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The Delivery Boy


Timid Records / TIMID52

After a first LP supported by various artists such as Rone, Rodriguez JR, Ark, Electric Rescue, Morpheus or Laurent Garnier, Timid Records is proud to announce Arno Gonzalez's second album: « The Delivery Boy ». More personal (no featuring this time) and more direct in the producing processus, Arno tells us pieces of his own story: a come back from a gig in Brest (Back From Vauban), a crazy sunday afternoon (Domingo Dance), a trip to Japan (Kimura), a train ride to Charles De Gaule Airport (Angers/CDG),he also recalls with a dose of sorrow the cycle effects of buzz and mode in music (Less Was More), the old time Techno (The Break), noisy and synthetic Funk (The Message) or the crazy run of a delivery boy (The Delivery Boy) which will be soon clipped by the motion designer Smoh. 
The most surprising thing after a first listening is the work on the texture and vibes which give consistency to the whole album sailing between electronica, inspired techno and house grooves. 
Finally, Camille Rodriguez and Damien « Timid Boy » Almira give us 2 stylish and efficient remixes which will find, for sure, the path to best djs turntables. 
Enjoy your meal !

Vertige Ep


Plaisir records / PLA002

The Adventure continues for Plaisir Records with his 2nd Release made by Ali Moghrani with a remix from Faster! 

Here, you're going to get into a twisted club atmosphere where basslines will catch you forever. Vertige' will raise your feelings and make you go between melancholia and full energy at the same time, with the coexistence of violins, round bass and disconstructed voice. Inconnue' will bring sun into your mind and your smile will instinctively appear, synth is growing slowly between the beats to get as high as possible.

Vertige Faster remix' makes you enter directly in its sweaty mental mood from beginning to end with its voices manipulation and its acid component that makes your mind disconnect from reality.

Superimposed Ep


Gruuv / GRU043

Gruuv welcome Spirit Catcher and Raxon to the fold, with label heads Audiojack joined by Borrowed Identity and Kindimmer on remix duties.



L.I.E.S / Lies-019.5


a few back in!!
a true bomb of a 12" from 2104... repressed with L.I.E.S label artwork ..had to be done. Dope underground anthems ...don't miss.. TIP! 

Web TV


9 rating


8 rating


6 rating



Melizma / Oslo // Frankfurt (GER)

2 rating


Mobilee Records - São Paulo (SWE)

This latest chapter of what has already been a varied and dynamic career comes as no
surprise to those who have followed Christian Smith?s productions over recent years.
Having delivered the crossover record of 2008 - Total Departure on Adam Beyer?s
Drumcode label – Christian followed up with a succession of fresh sounding club bombs
that surfaced on John Digweed?s Bedrock label, Dubfire?s Sci+Tec, the legendary
Renaissance, and Steve Lawler?s ultra cool Viva imprint through 2009. Next came chart-
topping productions such as the Beatport #1 Air Miles track on 100% Pure, the anthemic
remixes of Carl Craig?s seminal At Les which was a mainstay of Beatport?s Top 10 through
summer 2010 and a run of club-smashing tracks like System Of Survival, The Price of
Freedom and Christian?s remixes of classic tracks from Underworld (Dark & Long), Laurent
Garnier?s (Flashback), Funk D?Void (Diabla) and Robotman aka Richie Hawtin (Do Da Doo). Christian Smith has been at the top of his
game as a DJ and producer for over a decade;
but despite enjoying a global reputation as one
of the most evergreen performers in his field,
times have never been quite as good as they
are right now. A steady flow of releases on
high profile labels like Bedrock, 100% Pure,
1605 and his own Tronic imprint have been
supplemented by Christian?s work as one of
the most in-demand remixers within his scene.
Chart-topping reworks of Underworld, Laurent
Garnier, Carl Craig, John Digweed, and
Robotman (aka Richie Hawtin) have exposed
Christian to a whole new generation of fans
who are discovering Christian?s blend of high
impact tech house and techno for the first time. 

