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Punch Dance Ep


Say What? Recordings / SAWH014

This alliance of Massimo Cassine and Proudly People pumps out some serious heads-down business and the title track gets us in a dubby mood with lazy chord stabs, mangled vocal action and quirky effects. Label boss Ramon Tapia set out to also dub things out even more, going for a cavernous approach which is heavily supported by a locomotive rhythm section. The EP closes with "Debil" with its very sticky bassline and organic sounding drum set. Of course, more heavily processed vocals are in order and haunting synths make their appearance around the breakdown.



Fantastic Friends Rec / FFRLIMITED004

A new punchy, smart & groovy 3-tracker featuring label boss Nicolas Duvoisin & Markus Homm Remix. Nicolas
Duvoisin's "Right" is a slamming tech-house bomb like even your mother would be dancing at this infectious, catchy,
hypnotic groove, at these claps, dirty & obscene like ass-slaps, at these cobra-ish dangerous snares, playing a vicious
hide & seek, a ghost-iish presence like an obsessing menace.

As hypnotic as the original, this version is everything but a slamming tech-house track. Build on a minimalistic &
atmospheric groove, sprinkled with dreamy synths lines & ethereal vocals, Markus Homm's remix of "Right" is a
delicious & addictive piece of smart dancy house-music. "I know it" is a perfect tech-house tool, punchy as hell, sexy as
fuck, a promise to orgasm for every pair of dancing shoes, honey for the ears and a godsend for every dj! A good way to
cheer up a dancefloor!

Already played by :
Someone Else - Julien Chaptal - Los Suruba - Mihai Popoviciu - Markus Homm
Dachshund - Agaric - Re Up - Nico Stojan - Nathan Coles - Manuel De Lorenzi - Leix - Jules & Moss
Hermanez - Gregorythme - Dhaze - Ben Hoo - and many more ...

Lunes Ep


Ovum Recordings / OVM247

Ovums 20th birthday celebrations continues with the debut of Tuccillo Tuccillo has been a producer/DJ for longer than 15 years being a self-taught virtuoso of the electronic sound. Originally from Italy, he established himself in Ibiza a few years ago. He stood out with his open format sound, playing House, Techno, Deep House, Down tempo and Balearic. He blended an electronic and analog sound, which became his own and unmistakable sound. Outside of his legendary DJ sets, he has also made a name for himself as a talented producer, recording for labels like 2020Vision , 8bit , Holic Traxx , unblock and now Ovum. Tuccillos debut on Ovum displays his incredible diversity. There is no way to put a label on it, but to say it is purely Tuccillo. On the title track Lunes, Tuccillo delivers snappy NY house beats around proper techno rhythms and a haunting vocal. You can imagine yourself getting lost in this music. For Take My Joy, the approach is pure funked out goodness. You can once again feel the influence of NY house but with a tech twist. Infectious grooves along with perfectly placed vocal samples make for a track that will have the dance floor rolling! For the final cut on the EP, we have Triphouse which is a hypnotic journey. The haunting vocal and modulating stabs make for an absolute monster of a track. The twists and turns will keep the crowd moving. Three diverse tracks that should find their way into a diverse selection of DJs

Parallel Minds Ep


Turquoise Blue Recs / TQR017V

Northern England's Turquoise Blue imprint delivers the 'Parallel Minds' EP this September, coming 
courtesy of French duo Yamen & EDA, backed with remixes from Terence:Terry and John Dimas. 

Yamen & EDA aka Hadrien Alaoui & Francois Sauri were born and raised in the south of France, since hooking 
up in 2011 and starting to produce material together the duo have found themselves playing sets at some of 
Europe's most influential nightclubs, such as Watergate (Berlin), Social Club (Paris) and The Garage (Leeds). 
Here we see the pair offer up an EP for the ever on-point Turquoise Blue imprint, and with material forthcoming 
on One Records and the launch of their Rawmance LTD label, evidently these two are ones to watch over the 
coming months and 2015. 

Kicking off the release is the original mix of 'Windmill', a stripped percussive-led number fuelled by sparse, 
minimalistic drums, rumbling sub-bass tones and mind-bending vocal murmurs. La Vie En Rose owner 
Terence:Terry steps up to rework 'Windmill' to follow, upping the energy levels with the percussive aspects, 
and bringing a more stab focused resonant bass hook to the forefront. 

