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Wood Lesty Ep


Plaisir Records / PLA001

1st release of new French label Plaisir Records by the artist Zendid, with a VID remix !!
Support: tINI, Faster, Anthea, Ada Kaleh

Here, you're going to get into a serious classy bunch of tracks, where melodies interlace with round beats and basslines. The Wood Lesty's voice will enter your brain and will never leave it. The cherry on the cake (already rather tasty) is Vid Reconstruction Mix: a little 15 minutes diamond where he settles gradually his talent, involving the famous voice of the original mix with a compulsion of claps to end in second part of the remix with angelic choirs deserving of the most beautiful opera

Believer Ep


8 Bit Records / 8BIT087

Believer, Ellic, Poluc - Johnny D returns to Nick Curly & Gorge s 8bit imprint with a major release! It s been a while since his last EP, but time only made him better. Believer EP is a three track masterpiece and proof of Johnnys keen eye for detail as well as his ability to transport a certain feel to the dancefloor. This unique symbiosis conveys into an organic touch and brings live to each production. Get into the vibe!

Right About Now Ep


Apollonia / APO015

There's no doubt that the Apollonia trio are on fire, 2014 has been a whirlwind of Berlin studio production, to reigning in Ibiza, to dropping their debut album Tour à Tour to a rapturous reception. But straight back to the label with a new EP, they proudly present breaking talent Diego Krause.Hailing from East Berlin, Krause already caused a stir amongst the heads with releases on his own label Unison Wax and co-owned Beste Modus, Unison Wax 02 swiftly landing itself a 4/5 on Resident Advisor and pricking up the ears of the Apollonia boys.Serving up three quality tracks very much in-keeping with Apollonia's own sound, you can easily imagine any one fitting perfectly into the later hours of their B2B2B sets. 'Right About Now' establishes its presence with a powerful bassline and solid clap, before deep swirling synths enter, as does an echoing xylophone to truly euphoric effect. The slightly eerie, but mostly intoxicating, 'Dreams' brings a subtle groove and conjures up those early morning moments, while 'Manitu' the most peak-team of the three, is a bouncy number full of positive energy and a strong tech-house edge, that will go down a treat on any dancefloor

Don't Stop Lovin Remixes


Blend It Records / BLEND-V01

Slamming Remix pack for Alex Davis´ track "Don´t Stop Lovin" which got received heavy support by Marco Carola during the whole 2014 ibiza summer season.

Soul Kiss Ep


Robsoul Recordings / ROBSOUL145

Web TV


7 rating


7 rating


5 rating



Teknologik // Windsor (CAN)

Ante Ujevic is a Tech House Producer and DJ born in 1991 in Windsor, Canada. His understanding and love for electronic music came at an early age. After discovering his father's cassette collection filled with the sounds of Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd, he immediately connected with the raw emotion and beauty that was projected in the music.

This connection became even stronger when discovering the afterhours clubs in downtown Toronto. The atmosphere and energy of the people and music was beyond words. After these many years of inspiration, he has begun to produce his own music.  He is constantly improving his sound and moving forward with one main goal in mind, to create music that will translate emotion and feeling to the dance floor.

5 rating


PCB Radio // Toulouse (FR)

Amateur de boucles profondes et élastiques avec l'idée d'une house deep et racée.
Adepte de Zip, Ricardo, Barac, Jus-Ed...

Dj dans le Hip Hop avec le fameux crew parisien TSB composé entre autre par le frère de JoeyStarr, il fut frappé par l'énergie et l'émergence des premières rave à Mozinor (Paris). 
Aurel décide alors de s'immerger dans cette nouvelle culture dite "électronique" et commence à mixer dans plusieurs soirées house parisiennes (Bataclan, Kit-Kat..) pour arriver à un son finalement plus techno.
Puis en 96, année charnière, le choc, il découvre le son minimal venu de Cologne avec ses premières sorties du label Profan : sons bruts, grosses basses et un son click & cut et une architecture musicale différente le séduisent immédiatement. 
Depuis les disques de Mike Ink, Thomas Brinkmann, Pan Sonic, les premiers Herbert... deviennent ses disques de chevets.
Aurel ne lâchera plus ce son, il rencontre Brinkmann sa référence, avec qui débute un échange de bons procédés, jouant ensemble sur plusieurs dates (Rex Club, Astropolis, Le Loft (Suisse)…) une amitié se forge. 
Cette amitié lui permettra de faire des rencontres avec ses amis : d'autres artistes et producteurs de la scène minimal mais surtout Zip et Markus Nicolaï, les deux entités du Label Perlon.

