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Dame Music - Wolf + Lamb - London (UK)

A name that's been gaining increasing attention from the who's who of the underground electronic music community lately is London based DJ and producer jozif. The born and bred artist, who has worked his way to where he is today with his typical (to anyone that knows him) 'jozif swagger' - passionate, determined and wildly talent driven - has been charming the pants off the UK and Europe with his productions and DJ sets alike in recent years.

With an infectious and underlying groove to his rhythms - jozif has a unique presence in and out of the booth, encapsulating his floor and coaxing them alongside his ever changing musical explorations. Craig Richards, Ben Watt, Matt Tolfrey, Andrew Weatherall, Paul Woolford and Ashley Beadle alongside London's fabric, lo*kee and Ibiza's We Love...Space have all fallen hook line and sinker for jozif's quirky and impossible to pigeon hole beats. Loose and lazy drum patterns, dramatic strings and brass tinged with slo-mo ambience and a rolling undercurrent of funk depict a soundtrack all of his own that resonates with our musical heart strings whilst evoking the dirtiest bump and grit of a twisted 6am dance floor.

2010 was a solid year all round with releases on Wolf + Lamb, Vitalik and Fist or Finger gaining mass support alongside features on the Balance 016 compilation and an end of year RA podcast. Mixed entirely of his own edits, it's unique edge garnered such support from industry and public alike that it goes down as one of the most talked about RA podcasts to date and set the scene for a highly anticipated 2011. 2010 also saw the launch of Fist of Finger; jozif's limited edition vinyl only label with fabric musical director and long time buddy Craig Richards featuring jozif's dance floor A side's and Craig's experimental reinterpretations on the flip. The first release 'Beats In Space' was an instant sell out and the imminently released 'Brick Jane' and 'Room 3' look set to be just as in demand.

Kick starting 2011 with his 'Sunrise' EP on InFine - a plethora of influences span the four track ep which has gathered rave reviews all round. With upcoming remixes and releases on My Favourite Robot, Compost, No.19, Future Classic, Mobilee and Fist or Finger coupled with a packed international gig schedule - we can safely say the future is looking mighty bright for jozif. An artist who himself refuses to define or describe his sound and rightly so...the music plays testament to the fact that it is there to be heard and felt...not labelled.

5 rating



Circo Loco, DC10, Ibiza 2011 marked a strong comeback for New York's
Filsonik after a few quiet years spent in the environs of his home town.  As a
close artistic collaborator of fellow NYC Puerto Rican artists, The Martinez
Brothers, he spent three months filming and traveling with the boys
throughout Europe this past summer.  Along with The Martinez Brothers,
Filsonik played two times at Circo Loco at DC10 this past summer and is
looking forward to a 2012 residency in Ibiza with additional appearances at
their worldwide events.

19 rating


Paradise // Nantes (FR)

Sometimes, we would like that House Music comes free, kind of its underground posture, a roleplaying game dating the XXth century.?It is all the best dimension of Dan Bono, co-founder & artistic director of famous event PARADISE since the year 2000.
Difficult to summarize the route of this DJ, officiating behind the decks since about twenty years, Dan restores certain boost in the House music by not refraining to mix it in the other styles in one mix federative, almost solemn.
Difficult to summarize a set which can pass of a sometimes hypnotic classy Deep House, in a House Music punchy, funky and sensual, towards sharp, ever vulgar Progressive House or another Tech House groovy, tinged with Electro Music.
Dan is one touch in quite musically and professionally speaking which gives certain open-mindedness in the events when he can express himself.

Since young the music is going to become over the years its favorite pastime. On the lookout for charts, hits of tomorrow, last musical tendencies, he goes in every clubs, hangouts to hear music and burst the weekend.?From there is born the real passion to participate in the party, to liven to lead it to see to organize it.

