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You And Me Ep


Freerange Records / FRD195

As we hurtle towards our 200th Freerange release the quality output you've come to expect from Freerange shows no sign of faltering with Bas Amro bringing you an absolutely stellar EP entitled You And Me. Dutch wunderkind Bas has built himself a solid reputation through only a handful of releases on labels such as Wolfskuil, Kutchuli and most notably his 2011 EP Ten on Freerange which has gone onto become a stone-cold classic in the deep house mecca of Johannesburg. 

This long awaited follow up delivers on every level and if early feedback and crowd response is anything to go by looks set to push Bas further into the spotlight where he deserves to be. You And Me starts in a deceptively understated manner wrapping you in a shroud of warm, dubby stabs underpinned by a rolling groove that can%u2019t fail to draw you onto the dancefloor. Things stay deep with hints of Chandler and echoes of Basic Channel until the breakdown arrives, the filters roll up and the whitenoise shines through bringing a new energy and dynamic to the track. 

A classic, timeless vibe which we're proud to be bringing you on Freerange. As with his previous release Ten, Bas works hard to deliver not one but two faultless originals so flip over for Across The Street featuring the vocals of Kennifer and you won't be disappointed. A simple, repeating six-measure synth hook 
DRIVES the track and brings with it a lovely looseness and lack of obvious structure. Kennifer%u2019s sparse, almost improvised sounding vocal drops heighten the sense of space and freefall effect making such a refreshing change to most of todays formulated and conventional house music. 

Last up is an amazing remix of You and Me from rising start Matt Karmil who brings his own unique and refreshing sound to the EP. Karmil%u2019s recent LP on PNN won rave reviews from all corners and with just two other releases on Beats In Space and International Records Recordings he seems to have burst from out of nowhere but has certainly become hot property in the last 12 months. His forthcoming remix for John Talabot and Axel Boman under their Talaboman is immense and here he treads a similar path focusing on a raw percussion-heavy sound with very minimal tweaks and effects adding subtle colour and interest. These days it's very hard to breakthrough with an original, new approach to house but Matt Karmil seems to have done it with ease.

Below The Surface Ep


Salted Music / SLT077

Inside Out Ep


Get Physical Music / GPM277

After over a decade spent producing tracks and mastering house music in all it's forms, this month sees Italian studio veteran Giuseppe Tuccillo making his debut for Get Physical Music with "Inside Out", a four track EP of slow burning, hypnotic and soulful dancefloor tracks. "Inside Out" is propelled by a timeless sense of sound and immaculate production. Throughout "Inside Out" Tuccillo references classic dance sounds, at the same time never losing his sense of identity and groove that characterise his music. Tuccillo draws from impressively broad pallette, incorporating ideas into his highly polished tracks resulting in an aesthetic that is owes as much to Chicago as Ibeza. "Moon Module" is centred around is a laid back groove and an irresistibly simple bassline that draw listeners deep into the track. Melodic flourishes are underpinned by rolling percussion that echoes the ghosts of breakbeats from british rave, but with a gentleness of touch that evokes the open sky of a beach party rather than a confined club. "Luna Module DUB" strips back the melodic elements of "Moon Module" leaving the bare bones of the track behind. The dub mix is powerfully hypnotic house music, a deep drum machine jam that repeats an uncomplicated bassline until the listener wants it to go on forever. In "Timeless Mood" Tuccillo places a bubbling acid bass at the centre of the track, combining BALEARIC sounds, analogue synths and crisp organic percussion to create a slowly evolving psychedelic trip. Fizzing synthetic stabs add a touch of disco, completing the fusion of sounds, Tuccillo demonstrating perfectly his ability to assimilate his influence and create something unique. The title track is slightly darker in mood than the rest of "Inside Out". Jacking drum machines provide the backbone to a deep house sound that builds and washes over the listener in a wave of soulful vocal samples and synthesised pads. Highly detailed, "Inside Out" is rich with elements working together, emerging into and fading from view. Viewed as a whole "Inside Out" is a perfect track for dancing on a rooftop and watching a city descend into darkness. Well over ten years into his career, "Inside Out" shows Giuseppe Tuccillo still at the top of his production game, deftly producing timeless house music in his own singular style.

