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Neverending Records / NEVERENDING045


Apollo 13 Ep


Moon Harbour / MHR071

Now a firm part of the modern Moon Harbour make up, frequent label artist Sven Tasnadi is 
back with a new EP that comes complete with a fantastic remix by Marco Faraone. 
The German producer last offered up his essential wares back in late summer 2013 with his 
Stop Talking EP, and has also released on great stables like Smallville, Cocoon and Poker Flat. 
His sound is deep and rhythmic and across three tracks here he lays down yet more infectious 
grooves that will whole floors under their spell.  
'On Your Mind' opens things in fine style with loopy drums and dusty hi hats rolling over rich and 
paddy kick drums. A whole ambiance of voices swirls about, adding plenty of charming 
atmosphere, and an indecipherable but party-starting male vocal coo shoots through the mix to 
bring a sense of energy and excitement to proceedings. The dub from Italian Marco Faraone - 
who runs his own Etruria Beat label and releases on places like Desolat and Drumcode - is a 
much darker and tougher thing driven by firm drums. Subtle dub chords peel off the groove, 
grainy texture fleshes it out and this one is a pure backroom bomb.  
Sven Tasnadi then serves up the standout 'Feel Good', an introverted bit of shuffling and heads 
down deep house with spacey atmospheres and a clean spoken word monologue. The ripping 
bassline is a fine thing that supercharges the track as the shining, sharp edged hi hats cut 
through the humid air. Seriously deep, it makes way for last cut 'Miss Understood', a silky, liquid 
and rolling bit of silvery tech house with curious synth lines, eerie, desolate soundscapes and 
yet another engaging baseline that really drives things on.  
Each track on this EP manages to be seductively deep at the same time as being perfectly 
driven for the dancefloor, meaning that once again Sven Tasnadi and Moon Harbour have 
struck gold.


SIlver Network France / SILVER038

oulful, gospel-inspired deep house is what Joaquin Diaz's Rhythm&Soul alias brings to Jef K's Kiss-inspired Silver Network - goin' strong since '99. It's his debut for the French label and he's given the royal treatment thanks to remixes from John Dimas and Freak 'n' Chic's Djebali, which includes a bonus dub mix. Dimas' rework is energetic and free flowing, highlighting his unique style best heard on releases for Bass Culture and Clapp. Meanwhile Djebali's contributions provide two alternatives; something light and cruisey, while the dub is reduced and a house DJ's ultimate tool ready for the working.

New York, Baby


Get Physical Music / GPM272

'We dont really know if the young BRYAN KESSLER listened to Kraftwerk, but then again we didnt ask - who cares, anyway? What's certain, however, is that this punk renegade, songwriting wunderkind and all-around exceptional producer is a man of many faces, and all of them rock. Discovered on stage while spouting anarchist pop slogans and showcasing an impressive underage mohawk haircut, he never was to be a bottled genius sticking to only one gun - and soon set out to become the lead singer and guitarist for neo punk nutters THE POLLYWOGS, while embarking on an equally public career as prolific DJ and dance music producer. It's his mighty fine electronic swagger (and a hearty disrespect for genre norms) which already led to powerful solo releases on Get Physical and LIKE Records, with excitingly raunchy material to follow on Colognes fringe rave imprint Low Hanging Fruit which is distributed via Kompakt. While working with friends from Comeme he shows up his experimental red line in sound with a skillful easiness. This marks the earth-shattering first steps of a truly remarkable new voice in a traditionally complacent dance industry - little fishes, beware: theres a new shark in the pond.'