The end result has been the successful transformation of Christian from a member of the
old school techno elite to one of the lead players in the current marketplace with an almost
non-stop presence in the upper end of the Beatport sales charts - an achievement
recognised by the award of 3rd place in Beatport?s 2010 "Best Techno Producer" poll. The
popularity of Christian?s big-room, crossover sound with its melodic, euphoric highs and
rhythmical funk energy is testament to the multi-genre draw of Christian?s music. This
breadth of appeal is evident in both the DJ support Christian receives and also in the gigs
Christian plays. Regular supporters ranging from techno stalwarts like Richie Hawtin and
Adam Beyer through to tech house DJs like 2000 And One Stephan Bodzin and even
trance superstars like Tiesto and Sander Van Doorn. In the last twelve months Christian?s
has played some of the biggest festivals and events in the clubbing calendar including
Sensation White, Chile; Klubbers Day, Madrid, Lovelands, Amsterdam and SW4 Festival,
London as well as making regular stops at Space, Ibiza and Miami; Pacha, Buenos Aires;
Womb and Ageha, Tokyo, Watergate, Berlin; Cocoon, Frankfurt, Circus Montreal, Cat &
Dog, Tel Aviv, Macumba, Madrid; The Loft Barcelona and Café D?Anvers, Antwerp. Proof, if
it was needed, that it is possible for an already successful producer to reinvent their sound
while maintaining their relevance and position at the very pinnacle of electronic music.


7 rating


Catwash Records / Get Physical // Arezzo (ITA)

Luca Agnelli, from Tuscany (Italy), dj, producer and remixer in
constant evolution, is always looking for new targets and more
challenges, experimenting uncommon paths and inventing innovative
Eclectic, creative, curious and involving, Luca has a unique style
which transmits passion and adrenaline, dreams and emotions.
His sets are marked by the art of sound manipulation and style pollu
tion, challenging standards and prejudices, playing wisely with
technology and everything that enables him to change and produce music
Luca doesn't aim to classify his sound within precise boundaries, but
it's quite easy to perceive strong house roots with contemporary techno
and deep inflections.
Luca is the founder of Etruria Beat records managed with Marco
Faraone, the label has released a lot of international producer like
Martinez, Federico Molinari, dj Wild, tINI, Gel Abril, Lee Van Dowski,
Pirupa, Yaya, Arnaud Le Texier, Tennis, Lauhaus and more.

4 rating


Dame Music - Berlin (DE)

Eyke was born in the North of Germany and spent his childhood and early teen years on creative pursuits (drawing, writing and singing), soaking in inspiration from the meadows and forests amongst the abundant flowers and wildlife. In his young adulthood, he changed his home base several times, including the USA for one year, before he found his way to Berlin, where the meadows were replaced by city streets and the flowers by whiskey.

Eyke started making his own piano-based music under the moniker My Stillborn Brother, which over time developed into a more electronic sound. He found it important, however, always to use the computer simply as a recording tool, never programming, always capturing the spontaneity of his artistic process.

Now, after developing an admiration for and friendship with Bloody Mary, Eyke is putting his voice into the new context of her gothic dancefloor sounds. His first song with Mary, 'Spinning Around' from her Arabesque EP, compares the feeling of love with dancing in the club, starting off with overwhelming emotions and excitement, but sometimes getting too heavy, like becoming disoriented amid the crowd and the flashing lights. 'Spinning Around' is just the first collaboration between Bloody Mary and Eyke and offers a hint of what's to come on her sophomore album due in 2011.

