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Robots Need Oil (Remixes)


Canal Auditif / CANAUD 002

Wild Luv


Get Physical Music / GPM276

'Wildpitch I love you...' "During the last few years, I keep on getting videos and messages sent to me of DJ's like 'playing your old Roach Motel mate in DC10' and 'I'm at P-Bar and the place is going mad to Wild Luv'. It was our homage to that classic DJ Pierre sound of the early 90s. A sound that inspired a genre and was the soundtrack to THE greatest club in the world of the 90s, New Yorks 'Sound Factory'. Around 5am the resident DJ, Junior Vasquez, would take the music darker with a vortex of stabs, reverse squelches and samples that had a decade earlier graced the Paradise Garage in there OG form. 'Wild Luv' has lasted the test of time and we hope you will enjoy our 2014 remix and Dubs and the remixes (including a real banger by the creator himself DJ Pierre)... 'Wild Pitch we will always love you'.-Terry Farley

Set Me On


Fayer / FAY001

Fayer is the record label from Edu Imbernon. Focused on bridging the gap between the worlds of indie and electronica and the more club focused sounds of house and techno music. The debut release features Qtier, two London-based electronic musicians, who already released on Bpitch Control. The remix package here covers all corners of the electronic world. The first comes from Edu Imbernon himself, Culprit boys Bambook deliver second one and David August brilliantly closes the package.

V_Chronicles 3 Ep


Pushmaster / PM008

Vinyl only!Following The Well-received V Chronicles Singles 1&2 (markus Suckut, Rod, Skudge, Dj Rolando), This Is The Third In The Vinyl-only Exclusive Series For Pushmaster Discs By Tuscan Techno-wunderkind Ilario Alencate W/feat. Tom Diciccio & Mike Denhert.



Neverending Records / NEVERENDING045


Web TV


6 rating


6 rating


5 rating



Kindisch Musics / Supernature Records // Boston (US)

DJ & producer based in Boston USA that releases on Supernature and Kindisch.

1 rating


SCI+TEC / 1605 // Barcelona (ES)

Originally from France, Florian Gasperini has spent the last decade living in Barcelona, one of the most vibrant scenes in the world where he is for sure a reference. He regularly plays in the best clubs of the city, as La Terrrazza, City Hall or Sala BeCool. Florian played at Space Ibiza’s Mondays Calling in Summer 2010, has his weekly session on Ibiza Global Radio every Sunday and every Tuesday on Vicious Radio.

His music is the perfect combination of rhythmical energy and imposing basses turning this techno sound with a lost atmosphere into a wonder. Always functional and neat, dark but also groovy. This charismatic and highly experimental DJ and Producer knows how to amaze and read the audience. As he says: “I need to feel the dance-floor, to see the people enjoy, I try to transmit emotion, and my only objective is to make people feel it and dance all night long”.

His productions and remixes are always supported by the biggest names: “Wonderland EP” (Deep Circus) by Paco Osuna, Martin Eyerer, Sasha Carassi and Richie Hawtin himself, plays “Trago” very often, the first time during Time Warp at Mannheim. “The Crypt” supported by Florian Meindl, Wehbba, Miyagi and defined by Oliver Shories as a swinging lovely sound. “Loco Carnival” (Collage Recordings) was charted by Umek and seen as a strong release by Slam. Released on Deeperfect (Stefano Noferini), Definitive Rec (Olivier Giacomotto), an EP on Agile Rec (Uto Karem) will be out on March 4th including a remix of Marko Nastic. Some upcoming releases on Night Light Rec (Sinisa Tamamovic) and Dark Face Rec (Gaga) including a remix of Gaga himself. A proud “Connection” with Miguel Bastida on 1605 Music Therapy and "Sunday 2pm", often played by Dubfire should see the light before Summer on SCI+TEC Digital Audio..

Performed along with Extrawelt, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Martin Eyerer, Tube & Berger, Patrick Kunkel, M.in, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Oxia, Edu Imbernon, Pan Pot, Timid Boy and many more... Everything is about experience and discovery. Keep your eyes open

2 rating


We Love Space / 2020 vision // London (UK)

With one of the best live dance music shows on the planet, Crazy P have been leaving their mark on the landscape of British dance music for the last 15 years.

To trace the origins of Crazy P we have to go all the way back to 1996.

This was the year that brought together James Baron and Chris Todd. It was the era of Ataris, Akais and bedroom studios and, through their love of bending and reshaping old records from many different genres, a production partnership was born in the backstreets of Nottingham.

After a couple of releases under various different monikers, the work attracted the ears of deep house label Paper Recordings based in Manchester and the creature that is Crazy P was born.

We won’t bore you all with and year by year history of what happened next and how we ended up with a name like Crazy P as rumour and speculation are far more interesting than the truth.