All My Days Ep


Secret Reels / SR001D

Web TV


6 rating


6 rating


5 rating



Melizma / Safari Electronique / Vinyl Club // (FR)

Born In France, it is in Ibiza/Spain that Luc Ringeisen started to produce music and did his ?rst experiences as a DJ in the outdoor rave scene and founded the records store Vinyl Club in 2003, wich has been an important element in the spread of new styles of underground electronic music in Ibiza in the past decade together with promoters and club owners such as Circoloco, Ibiza Underground or Cocoon. (The underground dance scene in Ibiza was till then limited to outdoor Goa-Trance parties, while the island mega clubs were famous for their comercial house music).
This key position of Luc Ringeisen and his shop in the Ibiza musical renewing made him do his ?rst steps as a "club DJ" at Space Ibiza back in 2004 with a friday night residency and being one of the early DJs of the new born Monza Ibiza, his avant- garde vision of dance music made him play in all the Ibiza clubs but Luc very fast identi?ed himself musicaly and found his home as a DJ at the club Ibiza Underground, and in 2007 he had his ?rst gigs at DC10 at the mondays legendary Circoloco party.
The record label Vinyl Club Recordings he created in 2005 helped to discover some of the best underground music producers of the moment such as Petre Inspirescu, Jonas Kopp, Anthony Collins and was an expression tool for the DJs - producers of the club DC-10. Also Luc started then to elaborate his very own musical production style powered by a wish to experiment new ways of approaching dance music.
The rise of music on digital formats in the DJ world and the decreasing vinyl records sales as a consequence pushed Luc Ringeisen to sell his records store in 2008, and he relocated the label in Berlin where he found a new home where he could focus his work on music production and on his imprint. Just as the Underground Club in Ibiza, the Club der Visionaere in Berlin became fast the location Luc Ringeisen indenti?ed his music and friendships with, being faithful to his non-comercial and human vision.
Nowadays Luc Ringeisen still DJs in his favorites Berlin and Ibiza clubs The Club der Visionaere and The Underground and does label nights too in Berlin at Katerhozig or Channel Zoo in Ibiza and selected spots in Europe.
Since the very ?rst productions Luc Ringeisen developed a very own musical style, often deep and experimental and often made for psychedelic after-hour sessions, on his own imprint Vinyl Club and other labels such as Safari Electronique, Movida, Darkroom Dubs, Recycle ...

1 rating


Soma / Dust Science / Warp // Sheffield (UK)

A lot of people love music. A lot of musicians love music, despite it being their job. After all, how many bin men love black bags? How many salesmen love their target? For musicians, work means another day in the studio, another set of A&R men to make happy, another day knowing you‘ve sold your soul for a strapon! Working in music is poisonous. Yet a lot of musicians love music anyway.

But what if music loves you? Looking back - and forward - at The Black Dog, that‘s the feeling you get: The beauty, and sophistication, of The Black Dog‘s work doesn‘t come from their being music lovers who are really good at making tracks. It comes from music itself loving them, making them an outlet for itself. That‘s why The Black Dog don‘t play industry games. They don‘t need to.

The Black Dog are universally respected, not least for their classic Bytes, Spanners and Radio Scarecrow albums, which literally created new fields of music. With new personnel added to the line up, we now see output that is stronger and darker. They form new links in the chain of ideas and rhythm between dance music and older forms. The Black Dog‘s innovation is grounded in previous generations of artists and musicians, to the beats, the Bohemians, and further back.

Yet their music appeals to a huge spectrum of people. Famously reticent of the press and other apparatus of the industry, The Black Dog on record evoke a curious bitter sweetness, at once tender and distant, while delivering incredible rhythmic inventiveness. Some call it „intelligent“, and it is, but the word denies the music‘s visceral, overpowering sensuousness.


