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Aeon / AEON009

AEON009 is expertly crafted by AEON labelboss and veritable wunderkind of the multi-faceted anologue electronic, German DJ and producer Alex Niggemann. As a firm believer that a collection of music should unravel and develop like the plot of a good book, this EP is an apt offering from the German maestro, who has recently seen (and is still seeing) underground chart success with his release 'Materium' on Poker Flat, as the likes of Sven Vath, Tale of Us and Mano le Tough continue to drop it to revering masses across the globe. Following successful releases on Poker Flat, Compost Black Label and Last Night On Earth to name a few, 'Abaton' carries on his chameleonic success. The title track highlights Niggemann's affinity with texture and genre- defying sound, as he mixes ethereal chords with stark ashen synths for a truly goose bump- inducing musical experience. First on remix duty is the outfit Quantum Entanglement, comprised of Lee Jones and Fink, who provide a somewhat mellow interpretation, leading into a satisfying deeper progression. Irish producer Chymera evokes an eery landscape with his rework of the track, with the tentative sound of synths juxtaposed with murkier sonic trails and a tiptoeing bassline. Niggemann rounds off the EP with 'Tripping Minds' - a maze of rhythmic curlicues that dance around melancholic pads and descend over a bassline that truly packs a punch, causing the listener to yearn for a dancefloor, or reminisce on a past moment of musical clarity that can only come from the most prolific of music. The fifth track is a Beatport exclusive in the form of a Lee Jones remix. This collection of intelligent, almost lugubrious sonic expression is a fitting display of how far Alex Niggemann, and indeed his AEON label have come; catapulting you into a darker, more aggressive and impressive world of musical capability.



Systematic Recordings / SYST00202



Soul Clap Records / SCR014

Secret Handshake Ep


Get physical Music / GPM283

After featuring a new version of the popular 'NY Drive' on Get Physical's 'Body Language Volume 15' compilation by DJ T., teuton duo Tapesh and Kevin Over are back on Get Physical Music by way of their fresh new 'Secret Handshake EP'. The release features three ice-cold tracks that ooze street cool, all the way from its eponymous opening, Secret Handshake, with its bubbling rhythms and long, sweet buildup, to Junior Street's soulful vocals set against a chill, heavy backdrop, and on to U Brother, closing it all with hypnotic broken beats. Sprinkled with vinyl-popping accents and a couple of vocal nods to our soulful musical forefathers, Tapesh and Kevin Over's 'Secret Handshake EP' maintains that same NY feel that brought them to Get Physical Music in the first place.

Black Drop Effects


Aeon / AEON008

'Black Drop Effects' is named after the Black Drop Effect, the dark bridge which appears to join two almost-touching bodies against bright light: famously, Venus becoming teardrop- shaped on its transit across the sun, just before it moves into the darkness of space. All four tracks on this EP from Italian-born producer Palese are named after scientific aspects of the planet Venus, confirming that industrial can most certainly still be intriguing. The EP surprises you with twists and turns, defying any stereotypical assumption of techno being all uniform monotony. Here, with each hi hat and rolling bassline, Palese weaves a multi-coloured fabric for the listener - great quality techno, the type that makes your nose tingle. Kicking off with 735K (the surface temperature of Venus), don't expect to be eased in gently, as this is a worthy cut with a tempo tough enough to shake the walls of Amnesia's Main Room. Next, fellow Italian duo Speaking Minds step in, revving up the original whilst creating a more melancholic soundscape, showcasing their penchant for melodic electronic. Transit of Venus is the epitome of deep, trippy and dancefloor-ready, steering the listener into murkier unknown waters, and preparing them for the heaviest track on the EP, 4.9, titled after the planet's brightness... and this is a hefty wedge of carnal techno that the rest of the EP has you panting for. Palese has achieved what every artist creating a new (planetary) body of work sets out to do - each track strong enough to stand (and in fact raise a dancefloor) on its own, but an EP that as a whole tells a story, shooting the listener into a delirious galactic techno trance.

