Understand The Right Deals For The Time Home Fibre Malaysia

To make sure that your internet connection is working as quickly as possible, we have put together some tips to boost your connection. Opt for the unifi unlimited broadband in this case.
unifi unlimited broadband


How To Boost Your Wifi And Identify Disruptors

Mobile networks are more and more efficient and faster. With the arrival of 4G, mobile speed has exploded. In the days of 3G, throughput rarely rose above 10 Mbps. Now, thanks to 4G, smartphone speed is around 100 Mbps. It is therefore quite possible that your 4G connection will sometimes charge faster than your wifi connection. But it all depends of course on the 4G coverage in your home.


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In general, the volume of descending data is much larger than the ascending volume. When we watch Netflix, almost all traffic goes in one direction – from a Netflix server to our TV. But, during a video call, we exchange the same amount of data back and forth.

What Is The Usual Upward Flow

In Malaysia (according to ARCEP ), out of the 30 million Internet subscriptions, only 40% benefit from a downlink speed of 30 Mbps or more. These data do not indicate the available upstream speed, however as the majority of the 60% who have less than 30 Mbps are connected via ADSL, we can estimate that the upstream speed is limited to 1 or 2 Mbps.

What Speed For Consumer Videoconferencing

Zoom is a good example. This app has suddenly become the preferred video conferencing platform for teachers and even the UK virtual parliament.

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