Second on the original content from the duo we have 'Physicall', embracing a similar low-slung aesthetic to the 
preceding cut the pair blend shuffling rhythms and processed spoken word vocals with swirling ethereal pad 
sounds and subtly programmed bass hits to create a smooth, hypnotic number. Berlin-based John Dimas 
reshaphes 'Physicall' next with his 'Warped Mix', and as the name would suggest Dimas re-twists the original 
number into a fluttering, heavily processed interpretation.

You And Me Ep


Freerange Records / FRD195

As we hurtle towards our 200th Freerange release the quality output you've come to expect from Freerange shows no sign of faltering with Bas Amro bringing you an absolutely stellar EP entitled You And Me. Dutch wunderkind Bas has built himself a solid reputation through only a handful of releases on labels such as Wolfskuil, Kutchuli and most notably his 2011 EP Ten on Freerange which has gone onto become a stone-cold classic in the deep house mecca of Johannesburg. 

This long awaited follow up delivers on every level and if early feedback and crowd response is anything to go by looks set to push Bas further into the spotlight where he deserves to be. You And Me starts in a deceptively understated manner wrapping you in a shroud of warm, dubby stabs underpinned by a rolling groove that can%u2019t fail to draw you onto the dancefloor. Things stay deep with hints of Chandler and echoes of Basic Channel until the breakdown arrives, the filters roll up and the whitenoise shines through bringing a new energy and dynamic to the track. 

A classic, timeless vibe which we're proud to be bringing you on Freerange. As with his previous release Ten, Bas works hard to deliver not one but two faultless originals so flip over for Across The Street featuring the vocals of Kennifer and you won't be disappointed. A simple, repeating six-measure synth hook 
DRIVES the track and brings with it a lovely looseness and lack of obvious structure. Kennifer%u2019s sparse, almost improvised sounding vocal drops heighten the sense of space and freefall effect making such a refreshing change to most of todays formulated and conventional house music. 

Last up is an amazing remix of You and Me from rising start Matt Karmil who brings his own unique and refreshing sound to the EP. Karmil%u2019s recent LP on PNN won rave reviews from all corners and with just two other releases on Beats In Space and International Records Recordings he seems to have burst from out of nowhere but has certainly become hot property in the last 12 months. His forthcoming remix for John Talabot and Axel Boman under their Talaboman is immense and here he treads a similar path focusing on a raw percussion-heavy sound with very minimal tweaks and effects adding subtle colour and interest. These days it's very hard to breakthrough with an original, new approach to house but Matt Karmil seems to have done it with ease.

Web TV


6 rating


7 rating


5 rating



Paris (FR)

 Deep House

Victor Petroï is one of the newcomers of house from Paris. Playing deep and raw house, he's all about sharing feelings during his sets.

20 rating


Visionquest / Catwash Records / Crosstown Rebels / Berlin (USA)

Shaun Reeves is an enigmatic pioneer who’s trailblazing quest to export his unique brand of cosmic underground house and techno from his hometown of Detroit to Europe and beyond has brought him international acclaim. Alongside best friends Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Seth Troxler he has helped put a warm, esoteric spin on the city’s musical heritage taking it away from clinical minimalism, back towards warmer, more spiritual party music. Together they have formed Visionquest, a genre-busting four-piece DJ combo, live act, record label and forward-thinking school of thought.

Shaun grew up putting on parties in and around Detroit, starting off in small bars and attic spaces, booking the likes of Magda, Dan Bell and John Tejada to play for him. During this time he started drawing deep inspiration from the early Perlon records and listening to sets from its label boss Zip, in 2004 Shaun decided to make the bold move to Berlin closer to the source of this sound. Since his move to Berlin, Shaun Reeves has been enthralling audiences on both sides of the Atlantic with his own highly distinctive mixture of American house, both classic and contemporary, and the deepest, most cutting edge aspects of post-minimal techno and tech-house. In addition to playing in Berlin's celebrated Panorama Bar, Watergate, the legendary Beatstreet loft parties and holding his ‘Soul Shower’ summer residency at Club Der Visionaere, he has appeared at DC10 (Ibiza), Fabric (London), Robert Johnson (Frankfurt), Cityfox (Zurich), Sankeys (Manchester) and played for Wolf+Lamb at The Marcy Hotel (NYC).