1 rating


Just Jack / Addicted Music / Visionquest // Berlin (GER)

Matthew Burton has been involved in electronic music for over 10 years with his passion for quality
underground dance music starting with trips to the bomb nightclub in nottingham when he was still in his
teens.He then, slowly but surely, began producing electronic music. After finishing the first full track
that he was completely happy with, Matthew was instantly addicted and has been solidly making underground,
groove-ridden music for over 6 years.
Matthew started working with Nottingham based shrink Records and then quickly went on to work with Multi
vitamins and Connect Four Records. He has recently been working closely with Leftroom and Retrofit, which
are both London based labels, and is releasing on Sammy Dee's new label, Ultrastretch. Matthew has also recently released music with nick lawson on both visionquest and fear of flying record labels.
Alongside producing, Matthew began dj'ing back in 2006. He started to play regularly at Stealth nightclub
in Nottingham and from then on, momentum picked up for spinning records in his local midlands area.
In 2008, a move to Berlin saw him able to play at top venues like Panorama Bar, Weekend club, Club Der
Visionaire and many more.
Matthew's dj style is very ecclectic with him combining slow and trippy house and techno with dark
electronica, also squeezing in dub reggea and african influenced music. When playing, he is not afraid to
slip between styles arguing that the main thing that matters is that all the music has lots of groove and

7 rating



CIRO LEONE (GLOBOX / PHAZE AUDIO - Napoli ITA) Born musically studying piano at the conservatory in Naples.

11 rating


Smoothy Grooves / Groove On // Bucharest (ROU)

In a univers in cotinuous development, music is always there, and Alex Puicea found its formula. Alex was born on May 8th 1988 in Drobeta Turnu Severin, and his first contact with electronic music was around the age of 15. After less than 2 years, he learned to play music by himself.
The first club he played at was Josephine in his hometown, and soon after, eletronic music lovers began to notic

e him and to enjoy his sounds. He started to play in all clubs in the area along with renowned Romanian Dj’s.
He took the next step in his Dj career and moved to Bucharest, where, in 2009 he made his debut by winning the First Prize in the Zeedo Dj Contest that took place at Arenele Romane. Since then he’s been playing in different clubs in Bucharest such as: Expirat, Studio Martin, Embryo ,Guest House and Whatever.
In the summer of 2010 he joined the Groove On team, mixing every Tuesday from 20:00 (Bucharest time) with Miss I and Hado during the “Smoothy Grooves” radio show.
His sets have a deep, controlled, almost gentle sound with different influences from the deep house and techno areas.
9 rating



logo pink-city-beats Winner of the International Award Ibiza 2007 as BEST DJ Techno IN THE WORLD, Dj Of The Year 2007 and Best Techno DJ 2008, in the eighth year in a row. Cristian has more than 25 prizes (best label, best producer...) along more than 17 years of recognised career...

27 rating


Dame Music - Time Has Changed Records - Paris (fr)

“Timid Boy shows us that he's a great producer, and he's an artist to follow in 2012." (Agoria, about Timid Boy's remix of Tom Budden "Choco Swing" on Time Has Changed – September 2011)

25 rating


BeatMind - PARIS fr

DJ KARMINA , AKA MISS SIN (real name Cindy Milojevic) is a DJ and singer and Producer,
born on August 22nd 1985 in Créteil France.

21 rating


Get Physical // Berlin (DE)

Doin parties all over Berlin, Cofounder of TECHNO TAVERNA, SEXY DÖNER and Partyhard all night loooong. Latest Release at Great Stuff "BLUE NOTE" and lot of remixes.

HOUSE&TECHNO MUSIC. Me: DJ+Producer | Blogger | Art&Culture Management | A&R @ Universal Music Germany | A&R @1ststrike_music | Labelmanager @GetPhysical

Right now he is even working on a new blog about HOUSE MUSIC - http://www.mantu.asia
6 rating


Roanne (FR)

Ludovic Rambaud is the chief editor of Only For Dj's, the french-speaking DJ magazine #1. He has a strong musical culture and is lucky enough to be at the forefront of the scene since more than 10 years. He receives a massive number of promos each week and he knows how to collect the best of the best. Each month, as a complement of his already existing Only For DJ's Session, he'll mix a very special and friendly 1 hour Underground DJ mix for your pleasure, with some rare and exclusive grooves. Stay tuned !