Web TV


6 rating


7 rating


5 rating




The name Smash TV rings bells internationally. Like a phoenix off the ashtray, Holger Zilske and Kai
Preussner are back to bond their knowhow and skills, always burning the candle at both ends…  
Founder Holger Zilske is known for his numerous Smash TV-releases on bpitchcontrol: his albums
“electrified” and “bits for breakfast”, singles like “yellow asteroids” “air/earth” and “locomotive
breath” plus co-writing and co-production for Ellen Allien including the albums “stadtkind”,
“berlinette” and “thrills”. Playhouse, Diynamic and Leena have been recent stations on Holgers path,
always displaying a distinct blend of complex arrangements, gargantuan bass lines and sweat fueled
percussion. Furthermore he’s got collaborations with Miss Kittin, Raz Ohara, Daso, Richard Davis,
Dave dk and remixes for the likes of Claude Von Stroke, Kiki, Miss Kittin, Adam Freeland, Toktok and
Marco Resmann up his sleeve.  
Kai Preussner has been silently involved in Smash TV productions since 2001 and collaborated with
Holger Zilske on his highly rated soloalbum “Holz” on Playhouse. now he steps into the spotlight as
the new member of Smash TV. Kai is also known as Citycobra and has just released an EP. with Axel
Boman and Dave DK on Moodmusic and got another one
on Playhouse coming up.  
For Holger and Kai, music is not just about the dancefloor, it’s a way of life and a means of
communication on a deep emotional level. This becomes apparent on their latest releases “Baby Got
Me Open” on the “Full Body Workout Vol. 7“ on Get Physical ,the remix of the M.A.N.D.Y. & Matthew
Dear track “Buddies” out on Get Physical in early in February, the “World Wide Wet”-EP on Leena out
in March 2011 as well as their live- & dj-sets, which achieved them the reputation of being the “last
men standing”.

16 rating


Escada Music / Ibadan Records / Rekids / Plastic City // GREECE

Part of the exciting wave of Greek talents coming up in house and techno over the last decade, Nikola Gala is a prolific producer whose impeccably produced tracks have become big releases for Ibadan Records, Rekids, Freerange Records and Plastic City; all labels which represent true quality in the world of underground dance music. Armed with little more than a mixtape of random techno tunes and the first two albums of The Prodigy as a teenager, Nikola Gala embarked on his musical journey which has lasted over 15 years. Producing since 1995, DJ since 2000, Gala founded his own record label called Escada Music, has traveled with his music around to the world serenading dancefloors in Tokyo, London, Madrid, Moscow and Stockholm, and impressed even the most hardened dance music journalist and critic with his clever productions, and a comprehension of sound that knows no borders.

Nikola's musical output and DJ style has evolved and reinvented itself many times over the years, always incorporating fresh new elements while remaining relevant and interesting. In fact, after a perusal of Nikolas back catalog, one might wonder if there's something he isn't capable of producing! Nikolas first records of progressive house music were released on the most spotlight labels of the genre including Armada, Lost Language, Rennaisance, Intrinsic and Audio Therapy. In 2005 after switching to a more sophisticated, deep house style, Nikola was gaining attention for making rich tracks with a sharp tech edge, like "Everything Is You" on Stripped Records. "What helps me most in developing my sound" Nikola explains, "is the music scene itself. There are so many good producers releasing amazing material week by week, it's what pushes me to explore new sounds." This is precisely what he did in 2008 after dancing all night long to Âme. Nikola came home and wrote Kilo Tango the EP that would signify a major turning point in his career. Techno producer Jerome Sydenham would release Kilo Tango on his renowned label Ibadan, and later commission Nikola for yet another release. "Beyond Nikola's diverse creative talents", remarks Sydenham, "I really appreciate his inner balance as an individual and wish him only the best."

Since then, more excellent releases under Nikolas belt and a relocation to Berlin have only encouraged and fostered his promising career. Consider the passionate vibes of the track "Broken Chords" on Freerange, or the experimental ethno-mesmeric collaborations with Claap Records founder and good friend, GummiHz. Nikola is especially proud of his releases for Rekids - regarded by many as one of the leading record labels in the entire underground scene. Nikola acknowledges the move to Berlin has influenced his sound, but is quick to reassure us of another constant characteristic of his music: "I like to play energetic music with an uplifting character, even if I play deep or tech-house beats. People are going to clubs to have a good time and enjoy themselves, so bringing a smile to peoples faces is priority number one for me." Armed with undeniable talent, imagination and the gift of soulful expression, we can only imagine what the future holds for Nikola.

