you have done a good job.“ says Eli. Right. But let’s rather hope you see her playing that early-morning sunset-set (ok, let’s call it a „sun-set“): Trust in Eli and you will most likely be blown away by a high-octane affair. Swoosh!

4 rating


Downwards / Horizontal Ground // Berlin (UK)

Samuel Kerridge has quickly made a name for himself, responsible for one of 2012's most remarkable and self assured debuts 'Auris Interna' on the ultra-picky Horizontal Ground. This didn't go unnoticed by Downwards label boss Karl O'Connor, and Samuel followed with two more critically acclaimed EP's.

Kerridge has found a perfect home for his highly original productions of unfettered sonic exploration, re-defining the relationship between rhythm and sound design with decimating kick drums and feedback, and unearthly amounts of distortion until you're left with a dripping, toxic style of techno.

It’s not from Detroit, but it’s more about where Kerridge is at – creating seductive, darkly soulful music.

Not afraid to question people's perceptions of clubbing, he Co-founded the Contort events in Berlin, not only as an outlet for his own artistic vision, but to bring back a level of creativity and magic to a stale club scene.

With compilations, remixes, and an album all due out before 2013 closes, the future is extremely bright for this artist.

0 rating



FRED INBHERG (CLASSICO CAFE Toulouse - fr) Fred Inbherg young dj Toulouse discovered a passion for music as a teenager.

20 rating


Blueprint // (UK)


1 rating


Time To Express / Tresor // Berlin (DE)

When it comes down to combining the best of many musical worlds, Peter Van Hoesen can say he's been doing it for a while now. Deeply rooted in the Brussels electronic music scene as DJ and producer since 1993, he's considered by many as a man with multiple musical talents: from straight-up dancefloor jackin' techno to advanced abstract electronica. His music has been released on his own labels Time To Express and Foton as well as through Exone, Ostgut Ton, Komisch, Curle and Meakusma. His remix work has found a home with labels such as CLR, Hotflush, Token and Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Peter is active as a DJ, producer, sound designer and composer for contemporary dance and theatre. Peter currently lives in Berlin.

0 rating


Fantastic Friends Rec / La Ruche // Lausanne (SUI)

We all know Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, ?we have all heard of Rémus et Romulus.??Yes, Adolfo and Franky, they too are a two-person team, ?but let us never compare them to those who we already know. Their alliance is down to a point, ?a little point very much resemblant to that of Eros and Psyché.??This union gives life to something uncomparable, ?something that is both wonderful and devine at the sme time.?Because from our union an orphéon célesta is born, from which the rumors spreads so fast ?that all the surrounding stages are abandoned, the temples of music are emptied, ?and people from all over gather to witness and listen to this metaphysique duetto.??They are not real beaings nor real creatures. They simply just are! You will see ..

12 rating


Moon Harbour Recording - Leipzig (DE)

the career of christian fischer as dj and producer started in 1996. his debut was released in the same year on
statik entertainment, involving grandiose reviews. after that, more tracks on the same label followed.  
but christian also had great success at the turntables. from leipzig to frankfurt, nuremberg or hannover and
as well abroad, in uk, bulgaria, hungary, turkey and in kosovo. he played together with marky, carl cox, dj
rush, chris liebing and marco baily, just to name a few. not only his dj career is upraising, also his actions as
producer become more and more relevancy.  
In 2000, christian came up with his own child: definition records. besides his own stuff, he releases artists
like ade fenton, justin berkovi, david squillace, tuomas rantanen, arkus p. or thomas p., heckmann, hertz,
brian sanhaji and dj lucca. eagerness guaranteed – and one can be part of – with christian fischer – either as
dj or magnetized on vinyl.
latest releases.
christian fischer  - meiler     definition records 2007
christian fischer  - miracle places / nasty    re:flex 2007
christian fischer  - quick fix     mainfloor 2007
christian fischer  - stay in peace     abyss records 2007    
christian fischer  - bryzant games (album)  definition records 2008
slam - we're not here - christian fischer remix   soma 2007
outsiders - keep this fire burning - christian fischer remix  loaded 2008
coming soon.
bryzant games remixes (2009)
•  myspace.com/bryzant  •  definition-records.de
•  moonharbour.com/booking  •  get in contact with andré  •  booking@moonharbour.com

5 rating

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