5 rating


Ibiza Talents / Music On / Tenax Recordings // London (ITA)

Tommy Paone & Marko Kay are the Neverdogs…

This two artists started to play separately in the early nineties. They met each other in 2000 in Florence where the Neverdogs project was born.

Breaking into the electronic/dance circuit in 2005, with the musicians Alessio Monizza and Davide Ruberto. This Italian duo has continued to advance their incredible reputation as both djs and producers. Now renowned in underground and influential industry circles, their dynamic sound is sought after by the most clandestine gatherings in Italy, Ibiza, London, Miami, Punta del Este and beyond. They regularly headline the globes finest establishments and seminal parties, and have honed their production skills with several exceptional releases. It’s been a special journey and mind-blowing trip…

Catapulted into the limelight during the summer of 2005 via a collaborative project with Italy’s most sought after events, the DocShow (a decadent melange of music, art & performance), the Neverdogs were suddenly on the radar. Next, taking flight to Ibiza and London, they relocated for the summer and winter seasons in 2006. On the white isle, the first of many residencies and regular appearances began at Ibiza institutions Privilege, Space, Zoo Project & Underground. In 2009, their already burgeoning Ibiza status exploded with the launch of the most exclusive Katamaran parties. Hosted by Sexy’n’Chic, guests including Villalobos, Jose De Divina, System of Survival and a host of others, joined Marko & Tommy for a musical voyage marvelled as one of the islands not-so-best-kept secrets…

Back in London for the winter months, they soon established regular appearances at two of the Capitals coolest parties, Retox (RIP!) & Follow Me, the latter of which they still hold down today along with it’s sister event, the elite and super secret ‘costume’ parties…

Keeping their first material to themselves and only to select dj friends, artists such as Steve Lawler, Pascal Feos, Satoshi Tomiie and many more became instant fans. Now releasing their productions onto labels, current material on Idea, Eukatech Records have found homes within Richie Hawtin, Timo Maas, Bushwacha!’s playlist’s. Next releases “Deep like you” on Digital Traffik, “Still in my town” on Pleiadians records and “Bram Land” will come out soon on Viva Music.

Also they have been playing alongside various artist such as: Locodice, Behrouz, Tania Vulcano, Dan Ghenacia, Shonky, Audiofly, Luna City Express, Lucio Aquilina…

2012 is looking very exciting indeed. Following a winter tour of South America and many more exquisite events back in Europe, Tommy & Marko recently played alongside to Craig Richards at Tenax (Italy) and at Move On Festival in Uruguay.

In the summer season 2012 so far they will be guests at the “Music On” the new party hosted by Marco Carola, being held at world famous Amesia in Ibiza. They are resident for the “Senses” party hosted by SexynChic at Ushuaia (Ibiza) and they will also play at OHM Festival in Croatia.

Their summer is shaping up to be bigger and better then ever before – watch this space!

2 rating


Drumcode // Stockholm (SWE)

Enjoying life inspired by memories and music from the past, combining them with the progressing sound of techno. Pär Grindvik is an artist that always aims to compose music that keeps the aesthetics and underground culture alive.

Pär Grindvik or his pseudonym The Hollow has been a core person of the Swedish electronic scene since the nineties as record store-owner (Illegal Stockholm), label manager and producer. He is a well established artist and after many years of touring and releases on big name labels like Drumcode, Spectral Sound and his own label Stockholm LTD, which he created and founded in 2002, he is now based in Berlin, Germany.

Stockholm LTD began as an outlet for singles and EPs from Swedish electronic artists with a focus on releasing timeless electronic music. Nowadays it's much more, as each release tells its own story. Every inch of Pär’s work, including the label, artwork, release info and music, is wrapped with heart and emotion, which keeps the sparkle and curiosity alive within the ever changing adaptations of the artistic world.

Thus, Pär Grindvik is one of the most promising names around today and one of the most respected producers out there!

0 rating

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