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IANVS71 is the label from Circoloco's System of Survival. Spinning together since 1989, Pietro 'Bingo' De
Lisi and Alex Carpentieri, affectionately known as Bingo & Alex, set up the label in 2008 as an outlet not only
for their own releases, but to nurture and support productions from artists that they have met along their
journey. With inspirations covering a range of styles and sounds from jazz through house to Detroit techno,
IANVS71 - like the System duo themselves - is not confined to one particular style.
In the music they play, and throughout all their productions or releases, the unifying theme is of looking back
to look forward, of acknowledging the rich history of house, and of delving into the past to create and shape
the future.
True aficionados, the boys, between them, boast a remarkable knowledge and back catalogue of music,
across many genres, defining their solid, smooth and thoroughly dependable sound. Says Alex, “our
productions never really fit to one particular style or type, Bingo has a soul and funk background whereas
mine is more Detroit or Chicago techno-inspired so our studio time is a real blend of the different styles, I
think that our releases, the same as when we play, become a real mix of these styles, making something
different completely, something new.”
The label motto “IN NOVA FERT MUTATAS DICERE FORMAS CORPORA (OVID 8 a.d.)” roughly
translates from it's original Latin to mean; “My soul inclines me to sing of forms changed into new bodies”
Because we look in more directions, we change, mutate, evolve in the present; progression of past to future,
where we happen, we become.
The IANVS71 international team now boasts many young talents on the cusp of the European house scene
including Outart, Autre, Doslive, AeN and Metrica.
IANVS71 releases are supported and played by: Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Loco Dice, Ashley
Beedle, Terrence Dixon, Dj Hell, Kenny Larkin, Davide Squillace, D'Julz, Lee Curtis to name a few.

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IANVS71 RADIO SHOW 03 BY LA TUERIE 08/22/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
IANVS71 RADIO SHOW 02 BY aEn 07/24/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
IANVS71 RADIO SHOW 01 BY CLAY 06/26/2012 [Add to playlist] [Download]
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