The Agriculture

The Agriculture

In Malaysia, agriculture is considered as one of the most famous resources in local. Our country even supplies and export to overseas as well, such as palm oil, petroleum, metal, rubber, wood and many more resources.

And apart from this, agriculture e-commerce of our country is getting more and more well-known all around the world, and is expanding to more opportunities in the worldwide market.

There are so many types that are involved under the category under agriculture. I am really grateful and proud of all of the countries out there.

Especially my country, are having so much of natural resources to supply and help the country to sustain, but also supplying and expand to bigger market, letting people know what are the things we are proud of, MSPO certification and also sharing the blessed resources with countries that are needing it. You need an office or a promoter to promote your services.

Like what law of attraction said, the more grateful you are, the more you will receive.

Now, let me explain to you some of the activities that are about agriculture.

First, the nomadic herd. This is considering as one of the most traditional methods of picking up all the natural resources. This method requires human, along with the animal, to explore the places and pick up the natural resources together.

Second, the changing of cultivate. This method was used by most of the farmer. Something different from the nomadic herd is that this method uses machine, instead of human force to work. It helped to save up a lot of time as well.

Then, it will be the expansion of plantation. It is such a big area waiting to be planted. Therefore, this method uses machines to replace the human force to plant and water the plant by using the machines to do so. While human needs a month to finish the plantation, machines needs a week to finish.

Last but not least, I am wishing our country are able to supply our precious natural resources to more and more countries.