1 rating


The Face Of Ibiza / Ibiza Global Radio // Ibiza (ES)

Manu Gonzalez is one of the young promises that Ibiza gives occasionally.
Born on the island in 1990, this young DJ and producer is now in reality within the electronic scene Balearic designated origin. His way of understanding the meaning Balearic music mixes electronic music with the latest trends, quality tech house, groovy, cool and underground, but always thinking about the dance floor. That has been DJing regularly in the best clubs of the island, some of which are considered the best clubs in the world: Space Ibiza, Pacha Ibiza or Blue Marlin, among others, are normal places of its meetings. But especially is an active part of The Face of Ibiza, the weekly session led by Baby Marcelo and DJ Oliver takes place at Privilege Ibiza, the club of which he is resident and showcases the best of his suitcase sharing the stage with artists like Solomun, John Digweed, MANDY, Mendo, Supernova, Hernan Cataneo ...

But all is not Ibiza,Manu also travels around the world..to cities of Spain / Madrid,Barcelona,Valencia,Galicia.. as and clubs in countries like Germany, Austria, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Ireland and Romania have had Gonzalez as guest DJ. It supplements his artistic face editing tracks on prestigious labels such as Natural Rhythm, Novo Music ... played & supported tracks by artists like Luciano, Marco Carola, Dj Sneak .. among others. Also works in two different radio shows of the best electronic music stations in the world, Ibiza Global Radio and Ibiza Sonica.

3 rating


Transmit Recordings / Pacha Nyc // New York (US)

You can hear it in his music: The countless nights of dance floor devastation, the appreciation for the heritage of dance music, the aggressive desire to innovate and do something new. Listen to “Foul Beats,” one of Boris’s first tracks for revered techno label SCI+TECH, and it’s all right there.

There are overnight sensations, and then there’s Boris. Baptized in the booths of New York City, the Russian native learned the craft of DJ-ing in front of the most demanding crowds in the world, developing a deep sense of what moves a packed floor in a moment, an hour, or a full night-to-morning extended session. From TKYEAR to today, he’s been a resident at every major New York nightclub (including Pacha, Crobar, and Roxy), and received award nominations for his service (Club World Awards, America’s Best DJ), not to mention the adoration of dedicated fans: His “BELIEVE” brand is based on their faith in him. He’s also released several compilations on local label Nervous; timeless capsules of the sounds of the city. (He’s set to release a new album on Nervous this March.)

But New York is just the beginning of the story. Boris is a resident at Space (Miami), a regular at BPM Festival (Mexico) and Wet Republic (Las Vegas), and has brought his particular set of skills to Japan, Korea, and Ibiza. His annual pool party Get Wet is a staple of Miami Music Week.

Now, Boris is parlaying all that international intelligence into new productions that represent a fresh musical direction. New Generation, his aptly named debut EP on SCI+TECH (the venerable underground label of legendary artist Dubfire), is deep techno with an energetic BPM: One cut of undeniable funk (“Generate”) and one of undeniable filth (“Foul Beats”), each meant to take the night to the next level. It follows up “Give Yourself” on Roger Sanchez’s Stealth, an electro-house nugget with a walloping kick drum and epic double breakdown. These are the first in a stream of new work melding harder tech sounds with dance floor dynamics.