While arriving to Nantes at the beginning of the 90s DAN is really going to begin his own way. Without hurrying up and especially fascinated, he begins the learning behind the decks mixing soul, funk, acid jazz and some tracks of house, in "Black Mint" " become “La Maison café", Thursday, on Friday and Saturday in 1993-94.

Due to seeing crossing people to ask him for tracks and for artists whom he selects, he decides to launch a store of records (Bubble Records) to satisfy the demand as well as necessarily his.?So during 10 years (1995-2005), Dan Will Feed a lot of western DJs of France.
And clubs of Nantes will allow him to make come in the events under diverse names at the end of 90; “BUBBLE” a house event, “CHECK” a Techno one, or even at “Nuits WONDERLAND”, some guests which he appreciates: Erik Rug, Jeff K., Jack Of Marseille, Stacey Pullen, Claude Young, Mark Broom, Philippe Zdar, Roussia, Koenie, Lady B. a musical diversity in which he finds itself completely in this period.

But the bend will be in 2000 when will come the organisation of an event; PARADISE or "La Paradise" for everything those who know. A real success or lives and DJs mix generally twice a year (at the beginning of March and October) in “Olympic”, “La Carrière” and now “Stereolux” in Nantes.
Dan will share the decks with Mark Knight, Nacho Marco, Shur-I-Kan, Lovebirds, Tapesh, Yousef, Mauricio Aviles, Iz and Diz, Chris Duckenfield, Ewan Pearson, Stompaphunk (David Parr), Elliot Eastwick, Murray Richardson, David Duriez, DIY (Digs and Woosh), Romain (Basenotic), Erik Rug and Spirit Catcher, Jazzanova, Micatone, Playin ' 4 The City, Schmoov! Crazy P., Soldiers Of Twilight, for lives.
Shall follow between Paradise events, many other gigs when Dan will play beside David Duriez, Rob Mello, Fries and Bridges (Phil Weeks and Hector Morales), DJ Linus, Llorca, Sieves aka Freestyleman, Riton, Steve Kotey (Chicken Lips), M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical) etc. certain clubs in France and most travels of which his biggest memories are right still current, Brazil and China.

The end of 2000s, Dan makes a break, dedicates itself more to professional projects on Web in particular thanks to Fly Designers, Graphic Design Studio in print & Web, which officiates since 98 among others in the environment of the clubbing (Queen and Amnesia for the most known).

Now on returning to its first passion for a little more than year, Dan, having sold the music of the others, dedicates itself to his in production with his friends of Nantes, of the pure pleasure in any simplicity, and reinvests dancefloors with the same enthusiasm as in its debuts, among which in particular at the end of October for new Paradise beside “Jimpster” and “Noir” for the opportunity.

13 rating


8bit / Cyclic Records / Highgrade Records // Nurenberg (GER)

When Markus Homm started going to his first House parties, the likes of Beatport and Myspace hadn’t even been thought of. Born in 1980, Marcus was 15 years old when he became infected with electro music and subse- quently got his hands on a turntable. He then began to seek out the latest releases at the record store and also by asking local DJ’s the identity of the tracks that had kept him dancing late into the night. Markus Homm was born in Romania, and now lives in Nurenberg. Eventually the second turntable made it into the equation and he started to mix records. His first gig came at age 21 and proved to be the first of very many.

