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L.I.E.S / Lies-019.5


a few back in!!
a true bomb of a 12" from 2104... repressed with L.I.E.S label artwork ..had to be done. Dope underground anthems ...don't miss.. TIP! 
House Of Jezebel /MagnesII


Voyage Direct / VD 22LP1

Voyage Direct's message comes through loud and clear on the label's first compilation, a collection that takes in both unreleased tracks and a hand-picked selection of classics from the imprint's first five years..

Rack and Run Ep


8Bit / 8bit092

Big Sex Thing Feat. Ricky


Marketing Music / MKG23

big with: Matt Walsh, Jef K, Kolombo, Cosmo Vitelli, Joakim, Luke Solomun, Morpheus, Slam, Alexkid, Anthony Collins,... Meet Sex Judas (Sex to his mother). A sexual vigilante and underground musical entrepreneur working in tandem with his trusted sidekick Ricky since the dawn of time (or the death of Jesus). Myth has it that after the infamous >kiss<, Judas was damned to live on earth for eternity. He decided to make the best of it and delved head first into his true passion, music. Known as a motherfucker on the >Uggav< since his early teens, he emerged in the underground sounds of Judea and never looked back. Judas & Ricky state they are on a mission to play music that reflects the real life, in all its horny, absurd, joyous and yes sometimes evil ways…with emphasis on the bass of course! So what you now hold in your hands is the glorious first vinyl offering from Sex Judas and Ricky >Sex according to Judas< telling the story as it is, blending the old school sounds of Chicago with a modern day longing for bass and ass, with a steaming sex toy edit by Tim from Paris to go.

Wood Lesty Ep


Plaisir Records / PLA001

1st release of new French label Plaisir Records by the artist Zendid, with a VID remix !!
Support: tINI, Faster, Anthea, Ada Kaleh

Here, you're going to get into a serious classy bunch of tracks, where melodies interlace with round beats and basslines. The Wood Lesty's voice will enter your brain and will never leave it. The cherry on the cake (already rather tasty) is Vid Reconstruction Mix: a little 15 minutes diamond where he settles gradually his talent, involving the famous voice of the original mix with a compulsion of claps to end in second part of the remix with angelic choirs deserving of the most beautiful opera

Web TV


7 rating


7 rating


5 rating



Just Jack / 2020 Vision / Classic // Leeds (UK)

Buckley’s DJing career kicked off at the start of the acid house explosion in the UK. He was resident for some of the seminal, groundbreaking nights in musical history. Buckley played the opening records on the opening night for Renaissance in Mansfield where he held his first residency. Later he became a resident at the legendary Hacienda club in Manchester. As well as these residencies he also played alongside live acts such as Inner City, Ten City and was a DJ for M People on their first ever-European tour.

As Buckleys reputation continued to grow this lead to more residencies and more & more guest appearances at clubs throughout the world as well as his first overseas residency at ‘We Love Sundays’ at Space in Ibiza. These days Buckley’s experience, versatility and skills shine consistently and although he has an expansive knowledge of many styles his focus, when DJing, producing or remixing is on quality house music.

Over the last ten years Buckley has been a resident at the longest weekly house night in the world Back to Basics in Leeds, & Just Jack in Bristol. Guest spots at the likes of Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Glasgow’s Sub Club and Below in Birmingham have served to reinforce his credentials throughout the world. His Back to Basics residency and alongside his longevity in the industry means its safe to say there isn’t a DJ Buckley hasn’t played with throughout his career.

Previous releases on labels such as Dust Trax, Made to Play, One Records, 2020 Vision, Extended Play & Back to Basics records, have seen Buckley’s sound make a huge impact globally time and time again. His hit in 2006 on Jesse Rose’s Made to Play label titled, “Bloc Party” got to number 22 in Mixmag’s top 100 tunes of that year. Remixes include Jet Project, Unkle’s, “Hold My Hand, Markus Nikolai’s,“Bushes” on Classic Recordings. “Psycho” on 20/20 Vision.

Together with this extensive list of remixes, Buckley’s own tracks have been remixed by some of the biggest names in the industry including Chris Duckenfield, Jamie Jones, Geddes, Subb-An & One Records head honcho Adam Shelton.

Fast forward to recent times Buckley has been back in the studio and has some incredible new releases due out this summer. Look out for brand new tracks on Viva Recordings, Extended Play, Nature Beat & Hot Creations. With these confirmed releases, and a couple of secrets still to be revealed together with debut appearances at DC10 in Ibiza & at The Secret Garden Party in the UK the Summer of 2012 and beyond appears to be one to remember for Buckley.

Catch Buckley at a club near you soon and look out for his DJ sets, productions and remixes as his musical roots, passion and talent continue to blossom at every turn, serving as inspiration to all.