1 rating



Francisco de Tavira starts his career in 2001 after three active years gettin’ into the mexican electronic scene. In the beginning he was part of events where he listened to grand part of the international DJ’s,

25 rating


Lola Ed / Moon Harbour Recording // Paris (FR)

Seuil is that kind of mysterious artist, ones know he’s talented, great DJ, authentic producer, but remained underestimated for a while within the international deep house landscape. And all of this inspite of some high level releases on Minibar, Moon Harbour, Lessizmore or the late lamented Dan Ghenacia’s Freak N Chic that sadly closed down a few months ago. But the release of his first album « Chamaeleonidae », last year, seemed to finally give to his productions a first sign of recognition. While the trend is obviously to release deep house as boring and consensual as possible, getting more and more unvaried and dully, Seuil (and his stooges) finally brings a breath of fresh air to this scene, using nice and complex drums, percussions, ambiances and melodies thoroughly composed and handled.

This sphere he created and made concrete, not only he transmits it through his records, but also on his label Eklo: its latest release (Prostitute) in collaboration with dOP was a huge success, and finally gave to this young label a strong and stable position. By the way, you should know Seuil recently started a new project with his buddy Le Loup , a brand new label called Hold Youth, only based on vinyl releases and a wide range of musical genres, from disco to house, and even hip-hop. We’ll certainly know a bit more about it in the forthcoming months.

Concerning his solo projects, a new EP will be out very soon on Circus Company and another one on Ultrastrech (Sammy Dee’s new label), there’s also a remix for the next Lee Foss coming on Culprit and a couple of other records are announced later this year on Supplements Facts and Hello Repeat. A quite filled agenda, considering he is also currently working on his new album even if nothing has been officially announced so far.

Between two studio sessions, he always managed to find some time to deliver huge mixes, seductive and captivating. If you still don’t know Seuil, it’s time for you to get to know him.

6 rating


Get Physical / Zweisam Records // Dresden (GER)

Who Jonas learned as musicians will appreciate, to appreciate him as a person, because he's more than just the rough shell of his music. Rather, one should look at it as a kind of ambassador. An ambassador of good taste, joy and above all the irony. After all, he accumulates a large number of disciples to his label Pathetique to (the name of the label is outward while
been chosen deliberately st). This name he takes in his own leadership roles at their word. His Progressive debauchery in his rather housy sound are like a surprising pikeperch in the snack stand. A fish consisting of Groovigkeit and a touch of melancholy. In this case, you think that he produces his music with an ease like no other. Behind but is also great work, passion and effort. Jonas is in fact not a man of half measures. So you should be excited about what he will be facing in the future on its feet. Stay tuned.

2 rating


Cocoon Recordings // Frankfurt (DE)

When Chris Tietjen was born in Cannes, France, in October 1985, nobody expected his name to arise within the electronic music scene 20 years later. Grown up close to Frankfurt he was infected with the techno virus in early days. It was bound to happen: that one special night and a Sven Väth set second to none inspired him so much, it was just a question of time until young Chris forced his mum to buy his first turntable. He fell in love with electronic music, deeper, day by day. Like many before, he spent the following summer in Ibiza with all night party at the Amnesia, ending up on one of Sven`s notorious afterhour parties. Coincidentally standing right behind him, he got to turn Svens turntables himself. And made a lasting impression on his master.

By 2003, this experience plus an irresistible urge to present his skills to other music buffs made Chris spin more records at several parties in the Rhein Main Delta. Supported by friends as well as party hosts, first gigs followed in 2004 in smaller clubs all over Frankfurt. Was the talent deserving of the hype? Well, the Cocoon posse was convinced and invited him to play the Nature One’s Warm-Up – where once again Chris rocked and his audience rolled willingly.

Once Sven Väth’s dream of his own “Cocoon Club” in Frankfurt war realized, Chris was given the opportunity to give official proof of his DJ skills. His gig with Ingo Boss and the master himself in 2005 was both challenge and honour for the plucky 19 year old. And that was only the beginning of Chris rocking the Mainfloor.

Sven Väths vision of the Cocoon Clubbing included, besides the “Big names” of the scene, a platform for young talents, out of which the “Next Generation “was launched in 2005. A perfect chance for young Chris, hosting that night for acts like Pig & Dan, Raresh or Alex Smoke, who celebrated their premiere gig exhaustively.