The Bumps Ep


Suara / SUARA146

Pete Tong doesn't need introductions. He's been one of the most influential DJs for decades and on September 1st he makes his debut on Suara. For this release Pete has teamed-up with his friend John Monkman to create a special piece of art called "The Bumps", a juicy melodic deep house tune with a well constructed bassline that will thrill you since the first instant. You can feel here the incredible hands and studio skills of John Monkman, one of the hottest names of the UK techno & house scene, a rising star that has recently released on Get Physical, Armada, Warung or Anjunadeep and is already working on a follow up EP on Suara later in the year too. This is a must have dancefloor warmer for all DJs. The original cut comes backed with a remix from the dynamic tech-house duo Pleasurekraft which is a peak-time stormer. It's an honour to have these three big and quality artists with the kitties!



Off Recordings / OFF098

We were long craving a little female touch here at OFF headquarters and we have luckily found exactly the right dose of girl-powered funk to amaze our fans all over the globe. ME & her are two musical soul-sisters bridging different cultures and talents. Jen & Phuong have a great background of influences and are rapidly making waves in the house music world. "Ginseng" could easily be a single, featuring the magic vocal work of Thomas Gandey it creates an hypnotizing vibe with crazy synths and fxs over a funk infused bassline and a killer groove, Adding to our neverending list of all-star remixers, we brought in Mendo, from Cadenza, Defected, Suara and 8-Bit fame, a big name when it comes to mindblowing reworks, fact that he proves turning the track into a peak hour techy irresistible monster crafting the original elements with perfection. The second rework for "Ginseng" comes in the hands of Stevie R and Ian Mackenzie who bring the pace down into a deeper landscaped version with plenty of leading synths and atmospheric value. "Oyster" is another dancefloor stormer, with a rolling tech house beat and infectious synth bass licks. Once again ME & her show their love for fx atmospherics taking the track to a different level of mind tripping to close this amazing package with "Euphorbia", showcasing a fat bassline that rolls steadily into a moving chord pad. This girls are here to stay and clearly to create the best musical tools to mess with your mind, just how we like it. Glad to have them on board!

Web TV


6 rating


7 rating


5 rating



Cocoon Recordings // Frankfurt (DE)

Since his beginnings in the Frankfurt club scene in 1982, when Sven Väth attracted interest with DJ sets of several hours and a completely new understanding of club culture, his name has not only stood for the constant development of this art form called Electronic Music: with his platform Cocoon, he has also revealed a real dedication in the support of young musical talent showing his passion for bringing great music to the fore.

Sven has his fans in the most important clubs across the globe as well as at the world’s biggest festivals, he toured South America and played in the Thai jungle, and he is cultural ambassador of the German Goethe Institute. On the dance floor, he unites thirty-five-year-olds with fifteen-year-olds. The reader's polls of the big magazines regularly see him in top ranks in every important category, and his tours lead him to more than seventy cities and numerous festivals on four continents, practically the whole year through. However, besides his own career, the advancement of electronic music as such is of high importance to Sven. His Cocoon network is home to the booking agency Cocoon Artist Booking, the event agency Cocoon Events and the record label Cocoon Recordings – three very important components of the electronic music scene that are both innovative and independent.

In Ibiza, the Cocoon events belong to the most successful parties for years, due to their sharp musical and artistic profile. In the year 2004, six years after the closing of the ground-breaking Omen club (whose artistic motor Sven Väth had been), he started a new era of club-life in Germany and opened the cocoonclub in Frankfurt, setting new standards in design, conception and music. Two restaurants, a Michelin-star awarded chef and the elite of the international DJ guild guarantee a high-class entertainment experience.

4 rating


ClubClub // La Rochelle (FR)

A unique musical style and since his sweet 18 years old, Scott-ee still keeps the pressure playing in bars, clubs and private parties where he is located, Poitou-Charente, France.
Scott-ee follows the evolution of electronic music as a passionated and can create a personal atmosphere with what we call his warm style !
His DJ sets are a go between mix of house and techno.
If he has found his influences in Detroit... Scott-ee is also influenced by the french and german electronic scene (Laurent Garnier, Steve Bug, Miss Kittin, DJ Hell to name a few...).
With the use of digital mixing and its many possibilities, Scott-ee produces energic and astonishing set for his faithfull audience.

9 rating


New York

Born and raised in Toulouse, France, Mowgan at the age of 13,  he started to learn the music by his brother.