The last few years have seen Shaun blossom in the studio, both on his own for New York’s Wolf+Lamb, as ‘The Royal We’ with Seth Troxler for Crosstown Rebels, alongside Guti and Miss Fitz for Wolf+Lamb and Raum…musik and most recently as Visionquest remixing Tracey Thorn (for Strange Feeling), doP & Seuil (for Eklo) and Paul Ritch & D’Julz (for Quartz Music).

When he’s not conjuring up bombs in the studio or trawling through record shops and the farthest reaches of the internet in search of forgotten gems and untapped jams, that sound decidedly fresh and exciting, Shaun remains committed to pushing all genres of dance music forward. His is music not just for the dance floor, but also for the body, soul…and brain. As the recent resurgence of interest in the border between house and techno makes all too clear, Shaun has always been one to set musical trends rather than follow them.

5 rating


Techsoul Records // Lisbon (POR)

Francisco Badalo aka Stereosoul was born in Elvas, Portugal.

He started to work as a DJ in 2008. In the very beginning of his career he took his first steps as a DJ but soon after that he decided to dedicate more time to another musical genre which it's his music trademark: Deep House and Tech House.

He move to Lisbon, since 2009 and this young Dj/Producer with 20 years old became one rising name in the Portuguese dance . 

After his first EP edited by label Techsoul Records, he was invited to join Techsoul Records.
In his yet short career has remixed and colaborated with some artists as Mikalogic, Merlo, Just2 ,Rishi K, Midinoize or Chris Junior to name a few.

Recently has made some radio Showcases at Deepsound FM and Tunnel FM.

From now on he will produce several projects adding a more deep sonority to his own musical style.

As a DJ he played in several partys and festivals around Portugal such as Optimus ALIVE! 2010, New University of Lisbon's Semana do Caloiro, Op Art Café, Space Garden, Ko-zee and more.
2 rating


Cocoon Recordings // Frankfurt (DE)

Since his beginnings in the Frankfurt club scene in 1982, when Sven Väth attracted interest with DJ sets of several hours and a completely new understanding of club culture, his name has not only stood for the constant development of this art form called Electronic Music: with his platform Cocoon, he has also revealed a real dedication in the support of young musical talent showing his passion for bringing great music to the fore.

Sven has his fans in the most important clubs across the globe as well as at the world’s biggest festivals, he toured South America and played in the Thai jungle, and he is cultural ambassador of the German Goethe Institute. On the dance floor, he unites thirty-five-year-olds with fifteen-year-olds. The reader's polls of the big magazines regularly see him in top ranks in every important category, and his tours lead him to more than seventy cities and numerous festivals on four continents, practically the whole year through. However, besides his own career, the advancement of electronic music as such is of high importance to Sven. His Cocoon network is home to the booking agency Cocoon Artist Booking, the event agency Cocoon Events and the record label Cocoon Recordings – three very important components of the electronic music scene that are both innovative and independent.

In Ibiza, the Cocoon events belong to the most successful parties for years, due to their sharp musical and artistic profile. In the year 2004, six years after the closing of the ground-breaking Omen club (whose artistic motor Sven Väth had been), he started a new era of club-life in Germany and opened the cocoonclub in Frankfurt, setting new standards in design, conception and music. Two restaurants, a Michelin-star awarded chef and the elite of the international DJ guild guarantee a high-class entertainment experience.

5 rating


[a:rpia:r] / Understand // Bucharest (ROU)

our own Cezar is one of the leading "new kids on the block". his cutting edge sets are both seminal and energetic,
the boundry between new and old, minimal techo or house is determined only by the vibe he finds "out there".

playing alongside big names like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano or the whole Arpiar gang didn't keep Cezar tied to the
decks. he also found the time and energy needed to sharpen his production skills. Cezar even got involved in a live
project with percussionist Lucian Maxim and vibrafone player Alexandru Anastasiu.

together with Raresh, Praslea and Kozo, Cezar founded Afumati a production collective in which they work randomly
and alltogether. his first solo EP (Din Gand in Cand) has just seen the light on the new Understand label. which he
also started with Kozo and Praslea.


15 rating


OVERdrive // Toulouse (FR)

Passion for electronic music came while Dadou was traveling around the world. Tahiti where he feds himself with reggae, rock and psyché, Morocco at the famous Transahara Festival with Trance music and finally in Spain where he mets Yoan L Mit who is Rachdingue Surrealist resident dj. Techno became his style of predilection at this time.