In 2000 Markus returned to his former homeland. In Romania he played several gigs and met his current production partner and friend Mihai Popoviciu. Impressed by the quickly developing club scene in Romania he opened a record store with fellow local DJ’s in Sibiu. It is not only his passion for techno music that has taken him to places far and wide. Since he was 18 years old, Markus has been traveling as a professional dancer to tournaments all over the world. Learning Latin American dance has definitely influenced his sense of rhythm and his training has taught him the intricate design and implementation of many forms of music. In 2006, Homm’s professional career took him to Moscow, and it was there that he started to produce music. Working sometimes alone and sometimes with partner Mihai Popoviciu, he formulated his own unique style of dance music, ranging from Deep House to Tech House. Markus Homm’s music is in a constant state of development, always searching for, and finding the most compelling groove. This diverse musical direction has led Homm & Popoviciu to successful releases with various labels, including their home label Highgrade Records, and Diynamic Music. In 2009 they had a widely acknowledged summer hit with “Bis Co”. Markus Homm has also released a string of solo tracks and remixes which have gained notable success and positive feedback. Markus Homm has earned himself a solid position in the international Techno scene. Legendary Berlin clubs like Panorama Bar, Watergate and Tre- sor, or international destinations and venues in Zurich, Bucharest, Mexico, Madrid, Tokyo and Hong Kong are his regular playrooms. But despite all the fun of the last few years, Markus Homm has continued to push his musical development. The Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra is his latest Live project, alongside label colleagues Tom Clark, Todd Bodine, Dale und Daniel Dreier. The group made an amazing debut in the summer of 2010 at Watergate. And so it goes on. Producer and DJ Markus Homm moves consistently forward and continues his playful exploration of the tensions between music and body, while working on his own unique and very special musical success story.

1 rating


We Love Ibiza / Planet E / Paperclip People // Detroit (US)

Carl Craig is described as a creative visionary, a groundbreaking electronic music icon, an inspirational artist, an esteemed Grammy-nominated composer, a world-class DJ and an ambassador for his native Detroit. Yet the common thread that runs through Craig’s broad musical canon and creative projects is a resounding fascination with futurism. Carl Craig has cultivated a unique path as an artist, e

ntrepreneur and civic leader, guided by his tendency toward forward

Craig released his first track in 1989. One of his earliest mentors and first collaborator was Derrick May, whose imprint Craig also released some of his early music on.

In 1991, wanting pure artistic freedom, Craig set up his own label Planet-E and released ‘4 Jazz Funk Classics’, under the moniker 69, as the label’s first release. From here his wild exploration of sound intensified…

A Gemini true to form, with a mind that never sits still, Craig has released a diverse range of experimental and groundbreaking music under a plethora of aliases including 69, BFC, C2, Innerzone Orchestra (‘Bug in the Bassbin’ was credited as the spark that inspired the evolution of drum‘n’bass), No Boundaries, Psyche, Paperclip People, Tres Demented, Urban Tribe and many more. He has also produced albums for the legendary Detroit Jazz collective Tribe as well as orchestrator / pianist Francesco Tristano and French producer Agoria.

Live he has collaborated with Les siècles orchestra at Cité de la Musique in Paris. A meeting of techno and classical music, the concert was described as “historical”, Craig went on to repeat the formula in Milan and Germany. He regularly performs live as experimental outfit Trio with Moritz Von Oswald and Francesco Tristano, sometimes as Narod Niki alongside Villalobos, Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Zip and others, and regularly does part live and part DJ with Luciano. Additionally he’s
taken to occasionally bringing keyboardists like Mike Banks (UR), Amp Fiddler and Tristano into the DJ booth with him for special one-off gigs. He also improvised live to an Andy Warhol film at the Unsound Festival in New York. In 2011, Craig went live as 69 for the first time ever, fusing masks, darkness and the music of 69, Craig created 69’s own entity and previewed the show to a few select festivals and clubs around the world.

His remixes discography boasts some of the most desirable names in music – LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Junior Boys (nominated for a Grammy Award), Gavin Russom & Delia Gonzalez, Theo Parrish, Tori Amos, Can, Goldfrapp, Friendly Fires, Caribou, Tiga, Unkle, Yello and more.

As well as an outlet for his own productions, his Planet-E imprint has given a home to a wide range of Detroit-based artists including Francesco Mora Catlett, Naomi Daniel, Flexitone, Jason Hogans, Kenny Larkin, Monty Luke, Moodyman, Mike Agent X, Oliverwho Factory, Ezana Harris, Recloose, Reference, Kevin Saunderson, Big Tone, Tribe, Urban Tribe, and Chaz Vincent.