5 rating


Wow! / Defrag // Barcelone (ITA)

Interacting with people by telling them a story made of music, behind two turntables, has always been his distinctive feature. 
Bigpassion, refined style and maniacal attention for every detail, are the values that have always characterized Luca Donzelli, even when, only twenty years old, he made his first steps in the world of clubbing. Thanks to his engaging sets and to the originality of his ideas, he succeeded to make himself appreciate in the tuscany's music scenary since he was really young. 
In the following years he became resident dj of some local clubs and, thanks to his dedication to job, "the bet" turned into a real talent! The next step came when he made music production has his workhorse. In fact, are tracks like "Bottle Of Truth", " Danzen Appeal", "Burn That
Gasoline",and "Daemonesque" that promote him worldwide, bringing him shortly to cooperate with more and more important labels, as Titbit Music or Wow! Recordings". Here started a big collaboration with Mar-t, Wow label's chief, and his crew. A high cooperation that brings Luca, with his amazing studio's ideas, to big important international music stages like the Sonar Week in Barcelona. His fascinating style behind the consolle and the success of his music works, played and supported by the best djs in the world, make us understand that these are just a few of the big surprises that this talented artist is keeping for the international electronic scenary.
One of the next big step is Amnesia Opening Party 2014 in Ibiza!

0 rating


Techsoul Records / Noir Music / Brown Eyed Boyz Records // Oslo (NOR)

"Ilves & Migova" is Johan Ilves and Aleksandria Migova.
Johan Ilves is a swedish house/techno warrior based in Oslo, Norway. With releases on labels such as Noir Music, Plastic City, Stealth, Takt and Global Underground one of Sweden's finest deeptech producers Johan Ilves has stormed onto the scene with track after track of the highest quality production. 
Most known for his Beatport Top 10 undergroundhit "Stranger's Cliff", the sensual "Femme Desire", the massive "Dead City" and the all time classic "Campfire Stories". His emotive deep'n techy sounds have gained praise in underground communities all over the world and been supported by global superstars such as Carl Cox, Deadmau5, Tiesto, Roger Sanchez, Mason, Marco Carola, Wally lopez and more..
After 2 years break from music he made his comeback on Noir Music in 2011, more motivated than ever. Now teamed up with beautiful Paris-resident Aleksandria Migova.
The female 50% of the project goes under the pseudonym "Migova" and "Migaxelle", Aleksandria Migova is a dj/producer/vocalist/songwriter from Paris, France, borned in Russia. In April 2008 the producer DJ Jey Fever released his album "Block 13" which contained two tracks with vocals by Migaxelle (Rip n'Burn Recordings). She been djing in Paris for almost 3 years and always puts on a great show with her fine taste of electronic dance music and lots of charisma on stage.
Ilves & Migova is currently focusing on creating bedroom deephouse ,hypnotic techno and oldschool beats. They are looking forward to rock the world together!
6 rating



Javier Logares has had rhythm flowing through him since his early teens. Coming from an
instrumental background, his discipline, hard work and sheer talent have seen him go from strength to
strength in the four years he has been involved in dance music.  
2010 has been no diferent, and has seen Javier turn up the notch yet again. Having honed his skills
with a string of successful releases and remixes, his next venture sees him stepping out from the dark
afterhours and into the limelight with his forthcoming release on Get Physical. “El Sueño Español”,
released 30 June 2010, is a three track EP that touches right on the pulse of the Get Physical sound
from the start.

8 rating


Get Physical, Souvenir, Rejected - Montreal (CAN)

Maher Daniel is a DJ/producer based out of Montreal, Canada and a name that you will be hearing much more of over the course of 2010 and beyond.

The name ‘Maher’ means ‘excellence’ in his native tongue and this standard is one that has been adhered to since he made his production debut on 2009’s ‘Casbar’ on Get Physical. Further releases have followed on labels such as Souvenir Music and Roots and Wings, but a gaze in to the future shows a stunning run of releases and an opportunity to share his excellence with you.

7 rating


Deeperfect / Toolroom // Florence (ITA)