Subsequently, the Cocoon Club became his homebase and his name an essential part of the clubs bookings. His next carrier step: beginning of 2006 he gained entry into the Cocoon Booking Rooster – kick-start of a fabulous year. Starting with Sven Väth, who chose him to be his Warm-Up DJ for the whole World tour, i.e. the Crystalclub in Bucharest or the legendary Florida 135 in Fraga, Spain – a splendid opportunity to win an international audience. And he kept on winning, audiences, gigs, month after month. Back home, Sven Väth and Cocoon label boss Pauli Steinbach granted him to compilate the best Cocoon tracks for the label’s five year anniversary jubilee album. The groovy Mix was released in May 2006 and is simply called “One”. A more than positive reaction and the great success of the CD prompted the Cocoon heads to assign Chris to produce this kind of mix CD every year offering a review of the year’s best Cocoon Record releases. “One” was followed by “Two”, and guess what – now it`s “Three”.

The football worldcup 2006 was Chris’ first summer with large festival bookings – ahead of all the Love family Park in Hanau, the „Sonne Mond und Sterne“ , The „Pollerwiesen“ and „Green & Blue“. After this grandiose season Chris gained another night at the Cocoon: „Micro“, the stylish restaurant inside the club, was now to be rocked. In 2006, he initiated
„Micromized“with his friend Ingo Boss. This is where you find their strongly deep side playing, from hypnotic minimal sounds to groovy house records – your wish is their desire. That’s why the “Micromized” nights rate among the best.

2007 was his final breakthrough, nationally and internationally. From now on, Chris played the Sven’s worm-up, sometimes the final also, and started his first solo-tour that brought him from South America to Japan. He was no longer the worm-up DJ, but stepping out of Sven’s shadow, now becoming a Headliner on several parties himself; among Cocoon Residencies abroad as well as other international clubs, like the Goa in Rome (Italy), The End (London, UK), Baracca (Valencia), Cocorico (Riccione) and the Harry Klein in Munich. Refining his skills and styles more and more, he became one of the most qualified ambassadors of sound and the sound of Cocoon. The years highlight was to be, beyond any doubt, his gig at the big Cocoon-Opening party in Ibiza, where he opened the Amnesia “Freakshow” together with Sven Väth. At the same time, his Teaser Mix CD was released on the island, and he was finally on everyone’s lips, noticeable especially when he was playing at Cocoon for an ever-expanding fan community.

Wouldn’t you know it, the year 2008 initiated even more good. Inspired by the local producers around the Freebase Posse, Chris` sound modified and he started to implement Records of urban friends and artists like Reboot, Markus Fix, Sascha Dive, and Robert Dietz into his sets.
Having returned from his latest South America Tour in May, he began to mix the official Cocoon Ibiza Mix CD in cooperation with Reboot and Johnny D. The result: a perfect collection of the latest Cocoon season on the white island, called “Disco Invaders”.
With only 22 years, Chris does not only represent Cocoon in Ibiza at every festival this year, he has also played himself a fixture within the German clubscene. No doubt: his “youngster” image has changed into a firmly established name.

Of course Chris is working on future plans already: he is about to go into the studio to set new tones with his own music. What’s more? The Next Generation night in the Cocoon club will get a makeover, and Chris will establish a new party night with the Rumanian Raresh. There are many things coming up, so stay tuned and look forward to what the 22-year old will bring up for his crowd next time – new stuff to dive into electronical soundscapes!

0 rating


Just Jack // Bristol (UK)

It was a miss-spent youth, on the dancefloors of club’s such as Backtobasics and Sankeys which cemented Dan’s passion for proper house music and made him dream about one day being the other side of the turntables, playing the music he loved at some of the best clubs in the world.

After moving to Bristol, Dan set about making that dream a reality. He began the now infamous ‘Just Jack’ parties in 2006 and has played nearly every event for them to this date. Just Jack has since gained a reputation as a base for quality house and techno in the South West, playing host to the worlds most revered Dj’s and producers. House and techno Legends such as Carl Craig and Derrick Carter, and underground heroes like Steve Bug, Seth Troxler, and Jamie Jones, have all recently graced the Just Jack decks decks.