Staying strong to his Detroit roots, where he still lives today, Craig helped launched the Detroit Electronic music Festival in 2000 and remains a strong force at the festival today. He has also created and launched his non-profit 501-C3 Carl Craig Foundation: “The concept is to find ways to re-educate kids about what’s interesting musically that you can’t get on the radio… To develop a new music scene that follows the legacy of Detroit music being diverse and interesting, to spot out the most talented young musicians coming out of high school and lend small financial grants to encourage music education at a higher level.”

When Craig explains his philosophy, his wry sense of humor seeps into his explanations of far-reaching concepts that merge worlds together. “I have a very special career. When I feel that I’m tired of going on the road I can go in the studio. When I’m tired of concentrating on the studio I can go on the road. I can work with concert pianists, jazz musicians or rock guys. Very few people
have that range of interests. Very few people juggle a career that they choose specifically.” No one else can pull it all together quite like Carl Craig.
12 rating


Break New Soil Recordings // Frankfurt (GER)

In the trend-driven universe of electronic dance music, Gregor Tresher is the rare artist who transcends such cycles. His secret? A relentless focus on melody and timbre, timeless musical elements that other producers often undervalue. Just as a painting or a photograph appears to move if one stares at it long enough, close listening to the stratified grooves and melodies in Tresher's music reveals an organic universe of shifting sound.

"Melody always allows you to bring something new to the music," opines the producer. "It is where you can create something real and different, whereas the beat… well, either a record grooves or it doesn't." Tresher's approach to writing music eschews obvious eight-bar earworms that soon grow tiresome in favor of musical lines that repeat and intertwine in myriad patterns, unfolding to reveal their secrets as you listen.

Gregor Tresher began his career as a DJ in Frankfurt in the early '90s; today, he can be found plying that trade at venues around the world, from Berlin to Tokyo, Sydney to Los Angeles. Following two critically-acclaimed albums credited to his Sniper Mode alias, Tresher broke through as a producer under his own name via his 2005 releases Still and Neon, his remix of Sven Väth's "Komm," and his contribution to Cocoon's Compilation F, "Full Range Madness." His 2008 classic "A Thousand Nights" was the year's best-selling Techno track on Beatport and introduced Gregor to a larger audience. In addition to releasing tracks on countless other esteemed labels, including Drumcode, Ovum, Intacto, Music Man and Moon Harbour, Gregor Tresher launched his own eclectic imprint, Break New Soil, in 2009. His studio albums include A Thousand Nights (2007), The Life Wire (2009), and Lights From The Inside (2011).

Despite his impressive discography, don't show up to one of Gregor Tresher's gigs expecting to hear a "greatest hits" set of career highlights. "I've moved away from making music specifically for DJs and the dance floor", he admits. He aspires to make records that engage the entire body, rather than simply propel the feet. "My newest tracks are me, one hundred percent—although it's nice that even though I didn't have the dance floor in mind when I wrote them, they are working on the dance floor, too."

2012 has been a highly productive year: The esteemed DJ and producer has issued tracks on four different labels. There was "For Many Days To Come," released by Josh Wink's Ovum imprint, as well as "Hex," Tresher's second collaborative production with Petar Dundov on Music Man. His tune "Papercuts" was one of the highlights of Drumcode's A-Sides compilation, and his fourth 2012 release, the About A Good Place EP on Sven Vath's Cocoon imprint, completes a circle of sorts. "It was great that those tracks are released on Cocoon recordings, since we have some history. It helped my career a lot when Sven started to play my music in 2004 and it gave me a big push. So it's nice that these tracks are released on his label, because they mean something special to me as well."

Judicious use of klangfarben—tone color— distinguishes Tresher from his peers, as evidenced on his „About a Good Place“ EP. Whether it's the piquant squeaks and wobbly oscillations of "The Sun Sequencer" or faint crackles and hissing steam that periodically punctuate "Lifecycles", unusual timbres tease the ear as his hypnotic grooves unspool. As in the work of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, the sounds employed are as integral to Tresher's distinctive melodies as the individual notes.

