Top 3 Multiplayer Games to Play With Your Friends

Multiplayer online video games are one of the best ways to spend time with a bunch of friends online. It also promotes good teamwork, strategizing, and an overall fun time when you laugh with each other. Especially during these trying times while being stuck at home due to various lockdown laws imposed by the government to prevent the spread of the global pandemic, it can be hard to meet up with friends in real life to have a chat. So what’s the next best solution to meet up with friends? Over the internet of course! With many different communication platforms that offer voice and text communication such as Discord and TeamSpeak, there’s no better time to start using these platforms and hang out with your friends again.

But just hanging out and talking with friends just isn’t enough. You need something engaging. That’s where multiplayer games come in and allow you to interact with your friends further, over the internet. Some online multiplayer games are even free to play so there really isn’t a better reason to download a free game and play with some of your best friends. These kinds of games are also a great way to spend your time when you are taking a break from working as one of the best forex broker malaysia. For these reasons, we will be listing three of the best online multiplayer video games to play with your friends. We will begin listing them below.


Considered to be among one of the most influential games of our generation, Minecraft can be considered a timeless classic and also as one of the hottest things that’s happening in gaming right now. Released in an Alpha state all the way back in 2009, Mojang studios developed a blocky 3D game that’s all about creativity. The objective of the game back then was just to allow players to create whatever they could think of using cubes to construct various different structures and other things. Now, there’s a survival mode that features an actual mission and story. With a robust multiplayer mode, anyone can open a minecraft server to allow up to 12 players or friends to play together and do just about whatever they want.

Rainbow Six Siege

A tactical multiplayer first person shooter with the same gameplay elements that can be compared to counter-strike, Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most fun games to play when you are tactically communicating with friends in your team to either attack and try to disarm a bomb, or defend and prevent the attackers from defusing the bombs. With over 20 different operators on each side of offense and defense, there are a bunch of different gameplay elements to mix and match along with each individual operator’s different abilities. With all these different elements to consider, have fun trying out each operator’s abilities and figuring out who’s ability goes best with who.

GTA Online

The fastest selling video game of all time just made even more money with their online multiplayer mode. GTA Online retains all the aspects of car stealing and civilian shooting that you could do in the base game, but this time, you can do it with friends. With many different game modes to try out and missions including some of the biggest heists ever seen in a Grand Theft Auto game, online tomfoolery never ends in GTA Online. For more articles like this one, click here.

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