5 rating


tINI & THE GANG / VIVA MUSIC/ Yoruba Grooves // Ibiza (US)

For DJ and producer, Randall M, the calling to electronic dance music came more rapidly than most beginners. After starting to produce music just over a year ago, he's already gained the support and recognition of some of today's most sought after DJ's and producers, most notably, tINI, one of Desolat Music Group's leading artists along with Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich. With a strong debut relea

se titled "Green" on SK Supreme Records including a big remix from Rhadow, "Risky" a techno EP on Dorcas Music and an upcoming vinyl and digital release on Alli Borem's imprint Root50, he's on his way to establishing himself as a well-respected DJ and producer in the international music scene. Influenced heavily by his prior years as a hip-hop dj, expect to hear deep funky basslines laced with tight crisp percussion in his tracks, which range from deep tech-house all the way to dark groovy techno.
8 rating


Mobilee Records - Berlin (DE)

Anja Schneider is the mobilee records founder, broadcaster, internationally renowned DJ and
producer once labeled a "perpetual motion machine", and one of the hardest working individuals
in the business.

From her beginnings in radio to the 'Hi Five' anniversary year of mobilee, her ascension through
the ranks has been fuelled by her strong work ethic, sharp tastemaker instinct, charming
personality and innate musicality. Starting out as a producer for KissFM, Anja became a radio
persona in her own right in 2000 for Fritz Radio. Armed with an engaging presentation style and
impeccable taste, Anja's 'Under the Blue Moon' program – which still airs to this day – resonated
with Berlin's music-loving masses and propelled her forward into a career as a club DJ.

After her first forays into production in 2004, Anja joined forces with Ralf Kollmann to found
mobilee records the following year. Anja's keen ear defined the emergent imprint through its early
releases, unearthing talented newcomers such as Sebo K and Pan-Pot, and paving the way for
her celebrated mobilee debut with Sebo, Rancho Relaxo. Harnessing her unique interest in
collaborative creativity, Anja's list of studio partners has grown to include the likes of Paul
Brtschitsch, Marco Resmann, and Lee Van Dowski. Anja's 2008 opus, her debut album Beyond
the Valley, was released to critical acclaim, with tracks "Belize" and "Safari" dominating Charts
and dancefloors worldwide. She followed this with Deseo, mobilee's 50th release, and a pair of
storming tech house EPs in 2010, iThought and Pushin'. "Imagination", a co-production
between Anja and And.Id, featured on Heidi's Jackathon compilation for Get Physical Music in
early 2011, and the remainder of Anja's year will largely be devoted to her highly anticipated
second album, which is due for release in 2012. Alongside her original work, an extensive list of
remixes for labels such as Dessous, Crosstown Rebels, and Diynamic now line the annals of her
impressive discography.

As a label head Anja has focused not only on discovering fresh talent, but also on cultivating and
developing the mobilee roster, pushing artists to challenge themselves and developing their
careers as DJs and musicians. Under her guidance, mobilee and its sister label Leena Music
have grown into one of Berlin's most-watched staples, with a close-knit collection of producers
and musicians that carve out a distinct sound in a city teeming with electronic music.

Widely regarded as one of the world's most respected DJs, Anja has traveled to almost every
corner of the globe, making her mark at world-renowned clubs such as Fabric, Fuse, Rex, and
Goa Madrid, as well as holding down residencies with Berlin's Weekend and Watergate clubs.

With ears honed through years of experience, Anja's achievements as a producer, DJ and label
head are far from peaking. Her development as a one-of-a-kind artist and businesswoman is just
the start of what we can expect from Anja's evolution, as she builds mobilee into the defining
platform that stands in testament to the vision, passion, and love of music that drives her
extended mobilee team in all that they do, and all that will come.

10 rating


Get Physical // London (GB)

Remix Fever Ray, Moby, M.A.N.D.Y vs Booka Shade and Tiga before you've even released a solo single—there aren't too many young producers these days that could lay claim to such a coup. It takes true creative flair to carve out a new career solely by interpreting the work of others, and London's Ben Hoo has done just that. And having now released two solo EP's, 'Marea' and 'Modal', through Get Physical sub-label Kindisch, with a third on the way, Hoo is further establishing his place amongst electronic music's most promising new talents.