Dan’s passion, experience and skill behind the decks has certainly not gone un-noticed- His dream to play at the best club’s in the world has become a reality as he has notched up several appearances at BacktoBasics, Below, Louche, Cocoon and Circo Loco in the UK. The Garden and Hideout in Croatia, We Love... and Ugroove at Space in Ibiza and is a regular behind the decks at BuggedOut!

It is Dan’s spiritual home Just Jack where he is most in his element however, where he show’s his ability to command a dancefloor, playing extended sets around the worlds greatest dj’s to a sweat drenched crowd. His low slung sleazy, take on house music, the perfect sound track for late night disco destruction.

4 rating



House - Deep House - FR

At the young age of 16 Claude Monnet’s passion for music was ignited when he discovered the early DJ culture. Spinning at St Tropez...

23 rating


Moon Harbour / Noir Music / Great Stuff // Prishtina Kosovo

Few Djs or producers inspire an entire genre with their style alone. Sabb (Sabri Kastrati), has single handedly done such that. Hailing from the capitol of Kosovo, Prishtina, his Deep-Techy-Tribal-Hypnotic grooves have made him an important player in the electronic music scene over the last two years. You can find many of Sabb's releases on some of the most respected and major underground electronic labels such as Audiomatique Recordings, Noir Music, Great Stuff Recordings, Defected, Toolroom Records, Cr2, Definitive, MBF, Connaisseur, Stealth Rec, Monique Musique, Nervous just to name a few.

Just within the last few months Sabb has been very busy remixing artists like Pleasurekraft,Wally Lopez,Chris Lake, Carlo Lio, Saeed Younan, Wehbba, Gary Beck, Supernova and Hector Couto among others. Only a year after beginning his production carreer,, Sabb's first record release, "Dead Corps", landed immediately on top 100 beatport charts and was released on his own label, SK Supreme Records. So did his last 2 Original Releases "Nasty Girl" Released on Great Stuff Recordings jumped to #8 on Tech House Charts and his "Cowbell Talk" released on his own imprint SK Supreme Records reached #32 and had several plays by Tanzmann&Squillace,Carola,Luciano,Wally Lopez and many more. He's also peaked twice at #2 on the beatport Deep House Charts with "Sax On Wax" and his Summer of 2010 hit, "Ballkanika". The "Ballkanika" release also featured a remix by Mendo (which peaked at #3 on Beatport Tech House Charts) and has been licensed for Toolroom Knights mixed by Mark Knight.
Wether in a beach party in the United States or in a nightclub in Europe, Sabb's versatile DJ sets are fueled by the spontaneous and subtle nuances of the venue and crowd.

appearances (just to name some):

Cielo ( New York - USA ),
Nikki Beach ( Miami - USA )
Avalon ( Hollywood/Los Angelos - USA )
Danny Tenaglia & Friends durin WMC at Surfcomber ( Miami - USA )
Electric Pickle ( Miami - USA )
Lima ( Washington - USA )
Vision ( Naples - USA )
Senso ( Orlando - USA )
Mood Club ( Strasbourg - France)
Nordstern ( Basel - Swiss )
Music Please (Brussels Belgium )
Stairs Club ( Zurich - Swiss )
Colosseum ( Skopje - Macedonia )
Little Buddha ( Amsterdam - Netherlands)
Grajski Raj ( Ljubljana - Slovenia )
Spray Club ( Prishtina - Kosovo )
Zone Club ( Prishtina - Kosovo )

and many more..

0 rating


Upon You Records / Get Physical // GER

Stretching back much further than his first visit to a night club, Emerson Todd's musical heritage comes from a very, very early age. Named after a prog rock band, Emerson first learnt the art of music selection at a very early age. When the tapes or 12"s ran their course at family parties, It was a young Mr Todd that would change the music and with that came his first experience of learning how people react to different music.

Then with the family owned record shop, Emerson discovered his love of vinyl and crate digging, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since then his musical journey has followed a geographical one, while traveling from New Zealand to Australia, London and now Berlin, Emerson has graced such labels as Saved, Upon You, One Records, Cocoon, Apparel Music and My Favourite Robot; a diverse selection of labels for an artists whose inspirations and sets come from an equally diverse background

3 rating

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