Influenced by artists like MINILOGUE, IAN O'DONOVAN, RODRIGUEZ Jr, APPARAT or even DEPECHE MODE, Dadou decides to try himself at deejaying in late 2012. A few month later, he won OVERdrive DJ Contest and gets the chance to produce himself in a big venue like INOX ELECTRONIC CLUB and shares the decks with SEUIL and OVERdrive resident djs. The feeling was so good that he was invited to join OVERdrive DJ Crew as well as a volunteer of the team. Dadou had the chance to play in clubs like Le coup d'Etat (Tlse), Kost After Club ( Tlse ) , Beaucoup Bar ( Tlse) , INOX CLUB ( Tlse) , TERRAZZA ( Tlse ) and The famous Rachdingue ( Spain ) for his 45th Birthday . He played alongside artists like Rodriguez Junior , Roberto Capuano , Gabriel D'or & Bordoy , FLEX , Vincenzo .. His Vision of music oscillates between Techno , Progressive & Melodic universe with Captivating strings , mystic atmospheres , strong and groovy rythms .
5 rating


Techsoul Records / Loco Records // Catania (ITA)

Filippo Mistretta aka Submantra  born to Ragusa in the 80 ´s . He lives to Vizzini near Catania in Sicily. In 1992 Phillip it discovers the deep attraction that it ties him to the console and he starts the first vinyls when he is  only 12 years old.
In the 90 ´s he is considered one of the best dj of eastern sicily, thanks to his skills behind the turntables.
Trapped over the years of the music production and he start to sample sounds and it begins to work with the fisrt virtual machines for music creation.
Today Submantra is considered one of the best DJ/ Producer of Deep House  and soulful music in Italy and in the world.
His sound is very impressive and full of atmosphere with fantastic beats and hypnotic chords and moods.
He sign with most important House labels of the world as: Loco Records, I Records, Save Room, Seamless, Starlight, Dcsand many more…
with important collaborations with: Soul Minority, Le vinyl, Karol XVII & MB Valence and many more...
He is also a big remixer, so he has remixed  for big artists as: Dawn Tallman, Hippie Torrales, Craig  Stewart , Jonny Montana, and many more.
2 rating


Music On // Italy (ITA)

LEON from Italy is a man that has been making major waves in the house scene since his breakthrough at the beginning of 2009. Bursting onto the scene with a bang, LEON has carved out quite a reputation in such a short period of time!
Releases for Steve Lawler’s Viva imprint, Nick Curly’s much talked about Cecille label, the outstanding Supernature imprint, Italian giants Rebirth and super Nic Fanciulli label Saved have catapaulted Leon to the very forefront of the house scene. If that wasn’t enough huge remixes for the likes of Tim Green, Audiofly, Yousef, Felipe Venezuela have also been been huge on dancefloors around the world.
The plaudits have come thick and fast for Leon, with massive amounts of dj support on his music from the likes of Steve Lawler, Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Carl Cox, MANDY, Danny Tenaglia, Loco Dice, Pete Tong, Ricardo Villalobos, Danny Howells, Tiefschwarz, Matthias Tanzmann and many more of the worlds most revered djs. Its not difficult to see why people are already talking about him as a future star!
However this is not an over night success. For over 12 years now Leon has been honing his own unique style as a dj and producer, playing all over Italy, and being resident djs for Cocorico in Riccione, one of the best clubs on the planet. International dj dates have quickly followed and now Leon, can be found playing all over the world on a weekly basis at some of the worlds best clubs. Space Ibiza, Space Miami,Stereo Montreal, Zouk Singapore, Cielo & Pacha New York, Monza Frankfurt, Fuse London, Arma 17 Moscow, Sugar Factory Amsterdam, Sunwaves Festival Romania, Harry Klein Munchen, Club deer Visionnaire Berlin, Bedlam Kent, Spy Bar Chicago, Studio Martin Budapest, Street Parade Zurich, Extrema Festival Holland, Guvernment Toronto, Guendalina Lecce, Peter Pan Rimini, and many many more!
Get ready to be hearing a lot more about Leon on this 2012 with his new summer gigs on Music On ibiza with Marco Carola...
7 rating


Get Physical / Future Classic // Lithuania (LTU)

I don’t recall how, where or when I met Vidis, but I am sure he was already around when I started writing about Lithuanian nightlife in 2004. He quickly went from being just another DJ, to someone who kept surprising those in the scene with neatly selected sets, parties with secret guests (who turned out to be well known international artists), late night radio shows, a track in Gilles Peterson compilation, and much more…

Vidis has never considered himself an inventor. Or a pioneer. Some say reinventing the wheel is not an option, but what if you take something that already exists and add a new direction, quality, and dimension to it? Who can complain? So here’s Vidis today - a DJ, producer, promoter, radio host, label founder, artist agency manager, and more. Put it plain and simple – a music enthusiast of the highest order, a local institution, and an apt advocate of his city and the scene behind it. The master of reinvention.