Dès lors, Aurel enchaine date à travers la France et l’Europe et obtient entre temps, une petite résidence au Batofar qui lui permettra de distiller à travers ses soirées ce son encore méconnu, mais qui gagne ses lettres de noblesse auprès du public.

Actif et appuyé par les médias nationaux de culture électroniques (Traxx…), NovagMag, en 2002, intitulera l'article "Aurel, Le page du réseau minimal" :-)

Avec son frère Ratsi, qui officie aujourd'hui au sein du réputé collectif Label AntiVJ, ils composent un duo DJ/VJ nommé Visosonor, composant des sets où s'harmonisent images et sons qui s'exportent jusqu'en en Europe et au-delà…
Parallèlement, ils créent des clips vidéos ou Flash dont l'un fut primé à Beaubourg au Flash festival en 2002.

Place :
Paris : Rex Club, Batofar, Le Pulp, Le Kit Kat, Le Bataclan.........

Astropolis 2000 (fermeture du festival, Quimper), Rachedingue (Espagne), International Bochumer video/musik festival (Bochum/Köln), Electroclash (Liège), Douches Club (Istanbul), Festival Kracov/Paris (Pologne), Le Flat (Zurich), Festival Vidéoformes 2001 (Clermont-Ferrand), L'usine Lu (Nantes), L'Astronef et le Terminal export (Nancy), Elastique (Strasbourg), Le Château (Auch), La grande braderie électronique (Lilles), Le Rio (Montauban), Le Nautilus (Bordeaux), TNT (Bordeaux), Le Salon (Auch), La Rue du Bain (Albi), Forum de l'image (Marseille)...

Toulouse : Les Siestes Electroniques, Festival jardins synthétiques, Le Bikini, La pelouse interdite, Le Classico, Le Cha pitre, L'Ambassade, Le Beaucoup, Le Moloko, Festival empreintes numériques.........

Party :
Zip, Thomas Brinkmann, Markus Nicolaï, Daniel Bell, jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Steve Bicknell, James Taylor, Christian Vogel, Mixmaster Morris.......
Jennifer Cardini, Dan Ghenacia, Kelton Prima, Pilooski, Elegia, Jérôme Pacman, Master Seb, D'julz, Dj Squal, Disko Popov, Dj Brice, l, Nicolas Moore…..

4 rating


Get Physical / Kindisch // Düsseldorf (GER)

Jon Sine is a Düsseldorf and Berlin based Dj and Producer.
He got his first bigger attention after moving to Berlin and releasing on Alex Niggemanns label Soulfooled as well as on Kindisch the sub-label of Get Physical which is run by Booka Shade,
M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T. Those releases brought him notable success within the Beatport Genre Charts.
After half a year he decided to move back to Düsseldorf to focus on producing music.
Six months later he has many releases lined up for the end of 2013.

0 rating


Get Physical / Future Classic // Lithuania (LTU)

I don’t recall how, where or when I met Vidis, but I am sure he was already around when I started writing about Lithuanian nightlife in 2004. He quickly went from being just another DJ, to someone who kept surprising those in the scene with neatly selected sets, parties with secret guests (who turned out to be well known international artists), late night radio shows, a track in Gilles Peterson compilation, and much more…

Vidis has never considered himself an inventor. Or a pioneer. Some say reinventing the wheel is not an option, but what if you take something that already exists and add a new direction, quality, and dimension to it? Who can complain? So here’s Vidis today - a DJ, producer, promoter, radio host, label founder, artist agency manager, and more. Put it plain and simple – a music enthusiast of the highest order, a local institution, and an apt advocate of his city and the scene behind it. The master of reinvention.