In addition, another almost imperceptible element of motion has been integrated into Gregor Tresher´s new music via the integration of older machines and their tendency to drift ever-so-slightly out of tune. "It adds this human touch to the music, even though it was made with machines."

0 rating


Diynamic / Cadenza / Visionquest // Lleida (ES)

UNER is one of the most important names of the new generation of Spanish electronic music producers. His musical training allowed him to develop at a very early age a different dance music concept, based on the pleasure for harmony and the search for a unique, personal sound. This has lead him to edit for labels like Diynamic (where he's an active member and has edited some of his most celebrated works, "Raw Sweat" and "Bassboot", one of the most RA Top Charted Tracks in 201 1 ), Cadenza (making his debut on the label with "Pallene" and "Cocoua", most-hyped UNER's tracks ever), 2020 Vision, Get Physical, Defected or CR2 to mention a few. UNER has earned the respect of the music industry with talent and work: names like Luciano, Carl Cox or Laurent Garnier play his music on a regular basis; clubs like Berlin's Watergate or Space Ibiza book him oftenly and his number of fans increases by the day; all of this because of what he does best, his music.

Apart from traveling around the world as a Dj, in 2011 UNER presented his live gigs, an audiovisual concept in which he uses state-of-the-art software and hardware (from iPads to mini midi keyboards) to explore his most solid, personal side. The artistic expansion of the Catalonian producer will go on during the following months with the creation of several artist albums where he'll express his way of understanding electronic music from a musical point of view and from the center of the dancefloor. UNER's bound to reach higher tops with the only limit of his music... so there's still loads to see, listen and dance.


UNER es uno de los principales nombres de la nueva generación de productores españoles de música electrónica. Su formación musical le permitió, desde muy joven, desarrollar un concepto de música de baile diferente, en el que predomina el gusto por las armonías y la búsqueda de un sonido especial y personal. Eso le ha llevado a editar por sellos como Diynamic -del que forma parte activamente y donde ha editado sus trabajos más exitosos hasta la fecha, "Raw Sweat" y "Bassboot", uno de los tracks más charteado en Resident Advisor durante el 201 2-, Cadenza (haciendo su debut con "Pallene" y "Cocoua", dos de sus tracks que más expectación han tenido nunca), 2020 Vision, Get Physical, Defected o CR2 por nombrar algunos. UNER ha sabido ganarse el respeto de la industria musical a base de talento y trabajo: nombres como Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox o Luciano pinchan de forma habitual su música; clubes como el Watergate berlinés o Space Ibiza son habituales en su agenda de actuaciones y su numero de fans aumenta día tras día; todo ello gracias a lo mejor que sabe hacer, su música.

Además de recorrer medio planeta como Dj, en 2011 UNER estrenó sus actuaciones en formato live, un concepto audiovisual en el que emplea el sofware y hardware más innovador (desde iPads a mini teclados midi) para explorar su lado más personal y contundente. La expansión artística del catalán continuará en los próximos meses con la creación de varios álbumes de artista en el que expresará su modo de ver la música electrónica, desde un punto de vista musical y desde el centro de la pista de baile. UNER no ha tocado techo aún y el límite lo pone su música, por lo que aún nos queda mucho por ver, escuchar y bailar.

5 rating


Cadenza / Mobilee / Rekids / Bpitch control // Geneva (SUI)

There’s a certain implicit class and exuberance in the name Lee Van Dowski that carries over to the French-born, Geneva-based artist’s music. It is music couched in techno but with plenty of human soul; with an inviting rhythm that works its way not only under your skin, but into your deepest feelings. At times dark, at times stripped back, and always unique, Lee’s music has come on lauded labels like Luciano’s Cadenza as well as Wagon Repair, BPitch Control and Dumb Unit, but nowadays he is most closely associated to the Mobilee family. 