Foreign acts were brought to Lithuania earlier than Vidis began his career, sure. He booked Rune Linbaek and Daniel Wang before the term New Disco was coined. Ame and Dixon first visited Lithuania and his parties ahead of being praised and pigeonholed as the new Deep House idols. Vidis introduced Jazzanova, Atjazz, Charles Webster, Prins Thomas, Chateau Flight, DJ Deep and many others to the Lithuanian clubbers and, brought Caribou, Architecture In Helsinki, and Junior Boys to perform live for those who thought they’ve seen and heard it all.

A visit to the studio of one of the most prolific Lithuanian producers, Mario Basanov, resulted in the formation of one of the most influential and internationally established production duo's, Mario & Vidis.

Silence wasn’t the first Lithuanian electronic music label either, but the first one to cross over internationally with tracks being played by Laurent Garnier, Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Soul Clap, Sasha, Jamie Jones and the likes. The label began worldwide distribution, and an international booking schedule would take him to the metropolis' of Berlin, London, Moscow, Istanbul, Milan, San Paulo, and even some unlikely places in Siberia.

The videos accompanying the music were of course not the first in the country, but they instantly became the most viewed, blogged (even by Kanye West), and Youtubed Lithuanian music videos ever.

The wheel of reinvention keeps on turning and Vidis is setting a new standard again - he's the first Lithuanian DJ to deliver a high profile mix album for internationally renowned label, and tech/deep house embassy

1 rating



Miguel Garji is characterized by a decidedly open to mergers and unconventional, which runs from the Deep more Soul, to the American Deep House Tech-House with a touch stronger vocal or electronic, according to the climate of the particular session.

11 rating


Apollonia / Lola Ed // Paris

A collaboration between three of Paris underground’s hottest exports , 2012 saw the launch of Apollonia, the new imprint and DJ outfit from Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom.

Sharing the same musical roots, tastes and creative vision, Apollonia was a natural, if not inevitable progression for the trio. Serving as a platform for their productions, the label represents new beginnings based on a solid family that have already done much to shape the underground house scene, in Paris and beyond.

For the debut release, Shonky’s ‘The Minneapolis Touch’ with his signature seductive melodies and hushed vocals caused a stir amongst their contemporaries, while ‘Close To The Edge’, the follow-up with Dan remixed by The Mole, became a firm favourite on the dance floor at DC10. Living life as an international DJ, the third EP comes from Dan and marks the first instalment of his ‘Trax On Da Road’ productions.

Also opening up the label to producers they admire, the first LP on Apollonia comes from house heavyweights Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez early 2013, while a vinyl repress line will be dedicated to releasing rare and classic out of stock favourites of the boys. Look out for POINT G’s genius ‘Underwater’ towards the end of the year.

Apollonia – A back2back2back showcase spectaculaire!

Get ready for the French invasion as Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom present their new live performance at exclusive parties (DC10, fabric, Panorama Bar, BPM Festival) around the world. DJing together for an extended set of five hours or more, this is a one-vinyl-each, back2back concept for the full duration of the show… Booom!

3 rating


Melizma / Safari Electronique / Viva Music // Valence (ESP)

Angel Mateu Moreno also known as Mate_U, started to spin his first records at the early age of 17. In 2004 he felt the interest about electronic music attending to the best record shops in Valencia. He played and shared some music with his friends Danny Fiddo and Alberto Sola, while he develops his production skills with big artists like AFFKT,J.M.Aboga and the same Danny.
His tracks have been published by the following record labels Melisma,Novotek, Malo records, Climatic Sound including one collaboratin wtih AFFKT and Samuel Dan for OFF.
In 2012 his new project with Danny Fiddo will see the light with tracks in labels such as VIVA music, Safari Numerique and Drumma.

3 rating

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