Foreign acts were brought to Lithuania earlier than Vidis began his career, sure. He booked Rune Linbaek and Daniel Wang before the term New Disco was coined. Ame and Dixon first visited Lithuania and his parties ahead of being praised and pigeonholed as the new Deep House idols. Vidis introduced Jazzanova, Atjazz, Charles Webster, Prins Thomas, Chateau Flight, DJ Deep and many others to the Lithuanian clubbers and, brought Caribou, Architecture In Helsinki, and Junior Boys to perform live for those who thought they’ve seen and heard it all.

A visit to the studio of one of the most prolific Lithuanian producers, Mario Basanov, resulted in the formation of one of the most influential and internationally established production duo's, Mario & Vidis.

Silence wasn’t the first Lithuanian electronic music label either, but the first one to cross over internationally with tracks being played by Laurent Garnier, Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Soul Clap, Sasha, Jamie Jones and the likes. The label began worldwide distribution, and an international booking schedule would take him to the metropolis' of Berlin, London, Moscow, Istanbul, Milan, San Paulo, and even some unlikely places in Siberia.

The videos accompanying the music were of course not the first in the country, but they instantly became the most viewed, blogged (even by Kanye West), and Youtubed Lithuanian music videos ever.

The wheel of reinvention keeps on turning and Vidis is setting a new standard again - he's the first Lithuanian DJ to deliver a high profile mix album for internationally renowned label, and tech/deep house embassy

1 rating


Lola Ed / Just Jack / Liebe Detail / Culprit // Paris (FR)

Underground DJ/producer Anthony Collins has proved to be one of the most promising rising stars to emerge from the French house and techno scene.

Born to an American father and a French mother, he grew up both in New York and in the South of France. Getting his first taste of music as a child at his father’s jazz recording studio in LA, it wasn’t until later in France that he discovered electronic music as a teenager and fell in love with it. Acquiring his first pair of decks at the age of 17 and playing his first gig the following year, it was soon time to push his career forward by moving to Paris.

Quickly establishing himself on the scene he was booked regularly to play at the city’s most prestigious nights including Rex Club and Batofar, and most recently landing a residency at Paris’ Cirque Bonheur in 2011. Abroad, Anthony has frequented the decks at Panoramabar and Berghain, Weekend and Watergate in Berlin, ADE and Studio 80 in Amsterdam, London’s Fabric, Circoloco DC10 and Space Ibiza, Sonar Barcelona, Goa Rome and Madrid, BLK! Market New York, and BPM conference Mexico to name but a few…

Anthony describes his style as a mix of deep house, house, minimal and deep tech. And his ability to master all these genres is demonstrated in the breadth of high quality labels he has already released on. His EP’s span the iconic French imprint Freak n’Chic, to the hailed deep tech sounds of Curle, Steve Bug’s Poker Flat, Vakant, Mule Electronic, Ibadan, liebe*detail, Horizontal and Supplement Facts. On the remix front Collins’ talent and style has allowed him to rework artists as huge as Ricardo Villalobos, as well as Lee Foss, Cesare vs Disorder, Alejandro Vivanco , Boris Werner and Public Lovers (the new project from Bruno Pronsato). In 2009 he released his first artist album ‘Doubts & Shouts’ on Freak n’Chic, much to the acclaim of many on the underground scene, And a highlight of 2011, indeed of Anthony’s career to date, has to be his co-production with Ricardo Villalobos and Los Updates ‘I Throw Water Into The Lake’, a sultry, almost eerie, deep tech number on Nice Cat! Records.

Following another fruitful summer at DC10 Ibiza, playing the Circoloco parties every other month, Anthony has been focusing much of his time on a new label venture with Francis Harris, Scissor & Thread, which launched at the end of 2011. By no means your average dance imprint, Scissor & Thread is a platform for ambitious sounds, mixing up slow house with the indie world. With releases from newly discovered composers, producers, vocalists and instrumentalists on the horizon, 2012 is set to be an exciting year for the label. On top of managing S&T, Anthony still finds time for his own production, with an upcoming EP on Frank & Tony Records, a more dancefloor-orientated, sub-label of S&T, as well as developing another new project, Bacall & Friends, with releases planned for later this year.

