Things About Liver Disease You Should Know

Hey guys, are you thinking of grabbing some medication from 马来西亚最好的肝病中藥? Or perhaps want to buy traditional herbs for your liver disease? Well, well, well, before you get on with your plan, why not you read this article about liver disease first. It could enlighten you more on what it is all about.
First, you need to know what causes this disease to take place. Some of the few common ones are hepatitis B and C, continuous alcohol consumption, cirrhosis, hemochromatosis, and malnutrition. The symptoms include nausea, losing of appetite, diarrhea as well as extreme fatigue. However, when it gets serious, be ready for jaundice, swollen abdomen, mental disorientation and worse, coma.

So, how do this disease be prevented? The first thing you should be doing is to get yourself vaccinated by hepatitis vaccine. You will also need to practice a proper diet on daily basis which include meal with full nutrients from all levels in the food pyramid. Next, you should also control your alcohol consumption or better, just leave the drink for your own good.
Other thing you can do is to practice proper hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly especially after you use the washrooms and before you eat. Never, ever handle blood products or even blood itself. Don’t even think of sharing your personal toiletries with others. If you’re a tattoo or body-piercing addict, make sure the needles being used are clean. And also, have a protected sex.
All in all, there are many things you need to take note on this liver disease matter. From its causes, symptoms to preventions. It is better to keep your liver healthy manually rather than going on with some unprescribed supplements nor herbal medicine on the first go. Be wise and stay healthy!