Known to have a golden touch when it comes to dance floor destroyers, Noferini is a shining example that true talent rises to the top.
A long time champion of house music in all its forms, Stefano has been building his legend for some time. Always innovating sounds and crossing into a broad range of genres has been a key factor in his well-deserved rise. Never one to stagnate, Stefano has merged all the musical elements at his disposal into a brilliant sound experience that no one can match.
Hailing from Italy, Stefano Noferini is one of the nations most respected DJs and producers. Having been a pivotal force in Italy’s burgeoning house music scene with his national radio show, Stefano forged a musical symbiosis with his homeland that still exists today. Years of top productions have cemented his status at the top of the dance music food chain. One peek inside ANY DJs CD wallet and you can bet they’re packing something from this hit maker.
Technical prowess notwithstanding, Stefano Noferini is truly a DJs DJ. When he takes charge of the wheels of steel, everyone is absorbed in the musical journey. Fellow DJs, who would normally hide in their dressing rooms, are always sure to catch Stefano if they share the bill with him. Something magical happens with Stefano on the decks, a real energy takes hold and people get connected to music in a way that is beautifully pure. If you want to lose yourself in music, Stefano is for you!
Of course, Stefano is also a top seller on Beatport, holding numerous #1 positions in just about every genre they have. His original music and remixes are charted heavily by a diverse range of talented DJs both of the commercial and underground variety. He’s also been named Beatports “Breakout Artist of the Year” in 2010, and was nominated as their “Artist of the Year” in 2011. He has even crossed into a more commercial territory by overtaking artists like Pitbull, Shakira, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé to score a #1 hit on Billboard’s Hot Dance chart.
On the clubbing circuit, Stefano Noferini is a top draw. Ministry of Sound, Euphoria, H20, F-135, Space Miami, Space Ibiza, Cocoon Frankfurt, Lief Festival, Sankeys and Row 14 have all seen Noferini pack the house on any night he plays. His infectious driving rhythms and brilliant command of the music he plays keeps people dancing until the very last beat drops. And then they want more!
It seems there is only an upward momentum swirling around this incredible talent, but the man at the center of it all stays humbled by all the attention. He continues to expand his global reach by growing his well-known radio program, Club Edition, into new territories each month. The show currently is heard by millions of people in some 15 countries worldwide. His imprint, Deeperfect Records is bringing superior sounds to the masses with sexy tech inspired grooves penned by today’s most relevant producers: Stefano Noferini, Wally Lopez and Paolo Mojo to name a few. It is one of the most respected dance labels today, no question.

But it’s Stefano’s incredible DJ sets that keep fans clamoring for more from this innovative Italian master. While other DJs just mix music, Stefano Noferini takes the art of the DJ to a whole other level. Stefano has the ability to tap right into our primal need to dance, you may miss the subtle expertise filling your mind with proper house grooves, but your body will hail the call, understand, and you’ll be dancing like you’ve never danced before.
He is what dance music is all about.

1 rating


Phobiq recordings // Napoli (ITA)


Sasha Carassi is one of those artists who exudes the air of a seasoned veteran, but this is not just because of the years he has been making noise in the industry; it's his unparalleled skill and work ethic that places him in such a revered position.

2010 was a seminal year for Sasha, as he managed to rise above the flux of producers hailing from his native Napoli. By leaving his mark on labels such as Drumcode, Harthouse, Sleaze, Weave and many others, he established himself firmly in the world of serious Techno which nods slyly to the dark side.

All of this well-deserved hype brought on remixes and collaborations with the most important world techno artists who, along with Sasha, lead the way in this scene.

Sasha Carassi's plan could not be complete without his Techno love-children, Globox Recordings and Phobiq Recordings. Artists such as Jerome Sydenham,The Advent & Industrialyzer,Secret Cinema,Slam,Samuel L Session,Mikael Jonasson, Space Djz, Matador and a slew of talented producers pushing the Techno envelope have all graced the labels over the past few years.

No stranger to the road, Sasha has been a staple in major festivals and prestigious clubs worldwide, with the added bonus that you can catch him showing off his skills on the decks with actual vinyl, since he himself has been an avid collector since the late 80s.



1 rating


Signatune Records // Siberia

Coming straight from the very cold Siberia, two friends grew up listening and being part of several musical movements.?Starting with the long hip hop wave, they embraced hip hop culture and the city lifestyle. With years their curiosity led them into learning about more music styles and directions and landed straight into the club culture with its house music, acid house and breakbeat.?Finally in 2003 the two Siberians created a team and started to make their own electronic music and have now released a few works under my little dog records (Spain) and night drive music records (Germany).

6 rating


OVERdrive // Toulouse (FR)

Anthony De-Pihno aka L'Appache was always attracted by electronic music

Its in the beginning of 2K11 that he decided to make the first step with deejaying. He started to play in many clubs of toulouse, his hometown and cities around : Beaucoup Bar, Classico Café, Couleur de la culotte, Jeff, La rue du bain (Albi), White Club, Six bar, L'electro, Zoom Club, Le cochon qui rit (Montpellier), l'Opéra bouffe, Le Minima (Bordeaux) and very recently the Inox Electronic Club.

L'Appache has the strength to adapt his style from house to techno or even deep and tech-house. He get the chance to share the decks with many recognized djs and producers like :


He will even play for the closing of Inox Electronic Festival in 2K12.

To be continued

6 rating


Yentown // Paris (FR)

Rocked by jazz since he was born and hip-hop when he was a teen. he was around 15 years-old when his uncle, a belgian record dealer made him discover electronic music.

he will know how to give you the good note within mixing deep techno, chi house, dub techno & techno.


 First EP 16 September 2013.

20 rating

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