6 rating


Rabat Mrc

Badr Khiyat is music lover from Rabat, Morocco.

41 rating


Catwash records / Trapez // Paris (FR)

Marcelo Guelfenbein, AKA Marcelo Cura, was born in 1983 in Australia, from a Chilean father and a German mother. Because of the artistic jobs of his parents (father: painter / mother: stylist), at the age of two he started moving and living in different countries (Milan/Paris/Barcelona) . All these changes allowed him to be very open minded and internationally inspired.

At the age of thirteen, he was completely into the HIP HOP culture. Between doing his mixtapes, MC'ing, Graffiti, Breakdancing... Anything that could touch that culture was a passion for him. ?Then after a trip to Eivissa in the end of the 90's, his passion expanded to house music and percussions. Suddenly, his dj and percussion sessions (in his garage) with friends became a daily need and emergency.
Two years later he started to learn how to compose electronic music with a synth and a computer, but at a certain point he decided to learn more about it. He concluded his 3 year sound engineering studies in Paris (European Bachelor) and started working on different audio visual projects.

Nowadays, he composes his own tracks and plays in the best clubs in Paris (such as Rex Club, Showcase, Batofar, Queen, Follie's Pigalle ...), next to the label Coton Tige, French Kitchen or CrazyJack (fresh new Parisian label and website with whom he works) and well known artists such as Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Paul Ritch, Heartthrob, Gaiser, Guti, Mendo, Alex Celler, Ilario Alicante, Okain, Franck Lorber, Andrea Oliva, Karotte, Chris wood & Meat. But also in different countries like Germany (Cocoon Club), Spain (Sonar), England, Italy, Tunisia or Israel.

Recently he signed different Ep's and remixes on Trapez Ltd, Catwash rec, Equilibrium Lab, Greelpound, Tanzbar, Coton Tige, Raw Trax, Minoï Music, Robotronic, Earlydub, Intellectro Vibe, Courtoisie, Beat Frequency, Kontrol, Deep Square, Spur, Mainakustik, French Kitchen, Wrongstate, Les Diamantaires...
New stuff comin out ...be tuned !!

1 rating


Just Jack // Bristol (UK)

It was a miss-spent youth, on the dancefloors of club’s such as Backtobasics and Sankeys which cemented Dan’s passion for proper house music and made him dream about one day being the other side of the turntables, playing the music he loved at some of the best clubs in the world.

After moving to Bristol, Dan set about making that dream a reality. He began the now infamous ‘Just Jack’ parties in 2006 and has played nearly every event for them to this date. Just Jack has since gained a reputation as a base for quality house and techno in the South West, playing host to the worlds most revered Dj’s and producers. House and techno Legends such as Carl Craig and Derrick Carter, and underground heroes like Steve Bug, Seth Troxler, and Jamie Jones, have all recently graced the Just Jack decks decks.

Dan’s passion, experience and skill behind the decks has certainly not gone un-noticed- His dream to play at the best club’s in the world has become a reality as he has notched up several appearances at BacktoBasics, Below, Louche, Cocoon and Circo Loco in the UK. The Garden and Hideout in Croatia, We Love... and Ugroove at Space in Ibiza and is a regular behind the decks at BuggedOut!

It is Dan’s spiritual home Just Jack where he is most in his element however, where he show’s his ability to command a dancefloor, playing extended sets around the worlds greatest dj’s to a sweat drenched crowd. His low slung sleazy, take on house music, the perfect sound track for late night disco destruction.