4 rating


Melizma / Cadenza Lab // Santiago De Chile

Born in Santiago, Chile, Andre Butano originally came from the world of gastronomy. As we all know, the worlds of food and music are tightly intertwined. This meant that, as he was working as a chef for some of Santiago’s finest restaurants he began cultivating a deep love for music and sound.

Initially inspired by artists such as Depeche Mode, New Order, Orbital and Kraftwerk, his palate quickly evolved. Now Andre admires producers like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Kevin Jost, Brett Johnson, and Mathias Kaden among many others.

Butano quickly established himself as a talent of Chile’s underground house scene. His style was very much appreciated as his sets were always directed towards groovy house and tech-house sounds, supported by uplifting percussions and organic melodies. The trademark that made him famous was the use of his own vocal tracks recorded specifically for each occasion. These would often comment on specific things unique to Chile’s scene and were very humorous and popular amongst club-goers.

His productions have been released all over the world on labels such as Kling Klong, 8Bit, Brise, Amam, Robsoul, Monza Ibiza, Suruba, Trapez , Bla Bla, Resopal ,Paul’s Boutique and by Chilean labels like Drumma, Melisma and Disco Royal. His tracks are being played by some of the best Djs of the circuit like Luciano, DJ Sneak, MANDY, Mathias Kaden, Dubfire ,Reboot , Richie Hatwin , Karotte , Laurent Garnier , Mendo ,among others.

Andre has a duo project with Felipe Venegas (Cadenza, Drumma) called the Jhabas. With Felipe on a live set and Andre behind the mixer they form a very interesting act that combines sounds from house, deep and tech in a very intuitive and improvised fashion. The show is marked by its spontaneity and creativity and is a favorite amongst crowds.

He is currently the resident DJ of La Feria, Chile’s most respected establishment for electronic music and a regular part of any respected line-up in the country. This has lead him to share stages with some of the best visiting talent like Luciano, Reboot, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Steve Lawler and many more.

His career has also lead him to play all around South America and he is a fixture of some of the main festivals such as Creamfields and Mysteryland. This year, he completed his first European tour having played in some of the best clubs in the world. Highlights include being a guest DJ at Cadenza Vagabundos in Pacha Ibiza and sharing a stage with Luciano at Ushuaia.

2 rating


Melizma // Milan (ITA)

Born and raised in Turin, Italy, Andrea is a well known and respected dj, producer and label manager.
His personal style is influenced by house old school rhythms mixed together with a sophisticated and refined music that portrays innovative deep and detroit sounds.
In 2007, Andrea has been the resident of La Gare in Turin (until 2009) and he played with artists as Marco Carola, Troy Pierce, Tania Vulcano, Paul Ritch, Karotte, Shinedoe, Anja Schneider, Mauro Picotto and many more.
In 2009 Andrea launched his label Room 9 Recordings, well known also abroad working together with Felipe Valenzuela, Arnaud Le Texier, Leon, Alejandro Vivanco, Micha Klang, Romano Alfieri, Marco Effe, David Pher e Federico Grazzini.
In the same year his track “Hello Momo!” was performed by the top djs as Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, Steve Lawler, Karotte, Brothers Vibe and has caught the attention of a lot of promoters who also gave him the opportunity to perform live in some important clubs in Italy and in international scene, as for example at Cocoon in Frankfurt.
He has also worked in studio with his friends Felipe Valenzuela and Luca Bear and released some track on labels as Melisma and Gluckskind.
Moreover, Andrea is involved into the project Body Resistance Music with Stefano Fontana.
In 2010 this track “I don’t Know” was an exclusive release of the official compilation of Space Ibiza, and he was also invited to Dj Clinic 2010 in Rimini as Italian New Talent.
In 2011 he created his radio show “Fresh” on air all Tuesday nights on Radio Party Groove and he became the resident of Movement Europe, the organization known for its festival which hosts the most important djs from Detroit school.
From the beginning of this year, he is the resident of Life Club in Milan.

2 rating


Rejected / Sci+Tec / Remote Area // Amsterdam (NL)

It was Anton Pieete’s grandfather who stirred his grandson initial urge to make electronic music, by passing on his old synthesizer in 1997. And not without success. Now a days Anton Pieete is a key member of Amsterdam’s New School generation and is storming dance floors with his captivating take on contemporary techno. Innovative and in your face, his hybrid sound is steeped in industrial techno twisted with tough, edgy high-octane tech house.

Anton’s first big break came in 2008, when ‘Players’ on Intacto Records hit the #1 top spot on Beatport. Later in 2009 he shot up the charts again with ‘Siberian’ on Intacto Records, driving the international clubbing masses to the dancefloor. Also his collaboration with Bart Skils, as District One, brought the same insane effect on the partycrowd.