Their first four albums ‘A Nice Hot Bath With’(1999), ‘The Wicked Is Music’ (2002), and ’24 Psychedelic Freakout’ (2003), and ‘A Night On Earth’ (2004), coupled with the addition of live band members Tim Davies, Matt Klose, and the vocals of the inimitable Danielle Moore saw Crazy P gain acclaim, record sales, DJ gigs, and most pertinently, live shows, across the world.

Equally at home on huge outdoor festival stages in Australia or basement sweatboxes in East London, Crazy P have made their name with a unerring combination of lushly structured songs and live power, whilst never forgetting their roots on the dance floors of the late 90s’ house, disco, and soul clubs.

2008 saw Crazy P sign with 2020 Vision – a natural fit for the band with their their roots in early house and techno, and an eye to the future of both.

‘Stop Space Return’ (2008) was the superb first fruit of this new label hook up, with the album’s title track becoming something of an anthem for both DJs and as part of the band’s live show.

Preceding the return to fashion for disco and boogie by about two years, ‘Stop Space Return’ showed a new breed of producers that Crazy P were right on top of their game – with the ‘new school’ of Artists like Jamie Jones, Wolf and Lamb, Reboot, and KiNK on the phone for remixes, alongside pop acts such as VV Brown, Empire of the Sun, and Sam Sparro who all wanted a little bit of discoid magic

All of which brings us bang up into 2011. The start of the year saw them releasing ‘Crazy P presents MTS Vol.1’ a two track EP of ‘bangers’ influenced by their increasingly busy DJ and Soundsystem show schedule – and a nice drop of ‘P’ business whilst they finished off their new, and fifth album.

Just released on 2020 Vision, the brand new album ‘When We On’ is already being hailed as one of their finest. Boom.

6 rating


Fantastic Friends Rec / La Ruche // Lausanne (SUI)

We all know Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, ?we have all heard of Rémus et Romulus.??Yes, Adolfo and Franky, they too are a two-person team, ?but let us never compare them to those who we already know. Their alliance is down to a point, ?a little point very much resemblant to that of Eros and Psyché.??This union gives life to something uncomparable, ?something that is both wonderful and devine at the sme time.?Because from our union an orphéon célesta is born, from which the rumors spreads so fast ?that all the surrounding stages are abandoned, the temples of music are emptied, ?and people from all over gather to witness and listen to this metaphysique duetto.??They are not real beaings nor real creatures. They simply just are! You will see ..

13 rating


Teknologik // Bayonne (FR)

Born in the South West of France in 1982, K Brone got quickly led by the spiral of music. When his friends were listening to Hip-Hop sounds, he already turned to electronic music ... Then one day, he discovered  what is the trigger of his love for techno music .... the set Fumiya Tanaka: "jjj Mix - Up!"  Then follows from long years scouring the dancefloors of the largest French and Spanish clubs to discover and enjoying the sound of the biggest DJs of the moment that solidified his passion for this musical style.

In 2006 he decided to move to the other side of the fence to move the turntables. He made his classes alongside members of the Crew "FANATEK" , very active group of southwestern France. Loving groovy sounds, K Brone takes inspiration from artists such as Mario Ochoa, Raul Mezcolanza Aitor Ronda to name a few.

In 2012, he decided to move to new projects, so he joined the team TEKNOLOGIK , young and ambitious Swiss label on the rise of the electronic scene. Now installed in the Basque Country, at Bayonne, K Brone distills his sets throughout the South - West of France via Spain. His style groovy and punchy sounding tribal is the most effective on the dancefloor!

10 rating


SK Supreme Records // Ibiza (US)

For DJ and producer, Randall M, the calling to electronic dance music came more rapidly than most beginners. After starting to produce music just over a year ago, he's already gained the support and recognition of some of today's most sought after DJ's and producers, most notably, tINI, one of Desolat Music Group's leading artists along with Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich. With a strong debut relea

se titled "Green" on SK Supreme Records including a big remix from Rhadow, "Risky" a techno EP on Dorcas Music and an upcoming vinyl and digital release on Alli Borem's imprint Root50, he's on his way to establishing himself as a well-respected DJ and producer in the international music scene. Influenced heavily by his prior years as a hip-hop dj, expect to hear deep funky basslines laced with tight crisp percussion in his tracks, which range from deep tech-house all the way to dark groovy techno.
7 rating


Paso Music - SCI+TEC - Ideal Audio - Tronic - Minisketch - Berlin (DE)

Given what a vibrant and dense electronic music scene Berlin has, it's not easy to make yourself stand out from the crowd as a producer and to break out of the city's insular musical bubble. But such widescreen, mind-bending and sophisticated techno as that of local hotshot Sebrok was never going to go unnoticed on a wider scale.

