What to Avoid Wearing to a Wedding

What to Avoid Wearing to a Wedding

Are you invited to a wedding? As this is a kind of event that only happens once in a lifetime of the one inviting you, this is usually well prepared. Equally, most of the guests here also make a meticulous preparation before attending this important happening. In fact, there are some who will even buy a new dress to attend to a wedding. How about you? What are you planning to wear? If the invitation comes with a motif color, you will usually go with that even if you are not part of the entourage or a relative.

While there are so many dresses you can wear to a wedding, there are also a number that you must avoid or are considered as inappropriate. What are they? Check this out:

Never Wear White

Yes, we all know that in this kind of event, the white color belongs to the bride which is the star of the day. That is why, it is never appropriate for any invited guest to wear white as it would be like you want to overshadow the bride. In fact, you can’t also wear something that is almost white like cream, beige and so on. If the dress you plan to wear has more white in it, it would be best to look for an alternative. You are at risk of staining your dress if you eat some beef dish.

No to Excessive Sequins

If you are wearing a dress with too much sequins, you will hardly register on the camera because of too much glare. Unless the color is the motif of the wedding, you should stay away from dresses that can compare you to a disco ball. That is not appropriate to a family gathering like a wedding. You can save that the next time you want to attend another kind of partying.

Not Too Much Skin

I get it that you also want to look good. However, you should never dress up in such a way that you will get more attention than the bride and groom. Showing too much skin can attract attention and in fact, you might be able to steal the limelight from the bride and groom. Just dress appropriately and no too bold attires, especially that this is a family affair. That means, there might be a lot of underage guests.

Don’t Accessorize Too Much

Just like when you should not overdress, you should not wear too much accessories as well that might make you look like a jewelry shop. Too much accessories cannot only distract the ceremony, it can also divert a lot of attention. You might only end up being the center of stares and the topic of other guests. For sure you don’t want that to happen.


Though this is not entirely a taboo for weddings, but this is quite risky as you might end up looking business casual. Unless you are quite familiar on how to wear this and how you should pair this with the right accessories, you can just play safe and look for another attire to wear.

No to Prom Dresses

You might think that this is the time to give your prom dress a go again, but you should not! Yes, even if it does not come with some sequins and it is not white as well, a prom dress is never appropriate for a wedding. Besides, you might be wronged as one of the bridesmaids as prom dresses almost look like those bridesmaids’ dresses. So that this won’t happen, might as well look for an alternative. For sure you will easily find a lot of options.

Large Purse or Bag

This is not good for weddings as well. You can just opt for smaller pouches as they are more appropriate for weddings. If you are used to bring big bags to accommodate all your basic stuffs, you can just leave them in your car. You need some space for your phone and other necessities.

The thing is, you don’t want to become the center of the party as after all, you are just one of the guests. This is the time for your friend to shine and you should give that to her. Don’t wear anything that can steal away the limelight!


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