4 rating


Moroko Loko // Rabat (MRC)

Amine K aka Amine Akesbi is one of North Africa's main ambassadors to the world of dance music. From sunrise sets in Australia and packed
clubs in the metropolises of France to rocking desert parties in the heart of Morocco, nude beaches in Koh Phan Gan and a slew of even crazier
settings, Amine k sets have become renowned as one of a kind experiences not to be missed.
Just as comfortable on a festival stage as in a club, Amine K tour schedule sees him through a wide variety of countries each year with nothing
but glowing responses. His sound has expanded to include a wide variety of genres, from Progressive Tribal House and Tek House to Deep
Dark Minimal Techno, all perfectly fused together to wring sweat out of even the most discerning dance floor.
Amine K is a hunter of sound, always seeking for the best tones to create a convenient atmosphere to rise the public in a charming,
melancholic, poetic and dance trip.
Very influenced by DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Deep Dish, Hernan Cattaneo, Satoshit Tomiee, Richie Hawtin or Loco Dice, his style is a mixture of
fervent beats and intoxicating sounds.
He mixed in various clubs, after-parties and festivals all around the world, to name a few: The Cross (Sydney), Moulin Rouge (Sydney), Black
Moon Party (Koh Phan Gan), Jungle Bar (Boracay Island), Space (Montreal), Red Light (Paris), Exit (Beirut), Pacha (Marrakech), Essaouira's
Festival (Essaouira), Mawazine Festival (Rabat), Techno Parade (Paris), Salty (Mykonos), sharing line ups with artists such as Mika, BB King,
Santana, Karsh Kale, Henry Saiz, Bill Patrick, Shaun Reeves, Chus and Ceballos, Dave Seaman, Desyn Masiello, Matthew Dekay, D-
Amine K got several residencies on radios, he's holding right now a weekly residency on Hit Radio, the most heard radio in Morocco.
Defender of the electro music in his country, he organized important Festivals, collecting more than 5000 persons.
His last adventure is the creation of the Moroko Loko concept which is a party that aims to attract good people around a noble cause : FIESTA.
No posing, no pretending you're "too cool", no snob attitude, just people down to party. Don't dress to impress, but please do Dress Up !!
Electronic music, crazy costumes highly encouraged, brains in off mode, that's our motto.
He's also developping new concepts by associating some live composition to his DJ sets and creates new ethnic music fusions mixed in the
electronic music.
Amine K is defenetly a dj, producer and promoter to watch !

11 rating


Blueprint / Stroboscopic Artefacts // Dublin (UK)

Ian Mc Donnell, Dara Smith

0 rating


Get Physical / Kompakt // London (CAN)

Originally hatched in Montreal, but currently based in London, DJ's Anstascia and Vivie-Ann have established their love child globally by proving that they don't fit the quintessential stereotype. Fueled by their sharp taste-maker instincts and technical flair, Blond:ish has not only charmed the industry masses but set themselves to release on some of the most notable labels around.

In the last few years, Blond:ish has carved out a unique production recipe which focuses on the art of creating music that is organic and multi-dimensional. Provocative basslines contrasted with smooth textures and sticky vocals that blend into a genre of house that rebels against being pigeonholed to any specific category.

Recent releases include their psychedelic influenced ‘Lovers In Limbo’ EP out on Kompakt inspired by Blond:ish’s curiosity of the late 60’s musical movement, Lonely Day's (with hunter/game, climbers, re.you remixes) on NM2 (Noir Music 2) being chosen as Pete Tong's essential new tune on BBC radio 1, as well as forthcoming releases for Get Physical this summer.

Blond:ish's innovative and quirky reputation wasn't grown on a tree but materialized in the dark trenches of Cherry nightclub in Montreal. Anyone that has attended their parties can attest that there is something very special about this underground midweek mangle. It's the winning formula of diverse freaks, organized chaos and Blond:ish's genre defying sets that has them still holding their monthly residency since 2008.

This duo rides off each other’s hefty musical knowledge and flawless technique with their diverse personas only adding to the intrigue. Anstascia’s unruly demeanor and creative spark spirals against Vivie-Ann’s scientific and geek-chic flair in a whirlwind of inspiration and contrast. The result is a force to be reckoned with, a vibe that effortlessly transcends in the studio, behind the booth and more than anything, to the dancefloor.

6 rating


Diynamic // Hamburg (GER)

4 rating

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