Raised on rock and hip-hop, complete with an obligatory attempt to learn guitar followed by short-lived bands with schoolmates, Lee was the beneficiary of his stepfather's eclectic musical tastes. It spanned classical, jazz, funk, rock and even mosque concrete and academic electronic music. "I was fascinated by the metallic sleeves and their geometrical designs," he remembers, suggesting a possible source for the shimmering timbres and clever vectors of his own music. 

That deep rooted and far reaching social education surely accounts for Lee’s success as a DJ today. He's a regular fixture at some of the world's most celebrated nightclubs, including Panorama Bar, Goa, Rex Club, D Edge, The Arches, but is equally celebrated for his abilities to work dancefloors during the freaky afters. As the boss of two labels—Num, alongside Quenum, and 60Sec, with Agnès—he's released dozens of records and has helped to define the house and techno zeitgeist because of it. 

2014 will see Lee make his mark once again in terms of production, this time on the Intacto label. The year has also seen Lee team up with Dean Demanuele with fruitful and frequently captivating results, with lots more to come. Having spent the last decade establishing himself and his sound, now Lee Van Dowski is moving in exciting new directions that keep him at the very top of the pile

0 rating


Melizma / Cadenza // Santiago De Chile (CHL)

Felipe Valenzuela has already proven to be amongst Chile’s finest new talent. Now, after joining Cadenza’s roster, he has the chance to showcase his art around the world.

Felipe was born in Viña del Mar, Chile, and has been close to music since his early youth. At the age of 8, he started classical piano lessons and, when he was in his teens, he nourished himself from the sound of bands like Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk. It was at this point when he began venturing with synthesizers and learned about composition and arrangement. By 1998, his musical search took a turn and he projected his interest towards other musical trends - closer to Detroit techno, Chicago House and derivatives. This interest made him start his Dj career in 2002. Nowadays, he is accustomed to performing in Chile’s hottest clubs and festivals alongside renowned international talent.

Felipe’s computing engineering and sound studies were a perfect complement to his musical development and, by 2006, his first EP was released. Currently, he has edited for record labels like Cadenza, Metroline, Room 9, Safari electronique, Sound Architecture, Climatic Sound, House Republic, Andes Music, Fumakilla, Saw recordings, remake music  and many more. His latest releases have achieved international success on sales lists , DJ charts  and compilations as the new defected cd mix with the smashing hit “Hole in the middle”, and gained support from artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice and Laurent Garnier among others.

Felipe’s own label, Melisma Records, is already highly spoken of in underground circuits. Melisma explores the finest points of house, deep and techno. Don’t think that this wide musical range means that the label is without focus. There is a clear and strong aesthetic cohesion that leads the imprint in its evolution - release after release. Melisma already counts with the work of talented producers such as Markus Fix, Alex Kid ,Fumiya Tanaka, Thomas Melchior , Alex Picone, Valentino Kanzyani , Tolga Fidan , Ryan Crosson, Arnauld Le Texier… and has new collaborations with great talents like Cesar Merveille, Julien Bracht, Funk-e, etc.

The label was created in collaboration with Swiss colleague Dani Casarano; a long time partnership that lead to the smash hit La Tulipe EP on Cadenza Records.

4 rating


OVERdrive / Scander Records // Toulouse (FR)

Luca Bariani starts deejaying and discovers electronic music at the age of sixteen.

With his techno style, gigs goes in many clubs of Toulouse, it's also the chance to share the decks with great artists like Mirko Loko, Alex Millan, Spirit Catcher, Kyzen, Sync Therapy, Traumer, SLZ, Nicolas Cuer, Worakls, Nhar, Jules & Moss, SCAN X ...

He joins the OVERdrive Events crew as a resident dj.