Ben's involvement with the genre (somewhat inevitably if you've heard his highly accomplished productions) can be traced back to his early teenage years. Weaned on a diet of soul and disco by his dad and choral and classical music by his mum, Ben began to take note of electronic music's infinite sound and texture possibilities. Artists like Leftfield, Hybrid, Nitin Sawhney and BT formed the backbone of this fascination and it wasn't too long before Ben endeavoured to take this interest to the next level with the purchase of his first synthesizer. Teaching himself the ins and outs of composition, Ben simultaneously maintained his study of piano and drums, eventually bringing together his many musical facets through formal education.

If there is a constant running from Ben's years as a producer it's that he never wedded himself to a single style or genre. Techno and house inform Ben's recorded music as much as down-tempo and contemporary classical. From a production perspective, however, the narrative behind the scenes is one of sound manipulation and design. Ben appears innately drawn towards reconfiguring audio, while juxtaposing these explorations with the creation of his own synthetic tones.

Most artists' ascents are aided by a touch of good fortune at some point in their careers, and in Ben's case receiving a request for a speculative remix of Rex the Dog's "Bubblicious" proved to be pivotal. His version was commissioned, and off the back of its bubbling synth lines and intuitive percussion Ben was asked to turn in further remixes for Fever Ray and Moby. Both of the ensuing productions clearly illustrated that this was a producer who was unwilling to stick to a single formula—over the course of just three remixes Ben had explored glitchy house, smoky down-tempo and epic electronica.

2010 saw Ben tapped by Tiga to rework his massive "Mind Dimension" single—to which Ben obliged with a snarling, breaks infused, minimal remix, which reached the top 5 of Beatport's breaks chart, and was loved so much by the man himself he added it onto the digital release of his album. Ben also delivered a mix of M.A.N.D.Y. Vs Booka Shade's "Donut"—this time a rolling tech-house interpretation. Booka Shade felt Ben's version was strong enough for inclusion on RA.150, their landmark podcast for Resident Advisor. It was this remix which helped ignite his continued relationship with seminal Berlin label Get Physical, with sub-label Kindisch releasing Ben Hoo's debut solo release 'Marea' in 2011, the follow up EP 'Modal' in early 2012 and further remixes commissioned for M.A.N.D.Y vs Adultnapper and Actor One.

Demonstrating his diversity as a producer, Hoo continues to deliver an impressive array of sophisticated electronica. Electronic music pioneer, Moby, is such a fan of Ben's downtempo work, he commissioned him to remix two singles from his latest album 'Destroyed'.

"Ben Hoo effortlessly traverses the boundaries between very well produced, sophisticated sounding electronica and deep, warm, atmospheric techno..."

4 rating


Teknologik // Genève (SUI)

Born in Geneva in 1984, Helder aka Robert Shiver has been rocked in the world of music. Musician father, for several years of music lessons addressed him. Attracted to electronic music, he became a connoisseur of the underground world. ?In 2010, he launched into the mix. He discovered his musical identity over months. These favorites are turning to Clement Meyer, Danny Benedettini, Marc Houle, Alexi Delano or Andy Martin. Magda left him for his reference. ?These compositions turn in this dark experimental techno style paufine it every day. ?He released his first track on Teknologik Geneva label, "Do You Sing?". ?Soon it will be released on label Teknologik, his EP with 5 tracks and two remix.

5 rating


London (UK)

One of the most talented DJs to embark the London scene, Rhythmatic and Coconut Ritz resident, Wesley Razzy is well known for sending house and techno heads spinning across the underground nights in the capital. As part of the respected Rhythmatic collective, the Brazilian born, UK resident producer has put on dancefloor breaking parties with the likes of Marco Carola, ARPIAR, Onur Ozer, Thomas Melchior, Primiesku,

Sascha Dive all at the helm. 