2 rating


London - Berlin (DE)

The Moustache Mamas embrace an ‘if it rocks the party, we will give it to you on a platter…so lap it up!’ attitude. These ladies of leg-kicking abandon mix it up with the best - serving Nu Disco, House & Cosmic Funk – if it has muscle, its on their decks.

3 rating


GET PHYSICAL / Morris Audio / Hi Freaks / Kindisch / Keno Records / Berlin / Germany

David Keno / Morris Audio / Hi Freaks / Kindisch / Keno Records / Berlin / Germany

Swiss born David Keno began his musical life learning classical instruments such as guitar and drums when he was 12. After playing in various rock bands he discovered his love of electronic music. He bought a drum machine and an old Korg synthesizer and started to experiment. Over the next few years he developed his skills and eventually the guys from the Pocketgame label loved his melodic productions so much that they signed him for his first release: Vernis - Bubble Bath EP which came with a fantastic Trentemoeller remix.

From there his career took off. He has released on labels such as I220, Zenit, Meerestief, Karateklub, ELP and provided remixes for Samuel L. Session, G-Man, da Fresh, Robert Drewek, Hugg&Pepp, DK8 and even 80ies heroes Trans-X who wanted a remix for their "living on video" that came out on ZYX Music.

The next step in his career was to launch his own label and in January 2007 Keno Records 01 was released with huge success. "Liquid" went on to be found in the playlists of many DJs.

In David Keno's DJ sets or also as a Livect his musical range goes from minimal techno to house. Very floor-oriented but often with a certain melodic touch. Maybe these are his roots from the 80ies shining through.

28 rating


Moon Harbour Recording - Leipzig (DE)

the career of christian fischer as dj and producer started in 1996. his debut was released in the same year on
statik entertainment, involving grandiose reviews. after that, more tracks on the same label followed.  
but christian also had great success at the turntables. from leipzig to frankfurt, nuremberg or hannover and
as well abroad, in uk, bulgaria, hungary, turkey and in kosovo. he played together with marky, carl cox, dj
rush, chris liebing and marco baily, just to name a few. not only his dj career is upraising, also his actions as
producer become more and more relevancy.  
In 2000, christian came up with his own child: definition records. besides his own stuff, he releases artists
like ade fenton, justin berkovi, david squillace, tuomas rantanen, arkus p. or thomas p., heckmann, hertz,
brian sanhaji and dj lucca. eagerness guaranteed – and one can be part of – with christian fischer – either as
dj or magnetized on vinyl.
latest releases.
christian fischer  - meiler     definition records 2007
christian fischer  - miracle places / nasty    re:flex 2007
christian fischer  - quick fix     mainfloor 2007
christian fischer  - stay in peace     abyss records 2007    
christian fischer  - bryzant games (album)  definition records 2008
slam - we're not here - christian fischer remix   soma 2007
outsiders - keep this fire burning - christian fischer remix  loaded 2008
coming soon.
bryzant games remixes (2009)
•  myspace.com/bryzant  •  definition-records.de
•  moonharbour.com/booking  •  get in contact with andré  •  booking@moonharbour.com

5 rating


Get Physical / Popcorn Records // Cologne (GER)

0 rating


WE Love Space / Moda Music // London (UK)

Jaymo & Andy George have built an entire world… and that world is Moda.

From an intimate gathering of music loving friends, to thousands of people losing their minds in dark warehouses, disused theatres, abandoned cellars and globally renowned clubs; the venues may change but Moda's ethics stay the same - forward thinking music, ground-breaking DJ's and a party that will stay with you forever.

Since meeting in 2008 Jaymo & Andy have established one of the UK's most dynamic music brands, set-up two successful record labels, performed two live Radio 1 Essential Mixes, produced a cover-mount CD for Mixmag and secured two of the most important residencies in the world; We Love… Space in Ibiza and Fabric London.

Their obsessive approach to finding new music has lead to an ongoing relationship with Radio 1, where the guys can often be found sharing their favourite records with millions of worldwide listeners.

As well as releasing music from established acts, J&AG have gained respect for finding the best emerging talent, with artists such as Hot Since 82, Disclosure and Plezier all releasing on their Moda Black record label.

Moda Black also provides a platform for J&AG's original productions, with recent releases such as The Hump and How It Goes getting huge love from the likes of Claude VonStroke, MANIK, Dusky and Catz n Dogz.

Whilst 2012 marked the release of the debut Moda Black Album (13 exclusive tracks by the labels artists and extended family, mixed by J&AG), countless festivals and their return residency at We Love… Space and Fabric London, 2013 promises to be even more exciting for Jaymo & Andy George, with some of their biggest ever projects about to unfold…

3 rating

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