Applying the philosophy of ‘less is more’, then tweaking it with a heavier, ballsy sound, Anton has clearly carved a fresh, new direction for techno. His straight forward style seems to be exactly what people are longing for after years of clicking and clocking.

Whether he is DJing or igniting the crowd with his liveset, performing solo or as District One, he always cooks the floors, gaining him a global reputation for being Amsterdam’s contemporary techno master.

0 rating


Get Physical / Future Classic // Lithuania (LTU)

I don’t recall how, where or when I met Vidis, but I am sure he was already around when I started writing about Lithuanian nightlife in 2004. He quickly went from being just another DJ, to someone who kept surprising those in the scene with neatly selected sets, parties with secret guests (who turned out to be well known international artists), late night radio shows, a track in Gilles Peterson compilation, and much more…

Vidis has never considered himself an inventor. Or a pioneer. Some say reinventing the wheel is not an option, but what if you take something that already exists and add a new direction, quality, and dimension to it? Who can complain? So here’s Vidis today - a DJ, producer, promoter, radio host, label founder, artist agency manager, and more. Put it plain and simple – a music enthusiast of the highest order, a local institution, and an apt advocate of his city and the scene behind it. The master of reinvention.

Foreign acts were brought to Lithuania earlier than Vidis began his career, sure. He booked Rune Linbaek and Daniel Wang before the term New Disco was coined. Ame and Dixon first visited Lithuania and his parties ahead of being praised and pigeonholed as the new Deep House idols. Vidis introduced Jazzanova, Atjazz, Charles Webster, Prins Thomas, Chateau Flight, DJ Deep and many others to the Lithuanian clubbers and, brought Caribou, Architecture In Helsinki, and Junior Boys to perform live for those who thought they’ve seen and heard it all.

A visit to the studio of one of the most prolific Lithuanian producers, Mario Basanov, resulted in the formation of one of the most influential and internationally established production duo's, Mario & Vidis.

Silence wasn’t the first Lithuanian electronic music label either, but the first one to cross over internationally with tracks being played by Laurent Garnier, Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Soul Clap, Sasha, Jamie Jones and the likes. The label began worldwide distribution, and an international booking schedule would take him to the metropolis' of Berlin, London, Moscow, Istanbul, Milan, San Paulo, and even some unlikely places in Siberia.

The videos accompanying the music were of course not the first in the country, but they instantly became the most viewed, blogged (even by Kanye West), and Youtubed Lithuanian music videos ever.

The wheel of reinvention keeps on turning and Vidis is setting a new standard again - he's the first Lithuanian DJ to deliver a high profile mix album for internationally renowned label, and tech/deep house embassy

1 rating


Compost Blacklabel, Poker Flat, Delusions Of Grandeur - Muchen (DE)

What do molecular cooking and modern music have in common?

Both venture the realms of the avant-garde, without loosing the prosaic outlook on life, art and good taste, while inelegant junkies for Bavarian leberkäs, Jamba subscribers and Starsearch-kiddies wallow in the insufferable boringness of mediocrity.

Shallowness, ordinarity and a simple sensation of contentment do not mix well with higher forms of artistic communication.

SHOW-B is taking on the challenge, and is making a triumphal procession through the heaven of arrangements and the musically modernistic housemusic. With his background as a DJ, his music is
not always only dance-oriented, it is definitely treading in its own new paths.

Complex, but fleet-footed, his rhythmic structures produce a soulful symbiosis with the music of long-gone times of dance music. Traditional elements, such as Flutes or Rhodes unite with sub basses, crisp kick drums and detriotesque bass lines, culminating in SHOW-B’s own definition of Housemusic.

7 rating



MISSTEAT (PCB RADIO / ELECTRONIK CIRCUS - FR) This composed duet of Matt's and Mervyn, is at the origin with Louis of Bourbon and Zentrax of the creation of the collective Electronik Circus.

69 rating


Magnetic Recordings / Sneak Classics // Toronto (CAN)

One of House music’s true pioneers, DJ Sneak has the passion and drive to keep House music alive.

16 rating


OVERdrive // Toulouse (FR)

Settled in BERLIN, ISYS creates the monthly party « I'M TECHNO, YOU'RE NOT » at MULTILAYERLADEN and opens the door of inescapable places of Berlin's underground scene like MIKZ CLUB, LANDSBERGER 54, GOLDENGATE.

Back a year later in Toulouse, he founds again YES'IN. Used to underground parties, he proposes a new one in town at L'AUTRE: OWLS AM TANZEN, which is also his own crew. It's the chance for him to invite one of its favorite artist on PERLON: SAMMY DEE

Resident dj of the crew OVERdrive Events, he's presenting himself at INOX ELECTRONIC CLUB and share the decks with DAVIDE SQUILLACE, NHAR, JULES & MOSS

Developing a style tint with hypnotic deep and strong tech-house, Isys will take you in his universe, proposing an atypic and sexy djset, reflect of the musical wealth of all his meetings

5 rating


Project London Records // Valence (ES)

| Will let the music do the talking for me.