In 2K13, Luca Bariani works in collaboration with Killian Bartok. Together, they produce Soul of Stone EP on Scander records. New tracks are coming up in 2K13 like Magnitude and Lithium 5 on a project with Killian Bartok and Kristina K.

6 rating


Dirtybird / Saints & Sonnets // London (UK)

Hailing from both the UK and Chicago it is no surprise that SecondCity has rhythms and grooves flowing through his veins. Over the last twelve months SecondCity has quickly established himself as one of the most talked about newcomers in electronic music.


After all, it is not every day that in your first year of music production you release on labels as revered as Strictly Rhythm and Saints And Sonnets. In June 2013, the much-hyped four track EP, ‘The Story’, was released on Huxley’s Saint’s And Sonnets imprint, and reached the dizzy heights of the Beatport Top 10 Deep House charts. This release was closely followed with the honor of remixing Miami Rockers for seminal US house label Strictly Rhythm.

Throughout 2013, SecondCity continued to show everyone that his finger was firmly on the musical pulse, as demonstrated by his and Route 94’s sublime edit of ‘Freak Like Me’. With releases such as this a mainstay in the record bags of many of the scenes major players, SecondCity soon found Huxley, Skream, Disclosure and MK all championing his 90s house sound.

Combine such DJ endorsement with Radio 1 support from tastemakers as varied as MistaJam, Annie Mac, Alice Levine & Phil Taggart, Skream and Zane Lowe, the high regard that SecondCity is held in by his peers is clear to see.

If 2013 turned out to be the breakthrough year for SecondCity, then 2014 is shaping up to be every bit as successful and exhilarating. Production wise, SecondCity is set to release ‘I Enter’ on the Dirtybird BBQ compilation in February, while the anthemic, ‘I Wanna Feel’ single is penciled for release on Ministry Of Sound later this year, with further studio sessions lined up with some of the most up and coming producers around.

Now a highly-respected DJ and producer in his own right, the demand for SecondCity is reflected by a hectic touring schedule with bookings at prestigious parties including Skreamizm, Mint Club, Tek Project, Pyramids, Jackathon, DirtyBird, Speakerboxx and FWD all confirmed for 2014. Therefore be sure to keep a close eye on the continued rise of SecondCity in 2014.
0 rating


Suara / Intec / Sino // Girona (ES)

For over 6 years now Dosem has been dropping big room house and techno bombs on labels such as Suara, Carl Cox’s Intec Recordings, Tronic, Bedrock, Break New Soil and more. With a mix of futuristic techno and soulful house approach to his productions, he definitely gives a unique sheen that he can call his own. Releases such as his Suara EP ‘Streetout’ and his remix for Hot Since 82’s “Planes & Trains” demonstrate this characteristic further and have garnered him wide support across the electronic spectrum from DJs such as Sasha, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Joris Voorn and Laurent Garnier.

The trajectory behind Dosem’s exponential rise first occurred when he signed to Technasia’s label Sino in 2008 with his eloquently carved club hit ‘Silent Drop’ (2009). From here his profile flourished and following a re-release of the already cosmic classic ‘Beach Kisses’ on Joris Voorn’s Green label, he soon had material on imprints like Bedrock and Suara. However, the true marker to Dosem’s potential came in 2011 when he unveiled, to critical acclaim, his debut album ‘Parallel’. What followed was a string of sonic releases that included his ‘Origin’ album on Christian Smith’s Tronic imprint, and remixes for artists such Hot Since 82, Technasia, Uner, Coyu, Gregor Tresher, Max Cooper, Henry Saiz…

His global reach as a producer has given rise to his profile as a DJ and seen him become an initiated member of some of the most renowned parties in the world. Today his name can be found on billings for clubs and festivals around the world that include Blue Marlin, Space Ibiza, Berghain, Fabrik, Ministry of Sound, Ushuaia, Pacha, Rex Club, Fuse, Awakenings, Klubbers Day and Monegros Desert Festival.

1 rating

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