With a solid understanding for the importance of worldclass beats and deep intimate atmospheres, Wesley has been nailing the crowd regularly with his unique mixture of both classic and contemporary house and techno music. A regularly listed name at events such as WetYourSelf! at Fabric, Cocoon Heroes (london showcase), Jaded after-hours, Mixmag, Cavo Paradiso(uk tour), Vibe Club (Brazil), Coconut Ritz, Parallel and many others...

When he?s not visiting records shops and the furthest reaches of the internet in search of forgotten gems and new up-coming tracks, Razzy is committed inside the studio working on bringing out the most exciting and original electronic music out. This year has seen Wesley Razzy tour Brazil with gigs in Florianopolis, Curitiba and Sao Paulo as well as gigs in Paris, London and Ibiza during the European summer. With that in mind, we can only advise you to keep an eye on this young talent as he is set to thrive.
8 rating



Miguel Garji is characterized by a decidedly open to mergers and unconventional, which runs from the Deep more Soul, to the American Deep House Tech-House with a touch stronger vocal or electronic, according to the climate of the particular session.

11 rating


Blueprint // (UK)


1 rating


Diynamic / Cadenza / Visionquest // Lleida (ES)

UNER is one of the most important names of the new generation of Spanish electronic music producers. His musical training allowed him to develop at a very early age a different dance music concept, based on the pleasure for harmony and the search for a unique, personal sound. This has lead him to edit for labels like Diynamic (where he's an active member and has edited some of his most celebrated works, "Raw Sweat" and "Bassboot", one of the most RA Top Charted Tracks in 201 1 ), Cadenza (making his debut on the label with "Pallene" and "Cocoua", most-hyped UNER's tracks ever), 2020 Vision, Get Physical, Defected or CR2 to mention a few. UNER has earned the respect of the music industry with talent and work: names like Luciano, Carl Cox or Laurent Garnier play his music on a regular basis; clubs like Berlin's Watergate or Space Ibiza book him oftenly and his number of fans increases by the day; all of this because of what he does best, his music.

Apart from traveling around the world as a Dj, in 2011 UNER presented his live gigs, an audiovisual concept in which he uses state-of-the-art software and hardware (from iPads to mini midi keyboards) to explore his most solid, personal side. The artistic expansion of the Catalonian producer will go on during the following months with the creation of several artist albums where he'll express his way of understanding electronic music from a musical point of view and from the center of the dancefloor. UNER's bound to reach higher tops with the only limit of his music... so there's still loads to see, listen and dance.


UNER es uno de los principales nombres de la nueva generación de productores españoles de música electrónica. Su formación musical le permitió, desde muy joven, desarrollar un concepto de música de baile diferente, en el que predomina el gusto por las armonías y la búsqueda de un sonido especial y personal. Eso le ha llevado a editar por sellos como Diynamic -del que forma parte activamente y donde ha editado sus trabajos más exitosos hasta la fecha, "Raw Sweat" y "Bassboot", uno de los tracks más charteado en Resident Advisor durante el 201 2-, Cadenza (haciendo su debut con "Pallene" y "Cocoua", dos de sus tracks que más expectación han tenido nunca), 2020 Vision, Get Physical, Defected o CR2 por nombrar algunos. UNER ha sabido ganarse el respeto de la industria musical a base de talento y trabajo: nombres como Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox o Luciano pinchan de forma habitual su música; clubes como el Watergate berlinés o Space Ibiza son habituales en su agenda de actuaciones y su numero de fans aumenta día tras día; todo ello gracias a lo mejor que sabe hacer, su música.

Además de recorrer medio planeta como Dj, en 2011 UNER estrenó sus actuaciones en formato live, un concepto audiovisual en el que emplea el sofware y hardware más innovador (desde iPads a mini teclados midi) para explorar su lado más personal y contundente. La expansión artística del catalán continuará en los próximos meses con la creación de varios álbumes de artista en el que expresará su modo de ver la música electrónica, desde un punto de vista musical y desde el centro de la pista de baile. UNER no ha tocado techo aún y el límite lo pone su música, por lo que aún nos queda mucho por ver, escuchar y bailar.

5 rating

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