3 rating


Melizma // Limassol (CYP)

Andreas Stefanou aka AndrewS is a hallmark of the Cypriot scene.He want to create music that speaks to the dance-floor through sexy grooves and
organic sounds.AndrewS was born in Bulgaria and 4 years later he moved with his family back to Cyprus (Limassol).His first
exposure in music took place when he was 15 years old by attending back then some parties.He started buying a lot of music
and he soon realized that music is for him or better say he is for music.As a big music lover, AndrewS got a pair of decks
and started djing for parties around the island.After that Andreas decided to leave the Island and moved to Greece for
studying Audio Engineering and Music Industry (SAE INSTITUTE). While studying he started producing music and soon had his
first solo releases with original tracks and remixes too.Meanwhile he had his own personal radio show @Danceradio.gr
(Secret Area show with AndrewS) with many guests like:Guy Gerber, Flash Brothers, Max Graham, Dave Seaman, John Aqcouaviva,
Phatjack, Smokin Jo, Petter Heller, Mr Groove, Leigh Morgan, Alex Dolby,Morgan Page to name a few..Meanwhile AndrewS singed
to some important labels like Melisma,Sound Architecture,and soon got supported and charted by many Djs worldwide like:

Dani Casarano, Luciano , Dj Sneak , M.A.N.D.Y , Danny Tenaglia ,Martin Eyerer , Cristian Varela , Paco Osuna ,
Dj Kool Dek ,Remerc ,Fer BR ,El Mudo & Satori , Darkrow , Emmanuel Satie ,Horatio , Ibiza Global Radio , Mastiksoul ,
, Pele , Resident Advisor , Adriano Fillipucci Negru,Someone Else, Anderson Noise , , Eelke Kleijn , Xenia Beliayeva,
Martin Garcia,Chase Buch,Dario Mendez,Marcos Latrach,to name a few...

4 rating


Techsoul Records / Electrica Recordings / Kote Records// Plovdiv (BUL)

Dimo is an ambitious Bulgarian producer and DJ, who is standing behind the decks the last 12 years in many clubs and night bars in the country and worldwide. His innovative sound and professional track selection make the fans dancing all night long and fills people's hearts with quality tunes and fresh style. His music comes from the deepest recesses of house and deep house and reaches the heights of tech-house and techno sound; it is enveloped with vocal colors, precise harmony and controlled melody, supported by the classic deep sound in order to illuminate the night with dynamic and fun. 
Dimo's long-awaited presentation as a producer in the global music market becomes reality in 2007 when he release his first track "Addiction" for the label Ellectrica Recordings. Gradually but steadily desire of the young producer to develop his music career give him the opportunity to work hardly on 30 more EP's and remixes, released for various national and foreign labels as: Cloning Sound, Stolen Soul Music, Ellectrica (BG), Factomani Digital (ES), Lapsus Music (IT), Kote Records (UK), Soulman Music (UY), etc. Nine of his tracks are included in TOP 10 House in Junodownload online music shop, between them: "Not impossible", issued for the label Cloning Sound, the remix of "One love" (original mix: Pepo) and the single "Follow me", released for Ellectrica Recordings. Dimo make remixes for names as: Steve Nash, Juan Carlos Herreira, Matteeo Matteini, Marcos Cruz, Eduard GK. His productions are included in various world known compilations: "Best Progressive Tracks 2008", "100% Tech House Vol.1", "Techno Mortale", "Beautiful World Vol.1", "Ibiza Athems-Chase The Sun 2010". Thanks of his impressive talent, his productive activity and his contacts with many DJs and producers all over the world, in 2009 Dimo become one of the managers and main producer of the label Ellectrica. He is also playing at the most successful clubs in the country as: Chervilo (Sofia/Plovdiv), Yalta (Sofia), Mania (Sunny beach), Bedroom (Sofia/Sunny beach); Bulgarian and foreign popular radio stations as Radio Nova, Yoshitoshi Radio, Maxima FM are emitting Dimo's DJ sets. 
In 2011 Dimo starts a common music project with his colleague Groove - the second manager of Ellectrica Recordings. Dimo & Groove's new productions are known also by the name of Naturaw and their bak2back sessions fill the dance floors and can satisfy the most demanding audience of electronic music. Their first remix, which comes out in September for the Spanish label Desertica Recordings called "Buckle" (original mix: Ivan Serra & Dubman F) has an impressive success. The Italian DJ superstar and producer Marco Carola plays it in his DJ set at club Yalta, emitted by top party TV Dance Trippin, edition #236, 26''. In the beginning of 2012 will comes out the next release of both producers also signed for Desertica.
5 rating

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